A New Horizon

The Invasion Begins

Author's Note: Everything other than Rosalie and her family, some of her friends, belong to C.S. Lewis.

Chapter Fourteen: The Invasion Begins

The rest of the afternoon was a frenzy as what little Telmarine soldiers were running through the castle corridors, boarding up all entrances to the castle. Quickly, the bridge was the first to be closed up, but before it was closed, men went around door to door to make sure that no one was out in the streets that night. As soon as the troop was out to patrol the city streets for the night, the draw bride was closed.

"I think you're overreacting a little," Marcus told me later that evening as I sat at Caspian's study staring intensely out the window," I think we need to wait it out a little while."

"They shot our servant," I told him, wondering what more he needed," Do we need any more proof? If we wait it out, they could have taken the castle within the week."

"We don't know for sure that it is Jacob, it could very well be any-"

Before the council man could finish his sentence, a nasty cry pierced both of our ears. It wasn't a typical groan or yell that any man could utter, but it was much more sinister. I shot up from my desk and ran to the window, looking out to the distance. Standing at the window, my jaw almost dropped.

There, in the distance, stood not one, but five giants towering over the forest. They were, by nature, violent creatures, but had not been this way with any of the rulers of Narnia for quite some time. I was not able to see them very closely, but from a distance, I could estimate that they were anywhere between ten (being the shortest) and thirty(being the tallest) feet.

"There's your proof," I stuttered to Marcus as we stood in awe at the window.

"So soon?" he asked, hardly able to think of any other words to say," Where is Caspian? Where is General?"

I stared hard at the beasts out in the far distance," They're heading in the wrong direction," I shot my head over at Marcus," They're heading to the North!"


"I don't know how and I honestly don't understand why, but somehow, we have been outsmarted, Marcus," I said, very quickly turning on my heel to exit the study, Marcus on my coattails.

"Rosalie, if there is trouble abroad, you must go into hiding," he insisted, but I was determined to make it to the armory.

Hearing this, I stopped abruptly," And why would I do such a thing?"

"We can't risk our Queen being-"

"If I go into hiding, then who's to rule the nation. It would basically be up for grabs to anyone and I am not willing to have that happen. You know what Caspian's orders were for us, Marcus and I do no intend to deviate from those," I spat out, more quickly then I could manage to process all of it. Soon, I was turning on my heels back in a hurry.

"I think," the council man stated once more, grabbing my forearm," You're being rash."

"Marcus!" I exclaimed, after being forced to stop," You can't honestly expect me to go into hiding while my lousy brother comes and invades the castle, do you?"

"With all due respect, your majesty, what exactly do you intend to do to stop him?" the man challenged me, raising his brow.

I shook my arm loose from his grasp before saying," I would place my life on the line for this nation if it meant keeping another Sopespian from taking the throne. I may be young and I may be a little rash, but I know that should my brother take this throne; Narnia may never be the same."

"Where's the leader in charge?" I cried as I stormed into the armory that lie in the lowest level of the castle.

Sitting at an old wooden desk, feet propped high sat a Telmarine man who looked as interested in my presence as I was interested in fashion. Chewing, something, he looked at me and soon shot up, trying to make himself more presentable. He spat-whatever that was- out of his mouth.

Disgusted, I asked," Do I want to know what that was?"

Ignoring my question entirely, he stood up and bowed slightly," Your majesty, how is it that I can be of any service to you?"

For a soldier, he was not the most well-kept man I had seen. In fact, his hair was greasy and slightly askew, there appeared to be all sorts of grime on his face, and as he stuck his hand out to shake my own, I moved mine away for fear of whatever disease may lie in those pores. His appearance matched the office he sat in; it really had gone downhill since I had last been down there.

"You've been put in charge by General, correct?" I questioned.

"Over what little militia we've got here, yes, that would be accurate," he replied with a smile.

"Wonderful," I answered with a small grin," You have heard of the scare with the threat to the town, correct?"

"The town is under complete lockdown, my lady," he answered, taking a seat in his chair once more.

"Great, because we've a troop of giants and presumably quite a lot of scavenges coming in to view. Presumably, they are here to raid the castle," I said, trying to make it sound as non-threatening as possible," I need ideas and perhaps you can help me as to what in the great name of Aslan we are suppose to do."

The man only stared at me, jaw dropped and eyes wide. I did not know if he was ever going to respond to me, but soon after a moment or two of silence he said," You mean to tell me that scurvy dog that broke in here during the wedding has the nerve to do it again?"

I nodded slowly," Only this time, he means to take my throne. Tell me what you can do and how quickly you can do it."

