A New Horizon

Unanswered Questions

Author's Note: I don't really own much other than Rosalie and her friends, family..etc. Rest of it=C.S. Lewis.

Chapter Fifteen: Unanswered Questions

"You're being naïve, Rosalie!" he exclaimed to me, trying to grab my arm to pull me away.

"I can't leave!" I yelled at him, pulling my arm out of his grasp," Caspian told us to-"

"Caspian didn't know how severe and unexpected this was going to be," he told me, grabbing my arm again," Let's go. We can come back when-"

Another pounding could be heard at the drawbridge.

"No," I said firmly," I won't."

"Rosalie-" he argued again, but I wrung my arm loose once more.

Doctor Cornelius stood there, watching the whole time as I fought with my adviser over what I was to do.

"We're all leaving, now you come along too," Marcus urged me once more before Cornelius stepped in.

"Marcus, I believe that you must respect your Queen's wishes," Cornelius told the man sternly.

Marcus shot Cornelius an aggravated look," Please, tell me you're not going to let her stay here."

"She has an oath to her country," he told Marcus," Just like you and every other fellow that's leaving has."

"It's not safe," he spat at the man.

"You have orders from your King to stay no matter what," Cornelius argued once more as another boulder came crashing against the drawbridge.

Marcus stepped away and shook his head at us, obviously disappointed," You know what, if you want to stay here, fine. That will be your choice, but when they breach the walls…you will be done. All it takes is a couple more-"

"I'll take my chances," I told him with a nod and it didn't take long for him to storm off.

Soon after he had left, I looked at Cornelius once more and shook my head," What have I done?"

Had my own council really left me?

"You've taken a stand for your country," he told me proudly," Something Caspian would hope you would do."

"I don't know what I'm getting into," I said with a sigh.

"You'll be just fine," the elderly gentleman assured me with a smile.

For some reason, I could find no comfort in the matter.

It took three days.

Three. Days.

The most torturous days of my life, sitting in a castle whose walls were crumbling by the hour. Surprisingly enough, the few men that we did have hanging around the castle were able to weaken the waves of men storming into the town. We even had help coming from almost every region that was surrounding us, but they claimed that it would be several days before they would be able to aid us much. All of this was very comforting if the small little detail that Jacob's army was unrealistically big was left out of the picture.

All of my board abandoned me along with Trina. She stayed until the giants came. When they came tromping through the streets, she was done. She told me to come, in fact, she begged me to come with her, but I did not. I could not. And I explained that to her, I didn't have much of a choice at all. I had a duty to my country.

Watching the giants enter Telmar was one of the most horrifying experiences of my life. It was as if they were not even caring of the innocent people inside of the homes that they would just carelessly step through, destroying the structure as they plowed through. Though there were only five of them, they did more damage than an entire army of men could have done. Not only were they destructive, but they were quite possibly the most ugly creatures I had ever seen. Most of their hair was gone, with few strands standing up here or there. Not only this, but their skin was tinted a nasty green color with all sorts of hair speckled here and there over their, barely clad bodies.

It wasn't until that third day that I finally saw my older sibling, riding into Telmar on his high horse. There was another fellow beside him, but I was unable to identify him for he was covering his face with a cloak. It was late in the second day that they finally broke down the draw bridge, with the help of their giant friends, of course, whom I soon discovered were not friendly whatsoever.

"Your majesty, we can only hold them off for so much longer!" the leader of the small militia came running into the throne room, a look of utter fear painted on his face.

I sat on the throne, unable to do much more of anything. I had run around frantically over the last two days, even shooting an arrow or two along the way. Every effort that I had put out was shut down by this ridiculous force that had seemingly come out of no where. Still, I nodded at the man, realizing that the moment had come.

"Lock the doors! Put everything you can against that door and do not, and when I say not, I mean it, let anything come through that door. Is everyone clear on this?" I immediately cried out and all of the soldiers and servants nodded before throwing themselves up and pushing nearly anything and everything that could be found in the throne room against the door.

"Rosalie!" Penelope came running up to me from the opposite side of the room," What are we to do if they should breach the walls?"

Walking over to one of the statues in the room, I looked over at my sister," You've your bow with you?"

She nodded, pulling it from the sling on her back," As always."

I smiled as I started to push the statue to the other side of the room," Anything that comes through that door, you are to shoot."

"Right," she said with a gulp, walking alongside me as I pushed the, surprisingly heavy statue," Even if that's our brother?"

I turned and tried to push the structure with my back, but found that unsuccessful. I tried adjusting again before saying," Even if that's Jacob. We can hardly," I paused, trying to push again," Consider him our brother any more."

"You make a very good point," she told me with a nod, slinging her bow back over her back as she moved over to help me in moving the statue.

