A New Horizon

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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Chapter Thirty Six: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Emily stood with wide eyes as Jacob approached her from the shadows. A wide smile was on his face as Penelope stepped out alongside him with a matching smirk. Betrayal was the most unhonorable things a person could do, in Penelope's eyes, but could she really consider it betrayal if it was forced? She knew that she could not, but that pinge of hatred toward Penelope could not be silenced. Still, Emily knew that she could not say a word to them. She couldn't even mention Rosalie. Although, she doubted it mattered much since Penelope had probably told him everything that was to happen. He probably knew all of Caspian's plans that he had worked out should things take a turn for the worse.

"I thought that, perhaps, we may hit this snag in the road eventually," Jacob said with a sigh as he approached Emily. "I thought that maybe my pathetic little sister would send someone else in her place rather than face me herself, but I had rather hoped that she would place herself above such childish methods. What a shame." He shook his head in shame and clicked his tongue.

Emily wanted to say something in response to Jacob, but she knew that anything she said would be more information that Jacob would know about Caspian and Rosalie deep out in the forest. She knew that no matter how hard he pressed her then she would have to stay silent. He couldn't know a single detail. She kept on repeating a mantra to herself to stay quiet.

"Now, men I'm going to have to ask you to escort these lovely men and women back to their cells as I escort Miss Emily up to my own quarters so that we can have a more private conversation about all of this," Jacob said with a snap of his fingers, summoning a burly man to step forward from behind him to take the prisoner's back to their cells.

Emily's eyes shot over to Trina, who only shook her head, telling Emily there was nothing more that could be done at the moment. Just as the man was about to grab Trina's frail arm, Jacob stopped him.

"Except for that one, it seems as though she may be of some importance to this little event anyways," Jacob said with a pleasant tone at first, but rather growled the last part of the sentence as he motioned toward Trina.

Emily's eyes watched painfully as the man ordered the feeble servants back into their cells. The area was so crowded that it was hard for them to move at the speed that the man was expecting them to move at. After several moments of waiting impatiently, he finally grabbed one of the younger servants by the collar and threw them to the floor.

"Move faster!" He roared.

"He can't!" Emily outburst, unable to hide her feelings. "Leave them alone."

The burly man started to charge toward the young girl, but Jacob put a hand up and yelled," Stay calm. She is not worth your effort, just do what I tell you and ignore this little pest."

Anger was still raging in Emily as the man stared intensely at her. She wanted nothing more than to take her knife, which she just remembered was still in the chest of the dead man several feet behind her, and finish him right there, but she knew that was not very plausible. Especially since she did not foresee getting her knife back anytime soon.

After several more moments of staring at Emily, enraged, he turned back to throwing the servants back into their cells. Before he came back up the stairs, he pulled the knife from his fellow man's chest, shaking off the excess blood as he walked back up, step by step. With a look of pure disgust on his face, he placed the knife into Jacob's hand.

"A bloodied knife and a dead man…hmmm?" Jacob said looking from the knife to Emily. "It doesn't take much thinking to figure out that we've a little murderer on our hands."

"Like you haven't already done worse to them? They weren't living any-" Emily started, unable to bite her tongue.

"Silence!" Jacob barked at her as he came one step closer. "Don't try to justify yourself. We'll have plenty of time to discuss this one-on-one," He growled at her just before grabbing her wrist tightly and turning on his heel.

"Keep a look on Trina. I want her brought along, but as for now, Miss Emily and I are going to have a private conversation that I do not wish to be disturbed."

Before Emily could object much, she found herself standing inside the bleak throne room that she had once only been on the outside looking in. She really hadn't liked the way it looked from the outside and at that moment as she stood in the middle of the throne room; she couldn't help but feel sick. Trina was being kept in the corridor just outside of the throne room and as Emily looked around to see all that was in the throne room. She hardly had time to make much of an observation before Jacob began speaking to her from his perch on Caspian's throne.

"Where is she?" Jacob barked at Emily. "Where is the little brat that sent you here?"

"I'm afraid that's confidential," Emily replied, crossing her arms over her chest.

