A New Horizon

More Than One Traitor

Author Note: As you know, I basically only own Rosalie and her family.

Chapter Sixteen: More Than One Traitor

Words could not even express the feeling that rumbled deep in my stomach as I looked into the face of the man that stood in front of me. With all of my force, I wanted to go at him right there, but the men surrounding me tightened their grip even further. The man came closer to me, a smirk on his face as he came face to face.

"He trusted you," I hissed at him, trying not to scream," He trusted you!"

The scar-faced man did not reply, but merely chuckled," He was an idiot to do so."

"Never once did I think you were trustworthy," I hissed once more at the man whom Caspian had thought to be the leader of his army," I always told him you were trouble, General. He's just too good of a person to see through you."

The men holding me literally lifted me from my feet and started to carry me backward. General walked along with them before he started speaking once more," I can't blame Caspian much, however. I do have to say that I played the part well."

"Well?" I asked him incredulously, with a chuckle," You were blatantly dark and mysterious the entire time!"

"And that's my point," he said, the tone of his voice just as dark as it always was," So dark that he would never suspect I would actually be working against him."

"Speaking of that, would you care to explain just how you pulled all of that off?" I asked him with a snarl.

"What fun is that Rosalie?" he asked with another one of his sick smirks," What's the fun in me telling you everything behind my little coup? I think it be much better if you find out on your own."

I narrowed my eyes at him, wishing nothing more than for him to drop dead right there. I was in no position to defend myself any more or attack him for if all of these men disappeared then I would be all over him. However, this was not the case.

"I demand-"

"You haven't any control over me," he laughed," You obviously haven't much control over anything if you're allowing your brother to come tromping all over you like this."

This was the moment when I realized that I had failed my people. My eyes shifted out to the window to see a demolished Telmar sitting in my view. Pieces of houses lay strewn about everywhere along with pieces of the castle. I looked to the front of the room and noticed the doors plowed in and nice pieces of artwork and such shattered to pieces. I swore an oath to protect my people. I promised to do everything within my ability to keep them safe and this-this was unacceptable. In three days, destruction had occurred.

But then again, how would I have been able to stop it?

From what I could assume, General was feeding Caspian false information while keeping in cahoots with my brother. In fact, I wouldn't doubt that he could have been leading Caspian into quite some trouble up in the North. For all I knew, Caspian was walking to his death just as we stood there. The stories of all the spirits out West could have all been fickle. In fact, if they were coming out of his mouth, then they probably were a big fat lie. I had to consider the fact that there were witnesses to the spirits though and that these spirits had killed people as well.

"Where is my husband?" I asked General finally after swallowing hard over all of this.

"He's in the opposite side of the nation. Along with what remains left of his army," General replied coldly, still pacing about the room.

"How am I to know your word is true?" I asked, stiffly watching him.

"You asked me a question and I am merely answering," the dark man replied with a shrug," Make what you will of it."

It may have been pointless for me to ask him any sort of question. If he had been able to tell lies so elaborate that Caspian would believe them, then he would be able to tell me almost anything.

Before I could ponder any longer, Jacob entered the room once more. I had been anticipating for Penelope to come back alongside him, angered and uninterested. To my surprise, she came back with a smile on her face.

"Looks like one of my sisters isn't a total idiot," Jacob said, a smile growing on his face as he came toward me.

I was in awe. Just what did she have up her sleeves? Surely, she hadn't actually believed a word that came out of his mouth. Surely, she was only playing along…right?

"Penelope?.." I started, but she was quick to interrupt.

"Shut up Rosalie!" she exclaimed, moving in sync with Jacob.

I noticed the smile on Jacob's face grow even wider as I stood, obviously flabbergasted by what my sister was doing.

She had fooled him once before, she could easily do it again. Right.

"You don't have to feel so bad now," Jacob said to General, who had crossed his arms over his chest, finding the whole situation humorous," You're not the only traitor."

My eyes widened. I shouldn't have been believing any of this, but the look on my sister's face. The way she was smiling along with them, looking at me with eyes that suggested I was the joke. Could this be true?

"Penelope, this isn't you-"

A roar of laughter went through the group of men. They all found this extremely hilarious for some reason, but I was failing to see the humor in the matter. I tried scrutinizing her face to see through this somehow. To see some sign that would indicate to me that this was all a joke…but I was not seeing it.

"Come on, Rosalie," she taunted, stepping closer to me," How do you think they were able to pull all of this off?"

How was I to answer this? I had my own suspicions of the details of Jacob's plan, but was she suggesting something. What was she trying to get out of me?

"Penelope-" I tried, but she only laughed.

"It was me," she hissed in a tone so unlike her," Everything. Getting into the wedding? All it took was for me to let them know when and where. Getting those two crooks in here to threaten you up a little bit? I let them in. No body suspected me. No body suspected the little sister who's been living in your shadows for her entire life."

She could have easily done all of these things without my even suspecting her.

"How long? How long have you been doing this?" I finally asked after several moments of silence.

"Ever since I broke you out of here," she snarled through her teeth," I've been playing it this entire time."

"You're telling me that all of this is lies? Everything you have told me since then, everything you've done, the men you've killed…all of it was in vain?" I asked her, my heart slowly breaking.