Nodding his head, he pulled out some records from a side drawer," We haven't much, but I've just enough decent archers lined up to be able to hold them off until we could call in reinforcements from, say, Archenland."

It may not have been much, but it was a start to something.

"Archers along the towers? Sounds great, but what of the giants, could they not just break through the walls?" I asked, knowing that I sounded as though I was thinking negatively.

The man swallowed before answering," Let's hope they don't do that."

I nodded," I assume you've a small troop that will protect should they breach the walls."

"Of course, your honor," he told me," You shouldn't have much more to worry of."

I chuckled as I took a step away," Oh trust me, I have much to worry about."

And with that I turned on my heel and exited the room. I made my way through the castle back to the medical ward where I saw nearly half of the servants crowded around a single room. I pushed my way through the crowd ad quickly opened the door handle, looking for any sign of the chipper boy.

Initially, I found it odd that no one was gathered around one single cot. I looked around and noticed that there was no one around immediately, but someone could have been lingering around in the back. Before I could go to look for others, I did notice one cot in particular. Near the window, one cot stood. There was obviously a body underneath, but a cloth covered the top.

I was scared to see what was under the cloth as my heart had practically stopped beating. A stray tear fell down my cheek and it didn't take a full lift for me to see the cold body of Beck underneath the cover. Quickly, I looked away and started to walk away, but before I could; I ran into someone.

Doctor Cornelius.

He basically had caught me as I was weak from seeing the dead body. Not able to keep it in, I let out a cry and felt him embrace me tightly.

"Rosalie, dear Rosalie, shhh," he soothed into my ear.

Right there, it felt as though all of it. All of the pressure and everything had just exploded and was spilling all throughout the room," Doctor, it's too much. I can't handle this, he didn't do-"

"I know, he was innocent, Rosalie," he whispered, running his hands up and down on my back as I sobbed into his shoulder.

"Then-Then why?" I balled, pulling my face out of his shoulder," W-Why not someone of more importance? Why not me?"

"Rosalie," he tried to calm me, placing his hands on either side of my face," I will never be able to fully comprehend what your brother's intentions are, but all I can is agree with you that this is murder of an innocent civilian. All you can do now is be strong, do you hear me?"

I nodded, sniffling," I don't want Jacob to come. I don't know if I can handle-"

"You can handle this, don't you say that you can't," he told me sternly," Stop this, Rosalie, you must go and prepare for-"

He was interrupted by a booming noise coming from the front of the castle. Together, we ran to the window and peered out to the landscape that was growing dark. Knocking at the risen draw bridge was a small cluster of fellows, wielding torches. My eyes widened as I watched them toss large boulders at the drawbridge.

I watched as Telmarine soldiers came running from other portions of the town, away from their normal patrol. Right there, in front of my eyes, I watched as the fight began. It did not take long for this small group of men to be defeated by the Telmarines. Both the doctor and I watched in silence.

"This soon?" I whispered hoarsely, placing my hand firmly against the window.

"It appears as though the time has come," Doctor Cornelius said with a sigh," I have to admit that Jacob has been very smart about this."

" I would have to agree," I told him with a nod," But I wish we had more time to-"

The door to the infirmary was thrown open as we stood at the window. Marcus came into the room, a very frantic look on his face. I looked him up and down, but before I could say a word he exclaimed," You must leave now. We all have to get to a safe place, immediately."

I looked out the window and noticed that more men were flooding out of the woods all around, faster than we could have ever been prepared to fight. Sure, it may not have lasted for long, but I could not leave. I wanted to face my brother. He would not be able to just walk in and take the crown. I would not allow it.

"No," I told him adamantly, watching as Jacob's men started breaking into innocent civilian homes.

"Your majesty?" he asked me incredulously," You realize that they're attacking Telmar and that since we are without protection-"

"Yes! I realize that okay, but I can't leave now. I can't let my brother just waltz in here and take the crown," I argued with him, gasping as they broke in the door to the innocent people's home. The moon had already risen in the sky and I still could not believe how quickly all of this was happening.

I stood in the infirmary window watching intently as men stormed into the city quicker than I could even count. Torches burning, swords wielded, I even think there were archers toward the forest line. Our men that had been patrolling the city held up longer than I anticipated, but it wouldn't be long until their forces would prove to be too much. We were without an army and they were with their entire army. Something, or someone rather, must have sold some false information.

A/N: Alright, there we have it! This one is a little shorter, but a lot still happened. Glad to hear you guys are all still liking the story, makes me happy! Reviews make me happy too! :)

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