Jacob smiled, a humorless smile," I don't think you understand the severity of your not cooperating. Can't we at least be cordial now, Emily? We've been friends for quite some time now that it seems like such a shame for all of it to be thrown out the window over something silly such as this?"

"You never cared about me," Emily said simply, looking directly at him. "Rosalie did, but you were always much more concerned in other things."

Jacob looked away proudly as he grasped the sides of the throne tighter," Fine," he said simply," That's the way you're going to be?"

Emily felt as though he deserved no answer, so she stayed silent.

He slowly rose from his seat and moved toward Emily with narrowed eyes," Rosalie is on the losing side here, Emily. Surely even you can see that?"

The servant girl swallowed hard, standing her ground as Jacob came closer to her with a nasty scowl on his face," What did you really think you could do in coming here? There's no way that Rosalie could ever come up with a force that would even be comparable to that of what I have developed here. Plus, I would not advise her to ever step foot here again."

Emily's eyes watched him very closely when she asked," And why's that?"

"The people view her as a spineless leader. They feel that she abandoned them and as far as I'm concerned, that's the truth. She did abandon them. She abandoned her nation when they were being attacked…how much more pitiable could you become?" Jacob asked with a shrug of his shoulders. "It merely baffles me is all."

"And why should I believe you?" She cut her eyes at Jacob, who had began pacing around her.

"It's evident, Emily," Jacob said right in Emily's ear. "Just wait until morning, I'll show you. I'll allow you to walk through the town itself and should you mention Rosalie's name; they will curse you. It's only the truth."

Emily was still not going to believe this until she saw it for herself. For some reason, she felt as though Jacob was still buttering her up. She was sick of this and would have rather he just get on with what he planned on doing with her or trying to convince her to do.

"I'll believe it whenever I see it," Emily growled at him. She started to back away from him, just to create a more comfortable atmosphere.

"Where is she, Emily?" Jacob growled back, coming closer and closer. "What are they planning?"

"Hasn't Penelope already told you everything you need to know?" Emily muttered to him, a nasty glare still on her face.

Jacob chuckled as he took a few steps away from her," No, she didn't in fact."

"You brainwashed her. Trina told me what you did to her and you brainwashed her! Surely you must-"

"Fool!" Jacob howled and then started rolling with laughter. "Do you not understand what the term brainwashing means? After the Cruels were done with her, she had no recollection of anything. Why do you think I did it? I had no interest of learning your little plans, though it would have been nice; she was much too stubborn to actually tell me. I saw that it would be a waste of manpower to try and pry it out of her. I also thought that it would be a waste of a human life to just kill her. She was still very cunning and, not to mention, my only real sister. By brainwashing her, I could erase any suspicions I had that she was working behind my back. I was right to be paranoid because she had been the entire time. Erasing her memory gave me complete control over her. All things that were in her past are gone."

Emily shook her head in complete shock. She was slightly relieved that he had said this. It may have been too late to win back Penelope's allegiance, but at least Jacob had gained nothing out of the deal. At least, he had been forced to do what he did not desire to. He hadn't gotten his way because Penelope had been much too strong.

"You're disgusting," Emily gritted her teeth together as he hovered over her once more.

"And you're avoiding my questions, Emily," Jacob said with a small smirk.

She eyed him carefully as she started to move backward, away from him. Noticing the knife in his hand, she knew that he must have been serious. He was mentally unstable enough to where he would brainwash his own sister and attack his own nation; just how far was he willing to go? She didn't think he would have a problem with taking care of her right then. With every step, she felt a little more comforted by being away from him, but when she felt the cold wall behind her; she gulped.

"What has she done? Hmm?" Jacob asked, stepping closer to Emily waving the knife threateningly at her. "I'm not going to kill you Emily, but I must warn you that I hope that if you plan on lying to me then you aren't very fond of the current mind you have."

So that was his plan. He wanted to get the information out of Emily, but if he didn't then it wouldn't be much of a problem because he could just send her off to be brainwashed. She was disposable, just like Penelope was. Emily knew that she couldn't tell him anything. In her head, she was already forming a plan. If she kept her lips sealed for the entire night, then he were to send her out to be brainwashed in the morning…they would run into Caspian's army. Jacob didn't realize that and what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him. She had to alert Caspian of this and there were several ways it could go wrong, but it was still a possibility.

