A New Horizon


The first few years of ruling a nation are said to be the "honeymoon" stage. Sadly, this stage was cut short when Narnia faced a new evil. Sequel to Rosalie Sopespian.

Adventure / Romance
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The New Life

Author's Note: All credit goes to C.S. Lewis.

A New Horizon

Chapter One: The New Life

The first year that the Pevensies were gone, to my disappointment, was uneventful. I guess that it was rather nice to have plenty of time to recover from the effects of the struggle for the crown, but I found that our new life was much less exciting and much more demanding, mostly in an emotional way. Still, I thought that the adventure sort of trials were just beginning of more adventure so whenever life went back to being mundane…I didn't know what to do with myself.

I mentioned that the new life was much more emotionally demanding and what that meant was that plenty of more women respected me now, for some odd reason. Almost every day, as I sat in the study of my family's quarters (I was offered new lodgings, but couldn't give up the old home), Emily would come in to inform me that some women from the town wished to speak with me. Feeling guilty to turn them down, I would always go and act as a comfort for them. They would tell me all sorts of things and even though I was still much younger than they were…they always thanked me and praised me with compliments that I did not deserve. Being with these women forced me to be more mature.

With that being said, one of the first things they would always ask me was when the wedding was. Every time, I would merely chuckle and answer them by saying that Caspian and I were still young and had some things to work out. As much as I tried to gloss over the topic, that seemed to be what many of the women wanted to talk about. Normally, if I felt the conversation was headed in this direction, I would cleverly elude myself from the conversation and politely explain that I had other chores to do. Caspian, now king on the throne that was rightfully his, was gone more often and I didn't see him near as much as I would have liked, but we had soon made the promise to each other that every evening would be our time to walk on the path we had every day as children. That was our time to recollect on whatever had happened during the day.

Although, it was hard to try and gloss over the topic because the truth of the matter was that I had fallen even harder for the King of Narnia as he gained more experience being the leader of the nation. I felt like our time spent together at meals and during the evenings were even more special then because we had almost lost each other once before. We didn't want anything to go unsaid should something go wrong again. The women were right to gossip about a royal wedding, for it wasn't a secret that we were an "item", but I hadn't a clue about marriage alone…not even to mention being a Queen.

Narnia hadn't really experienced many more trifles. In fact, after taking care of a couple of small outbursts of riot in the Northern and Southern portions immediately after the fall of Miraz, we were completely at peace for the first months. Sure, there were plenty of protesters, but most of them we were able to compromise with. During that first year, we spent a lot of time traveling and seeing this nation that was now his. Most of the time, Penelope and I would go along, but there were other times where my sister and I would stay at the castle, just to "hold down fort."

Penelope had grown up significantly over the course of those few months. It seemed as though I was watching a miniature version of myself growing up by the day. She didn't have as much of a demand to the throne, so she found herself with plenty of free time. Most of her spare time was spent shooting arrows

A few months after we returned to the castle, our good friend and mentor Doctor Cornelius returned to Telmar. It was wonderful to have him around again for he was practically a family member to all of us. We connected very quickly and recollected everything to him about what had happened. However, whenever I mentioned Jacob to Doctor Cornelius, he asked whatever had happened to him. I never could give him an answer because, quite frankly, I didn't know. I thought that, perhaps, after some time, Jacob would migrate back to the castle, but I was wrong. He never came back in those four years. In fact, I had almost wondered if something tragic had happened to him, but it was nearly impossible to try and track him…wherever he was. If he wanted to come back, then he would…that was my theory.

It's hard for me to choose a time to start telling the story once more because there were some interesting events that happened in that four year time span, but I believe I have given you a good description of what happened in those years of a rather smooth transition. Those first few months were deceiving. Very deceiving. They gave us this false image that we would have no hardships in Narnia for soon after those first few months were over…reality came back and hit us hard. And by reality I mean darkness that we had never known before. Trials that made our previous ones look pitiable.

