A New Horizon

A Secret That I Didn't Know Of

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Chapter Nineteen: A Secret That I Didn't Know

I was "sent to my room" like I was some sort of child. They locked me in my room, even kept a guard or two outside. I guess I couldn't blame them, but it was still a little ridiculous. They did, however, allow me to see Emily and, a face I had not been allowed to see for quite some time, Trina.

"Where have they been keeping you?" I asked the light haired woman, who appeared to have aged greatly in the time we had been apart.

"I've been kept down in the dungeons, love," she said to me somberly, placing a hand on my knee as she sat beside me.

"Dungeons, but why?" I asked her, concern filling my face.

She smirked slightly," I took a stand against them at the beginning, before I could contact you about all of this. Let's just say that was not the most brilliant thing I could have done."

"I thought they may have killed you!" I exclaimed, still worried greatly for her well-being.

"They came close, dear Rosalie, but they did not taint my spirit. Enough of me, how have you been?" she asked, looking directly at me.

"Awful," I told her plainly," Absolutely dreadful. Trina, they've taken everything away from me and made me their puppet. Caspian is gone, gone into some sort of trap they've set for him, Penelope betrayed us, Doctor Cornelius has left into hiding, I am to do nothing without the permission of my brother. I was forced to trick the people into believing that Caspian is dead so that General, my brother's croonie, can marry me and take control…it's all a huge mess that I wish could have been avoided."

"This really is painful to listen to," she told me honestly, looking into my eyes sincerely.

I looked at her with a raise of my brow," It's even more painful to tell."

"Hey now," she said quietly, grabbing both of my hands, forcing me to look directly at her," You know that you can get out of all this right?"

I sighed," Isn't that a nice fantasy? How in the world would I be able to get out of here? Have you seen the guards outside of my door? Thanks to my big mouth, they don't trust me even more now. Plus, I could never leave the people. They would consider me a traitor…"

A smile played upon her lips," I think I have a way to get you out of here and I don't think your people could stay angry for too long."

"What do you mean?" I asked delicately, scrutinizing her face.

With a glance to the door where guards were probably standing close watch, she pulled me back into Caspian's study and shut the door, locking it as she did. She lead me over to his desk and pulled a key from her small necklace that I had never noticed until now, probably because she kept it hidden deep in her dress.

"Trina, I-" I tried, but she put up a hand to silence me.

She opened the first drawer with ease and, to my surprise, pulled the entire drawer out of the desk. Turning, she sat the drawer, filled with various items, in the chair that sat behind his desk, before I watched her dig her hand back into the deep compartment of the desk.

"You have anything that you will need to take with you?" she asked me hurriedly, looking up from her work briefly.

"Trina, what's going on?" I asked, trying to slow this whole process down a little.

"Listen, Doctor Cornelius and I have been in correspondence for quite some time now. Caspian gave my husband a key to a secret passage that he didn't want anyone to know of. Apparently, this was one of the few things that his father showed him when he was a small boy. He didn't trust anyone with the knowledge of this passage. It is only to be used in absolute emergencies and that is why I am asking you: you really want to bring down your brother? You really want things to change? Because I don't have to show this to you."

Her words were coming out so quickly that it made my head spin as she spoke. I somehow managed to make sense of it and nodded my head quickly before I swallowed hard, making a realization. Caspian really had this planned out? He really knew about this all this time? And he hadn't told me?

The whole process felt more like a dream than anything.

"Of course, it's just that I still have many questions and-"

"Save your questions for Cornelius, I don't know how much longer they will allow me to be in here with you. They will soon suspect something, I'm sure. Especially since your little fit you threw earlier," she said before thrusting the key into the inner folds of the desk.

I watched, still confused as the floorboards starting folding away from one another directly under Caspian's desk. Flabbergasted, I took a step back as the desk moved to the other side of the room and it was not long before a gaping hole sat there, staring at me. The floorboards had literally stacked themselves away, like they knew exactly what to do…interesting. Immediately, Trina ran over to the door and unlocked it.

"Emily!" she whispered into the hallway, trying to be as quiet as she could be.

I made my way over to the gaping hole that was now in the middle of the office floor. There was no sign of any sort of light, in fact, for all I knew, if I jumped down there, I wouldn't see the day again.

"Trina?" I questioned warily, but she was hardly paying attention to me. She was entirely focused on talking to Emily in hushed whispers over, whatever it was they were talking about.

It didn't take long for my servant girl to come scurrying into the room, a smile on her face after she had finished speaking with Trina," Are you ready?" she asked, her voice sounding…excited?

"You knew about this?" I asked her as Trina walked over to the desk that seemingly moved itself, looking through the drawers once more.

"Of course!" she exclaimed, standing beside me," Caspian and Trina informed me of it months ago!"

"So, I was the only one that didn't know," I said aloud," How lovely."

"Don't think of it like that!" Trina exclaimed from the other side of the room, still searching for something," Think of it as for your own good."

"It was for-"

"Like I said, all questions, save them for Doctor Cornelius," she told me, placing the key she had used to unveil the hole back into its original lock, before she could turn it she said," I wish the both of you the best of luck."

I couldn't believe it. Here I was, thinking that I was just going to have a night of speaking with Trina, my good friend, but now here I was, standing at the edge of a dark hole that appeared seemingly out of no where from the bottom of my husband's study. I hadn't even thought everything over, really.

With my leaving, that would mean that I would be abandoning my people. That meant that I may or may not come back. I was assuming that I would be successful in whatever lie ahead and not only that, there would be a brief time where my people would be under the command of Jacob. Would I be willing to do that?

I didn't have much of a choice for it did not take long for the pounding on the doors to begin and Trina's eyes meet my own with a look of fear.