All the while, she kept her eyes on the knife that was in Jacob's hand that he had pulled from his pocket. It was her knife. The one he had just conviscated. He asked plenty of other questions, but she could hardly think of anything she could say that would not give away Rosalie and Caspian. She imagined Stephen, sitting at his desk, carving the very knife that lay in Jacob's hand. It was ironic that Jacob was probably going to finish her with that very knife. Silence was golden.

She had been backing up without thinking much of it. All she was doing was keeping space between her and Jacob, but she soon felt the wall hit her back.

"Are you even listening to me?" Jacob screamed at her as he pounced forward," Just tell me where she is. That's all I need to know."

Emily looked away briefly and when she looked up, Jacob was breathing heavily as he pressed the knife to her throat. Reluctantly, she turned to face him. It was such a shame that he had turned to such evil powers. His dark hair curled, similar to how his father's had, but his hair was much longer and hung in his face as he glared at Emily. His brown eyes, unlike Rosalie's soft green, were brimming with anger. Had he not been so awful, so bad…then he could have been such a handsome, wholesome boy. Revenge may have seemed sweet to him, but Emily saw that it mostly just destroyed a person.

The servant girl relaxed herself as she waited for him to simply cut across. She knew that he had said he wouldn't kill her, but the bloodlust in his eyes said differently. Perhaps, he wouldn't even give her a chance to see if the plan would work. She wished that she could at least see Stephen one more time. She wished that she could see Rosalie and Caspian again, together. She wished she could see them as leaders of Narnia again and not the vile creature that had her pinned against the wall. She also wished that she could see Apollo be reunited with Trina and that their children could be returned to them.

Suddenly, he pulled away. Emily looked at him, very confused as he swore under his breath. She stayed against the wall, but decided that she may as well vent her feelings toward Jacob and try to get him to slip up. If he killer her, then she at least died fighting for Rosalie and Caspian.

"You know, Jacob, greed is a terrible thing, but an even more dangerous thing to have is jealousy," Emily said as he turned on his heel, but just as he did; he turned back to face her. "In my opinion."

"I've been called greedy by more people than I can count, but you mention an interesting characteristic that not even I knew of. Jealousy?" He said, looking at her confused.

She raised a brow," We both know that ever since you were a child you fought for your father's attention."

Jacob was silent as he glared at the servant. He seemed to realize what she was referencing, but he was speechless.

"I was there and I saw you. I saw you beg your father to do things with you when he always seemed to be acknowledging your sisters. If I remember correctly, you felt like you were left in the shadow of both your sisters', but especially Rosalie," Emily said, taking a step away from the wall.

Jacob seemed to become more tense the more that Emily spoke.

"She was always doing things with father. Always horseback riding, shooting archery, or doing something with him. Ever since you were children. It's been this way forever Jacob, but you've never told anyone the real root of why you're doing this to Telmar and the rest of the nation. You said it was for your father, but you've wanted this even when your father was alive.

"By destroying Narnia, which is actually Rosalie's property alongside her husband, whom you equally despise, you're getting the attention that you've always wanted. You're getting rid of the source that caused you so much grief. Your whole life you've been waiting for that moment when Rosalie slipped up and when it came…you jumped at the chance to get your time in the spotlight. Even if that meant destroying your home and brainwashing your sister. Jealousy is a sick and twisted-"

Before Emily could finish her sentence, Jacob came toward her with the blade swinging about wildly. With wide eyes, she was pressed back against the wall as he sliced the blade upward, grazing her cheek. An intense stinging rushed to her cheek and she put her hand up to feel the warm blood oozing from the small crevice in her face. It may have stung, but it felt good to have expressed what she had been feeling for so long. He only viewed her as a pathetic servant, but he didn't even realize all that Emily knew and how intelligent she really was.

Breathing heavy, he grabbed her by the neck and forced her to look straight at him," If you mention her name once more then I will show no regret in killing you. You may be valuable, but your price may just be too high for my liking. Because of your words, I will be sure that tonight is a living hell for you. You should be grateful for this moment of grace that I'm so graciously giving you. Then again, death may be preferable over what is to happen to you."