So, now I bring us back to the land of Narnia once more…roughly one year after the departure of the Pevensies. Just before our world was about to become shaken up once more.

The clash of swords filled the forest air around the castle. Laughter soon followed as I clashed my weapon against the servant girl in front of me. She quickly recovered and swiftly took a jab at me, but not before I could step out of the way. A sound of aggravation came from Emily's mouth as she slung the sword back down at her side," Rosalie, can't you at least go easy on me?"

Another laugh came from my mouth," You're not going to improve any if I go easy on you, Emily."

She slung her arms in the air out of frustration," What if I haven't an interest in this silly non-sense?"

I shrugged, but soon stared at her," Then, I suppose we can stop."

She smiled and I returned it with a slight smile before heading over to the tree stump where the cases to both of our weapons lie. However, I had taught this girl well for just as I had started to step away from the duel, I felt a blade at my throat," It appears as though the master is losing her touch."

I shook my head, ashamed that I would actually fall for one of her amateur tricks. However, there wasn't really a way that I could reach for my, already dropped weapon, without injuring myself so I raised my hands in defeat, still chuckling," You've got me."

The servant girl jumped away in excitement and began flinging the sword around in glee. I couldn't help but smile at the sight of her getting so excited over "beating" (if you really wanted to classify it as that) me, she exclaimed," I really didn't think you'd go for it."

I grabbed the case for the sword and slid it into its sheath before tossing her the one that went to her own as well. As she caught it, I raised a brow and replied," You only learned to be clever because I taught you how to talk your way out of a situation."

She rolled her eyes slightly," I guess there is some credit to be given to you."

Emily had been my servant girl for such a long time. I had practically grown up with her and remembered seeing her as a young girl walking around the castle. I never really associated myself with her, mostly because I was told not to. After the new monarch had been set in place, the servants were practically treated as our equals, even though they did still do plenty of work around the castle. The load was much lighter for them under Caspian's new policies. She had basically become a friend to the lot of us over the last year.

"Had it not been for me," I argued, teasingly as we started back on the castle trail," You might not have ever picked up a sword."

She shot me a sideways glance and tucked the sword into its case quickly," You have a point."

We looked at each other seriously as she handed me the sword, but then burst into laughter at the seriousness. Laughing, we continued walking back up to the pathway, but as we entered into open with the castle up in the distance, Penelope could be seen shooting arrows into a target down by the river. The sun was beginning to set, so I called out to her as we passed.

"Penelope!" I called, as she shot another arrow straight into the target," C'mon it's getting dark soon!"

Almost as if not hearing me, she pulled another arrow from her back and sent it blazing through the air," Penelope?" I tried again.

Agitated, she shot me a look," I'm a big girl now , and I think I can judge the time just as well as you can, Rosalie!"

Emily looked at me, almost waiting to see just how I would respond. I should have been used to response like this by now because she had developed quite the attitude. Being the outspoken person that I was, I wanted to say something just as attitude-filled back to her, but I merely looked at Emily, rolled my eyes and continued walking on. I guess that by this time, I should have been able to let her go on her own, but it was still hard. I still had natural instinct to want to protect the last of my family.

We continued walking up the pathway until we had reached the castle gates once more. Though the walk was long and rather grueling, there was nothing comparable to walking out to the forest in our own designated area to practice dueling. It provided me with the chance to keep the rust away and Emily the perfect opportunity to continue to learn.

Entering the castle grounds after leaving was one of my favorite things to do. The men working the bridge always made us feel so welcome after leaving and the servants on the inside would never hesitate in welcoming us back home. I couldn't help but smile and strike up small conversation with some of them. We walked through the newly decorated castle grounds, now decorated with bright flowers and nice trees planted in the courtyard. The whole castle looked brand new. Just before the entrance to the main castle, was a large arrangement of flowers that changed depending upon the season. It was so nice to have the freedom to come and go and see the flowers every day. They never ceased to look bright and magnificent.

