A New Horizon

An Uninvited Guest

A/N: I own basically nothing in Narnia, all of it goes to C.S. Lewis.

Chapter Eleven: The Uninvited Guest

His footsteps seemed to echo as I stood still, my back to him. It was taking everything within me not to turn around and explode at him right there. How dare he. How dare he prance in here and destroy the reception. I slowly turned on my heel to face the young man who was my brother.

"Jacob," I said, or rather, snarled, at him.

Caspian was still trying to nudge me away and…yes I should have gone, but how could I? This was my joker brother return to request my presence. He wanted my presence…fine he could have it.

"Rosalie," Caspian whispered to me, still trying to pull me along," It's not worth it-"

"What a lovely gathering!" Jacob exclaimed, waving his sword about as if it were nothing serious. All those guests gathered around were shaking, wondering just what this man had up his sleeves," My apologies for not attending the actual ceremony, I was running a little behind schedule."

"What is your business here, Jacob?" Caspian demanded before Jacob could ramble any further.

"Oh, why, yes, of course your majesty," he mock bowed before cackling along with his chorus of cronies," Or perhaps I should treat you with a little more respect since you are my brother. Welcome to the family."

He had broken an entry into the castle, brought an army of men with him, and absolutely ruined our day. He was finding pleasure in this and I was sick of it. He was better off missing.

"Jacob," I growled once more," You are not welcome here. State your business or else leave."

The laughter ceased as my brothers brown eyes met my eyes. There wasn't a hint of laughter as he stepped toward me," You'd be so bold as to tell me what to do? You'd be so bold as to-"

"I am your King!" Caspian stepped closer to Jacob, growing just as frustrated as I," Whether or not you like it, you will answer to me or Rosalie, whichever you prefer. State your business here. What do you want from us?"

Jacob tilted his head, a small smirk on his face," Not that I fear you would actually be able to stop us if we took you now, but seeing as that would be a little unfair-it would be safe for me to say that I want the crown."

"You'll never touch the crown!" I cried, springing toward Jacob, but Caspian stopped me with both hands, pleading me to stand back.

"And why do you think I'll give it to you?" Caspian challenged after putting me in place.

Another chuckle escaped Jacob's lips," You see, I didn't except that you would just 'hand it over'. I've been planning this out for quite some time now, thanks to our father, Rosalie," Jacob paused, looking as though he were arguing with himself before turning to one of his sidekicks," Whaddya think, should I tell them?"

"I wanna see th' look on their faces!" the scum cackled.

With a sigh, Jacob said," Well then, as you can see, I have gathered an army, your majesties," he told us, spitting out the last word," A week from today, my army will march on the grounds of Telmar. No, this will not be a battle that takes place on a battlefield, it will be right here at home. A week from today, we will overtake the castle."

"You really will share your exact battle plans?" Caspian asked, releasing his grip on me," For some reason, I don't believe you. I don't trust your word."

"Why, brother, I am appalled! You asked me a question and I merely answered honestly," Jacob defended, the look of hurt so fake on his face that it was laughable "It would be rather unfair should I just attack in the night, don't you think?" Jacob asked with a raise of his brow," Unlike you, your liege, I would at least like to give you a warning. Because-by the looks of it, you're going to need all the help you can get," they all broke into laughter.

"Why not just destroy us now? Your words are meaningless to us," Caspian replied," That is if you really have an army."

I placed a hand on Caspian," Careful."

Jacob's face was about to turn angry, but he kept it covered with this carefree act very well.

"Well, I have some planning of my own, you see," Jacob told the both of us, his tone still treating the whole situation as some joke," It appears as though I've already said too much, I really should be getting on my way."

He started to turn on his heel, but before he could, he turned back toward us with a finger raised," Just a moment, send word to your head of the military-General, I think it is- he can run, but he can't hide for long."

Caspian shot a look to me and then met Apollo's gaze before storming toward Jacob, but before he could touch him, Jacob's men surrounded their leader," You've been the cause of all that? All of the-"

"Shh, shh," Jacob hushed him, shaking his sword at him," I've already said too much."

"Jacob!" Caspian growled," Jacob, this isn't you. You're-"

Suddenly, Jacob sprung toward Caspian," How do you know what I am?"

"Jacob, you're better than this. Please, just-" I tried, but he merely cut me off.

"Don't try to fix this, Rosalie," he rolled his eyes at me," You've already ruined my life quite enough."

Guilt pinged through me as I shut up, obviously embarrassed.

Shifting his gaze back to Caspian, he said," Let's make something clear. Your crown will be mine so I suggest you enjoy your last few days as King. Enjoy your life with your new little Queen, whatever, but when the week's end comes-be ready for a change around here."

"You will never be King," Caspian shook his head, trying to sound confident.

"Are you telling me that?" Jacob challenged with a chuckle," Or are you trying to convince yourself that I'm not going to take it from you?" He stared at him hard for a couple more moments before saying," Please, Caspian."

With one last eye roll, he turned away toward the windows that had been smashed in earlier. Since they had bolted the doors shut, the reinforcements that had been called were pounding at the door. Jacob shot a look at the King before climbing upon one of the tables, addressing the crowd while Apollo started to run frantically through the crowd, pulling any Telmarine soldiers that were still lingering in the room.

