A New Horizon

A Bothersome Lady and An Innocent Boy

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Chapter Thirteen: A Bothersome Lady and An Innocent Servant

"Miss, I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do to stop the children from laughing. It's a common thing that children partake in, especially at their age," I told the elderly woman who stood in the throne room, she was one of many examples of people coming in to make complaints to the Queen over what they would like to see changed.

Day after day, this same lady would come in complaining over the children that lived near her bungalow and from what the other men in the council told me, she did every day when Caspian was around as well.

"But that young man over there told me he would do something about it!" she exclaimed, pointing to Caspian's councilmen, Thomas.

Before Thomas could explain, I stepped forward," Madam, I know that he probably said something along those lines and I'm sorry, but I think that we have decided that the children don't pose a threat to anyone. In fact, I think all of us could be victim of…laughing. There's nothing we can do to fix this problem. I'm sorry."

She scowled at me before I could come any closer and started cursing as she left. I started to say something else, but I threw my hands up in aggravation as she was already leaving. Perhaps, she would not come back again. Maybe, just maybe. As morbid as the thought was, it sounded somewhat pleasant.

As she exited the room, gruffling all the way, I plopped back down on the throne and rubbed my temple. They soon shut the doors and closed it for all visitors for the day.

"Does she not understand? Was I too harsh?" I asked, absentmindedly as I tried to rub away the headache that had formed.

"I hardly think that she will ever be able to fully comprehend what we have told her," Thomas commented with a small chuckle," She will more than likely be back tomorrow."

A groan escaped my mouth," Is it bad that I don't look forward to tomorrow?"

Laughter rang through the room," Not at all," Marcus comforted me as I sat up.

"Alright, gentlemen," I said with a smile still on my face," What have you for me today?"

The buzz of conversation calmed as we proceeded with the typical meeting. It had been a month since the departure of our army and thus far, times had been…good…for the most part. I soon found out that Caspian did much more than I ever realized and that almost every person in town wanted his opinion on something or another. I was not easy being Queen, in fact, it was harder than I first pictured it to be, but I was not going to allow myself to break down. The country needed a leader and I had to be strong. It was the same mantra that I told myself every morning.

"We've received correspondence from your husband," Thomas informed me, standing up to hand me an envelop with parchment inside. Quickly, I opened the letter and began to read over the letter.

To the Queen and her Council,

Thus far in the war effort, I can say is that we have not had anything of much significance happen in the last month other than scaring Jacob just enough to where he would decide against storming the castle. We have set up base in the foothills of the mountains to the West and keep a close guard on all travelers coming or going through this area of the nation. In addition to this, we have taken capture small groups of Jacob's men running around, but they are of little use to us for they have not yet shown any knowledge of where their leader may be.

We have also met up with General and have slowly been able to heal his original troop of men that were injured in battle. Oddly enough, the other leaders that were sent out with General were supposedly killed by this 'spirit' that General continues to tell me more and more of. I do not know anything for fact as I have yet to witness these supernatural beings, but all I know is that they or it, whatever it is, has killed too many of Narnia's men. I suspect that soon we will have an encounter with this "spirit" and when we do, I intend to find out just what it is and where its origin is.

On top of this, we have seen giants coming and going freely from their home in the Northern region of Narnia. Not to my surprise, they come bearing weapons. We do not want to draw any premature attention to ourselves, but we have noted that they travel through the foothills to Southern regions of the nation. There are currently two men leaving to stealthily follow these brutes. General has suggested that we move farther North to investigate the strange happenings further, but I am still wary of how this links to Jacob. I want to be certain that we have a connection before I go scouting any further North.

I pray that all is well in Telmar. I hope that the council has been able to continue to lead the nation and that the new Queen has been able to make a smooth transition. I keep the both you in my thoughts frequently. To my Queen, I send my love and reassurance that I will return home to you (I left this sentence out as I read it aloud). To my council, I pray that you are all still proving to be the strong leadership you have always been.

No matter what happens, do not give up hope. Do not step down and do not let them scare you. Even should the undesirable happen, stand strong.

For Narnia,

King Caspian X

"Sounds as though the only action they have seen was merely scaring Jacob in the first week," Thomas commented after I had folded the letter and set it aside for the time being.

Basically, what had happened was that just days after the army had been deported, they ran into Jacob briefly and took enough of his men captured that he became scared. His planned attack that was suppose to happen a week after the wedding…never happened. In fact, Telmar and the other regions of Narnia had been at total peace ever since then.

"Yes, as far as tracking Jacob Sopespian, they have not made much progress," Marcus added.

"What makes me nervous is that we are giving so much of our trust to General, the newest and darkest leader that Caspian has appointed," another fellow added from his spot.

I nodded my head in agreement before saying," As much as I would like to agree with this, because I do, I have to say that Caspian's judgment is all we can trust on the fellow. If he trusts him, then I suppose we should as well."

I saw a few nods in the group, but the fellow who doubted General the first time spoke up again," Perhaps, that is easier for you to say considering that you are the King's wife and naturally would share common interests as the King, however, I feel as though we should advise Caspian against trusting the likes of General."

I wanted to say something much more disrespectful than I had intended," Sir, I understand your discomfort for had you listened the first time you would have heard that I myself do not trust General, but you see I have no plausible case against the man. So, if you will, please, trust your King for the time being and should anything go wrong, then and then only you may share your opinions, but as of now we have no case against General."

"Your majesty-" he tried again, but I heard enough.

"I do not wish to hear any more of this," I told him finally," My decision on the matter has been made."

Angrily, he threw himself back down.