"You're doing wonderful, Laurie!" I called to the gardener as we passed through to the main hallway.

The elderly woman looked up from her flowers and smiled at the both of us before waving grandly," Thank you girls! Be careful, now!"

Laurie was such a happy lady that it hardly mattered whatever mood a person was in, she would always make them feel better. There was just a certain charm about her that was mostly incomparable to any of the other servants.

"What a sweet lady!" Emily whispered to me as we walked through the grand hallway," Always so loving and encouraging."

I looked right at Emily and nodded," Isn't she though? If I were given the option as to who I would wish to be my grandmother, it would most definitely be her."

Emily chuckled at the comment as we climbed the main stairwell," I have to agree."

Just as we reached the top of the stairs, a short, dark headed boy went sprinting by, almost knocking us over. I knew immediately who the young boy was. His name was Beckett. Most of us just called him, Beck, but he was a new servant that had just come to the castle just weeks before. He was basically an orphan with no where to go when he showed up on the castle's front steps late one evening. Caspian and I developed a soft spot for him, but quickly found out this boy's quirks. He was probably around the age of fifteen or sixteen and had quite possibly one of the most high pitched, quickest voices that I had ever heard on an adolescent boy of his age.

Caspian wanted to provide a special job for the boy, since he reminded him a little bit of himself seeing as they both lacked parents, so he made him one of his assistants. Unfortunately, I think that he soon regretted it for the boy had the tendency to be…convulsive.

After almost knocking us over, I called out to him," Beck, Beck! What's the big rush?"

Breathing hard, the boy tried to turn himself around, but in the quick motions of trying to change direction; he slipped and fell on the slick floor. My hands rushed to my mouth, mostly in shock that the boy had actually slid and fell and partially because I was about to burst out laughing. I felt so bad for the lanky, rather uncoordinated boy, but it was a rather humorous sight to see him flailing about on the ground, as awful as that sounded.

"Beck!" I cried out, running over to his side, but before I could go to the floor by his side, he had already started popping back up," Beck, calm down."

He slipped around more as he struggled to stand up and just as he was about to take another tumble, I grabbed his arm and tried to steady the clumsy fellow," What's the big rush?" I repeated myself.

He breathed in heavily as he looked from Emily to me quickly," I-I-I," he stuttered, but he was still breathing hard.

"Breathe, just breathe," Emily said from beside me as he gasped in large amounts of oxygen.

After several moments, he finally calmed himself completely. The normal (or at least as close to normal as he could get) Beck. He looked straight at me with his large, brown eyes and said," W-Where's King Caspian? I've just received some important news for him!"

I looked right at the poor boy and sighed mentally before asking," I don't know at the moment, but why don't you tell me? I'll probably be seeing him soon anyways."

I didn't really know how, but somehow Caspian always seemed to know when Beck was on the look for him. Despite what I told Beck, I always knew where to find Caspian hiding away from the poor boy. I scolded Caspian several times for not just talking with him, but being a male, I guess he enjoyed seeing the poor kid become frantic. Even though he was a great King and leader, and I loved Caspian very dearly; I never would understand the joy in making this kid even more of a frantic mess than what he already was.

"Well-well, I don't really know," he spat out nervously, eyes shifting back and forth," You-you-you aren't the King, but-but-but you will probably see him before I do. But you aren't him and I was told to-"

"Beck," Emily chipped in, trying to stay calm," Why don't you just tell her?"

He gaped for a moment before finally sighing," I'm sorry, I'm doing it again aren't I?"

Emily and I nodded simultaneously and said together," Yes."

He sighed, obviously disappointed with himself that he had started babbling and arguing with himself again. He was simply one of those people that required plenty of patience," Just t-tell him that there is going to be a meeting early tomorrow morning with his cabinet."

I laughed slightly and placed a gently hand on Beck's shoulder," I will make sure that he hears of this, but in the meantime…try not to worry yourself too much."

