A New Horizon

Half of the Story

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Chapter Twenty: Half of the Story

Emily and I sat talking with Cornelius as if nothing had happened for quite some time. I almost felt as though they could sense whenever I was about to slide in a reference to all that had happened. Every time I opened my mouth to talk, the subject changed abruptly. Finding it odd, I went along with their little game for awhile, but after hours started passing…I was set on getting my answers.

"It appears to be getting late out," Cornelius said with a sigh, looking out the tiny cottage window.

I felt the servant beside me start to stir as if she were getting anxious.

"Perhaps, we should go to bed now? It's been quite the day, what say you Rosalie?" she asked me, starting to prop herself up on her hands.

"Actually, I was rather hoping to get some answers tonight. This small talk has been wonderful, but there is a lot that has happened that I have no recollection of."

They both stared at me as if I was crazy. After releasing a sigh, Cornelius nodded to Emily to sit back down and she did rather unwillingly. Curiosity filled my head, he had told me when we first arrived that he would have been willing to answer any of my questions. Now, there he was-scared to talk.

"Rosalie-" Emily started, awkwardly.

"Emily," I shot her a look," I want to know what's going on, starting with why and how I ended up here because quite frankly, I should be facing my marriage to General back at the castle, I should be facing dangers, but here I sit, safe."

"Perhaps, you are right dear Emily, perhaps we should wait-" Cornelius tried speaking over me.

Before Cornelius could stand up or finish his phrase, I had interrupted," No! You told me that you would give me answers. Do you realize the pain and agony I have been suffering in that castle for the last however many months?"

The doctor's eyes met mine for prolonged moment before a sigh was released from his lips.

"Sit down, Emily," Cornelius told her calmly before looking away.

It seemed as though he was finally considering his answers. I looked at him, desperately, almost.

"Rosalie, you must realize that the process by which we followed to get you here was by no means easy. There was a considerable amount of planning, timing, and actually following through that placed all of us in danger," he said to me, very delicately," I think we have some time to merely begin the story."

The moon rose high over the castle in Telmar as a blanket of darkness lay over the land. Almost all of the residents of the town had already resided for the night and very few stayed up in the castle. Servants ran about, finishing up their evening chores, extra guards stood watch for just the day before, a breach on the castle had been made during the royal wedding. Few workers in the grand room were leaving their work on fixing the broken windows, the rest had been long gone earlier that day.

The young king and queen lay in bed, few candles still lit in the room as they both prepared for sleep. The last few days had been rather strenuous on the both of them and it had felt rather nice to be able to relax. Caspian, a journal open on his lap as he continued writing in the candlelight and Rosalie the same, only instead of writing, she was reading one of the history books she had managed to find in Caspian's library.

"You say this is your father's book?" Rosalie asked, there had been no speaking between the two of them for quite some time.

Caspian, caught a little off guard looked over at her then at the book cover," That would be a safe assumption. Why do you ask?"

"It appears to be a history school book," she said with a small chuckle, causing Caspian to come closer to her," I rather like the commentary and doodles in the margins."

Emily, who had been tending to the vanity room stepped into the royal chambers, interrupting their conversation," Are the both of you ready for bed? Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Chuckling, Rosalie motioned for the servant girl to come to her bedside," Now, look at this book. It does not look near old enough to be his father's, am I correct?"

After traveling to the other side of the room and looking over the worn, but not overly used book, Emily answered with a smirk," It looks rather young to me."

With a devilish smirk at Caspian, she turned to the front page:


Turning back to the pictures, both of the girls began chuckling at the beards drawn on the old princesses and mustaches on the queens. Not only had he had fun with the doodling, he also enjoyed adding his own commentary over events which he found to be "amazing" or events he found to be "brainless". After several tries of trying to swipe the book from Rosalie's possession, he finally retrieved the book and shut it quickly.

"I'm sure you've some pretty entertaining school books of your own," Caspian shot back playfully at Rosalie.

"I did not draw mustaches on the princesses! It's rather disrespectful if you ask me," Rosalie answered, hardly able to stifle her laughter.

"…It's rather disrespectful if you ask me…oh please, Rosalie," he mocked her, rolling his eyes with a small laugh.

Emily, after several moments of laughter, then proceeded to say," I do not want to be of any disturbance to the both of you any longer. I am going to go to my quarters now."

Few laughs lingered in the air as the servant girl made her way to the door, both the king and queen bid her farewell. Small talk filled the air for few minutes before the both of them agreed it was time to retire for the evening. Rosalie turned and blew out the candle that lay on her bedside table, as did Caspian.