"You know," I said jokingly as we were able to easily push the statue with her assistance," You could have offered early."

She smiled as the statue came to a halt with a thud in front of the grand doors," What's the fun in that?"

I laughed briefly before scurrying back up the throne where my own set of bow and arrow sat. With all of the items stacked against the door, I felt more protected than I had before. Just as I stood there, situating my bow and arrow, I felt my heart beating out of my chest.


Everyone in the room was immediately quiet as we listened to the intruders. They had yet to break through the grand doors to the castle, but I would have rather been safe than sorry. I wish that I could go back into more graphic detail of just how my brother went about attacking our city, but the pain is still too great.

Each one of those evenings, I would sit in Caspian's study staring out the window. Crying out for someone, anyone to come and help us. I remembered a saying that Aslan had told me about trusting my heart, but as I sat curled up in a ball in Caspian's study every night, watching the castle crumble under the mighty fist of the giants and watching as innocent civilians were killed on the streets, I felt as though I was alone.

Where was Aslan anyways? Why was he not protecting us? He loved us, that was for sure, but why had he forsaken us?

All of it had come about so quickly. If my brother could manage an attack this quickly, then Aslan could save us ten times as quickly. And on top of this, where was my husband? Where was Caspian?

I was unable to think for much longer.

To break the silence, there was a roll of thunder in the distance outside. A storm had blown in earlier that day and overall it had been just a stormy day in Telmar.

I pulled my arrow up to eye level, glancing over to see my sister and several other soldiers in the room doing the same. I felt as though my heart could be heard by all in the room as we stood there, ready to face whatever should come through those doors.

A loud crash could be heard against the door as I watched the hinges bend with the impact. They would not last long.

Several moments of listening to the doors break lead to the moment where they burst in, sending wood and all other materials flying everywhere. Nasty men came scurrying into the room, but were quickly brought down by the layer of archers we had set up in the throne room. If my brother thought he would be able to just walk in, he was wrong.

To my surprise, we were able to fend for ourselves for quite some time. Men would pour into the room at an astonishing rate, taking some of our soldiers still hanging about, but for the most part, we were able to defend the crown.

During one of the breaks in the flow, I looked over at my sister.

"Are you still alright?" I asked her, looking around at the bloodied throne room. There was no doubt that she was well old enough to handle a little blood, but I knew that shooting arrow after arrow could become tedious.

"Of course," she said with a nod," Could you cover for me for a moment? I need to grab another quiver of arrows."

"Sure, you've got some in here?" I asked her, keeping my bow up as she started her descent, she dropped her bow just before she reached the closet.

"I brought some along, just in case," she said as she opened one of the closet doors.

It didn't take long after the sound of her opening the doors for a blood-curdling scream to be released from her lips. Swiftly, I jumped over the dead bodies strewn over the floor and ran to check on her. To my horror, there stood one of Jacob's men holding my sister to his chest, a dagger at her throat.

"Let her down, buddy," I growled at him, holding my bow high.

He must have been able to sneak in through one of the many hideaways in the castle.

Then suddenly I heard a bow string being stretched back behind me," I don't think you want to be doing that."

Confused, I turned slowly, putting down the bow to see no other than my brother standing with Penelope's bow aimed directly for me.

The cause may have been lost from the beginning, but now as I stared at the arrow; I knew it was over.

Jacob was on the way to getting exactly what he wanted. And there was nothing I could do to stop it.

"It really is good to see you again, Rosalie," Jacob told me with a smirk as he paced around me as I sat in the throne, closely watched by several of his men.

I eyed him warily as he paced," I can't say the same."

He faked a look of pain on his face," You know how bad that hurts."

"I'm sure you will get over it," I said with a shrug," I'm not losing any sleep over it."

A chuckle escaped his mouth as he paused his pacing, hands still laced behind his back," You know for a defenseless castle, you all put up quite the fight."

I narrowed my eyes," Yes, in fact, Jacob would you mind elaborating on just how you managed to get here in the first place?"

"Ah, yes," Jacob replied, sounding as though he was glad I had asked," My plan. My plot. Just how I outsmarted your little other half to get myself here."

He paused for a moment to look around at his cronies, who had been quick to kill the rest of the Telmarines that stood on guard in the room," Should I tell her?" he asked, in the same manner he had the night of the wedding.

"Yea! Yea! Boss, do it!" the chorus cheered.

"Alright, alright, if you insist," he said, putting up a hand to silence them.

He started his little pacing scheme once more, which made me a little more nervous. I stared at him hard for quite the time until he finally began speaking.

"Let me start with the wedding," he said finally," It wasn't particularly easy to plan a sneak in to this place, let me tell you, but it's basically been all that I've been doing this last year. Anyways, we figured that we wouldn't be able to just waltz right into the ceremony so I tried to think of a place that wouldn't be heavily guarded-say a place on the opposite end of the castle where we would be able to smuggle some men into."