A smile came to his lips and he nodded his head," You don't have to worry about me, Lady Rosalie."

Emily and I began walking in the opposite direction before Emily finally answered," Where do you suppose Caspian is?"

I rolled my eyes before answering," He's probably locked up in his study just to give the poor Beck a scare. Could you do me a favor and go make sure the boy doesn't do anything dangerous? He's probably needed somewhere else."

Emily met my eyes and nodded," Of course, you'll be alright?"

"Don't worry about me," I told her and with a final smile she turned to go follow the boy.

Soon, I could hear her sprinting down the hallways yelling," Beck! Beck, stop!"

Instantly, there was a clash of something. I didn't want to look. It was Beck. It could have been anything so I just shook my head before continuing down the hallway. After turning down a couple other corridors, I found myself at Caspian's study. I knocked hard at the door without an answer. He probably thought that I might, by chance, be his favorite little assistant.

I crossed my arms and released a sigh," Caspian, it's me, you can open up."

After a couple more minutes of waiting at the door, the door to his study quickly flung open and the dark-headed King appeared in front of me, looking frantically around me before grabbing my arm and pulling me swiftly into his study. As if paranoid, he slammed the door shut and locked it hard.

"Please tell me you didn't tell him where I was," he whispered to me as if he was in a frenzy.

I shot him a disappointed look and shook my head in shame," No, I didn't-"

"Thank goodness," Caspian sighed, relief obviously filling his face as he fell back against the door, still keeping his balance, but slid his fingers down to unlock the door.

I kept my arms crossed, as if scolding a child," Caspian, you're awful to the poor boy!"

His brown eyes widened as he argued, just like a child would with his mother," Rosalie, you don't understand."

Keeping my arms crossed, I scrutinized his face," He's not that bad."

He tilted his head at me incredulously," Really?" he challenged, "Why, then tomorrow I shall tell him to follow you around all day."

I found myself at a loss for words. I most definitely did not want the kid following me around all day, but I didn't exactly want my point to go unheard either. Caspian's lips curved upward into a smile before a laugh escaped his lips. He stood up straight against the door as he approached me," See?"

"I-I-you're not letting me answer," I argued, with a smile growing on his face, as he continued to come near me.

"I don't need you to say anything, the answer is written all over your face," he mumbled to me, playfully, still smiling.

I kept my arms crossed as he placed his hands on my waist and pulled me closer to him," I really am happy to see you."

Slowly, I unwrapped my arms as he moved in closer and quickly planted a kiss on my lips. I smiled as he kissed me and felt him begin to chuckle as we broke apart," And I you. Now, your little messenger told me to tell you that you've a meeting tomorrow with your cabinet, are you aware of this?"

He looked at me, still keeping his hands at my waist, but raised an eyebrow," I am not, why don't you tell this messenger thank you for me?"

I laughed aloud," Tell him yourself. I think he would much rather hear it from you."

With a roll of his eyes, he said," If I must…"

"You must," I commanded as he moved his hands away from my waist before I slipped my hand into his," Now that I know that you've a meeting bright and early tomorrow, I'll make sure not to keep you out too late on our evening jaunt."

He smiled, a smile that made my heart melt, as he reached for the door," Oh good, someone to watch out for me."

And then we left the confines of the castle, hand in hand, to continue onward to our evening walk.

This was basically our new life. It wasn't nearly as adventure-filled or action-packed as the one we lived for a brief amount of time, but for the time being it felt as though this was what we were suppose to be doing, providing a solid backbone for the new Narnia that was still rising to its feet. For the first few months, we had done a good job of getting rid of the hints of evil that arose. Even though it may not have been the life I expected to have after Caspian was king, I was happy.

Author's Note: I couldn't stop smiling while writing this…:) I hope you guys enjoyed it and thanks again to everyone who supported Rosalie Sopespian, love you guys to death! So, uh, let me know what you think!

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