He dropped her neck and as he walked away she held the side of her face and almost regreted what she had just said, she watched him walk away, obviously enraged. She listened as he yelled out the door.

"Get her out of my sight now!" He called, as a burly man came in from the corridor. Just as he was coming to retrieve Emily, the servant girl watched as Trina was dragged in to the throne room. "I'll talk with the other one now, but deal with that one however you see fit and don't worry about holding back. Just remember, I don't want her dead."

Emily bit down hard on her lip as the man grabbed her tiny arm. Just when she wanted to regret what she had said, she remembered why it was that she was there in the first place. She remembered that this wasn't about her.

It was about Narnia.

That time, she was dragged down to the bottom of the castle. She had thought that he would be taking her to where the other servants had been kept, but this place was the main dungeons, or what she had thought to be the main ones. This was where Cornelius had been held the time Miraz had taken over.

There had been many more people there the one other time she had come down to check on Cornelius. The dungeon had been full, but this time it was empty. She was forced to take the heavy clothing off that she wore and wear only a thin, white dressing gown that the man forced into her hands. As they escorted her into one of the cells, she noticed shackles that were connected to the wall. With a gulp, she felt him push her to the wall. He clamped the cold, irons around her wrists, allowing her almost no movement whatsoever. Her face was pressed hard against the brick wall and she was waiting for just what was to happen next.

She hadn't been able to spot any type of weapon that was in the cell, but then again, she hadn't been looking very hard.

Then, suddenly, breaking through the dead silence of the dungeons she heard the crack and then felt the impact. Involuntarily, she released a scream as the leather pierced through the thin material of the dress. She heard the man chuckle at the sound of her scream and she remembered what she had told herself before. She couldn't give them any information…she had to stay strong…had to.

Again, the whip broke through the silent air and attacked Emily's frail frame that was pressed against the wall. She shook violently, trying to fight off the intense stinging and keep her mouth closed. After being hit continually and continually, she thought that her body was going to collapse for it could not handle the burning, stinging and thrashing about. It was hard for her to stay silent and after being abused so greatly; she had to let out the pain. Her screams filled the dungeon. Blood was oozing from the wounds already, she felt the warmness running down her back and ruining the lightweight dress.

Outside the dungeons, in fact, just a little ways up the stairs was where Reepicheep and his army of mice had retreated to. They sat, all crammed up inside the hole and listened as the poor servant girl was still being beaten after nearly two hours of non-stop abuse.

"We've got to get her out of there!" Reepicheep exclaimed, hearing another scream from the dungeons.

"How are we gonna do that, sir?" one of the mice asked as another pain-filled scream echoed through the halls.

Reepicheep looked at the mouse, started to say something and then finally said," I don't know yet..."

Just as he said that, several men's footsteps could be heard coming down the steps and silence filled the mice's hideaway. The men were in no hurry whatsoever, but Reepicheep watched carefully as they traveled down to the bottom of the steps. He poked his head out to see that one of the men stepped forward and opened the cell door. The screams had been continuing for nearly two hours by this time.

"Jacob says to give her a short break to herself."

The angry mouse watched with a grimace on his face as the men started his ascent up the stairs. Soon after, a thick man followed him with the bloodied whip dangling from his belt. After he was sure that they were gone, he motioned for one of his mice to follow him as they scurried down the stairs.

Reepicheep couldn't help but gasp as he gazed upon the limp body, hanging off the side of the wall. He grabbed his tail nervously as he approached the bars to see Emily's tiny frame bloodied and battered. Her hair was scraggly and thrown all about from her thrashing. Her head hung for she had no strength to hold it up. The mouse didn't even want to gaze upon her back, which he assumed was only going to be much worse. It appeared as though the wounds were so deep that bone could have nearly poked out anywhere.

"My lady!" Reepicheep exclaimed as quietly as he could.

Breathing very heavily, Emily mustered enough strength to pull her head over toward the tiny mouse," Reepicheep, y-you've gotta get out of here," she panted, her words very separated and broken.

"Not until you're freed, my lady," Reepicheep said, looking up at the large locked metal door, already thinking of a way to release her.

