A New Horizon

Lustful Liar

Author Note: I own basically nothing other than Rosalie and some of her family members, friends, etc…

Chapter Seventeen: Lustful Liar


The feeling inside my body and outside. All over, I felt as though my feelings had been severed off. Day after weary day, I would be forced awake early to be dressed up nicely (I still don't understand the reasoning behind it) and sit in the meetings that my brother, sister, and General would conduct over the country. After several attempts of trying to attack my "family members", they eventually agreed to keep me contained in my room and summon me when they needed me. Or rather, when they wanted to tell me to do something else.

The once beautiful city of Telmar was quickly turned into a desolate place with giants tromping around where I would not have wanted anyone to have stumbled upon. It seemed as though more and more men would come into the city every day, claiming to be apart of Jacob's entourage. Despite this, I was amazed by the fact that no matter how hard Jacob tried to convince the people to join his army, they still stayed true to Caspian.

However, the more the people refused Jacob, the more angry he became. He even offered them bribes that I, had I been in their shoes, would have a hard time turning away, but the people, for some odd reason, stayed true. I would have thought for sure that they would have turned immediately. Another oddity was that the help we had called for from the other nations, had never come.

We were alone.


Then, the day came that Jacob developed a new plan.

"Ahhh, Rosalie!" he said gregariously as I was escorted into the throne room, which over the period of three weeks had been re-modeled.

I glared at him, not able to say anything due to the gag they had in my mouth. Several large, burly, smelly men pushed me forward and unwound the gag from my mouth.

"Jacob," I said, trying to sound somewhat cordial as they unbound my hands and removed the gag from my mouth.

"Come, along," Jacob waved me toward him, and I hesitantly took a few steps closer to him. Caspian's throne stood directly in front of us and it appeared that he wanted me to take a seat in my husband's throne," Take a seat."

Looking at him, semi-confused, I placed myself on the throne," What do you want with me?"

"I've a new proposition," Jacob said with a smile on his face as he began pacing around my throne.

"And what might that be?" I asked, sounding very uninterested.

There was a pause while Jacob continued pacing around the room, looking around the overly-grandeur room. He had imported plenty of new, gold intricate objects into the room which made it look much too over the top. The only thing they kept that I actually liked were the stained-glassed windows, which were basically the same as before.

"You know that I could just take the crown from you, correct?" he asked me, raising one of his dark brows at me.

My eyes narrowed," Sure?…" I uttered slowly, wanting him to continue.

"Right, of course you do!" he exclaimed before saying," But I can't do that."

"Haven't you already done that?" I questioned, watching him closely.

"Technically," he agreed," I have, but you see the people haven't really accepted me as their leader yet. If we want to be legal, you are still the Queen of this nation considering that I have not yet 'officially' been coroneted, but rather than go through the sillyness of that; I'm willing to let you keep the title of Queen."

He definitely had some explaining to do.

Wasn't the whole point of this operation to take the throne from Caspian and I? Then again, he had never really explained to me what the whole point of this operation was.

"How so?" I asked, narrowing my eyes once more.

"You're going to do everything that I tell you to do. Basically, you are going to be my little puppet. I know I have already been controlling most of your activities, but now there are going to be some changes taking place in Narnia that I'm going to like greatly. You may not, but you haven't much of a choice."

"And what's the point of this? Why not just kill me?" I suggested," Or just be the dictator you obviously desire to be?"

Jacob chuckled," You see, Penelope suggested the same thing, however the problem of popularity came into play. Those stupid civilians will basically do anything you tell them to do because they love you so incredibly much. If I get up there and tell them to start doing all of this stuff, they won't listen to me, but if you assure them that no further harm will come to them if they just do what you say, which technically is what I say, then we're all happy."

"Except for me."

"Right, except for you, but I've more plans for you," Jacob said, trying to make his voice sound chipper once more.

"Oh great," I replied, not even trying to cover the sarcasm.

If he thought that he could just start telling me how to run the nation, then I would never do it. I would rather him kill me.