"Goodnight, Caspian," Rosalie mumbled to him after several moments as she curled up next to him, placing her head on his chest," I love you."

Situating himself in the bed, he replied," Goodnight, Rosalie. I love you too," he whispered.

Rosalie fell asleep very quickly it seemed. It pained Caspian greatly to watch her sleep, for he knew that he would not be able to stay with her for much longer and be able to celebrate their marriage. As she lay there, curled up close to him, all he wanted was to be able to stay there with her and fall sleep next to the woman he loved. He knew this was not the case. In fact, for all he knew, that could have been one of the last times he watched her fall asleep.

He also knew that Rosalie would not have approved of what he was about to do. Slowly, he moved his body away from hers, careful not to wake her. He placed a kiss on her forehead once before tossing his legs out of the covers and sliding out of bed. He moved out stealthily to his study, where Emily was seated at his desk. She never had left.

"Are you ready?" he whispered to her, grabbing a robe from the closet just outside of the study to cover his nightshirt.

"Of course," she answered, and quickly scurried to door alongside Caspian.

They were off to plan an escape. Not an escape for Caspian. Not an escape for Emily, but an escape for Rosalie. Caspian knew that Jacob, the proprietor of the evil out West, had his eyes on taking over the castle. Though his own military plan was to stop Jacob before he could ever get to the castle, he realized that this was not the reality of it. There was a very good chance that Jacob could break into the castle and should that happen, Rosalie needed a way out.

Quickly, they moved through the dark corridors of the castle until they found one of the servant stairwells that led down to the tunnels underneath the castle. The same tunnels that Penelope had been able to navigate the year before in order to break Rosalie out of captivity. Caspian had made a plan for several of he and Rosalie's closest companions to meet deep in one of the castle's tunnels. After many turns, both he and Emily finally arrived at the dead end that would have made a nice, secluded, meeting place.

As soon as they arrived, Emily took a seat on the dirt ground, tired," Could we plan our next one of these at day time?"

"I think that would defeat the purpose of the meeting," the king replied with a small chuckle.

"It's just that-" before the servant girl could finish her sentence, footsteps could be heard in the distance.

Both of them knew that it would more than likely just be one of the people they had invited, but one could never be too sure. Several moments later, Apollo and Trina appeared.

"Caspian!" Trina exclaimed, hugging him and placing her hands on either side of his face like any mother would," You are alright, thank goodness, where is Rosalie? How is she? Is she-"

"Sweetheart," Apollo interrupted, placing a hand on her shoulder," Why don't you give the man a chance to explain all this in a moment?"

She looked at her husband with wide eyes before giving a nod of understanding. Apollo clapped Caspian on the shoulder hard before moving along with his wife to greet Emily. Seconds later, Cornelius arrived, pulling his hood from his head as he turned the corner and greeted his pupil with a smile and hug.

"Good to see you, doctor," Caspian said to him in a hushed tone.

"As it is to see you, your majesty," Cornelius replied with a smile before moving along as well.

They waited for awhile for the last member to arrive and after several minutes passed, Caspian approached Cornelius," I told you she wasn't trust-"

"Talking about me? Again?" a hooded figure that soon revealed herself to be, Penelope asked, raising her brow.

Caspian shut his mouth quickly, embarrassed that she had just been turning the corner when he chose to talk about her. With another glare, she passed him and stood between Emily and Trina. He felt guilty, but both he and Penelope had not been on the best terms for quite some time. They had been able to keep it low key in front of most other than this group of people.

"Now that we are all here," Caspian said, clearing his throat," I'd like to go ahead and start. Now, I realize that we cannot be missing for long, so I have one plan that I believe may work."

Then, nothing else seemed to matter as the king explained his thoughts.

" After the wedding, it would be safe for us to say that Jacob Sopespian is a new threat to Narnia. Both Apollo and I spent almost all of yesterday trying to track him and were surprised greatly for we did not expect his numbers to increase so drastically. Our plans, as far as militia, do not apply to you all for you will be living at the castle in our absence," he said in a hushed tone, looking around to all of them. Trina grabbed her husband's hand and squeezed it tightly.

Caspian continued," So, after much discussion on our return trip yesterday, we have decided that there is a possibility that we may not succeed immediately in our quest to vanquish Jacob and his men. Somehow, through someone, he has been able to recruit many men from the backwoods, small villages, that really have had no contact with society for quite some time. We haven't many details at the moment, but soon we will find out. With all this being said, in the case that we should not be able to get rid of Jacob and he should come to the castle walls…we want you all to be prepared."