"No! Reepicheep, y-you d-don't realize h-how im-important," she breathed heavily," it is t-that you let me s-stay."

The mouse moved closer to the bar and looked directly at her.

"They want to take me to b-be brainwashed t-tomorrow. T-think of it. Think of the path they're t-taking and what's o-out there. I-I have to stay here. I-I have to see this out. It's one of the o-only ways we can help out t-the c-cause," Emily spoke with very broken speech as she spat out blood periodically.

Reepicheep couldn't stand the sight of her so miserable anymore. He wanted nothing more than to rip the chains off of her wrists and allow her to be free, but she was right. Jacob was not aware of the fact that Rosalie and Caspian intended for the Cruels never to be found again. He would merely be running into their trap even if all he did was send a troop of men. They wouldn't stand a chance. It blew his mind that Emily was willing to sacrifice herself for a risky plan such as this.

"Emily-" Reepicheep tried to interrupt, but men's voices could be heard at the top of the stairs.

"Hide!" She whispered.

Reepicheep looked at her and with a tear in his eye, he scurried down farther into the dungeons and found another hole. This one gave him and his companion a clear view as to what would happen next and he doubted that any of the men coming in would have much concern for a mouse, even if they did see him.

"It seems as though you've gotten extremely lucky," a gruff man spoke to Emily as he unlocked the shackles on her hands and grabbed her under the arms just after she had hit the ground. Without much effort, he picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder to transfer her to the cell across from where the other had been. "Jacob says you're just about as close to dead as you need to be. Not like it's going to matter much…you won't remember any of this for long. Strange how he seems to be having a sudden change of plans...nevertheless we are to follow them."

As soon as he dumped her on the hard, cold ground, he turned and slammed the gate closed behind him. Emily was so numb from the pain of the whip and the trauma from being thrown to the ground that she hardly heard a word of what he was saying, mostly because she had no desire to hear any of it.

After he was sure that the men were gone, Reepicheep crept out of the hole and moved over to the cell. The bars were just wide enough the he was able to slide himself through to be with the servant who seemed to be sobbing as she lay face-down to the ground. He noticed how the light dressing gown was barely staying on her due to the heavy rips and tears that the whip had caused. The gashes in her back were so deep and so bloody to the point where Reepicheep was sure that Emily would have scars forever.

"Emily," The mouse said softly, moving to where her face was.

She looked up at him with tears falling from her eyes," It hurts so badly…"

Reepicheep had known Emily to be a strong girl, but anyone who had endured torture such as this would be in pain. His heart was breaking at the sight of her so torn up and broken. Fury built in the small mouse's frame toward Jacob.

"Let me assist you," Reepicheep said, moving toward her arm to somehow get her up. Forget her plan, he had to get her out.

"No!" Emily screeched, tears falling down her face. "They have to be cut off when they take me, Reep. Someone's got to warn Caspian. I-I'm depending on y-you for this. P-please. Go and tell him." She said with as much affirmation as she could muster, but tears still leaked from her eyes.

The mouse looked at the crying girl. Any other person probably would have given up by this point. They would have felt the sting on their back as too much for them to handle, but Emily, even as close to death as she was, still wanted to press forward. With this in mind, he knew what he had to do.

"I'll inform him, my lady," Reepicheep whispered to her as he grabbed her spindly hand and placed a kiss on it. "You can count on that."

Climbing back through the bars, he and the mouse behind him knew what needed to be done. They needed to run like they had never had before and tell the real King of Narnia of Emily's plan.

She mustered up a small smile as she dropped her head to the cold floor, unable to hold it up on her own anymore. The mice scurried up the stairs and Emily couldn't help but feel a small amount of joy building inside her. The joy was soon drowned out by the immense pain running through her body. She placed her head upon the ground once more and tried to ignore the pain and think of the small mice that was now on his way to fetch Rosalie and warn them of a troop heading their way.

Jacob was not going to get away with this.

Author's Note: Okay, so my head is spinning. I'm trying to plan all of this out as to what I really want to happen…I'm currently working on the next chapter that I think is going to be the next to last chapter, but that could change! Haha. I have a lot of loose ends to tie up still…keep reading! Love you all!

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