"You're going to have a new King," he told me, with an evil smirk.

I looked at him incredulously.

"I will not marry you. No. Never. I'm married anyways, but beside that I will kill myself before-"

"Shut up, Rosalie!" he exclaimed, cutting me off before I could go off on an incest tangent," I wouldn't ever want to marry you anyways. General over here has offered to step up to be king."

I don't even know if shock would have been an appropriate word for me to say as I watched General emerge, as always, from the corner of the room. What was the meaning behind all of this?

"Why? Why are you doing this?" I asked him, shaking my head, pleading for any other way for him to do this.

"Because by having me as King, it puts your brother at less risk of being injured through all of this. Should anyone take the blame for this, it would be mostly you," General added, stepping up beside my brother, arms crossed," All of this is in order to prevent a revolution."

This made perfect sense. Should they kill me, then the people would riot. Jacob's army may have been strong, but if the whole country went into riot, then he would definitely have more problems than what he already had planning whatever it was that he had in store for Narnia. He needed to have an easy transition and by keeping me alive, he was well on his way to doing this. However, the thought passed through my head that the people would not be accepting of this, no matter how many times I assured them. They weren't stupid.

"How will the public take another marriage? They all know of my wedding, in fact, I'm sure the women down on the corner are still speaking of it as though it happened yesterday. They will not accept another one, Jacob," I argued, trying still to keep myself calm as I could.

Both of the men shot a look at one another," This is where you will start to do exactly as I tell you," Jacob explained.

General soon started speaking," You are to tell the people that Caspian has died in battle. You are also to explain that you've found a new King that is equally worthy and that I am the only one whom your beloved would want to take his place."

"That's a blatant lie and I will never-"

Swiftly, Jacob drew his sword and held it right at my throat," Just because I need you for now doesn't mean that you have a say in how this is run. I would rather put up with a riot than a mouthy sister."

I stared at the blade and swallowed hard, shutting my mouth before I got myself into deeper trouble.

"Now," Jacob stepped closer, placing the blade onto my skin," What are you going to do? Just so we are on the right page."

I breathed in deep before doing just as he said," I am to address the public over the death of my husband and announce that they are not to fear you or anyone else for that matter due to the fact that I've found a better king, General and I will not be a widow for long."

A smile grew on my brother's dark face," Good."

The whole time, despite the fact that I was wandering about how this plan would work, despite the fact that my marriage was in jeopardy, and despite the fact that my brother had a sword to my neck, I couldn't help but wonder where Penelope was and what she was up to.

Later that evening, I splashed water on my face in the powder room in the royal suite, trying not to think about the fact that I would soon have to tell the people of my new found engagement, which I was still wary of its believability, the death of the King, and the new found "trust" I would ask them to put into this new King and his advisor.

I was sure that word was already spreading around the town over what was going to happen. Someone had to address them eventually and I guess it only made sense that person was me. Still, the whole ordeal was a little disturbing. I didn't like to think of the thought of any other man than Caspian claiming me as his wife; I didn't like pretending about anything. At the moment, though, I didn't really have much of a choice…

Finding it odd that Emily had not come in to check on me, I slowly stepped away from the vanity and waited for several moments. After deciding that she was not coming, I decided to try and get some rest. I wandered through the suite, trying not to look at any of the items belonging to Caspian. It was hard enough sleeping in a bed that still smelled of him, never the less trying to look at his belongings.

Something was out of place. I noticed the door to Caspian's study propped open. I had not entered Caspian's study for quite some time now. Curious, I slowly moved to the door and pressed it open even further.

"I was wondering when you were going to drop by," a dark voice said to me, scaring me horribly.

General sat in my husband's desk, feet propped high as a vulgar smile crept upon his face.

I looked down and noticed that I was hardly clad at all. My night gown for summer was not much material, or at least it seemed that way as I watched his eyes wander. Embarrassed, I felt the heat spilling to my cheeks. What was he up to?

"Come now, don't be shy, dear," he tried welcoming me, waving me closer.