They watched intently as Caspian pulled a small, dainty, golden chain from his neck. At the end of the chain was a little key, and little was a very accurate description of it. It hardly looked as though any hole would fit that key.

"This is your escape route. This key is the way that you are to get out of the castle, should anything go wrong," he said to them all, holding it so that all could see it.

"How is a key going to help us any?" Trina asked, watching it closely.

"I'm glad you asked that," Caspian said to her," This key fits into one hole. That hole lies in the inside of my desk in my study. You should be able to pull out the very first, largest drawer and search around, but you shouldn't miss it. The desk has been passed down through many generations and I hardly remember much from my young childhood, but one thing I do remember is being told about the secret passageway that leads out of the castle. I was given this key at a very young age and should the undesirable happen, it may be one of your only ways out."

"Where does it lead to?" Trina asked once more.

"The river," Emily answered, surprising Trina," I was the one who got to test the passageway. It dumps directly into the river."

The light haired lady nodded her head in understandment as Caspian explained," I had Emily see where this would lead to…just to be sure it would be an option."

"So, just how is all of this going to work?" Penelope asked, looking at her brother-in-law with little enthusiasm, biting her lip to stay calm.

He looked at her, glared almost," The main goal of this is to get Rosalie out of the castle first, as we all should be in agreement with. Should they take Rosalie, then they will take the crown. Knowing Jacob, I do not think he would up and kill Rosalie, he is going to try and get inside her head. The quicker we can get her out of his clutches, the better."

"I agree, the young queen need not be exposed to him any longer than she has to be," Apollo chipped in," I may not be able to be here to aid, but I do agree with this. Rosalie is a strong young lady, but being around her unstable brother for long may begin to wear on her."

"This is true," Caspian agreed with his advisor before beginning once more," And it is for this reason that I cannot give you a formal plan. I do not know what Jacob is going to do, I haven't any clue, but I wanted all of you to know that you have a way out. It pains me to not be of more help, but I trust that all of you will be able to figure a way to get her out."

"Why don't we tell Rosalie? Wouldn't that make this whole process much easier?" Emily asked, mostly out of curiosity.

Caspian gulped as his eyes shifted from Cornelius to Penelope, who both quickly glanced away from him," It was decided that it was in the best intentions of Rosalie that she not be told."

"Why don't you explain that to us, your majesty?" Penelope asked, a small smirk coming to her face as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Caspian appeared as though he wanted to strangle Penelope right there, in front of all of them, but he controlled his temper," Rosalie will be in no position to be of any help. I do not want to add any more stress to her than necessary-"

"That's an awful ex-"

"Silence!" Caspian yelled at Penelope before she could finish, his fuse running awfully short.

All of them knew that there had to be a deeper reasoning, for Caspian was not one to go behind the back of his wife, but he was not willing to open up with the group, which was odd for him.

"Anyways," he said, trying to clear the tension after several moments," I have been told of a safe haven that Aslan has created. Cornelius has offered to, when the time arises, to go and prepare the cottage for whomever will be breaking Rosalie out."

"Well," Trina spoke up," It appears as though the only two who are really available to be able to do the actual breaking out would be Emily and myself. However, you only mean for all of this to happen should your plan with the army fail, correct?"

"Yes, and as of now, I am still confident in our plan, but I would rather for all of you to be informed than not be should our plan not succeed. That being said," he handed Trina the key," Please keep good care of this. You all don't deserve surprises," Caspian assured all of them. Trina nodded her head, assuring Caspian she would keep the key safe.

Finally, the time came for them to depart for their home quarters once more and with several 'goodbyes' and handshakes, everyone had left, but the only one who remained leaned against the tunnel wall, arms crossed over her chest as she looked at Caspian with a cold, hard stare.

"Rosalie deserves to know, Caspian," Penelope said firmly, he turned back toward his new younger sister.

Not wanting to answer, he looked away before sighing," I know she does, Penelope."

"Then why don't you tell her?" Penelope demanded, unfolding her arms in frustration.

"I can't take any chances, Penelope," Caspian defended," If Rosalie knew anything like you know about Jacob's plans and whereabouts, there is a good chance that she would try to do something and right now…I just need her to cooperate."

She tossed herself away from the wall," By practically lying to her? She trusts you and if she ever finds out about this-"

"She's not," Caspian suddenly growled, looking at Penelope," Right?"

Slightly taken aback, Penelope answered," Of course not, but I'm just giving you my input. Don't say that I didn't warn you, Caspian."