"Somebody, stop him!" Caspian cried at Apollo," Do not let him get out of here!"

"Caspian, what-" I started to ask him before he could turn away, and I watched as he placed both of his hands on my arms and looked directly at me.

"Rosalie, please, we've got to catch him. He's just made a threat that could-"

"Let me go with you, don't-"

"No!" he scolded, his voice harsh," Please, stay here."

I was angry. More than angry. Angry at my pathetic brother who had been keeping hidden away for all this time. Angry at Caspian for treating me like I was of no use to this. Fuming, I jerked out of his grasp as I heard the door with the Telmarine troops behind it fly open, and my brother had yet to speak or leave.

Emily was pulling me away, but I at least wanted to hear his last words.

"Ah, citizens of Narnia, it has been an honor meeting all of you! I hope to see you all again soon-only next time-as your King!"

And with that he was gone.

Everyone was sent into a frenzy once more, but the Telmarine troops coming through cried out, trying to create some sense of security. The last of Jacob's cronies escaped through the window as the Telmarines soon ran after him. All I could do was stare as Caspian grabbed a sword, and in his dress robes and all, looked up at me, before turning away, right on the trail of my brother.

Wasn't the wedding day suppose to be one of the most tranquil, peaceful, romantic days of a girl's life?

Many questions were buzzing through my head as Emily and my sister pulled me away, but the largest one was this: How had Jacob managed to breech the walls with so little people?

For many hours, Emily, Penelope, and I sat in the royal quarters with the doors locked, just as we had been ordered to. Despite the orders that Trina had given me to stay away from the window, I couldn't help but glance every once in awhile as I paced around, nervously.

"Rosalie, you really should try to be more calm about this," Penelope told me, taking a sip of a glass of water as she sat.

"More calm? More calm?" I exclaimed, pacing around the room, in my night gown, hair down and waved from the braids, after the two of them had finally convinced me to change," Our brother just ruined the wedding day! Penelope, it's a little hard to stay calm."

I knew I was overreacting and I knew that I should have calmed down, but it was so hard to not feel an intense level of hate toward our older sibling. But I think that deep down, I was more scared than anything. Bitter hatred was on the outside, but I was terrified of just what Jacob could do. If he could penetrate the walls of the castle on one of the most guarded days that would ever be-then what was stopping him from doing it again and doing more damage?

"You know how Jacob is," she told me with a sigh," He's a lot of hot air. He probably is just on one of his-I don't know-rebellion crud that he always seemed to get into with mom and dad."

I narrowed my eyes at her," He never killed anyone before, Penelope."

"Okay, I'm just trying to look on the bright side," she finally gave up before Emily came into the room," I was just as surprised as you were to see Jacob. Typically, he was always the one who took orders from dad or mom respectfully and now, he's his gotten his own rebellion. Thanks to dad, that is."

"You don't think he will try anything?" I asked her, trying to give some hope to the case.

She stood up," I don't know, Rosalie. To be honest, he surprised us this much so far-who's stopping him from doing it again."

I stopped and let out a sigh as I stared out the magnificent window in Caspian's study," That's comforting."

"It's reality," she said, trying to defend herself," I don't want to lie to you."

It was at this time that Emily rose from her seat, always trying to bring out the best in everyone and make sure that everyone was happy. By the look on her face, I could tell that she was only trying to please us as she said.

"Perhaps, it be best that we retire for the night?" she asked with a raise of her brow," I know that we've all had a long day."

Still staring out the window, I folded my arms over my chest before nodding and looking over at the servant girl who really was one of my closest companions," You're probably right."

She smiled bright as I walked over to embrace her," Thank you for everything, Emily."

"If you need anything during the night-anything-please do not hesitate to come and get me."

I nodded as I broke away from her and Penelope was already grabbing me from the side. I embraced her sideways before she said to me finally," Don't worry your heart over all this, okay? Caspian will be okay. He's pretty smart…most of the time," she teased lightly as Emily led her out of the room.

Despite my sister's assurance, I still felt like a piece of my heart were gone. I traveled through the sitting room to bedchambers. How foreign it all was to me. I had spent most of the afternoon in the suite and had not even taken the time to walk through the rest of the quarters. The bed was so lavish, much too lavish that any bed should be. Four posters, lovely golds and maroons garnished the material that lie atop of the bed. I ran my hand along the material before continuing to the balcony that extended off the side of the room.

Standing there, looking over the dark landscape made me feel even more alone. Just hours ago, I was standing at the alter with Caspian, the man whom I loved, and now he was gone. I was not one to be much of a romantic type, like so many women were, but it did seem unfit that a new bride should be alone, especially on her wedding night, from her husband. But then again, I reminded myself that when I said 'I do' to Caspian, I was also saying 'I do' to Narnia. This was what needed to be done.

Somewhere out there, Jacob was running away, probably laughing over his little scheme, while Caspian was leading more men to gallivant after him. There was no more mystery over who was causing the events out West, well there was, but at least now we were one step closer to solving it.

Author's Note: There we have it! Let me know what you guys think :) Much love!

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