"Go!" she cried, about to turn the key and close the hole off for good.

My decision had been made for me as my servant girl grabbed my hand and jumped into the dark hole.

I didn't like falling.

In fact, I detested falling.

The darkness that surrounded the both of us didn't help my liking of the situation any more. I felt as though I was literally falling for eternity before I felt the frail hand of Emily grab me in the thick darkness.

"We should be hitting ground soon!" she called to me, which, surprisingly did not comfort me much.

"I don't know if I want to!" I cried, but she never did respond.

I was expecting to hit ground, like my servant had told me, but I was once again wrong. With a splash, we landed in the river that lay just outside the castle. As I sunk to the bottom of the river, I felt Emily pulling me quickly to the surface. The river water was bitterly cold. There was a certain chill to it that literally sent a chill throughout my entire body. The chill probably was from a combination of both my wetness and the fact that I knew people were chasing me once again.

"Come on!" she urged me as I came to the surface for a big gulp of air.

I wanted to ask so many questions, but found that it was not the best timing. We soon came to a depth where the both of us could easily touch the ground, we placed our feet firmly on the dirt that lie at the bottom and though our bodies were shivering, we exited the river.

The light dress that I had been wearing seemed to cling to my body and the breeze that came through the forest sent another bitter cold shiver through me. Emily, despite the fact that she was drenched as well, continued running. I looked back one last time and noticed the castle, still standing tall.

Men were running frantically around the exterior of the castle, it hadn't taken long for them to realize my disappearance.

It broke my heart to be running away from home once more, but I really didn't have a choice. This was my only option if I wanted the old Narnia to be restored. The picture of my sister came to my head as Emily led me through the dark forest for seemingly eternity. I never got the chance to speak with her before I ran off again. I would never know if she was really turning against me or if it was merely another trick…I could only safely assume that she was against me.

"It shouldn't be much longer!" Emily called to me.

We continued running and running until I literally felt as though my legs were about to break off from my body. It was then that I realized how out of shape I was. We ran and ran until literally all I could see behind, in front of, beside, and around me were trees. The moon was perched high in the sky as we made our mission through the woods. It surprised me how well Emily seemed to know what she was doing, she would have plenty of answers for me after we finally stopped.

While I was still in a dead sprint, without any warning, Emily stopped abruptly. I stopped a couple yards in front of her before I actually noticed how quickly she had come to a stop. Puzzled once more, I looked at her," Wha-We were-How?"

Hunched over, she tried catching her breath," We entered into Aslan's temporary boundary that he created around the cottage Doctor Cornelius has taken refuge to. They won't find us now."

She acted like all of a sudden this was no big deal.

I heaved in, trying to steady my breath," What?" I exclaimed," They're still out there and are-"

"Rosalie," she lifted her head to look at me," Trust me, Aslan's got it covered."

"Those pigs were just on our tails and you're telling me that suddenly they can't see us anymore?" I asked, finding this whole situation still a little odd.

She chuckled as she stood up to her full height and continued at her leisurely pace," Okay, you can still jog if you like, but I'm walking the rest of the way."

Letting out a sigh and accepting defeat, I walked alongside her," Can you explain what's going on now?"

"Like Trina said, Cornelius has got this whole thing set up. I was merely told what to do thus far and have no idea what we are doing after this," she told me as I saw a small cottage up ahead that sat on the river coming up in the distance.

It was time to get this figured out once and for all.

Stepping into Cornelius's cottage was like taking a step back in time to when I was a little girl going to visit my grandparents. My grandparents weren't alive for very long during my lifetime and I was actually very, very young whenever they were, but nevertheless, the feeling I had as a toddler, running to my grandma's arms was unlike any feeling in the world.

The elderly gentleman stood at the door and welcomed me with a big smile. Instantly, I threw my arms around him and held him tight just as I had when I saw my grandparents. He was one of my only "family" members that I had whom I could actually trust and I hadn't even seen him for many weeks!

"Dear Rosalie," he said in my ear, with a chuckle in his voice," How wonderful it is to see you once again!"

"Oh, doctor," I said to him, still not wanting to break the embrace," You don't even know how wonderful it is to see you again."

"Come, come, child and let us discuss all of what has happened," he told me, finally as I stepped away from the older gentleman and entered into his cottage.

The cottage was very cozy. It was not on the same grandeur scale as that of the castle, no it had much more feel of home to me. The fire crackling in the main room as we entered appeared so inviting as well as all of the wood furniture that lay around the room. Doctor Cornelius, after embracing Emily, took a seat in his rocking chair.

"Take a seat by the fire!" he encouraged and we both quickly accepted," I assumed the both of you would be a little damp from your trip."

Both Emily and I made our way over to the crackling fire and took a seat in front of it, trying to force heat back into our bodies. I curled my legs up as Emily grabbed the both of us a blanket from the basket nearby. As I draped the blanket over my shoulder, I tried to silence the chatter that came from my teeth. In addition to this, I tried wringing out my sopping wet hair.

"Am I allowed to ask questions now?" I asked, looking over at the short man who was now rocking gently back and forth in his chair.

"I assumed that you would be filled with many questions," he told me, a small smile coming to his lips.

Author's Note: Okay, so there we have it! I should be able to post more frequently now that school is slowly starting to wind down (Yay). Thank you to everyone who has given feedback to this story thus far and taken time to read it!

On a side note, both this story and Rosalie Sopespian were added to a member's "slay" community. I don't really know what it means to "slay" a fan fiction, but I found it rather humorous…I guess just the fact that someone would take the time to make a "slay" list makes me chuckle…haha. I guess when I read a piece of someone else's work that I don't particularly like or agree with, I simply go on searching until I find something that I do like, but that's just me. :)

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