Another month came and went with happenings around the castle still going rather slow, summer was now upon us. Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary happened in that month. We continued checking up on the troops that had soon decided to make a movement into the North to see just what the giants were up to. Caspian ensured us that General's point was proven when they spotted Jacob moving farther North.

Despite the fact Caspian said it was safe, I was still wary. Even though I had shut down the councilman who argued against General, I couldn't help but wonder if he would have been accurate. And my suspicions were held to be accurate when Caspian failed to write to us that month.

"What do you think the hold up is?" Thomas asked me one evening as we walked through the corridors of the castle.

"I don't know," I replied simply, wishing I knew the answer to that myself," It could be anything and I'm hoping it's not the negative."

"You think that our King and his army have run into trouble?" the dark headed man questioned me as we turned a corner.

I said with a sigh," It's not like Caspian to not keep his word and when he left he promised he would write as soon as he could. I can't help but think that something could be wrong."

"I agree with you," he told me before continuing," However, this could also be a good thing…they could be onto something and…perhaps he just has not had the time to write a letter."

Slowly, I turned my head to look at Thomas," I can only hope."

"You've done a great job thus far," he told me with a nod," Both you and Caspian are so young and the leadership you both possess is...phenomenal. You've both basically been asked to grow up so quickly and-"

Then suddenly, I heard footsteps running toward me. A very frantic looking Penelope was sprinting down the hallway," Rosalie! Rosalie!"

"I will speak with you later, Thomas," I said to the council man, who bowed to me slightly before turning away," Thank you for your compliments."

I gave my full attention to my sister frantically toward me. She was running so quickly that I was hardly able to grab her fast enough to where she could come to a complete stop. Grabbing her by her forearms, I demanded," What's wrong, Penelope?"

She breathed in and out very quickly before answering," Y-you must come quickly."

"Penelope?" I asked, very concerned, but before I could utter another word, she was pulling me quickly in the opposite direction. As much as I pried and tried to figure out just what was going on; she would not answer me, but was only set on getting me to wherever we were going.

I soon found that he was guiding me to the shooting range out back, where she always still practiced her bow and arrow. Already, I could see a group congregated around something or someone, rather.

"Penelope, please tell me-" I started, but she cut me off as we stopped running at the edge of the group of people.

"See for yourself," she told me, trying to catch her breath from all of her sprinting.

I nodded and pushed my way through the small crowd gathered. There lying on the ground, just as I broke through the crowd was no other than Beck. The loyal servant, Beck. My heart almost stopped as I saw what was pierced through the middle of his chest. An arrow.

"Beck," I said his name softly as I collapsed on the ground beside him, while the servant girls tried pulling out the arrow.

"No!" I stopped them," It may be the only thing keeping the blood in right now."

The poor servant boy appeared to be panting very heavily as I tried to figure out exactly what had happened to him. I grabbed his hand and sat by his head.

"Rosalie," he wheezed, turning his face toward me," I-I"

"Who did this?" I demanded, adamant on knowing who would have a problem with innocent Beck.

He breathed in sharply once more, life was slowly being sucked out of him, even as we sat there," I-I'm sorry, I should have been more care-"

"No, Beck," I said, tears coming to my eyes," This is most definitely not your fault."

"T-They," he tried to tell me, but his own life was slowly slipping through his fingers.

"Beck! Please," I begged him, grabbing his hand in my own, he was not going to die….he couldn't…I wouldn't allow it. He had been through too much as a child to ever deserve this.

I stood up and looked around at the servants that were seemingly standing about," What are you doing?" I exclaimed, unable to bear with what was happening," Get him inside!"

Tears were falling uncontrollably from my eyes as they scurried around and picked up the servant, who was normally so chipper and so full of life. The poor servant boy was hardly breathing any more as they raised him from the ground, but before they could take him in, I noticed something.

The arrow.

I scrutinized the arrow closely and recognized the feathers on the end of it. The same feathers that the sick, evil person wielding the bow pulled back on before sending it through poor Beck's chest. The feathers were a deep blue, a rather unusual color.

"Beck! Beck! Please, stay with me, don't close your eyes," Emily, whom I had never seen so desperate before was grabbing the limp boy's hand, begging him for some sort of sign of life from him. This was her work partner and though I didn't know the details of their relationship…I could safely assume it was close despite her aggravation with him at times.

While watching the heart wrenching scene, I continued to think of where I had seen the arrow before.

Then, it hit me.

At the wedding. Just before Jacob had charged into the reception, the same arrow was wedged into the head of the Telmarine soldier who was frantically running to warn us.

Anger boiled in me once more as the group of servants carried away Beck into the confines of the castle. Thomas and Marcus came running toward me as I stood still, glaring out to the woods.

"Your majesty?" they questioned, and I am sure they asked several times before I actually was able to hear them.

"Lock up everything tonight," I said adamantly, trying not to explode in what I thought to be an equal mix of anger and fear.

"Your majesty, what is-"

"That arrow!" I cried, pointing up at the injured servant boy," That arrow is the same one that was sent flying from one of Jacob's cronies at the wedding! I will not allow them to do any more damage here. Lock up everything and I mean everything."

I did not know where, but somewhere out there-Jacob was lurking near the castle. I did not understand how, but all that mattered was that he was.

Author's Note: Okay, so this is the part that I had to speed things up a little bit. I was going to originally put more description into Rosalie's transition to Queen, but I wanted to focus more on Jacob's army he's got going on. From here, everything starts to make a little more sense and we are going to understand some unanswered questions that Jacob's presence has posed. Drop a review :) Love you guys! Hope you are still enjoying!

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