I could have turned around right there and ran away, but this was my only way of learning more of what happened. It could have been a great opportunity to learn more or a stupid decision.

"What are you doing in my quarters?" I demanded, folding my arms over my chest as I came closer.

"Your quarters?" he questioned, his voice still dark as always," I believe it's going to be ours soon."

A chill was sent through my body.

"You know that I will never truly be your wife, correct?" I questioned him, sitting myself down in the chair.

"Right," he said with a roll of his eyes," I think I've got something that might change that."

"Nothing you can do will make me in any way love you," I snarled at him, hardly caring what he thought of that," Caspian is my husband, dead or alive I will stay true to him."

He adjusted himself in his chair and slowly brought his feet off of the desk," I'm glad you mentioned that actually."

Mentioned what? I scrutinized his face hard before I started to get up. He was obviously just taking his sweet ol' time to tell me all of this and I had more important things to get to, like sleep.

"You know," I said as I stood up," I don't have to listen to-"

Before I could finish, I watched as he dug around in the pocket of his brown trousers. The object he held in his hand stopped me in my tracks, my eyes wide.

It was the ring. Caspian's wedding band lay in the palm of General's dirty, dirt-covered hand.

Standing in awe, I watched the smile grow on his face," This changes the tone doesn't it?"

Without even thinking, I stormed over to the desk and grabbed the ring from his palm. A chuckle came from the man's lips as I scrutinized the silver ring that now lay in my hand. I rolled the metal along my fingers, making sure it was tangible. After several moments, I looked right into his dark brown eyes.

"Where did you get this?" I demanded, eyes wild I'm sure.

General folded his arms over his chest," Your husband, he very willingly gave it up."

A moment of silence passed through as I stood there, anticipating his next words.

"I guess that being because he was dead. At least you won't have a guilty conscious of lying to your people over his death."

The ring dropped from my hand and hit the wooden floor below.


He couldn't be dead. Surely, all of this was just a lie. It had to be.

But then again…how else would he have gotten a hold of his wedding band? Caspian wouldn't have just willingly gave up something such as that. Despite the fact that my heart was being crushed on the inside, I stayed as calm as I could, swallowing the pain that I was not yet sure of. I could not show weakness.

"You're bluffing," I stammered, trying to convince myself.

"Why not just accept it?" he grumbled to me and as I stared into his almost-black eyes, I shook my head.

"Because you're a liar," I said, shakily," Why should I ever believe a word that comes from your mouth?"

I watched as he slowly arose from his desk and kept his eye on me as though I were his prey. Like any scared animal, I kept a close eye on him and slowly began creating space between the both of us.

"You may not believe me now," he said, growing closer," However, when they bring your husband's body into this castle for the memorial," I took another step back, finding the door was coming nearer.

I gulped. It was hard. It was hard to force myself to not believe him, or at least seem that way as he came closer and closer. My head wanted to believe him, but my heart had yet to cave in. Until the face of my husband was lying in front of me in a casket, I would not believe a word that came from his lips.

"You. Will. Believe," he said, his words very choppy, yet very direct and stern.

Before I knew it, my back had met the wall and I ran my hand down to the doorknob, wanting nothing more than to remove myself from this situation, but before I could even feel the metal on my palm, General had literally thrown himself into me, causing me to let out a shriek. I was taken aback by this sudden movement by him, but it should not have surprised me of what his intentions were. He lured me into a trap that I was not yet sure how I would get out. With all of his weight pressed against me and his single hand pinning both of my wrists above my head, I was not going anywhere.

"Let's face the facts here, Rosalie," he growled into my ear as I struggled," In a matter of days, you will be forced to devote yourself to me. I will be your King, now when Jacob first told me of his plan, I'll be honest, I wasn't too thrilled over it, but I started thinking to myself…" I fought him even more when he had both my wrists pinned over my head with a single hand and his other hand began to wander," We can have a little fun with this, neither of us have much of a choice."

"You're disgusting," I snarled at him, unable to remove myself from the man's grasp and unable to stop him from placing his hand wherever he wanted.