I followed him closely.

"I chose the stables and surprisingly enough, there was only a single fellow on guard there, who was actually in slumber when we passed, which made our job easier enough-"

"Wait, how in the world did you get passed the first guards? The ones that patrol the city?" I interrupted.

"Oh, those were rather easy," he said to me with a shrug," It was only a matter of dispersing ourselves evenly throughout the woods so much as to the point where no one would realize exactly what we were doing. In fact, I would argue that they probably mistook us for a group of innocent Telmarines."

I glared at him," Jacob, you don't realize how dangerous this is."

"Dangerous?" he asked with a raise of his brow," For you or for me? Because the way I view it, it can only benefit me, but you…yes this could be considered life-changing for you, dear sister."

Angered, I stood up," You can't do this. Caspian-"

Jacob laughed," Caspian? You're bringing him into this?"

"He won't allow it!"

The slime on either side of me roughly grabbed my shoulders, pushing me back down.

"It appears as though he's already allowing it," Jacob challenged, looking at me smugly," I don't think your husband is going to have much of a say in this."

Scared of knowing what he meant by this, I felt my lip quiver slightly," Where is he?"

Jacob turned his head away from me briefly," You ask too many questions! I feel it be a waste to answer them all now for you will learn of them soon."

For a brief moment, I did not know whether or not he was going to answer me. In fact, he didn't answer me. He walked around the throne room until he found Penelope standing against one of the pillars. She looked very uninterested in anything that he had to say, while I found myself sitting dumbstruck on the throne.

"How've you been?" he asked, standing in front of his younger sister.

She gave him one of the nastiest glares I have ever seen a human being give a person," Splendid."

"You're a little more pleasant than my other sibling," he said with a shrug, I almost laughed aloud at this," I've got a proposition for you, however."

Still uninterested, she tried to raise her brow at him to show some interest," And what might that be Jacob?"

"You see," he started," There isn't much more hope for our sister over there. I think there might be some hope still left for you and I to make Narnia the Narnia our father envisioned it as."

I almost broke out of the throne right there, but forced myself to stay calm. The more weakness I showed, the more Jacob got pleasure out of this whole ordeal. Still with every word he said, I couldn't help but think of him as a little boy again. I couldn't help but think of him playing with Caspian and I. I had to force myself to shove these images out of my head for it did not change anything. It didn't change the fact that my father's image for Narnia was corrupted.

Even though I wanted Penelope to shut his idea down immediately, if she was smart; she would play along for a little bit.

And she did.

"Oh really?" she raised her brow," Why don't you explain?"

He beamed at her," I'd love to explain. Now, you see, whenever I take the throne from our sister, I'll explain my whole plan in its entirety when we are not accompanied by her, but I would like for you to serve as my-oh, what's it called-princess? No, perhaps…adviser would be more accurate."

She crossed her arms," Why do you think I would be interested in this?"

He shrugged," It's better than the fate of your sister. We did it once, Penelope."

"And just what do you plan to do to me Jacob?" I burst out, unable to keep silent.

He shot me a look," More questions? Can't you see that I'm not talking to you?"

Sick and tired of his attitude, I threw myself up from the throne and heatedly began storming toward him," I am your Queen! And I demand that you answer me!"

"Ooo, I'm so scared of my little sister," he replied sarcastically waving his hands in the air.

Just before I could reach him, I felt myself being grabbed from behind. I tried pulling forward, but was soon stopped abruptly," I may be that, but I am your Queen as of now and nothing you can do will change that! You answer to me."

Jacob's face was not humorous as he came close to me, face to face he said," Why don't I have someone answer one of those questions? Perhaps, he can explain better than myself. Penelope and I will have a little walk and talk."

He offered his arm to Penelope, but she shoved it off," I'll listen, but I can't make you any promises."

"All I need is your ear," he said with a shrug as they started their descent.

Before they could leave, I yelled," Penelope, don't-"

"I think," Jacob looked back at me," You haven't much of a say for her. She's grown into a young lady with her own opinions."

I gritted my teeth as I watched Penelope stroll out of the room with Jacob at her side. There was nothing more I could do. Uneasiness settled in to my stomach as I stood there, tired of fighting these fellows off of me. Slowly, and very slowly at that, a man came closer to me, emerging from the shadows behind where the doors had just been burst in not so long ago. Just before he was face to face with me, I watched as his gloved hands moved to the material that covered his head as he pulled back the veil that hid his face.

Immediately, I recognized the face in front of me.


Author's Note: Just who could it be? You will have to read on to find out…but in the meantime-drop a review!

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