She looked at me. For one brief moment I saw that look of mercy in her eyes, but the words did not match the look in her eyes," It's because of you that both of my parents are dead. It's because of you that my life can never be normal. The only way that I can hope to have some sort of a normal life is by joining Jacob. I never betrayed him, Rosalie."

She really had been lying the entire time! I couldn't believe how stupid all of us were to actually believe that she wasn't doing something. All of those hours she spent "practicing" her archery, she could have been plotting with Jacob. I never kept a close watch on her, no one did really for we trusted her. All this time, I trusted my little sister.

I never should have.

"Take her out. We've some discussing to do and I don't want her here to hear anything," Jacob demanded as the men beside me pulled me to my feet.

I wanted her to hear me out however, I fought them hard.

"Your life will never be normal. Teaming up with him will only make it worse, Penelope. Don't tell me you believe any of the trash that he's been telling you. You're smarter than-" I told her, trying to get all of my words out before they dragged me off.

Penelope's eyes were looking at me blankly, caring little of what I was saying. I didn't care much. Perhaps, they wouldn't hit her now, but they would. Sometime, she would have to feel guilty for not being faithful. Eventually.

"You're not my sister! Don't ever consider yourself of any relation to me ever again!" I screamed at her, my feet leaving the ground due to the men pulling me off my feet.

"Get her away!" Jacob cried over the madness and as hard as I fought, I felt something hard come crashing down against my skull.

I was standing on the middle of a bloody battlefield. Rain was pouring from the sky, my skin and hair were dripping with rainwater. My muscles ached from being in the battle. Left and right I could see Jacob's men strewn about, some giants, some normal men. My own body was heavily beaten and bloodied. Blood dripped from the top of my brow into my eyes as I looked around the seemingly empty battlefield.

I walked around, alone before stepping over some more of the bodies that lie dead. It appeared as though I was in a fog as I continued walking alone. Before long, my feet reached the edge of the battlefield. Below me was a hole the size of what appeared to be a giant's footstep.

My breathing halted as I watched.

Penelope stood, her weapon drawn looking right down at a badly beaten man who was trying to plead with her. Her dark hair wild as blood fell from her own brow.

"Penelope, you're better than this," the man pleaded, his face and voice so familiar to me.

"Don't tell me that, Caspian," she hissed back at him, staring at him hard," You're just like Rosalie, always trying to cover things up."

The dark headed, beaten king tried to sit up," Just give us a chance to talk this over. I don't think you understand the severity of what your brother intends on doing."

"I don't understand?" she asked him mockingly, pulling the arrow back further," Seems ironic since I was the one behind it all."

Then without another word, she sent the arrow flying through the air that wedged itself in the middle of his forehead. He fell, blood bursting from him, without anymore.

A scream escaped my lips, a pain more unbearable than death flooded through my veins.

"Caspian!" I awoke with a scream, I found myself lying in our bed in the royal suite.

Almost immediately, I felt a small hand laid on top of my own. I looked over, still trying to calm myself and found the ghastly whitened face of Emily gazing at my own.

"Rosalie, you're alright?" she whispered to me, grabbing a wet towel from the basin that lay beside her.

I inhaled deeply before lying my head back against the pillow as she lay the towel over my head. The dream was so realistic and it took me a moment to realize that it may have been a reality. My heart still did not want to believe that all of this was real, but my head was scolding me for not predicting it earlier.

As I turned my head, I noticed that it had to of been very late outside now. The moon was high in the sky, candles were aglow around the room.

"Rosalie?" she asked again, and I shook my head, turning my attention to her.

"Oh, yeah," I said, looking at her with a nod," I'm fine for the time being."

Before she could say anything else, I pushed my feet off the side of the bed and started to walk to the balcony. She was close behind me, bringing along a candle with her. When I arrived at the balcony, I couldn't help but feel a tear fall down my face. It was all wrong. The landscape may have been peaceful, but Jacob's men could be heard chasing women through the streets, ganging up on men, taunting the children. I couldn't stand to watch it, but I had no power to stop it either.

"They've been terrorizing the people all day," Emily whispered to me, standing beside me.

I shook my head," Its wrong, Emily."

"I know," she said just as quietly as before," But there is nothing we can do. Is this correct?"

I sighed and dropped my head," I wish there was, but as of now there is nothing."

A pause hung in the air for a few moments before she spoke once more.

"I heard of Penelope," she said to me, watching as two of Jacob's men pulled a screaming woman into a dark alley.

My eyes met Emily's," And of General?"

She nodded," Word traveled fast through the servants."

A small, humorless chuckle escape my mouth as I turned my gaze back out to the landscape," I haven't a clue what I am to do now."

Another silence hung in the air before she said," Well, you've been blessed by the fact that Jacob is still allowing the servants to run the castle. I would be more than happy to aid you in any way possible."

Turning my back to the scene, I turned back and ran my fingers through my hair," Thank you, Emily, but I honestly don't know how I'm going to get us out of this one."

"You will think of something," she assured me," I'm sure."

Without another word, she disappeared into the castle again and left me standing on the balcony alone. Refusing to look at my city in ruins, I thought to myself.

Trust your heart.


If Aslan loved us so much, then why was this happening?

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