A smirk grew on his face," This is one of the luxuries of wanting power, along with it comes some nice other perks. Surely, you didn't think Caspian could keep you all to himself eh?" a sickening laugh came from his lips.

As he stood there, I finally started to calm myself, realizing that there was no immediate way that I would be able to free myself from this pig. I think he felt as I started relaxing slowly as I felt his lips hover over my own," That's right…that's right."

I didn't answer, but merely played the part just as he would want me to. As soon as his lips crashed onto my own, he was well distracted by lust, but I, however, was still thinking. I held back my lunch as I felt his hands roam wherever, his lips basically eat, I don't know if that's the proper term, my face and neck. Desire was exploding from this fellow and I merely lead him on to believe that I was equally interested by giving it back, but not nearly as much.

Just when I broke away to breathe, I noticed on the desk that a dagger still lay on the edge. My dagger. The dagger that had been taken from me when they first invaded the castle. Granted, there was plenty of room between myself and the desk, but it was quite possibly my only way out of this.

I took a deep breath in before pressing myself against the man, pretending as though it really were Caspian. After sliding my own hands up to his collar and guiding him strategically toward the desk, I found that he was getting the wrong message through all of this.

"See, I knew you would view this through my eyes," he basically moaned into my ear.

At this point, I was ready to go and take as many showers as possible and get rid of this guy once and for all. Though I was now within reach of my escape route, it was only a matter of grabbing it from the desk now. Trying to cover myself up well, I noticed that his own sword was still attached snugly onto his belt. By this point, he was no more focused on that sword than I was on actually feeling any emotion toward him.

Slyly, I moved my hands south and successfully dropped the weapon from his waist. I could feel a smile forming on his lips," Getting a little excited, are we?"

I felt my stomach lurch at this, but nevertheless, as I pushed the sword away with the tips of my toes, I mumbled into his ear," I couldn't fight forever."

This seemed to spur him even more," Well, if that's the case…" he trailed off and then he literally lifted me by the hips and sat me atop of Caspian's desk, keeping him distracted by locking lips with him, I swiftly grabbed the dagger from behind.

His arms were on either side of me, pinning me to the desk. Luckily, I still held the dagger tight behind my back and just as he leaned in once more, I slid the dagger up to his neck.

Instantly, his hands dropped from my hips as he began walking backward," Sneaky, very sneaky."

"You should be ashamed," I snarled once more at him as I directed him toward the door," These quarters are not meant for you. They are meant for the King and Queen of Narnia and should you ever step foot inside my husband and I's quarters again, then this dagger is going to cut a little deeper next time."

A slight look of fear was sent through his eyes as he slowly lifted his hands," Your brother will know of this."

"And Caspian will know of this when he returns of your behavior. He will be pleased to know of how you violated his wife," I growled, hardly scared of him anymore.

Before he could leave, I bent down quickly and grabbed the belt that held his sword. Just as he stepped into the corridor, I tossed him the belt," Don't ever speak to me again."

I didn't want to hear another word from him, in fact the whole scene that had just happened inspired me even more. As I pressed the door shut hard and made sure it was securely locked, I felt myself slowly sliding down the door, running my fingers through my hair. One thing was for sure, I was not going to be married to that slime.

Jacob had sent him in here to convince me that Caspian was dead. Perhaps, if Jacob could have gotten me to believe it, then I would give in to their plan and just accept the fact that I was beat. Over in the corner, I saw the ring sitting on the floor, still. Slowly, I crawled over and placed the ring in my palm once more.

A tear fell from my face as I whispered," Where are you?"

I had tried to be strong to fool General, but then the other side of the argument entered my head. If Caspian was alive, wouldn't I have heard from him by this time? If he was alive, how would they have gotten his ring? If he was alive, then why would I feel so miserable as I curled up in a ball, tears spilling from my eyes…

Author's Note: Yeah, I'm sure General is not everyone's favorite character right now…but keep on reading! I promise things will get better soon! Let me know what you're thinking. :)

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