Just as Penelope was about to storm off from her brother-in-law, he spoke to her once more," Have you heard any more from Jacob?"

The young Sopespian girl released a sigh as she considered not answering. Caspian was a good leader, but now that the stress had been placed upon his shoulders; he was beginning to worry to the point of being paranoid.

"You're interested in that now?" Penelope asked, turning her head slightly to see the tan-skinned king coming closer to her.

He sighed," I know I haven't been the most supportive of this plan, Penelope. In fact, if I could go back to the day when you said that Jacob had contacted you and wanted your assistance, I would have told you to cut off all contact like you wanted to do. I was wrong in telling you to try and bait your brother in, but-"

"But what?" Penelope said strongly, trying to steady her breath as she looked directly into Caspian's deep brown eyes," You've done nothing but accuse me of being a traitor since I started speaking with Jacob which I find rather ironic due to the fact that you wanted me to start this in the first place. I was going to tell him no."

Caspian raised his hands in defense while still keeping calm," I know this is true Penelope. It's just that whenever they got close to the castle, especially the threatening of Emily, I was not expecting there to be that big of a production."

"You have to understand that if I am to work with him, then I am going to have to be apart of some things that you or I may not feel comfortable with. In the time that I have started this, I have decided that this is the only chance of stopping Jacob. If I can lead him to believe that the role of king is his, even if that means aiding him into the castle, then I must do it. I'll have you know that I never will do something that completely oversteps the boundaries, I will have him take my life before I were to do any real harm to any of the residents of this castle," she explained to him, trying to place the bitterness she had toward him away.

There was a silence while Caspian looked away and wrung his hands nervously," I trust you, Penelope. I apologize for criticizing you for your work thus far. You must at least understand where I am coming from?"

"Of course," she said softly after several moments of pondering," I should have better informed you of my plans. From here on out, I will make sure you know of every single detail. Even when you are away, I will be sure to send you transcripts."

Genuinely, Caspian looked into the green eyes of Penelope and smiled. She was so much like her sister, his wife, in so many ways, but she was also much different than Rosalie as well. Penelope had the same drive that Rosalie always had, but Penelope could be much more sly about her emotions, while Rosalie always had a tendency to be bold.

"Thank you and I really do apologize for all of that," he said to her, still embarrassed.

"It's fine as long as I still have your support now," Penelope said with a gulp," This is when things get hard with Jacob. He plans on taking the castle in less than three days in the next few months."

The young king nodded his head understanding," That is of no surprise to me, which is why I had this meeting tonight. I did not want to chance anything."

There was another silence as we both looked at each other before starting to step away. Before he turned completely away, Penelope stopped him again," Can you really not tell me as to why you are not telling Rosalie any of this?"

Caspian wanted to tell Penelope everything he had on his heart and the reasoning behind his secrecy with his new wife, but he knew he would never be able to fully express the strange emotions that lie in his heart over these new situations. Finding it would be inappropriate to speak, he merely shook his head at the young Penelope, which seemed to suffice as an answer for her.

"Alright then," she muttered, more to herself than Caspian," Goodnight, Caspian."

"Goodnight to you as well, Penelope," he said gently, but she could tell that there was still something the king was not telling her.

I hardly knew how to respond, but the first emotion that surfaced was anger. A different type of anger that I hadn't felt toward anyone, especially not Caspian, in quite some time. Deep down, I knew that I admired all of them for taking risks to keep me safe, but the manner in which they proceeded to do it…

"Rosalie, there is much more to the story and if you would like to hear-" Cornelius tried, but I shook my head as I rose to my feet.

"I haven't an interest at the moment," I grumbled to the both of them as I made my way to the door of the cottage.

Emily, seeing my intentions scampered to her feet and threw herself in front of me before I could exit the cottage," You mustn't leave the boundaries of the cottage. The river is the end of the protection."

I stared blankly at her and nodded my head," I appreciate your concern, Emily and I can assure you that I will not push the limits should you leave me be."

She didn't want to step aside. I saw it clearly in her brown eyes that she wanted to stay there and defend that doorway, preventing me from leaving their sight. Her defiance shattered as she took a step away from the door.

"You only know half the story," she muttered to me just as I placed my foot to the outside world.

But it didn't matter. The half that I did know was enough to make me not want to hear any more, as childish as that was.

A/N: Sorry for the delay! School has been ridiculous, finals are coming up! Also, I hope this chapter made sense. I wanted to get this just right without telling you guys everything that happened. I promise that everything will start to come together soon and this chapter was just suppose to touch on everything that has happened J Thanks to the supporters of this story! You all are the best!

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