A New Horizon


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Chapter Thirty-Nine: Confrontation

The archers snuck into the poorly guarded gates of Telmar and crept along the shadows, careful not to be spotted by anyone who might have been lingering in the city. I lost sight of them after they got far enough into the city, but I kept an eye out at the top of the castle walls for any patrols that could be walking across. However, this was rather pointless considering that the rain was so thick that I could hardly see much of anything.

Caspian wanted to move the men back behind the ridge, just in case anything could be seen from the castle. Sloshing through the mud, I led the troops farther down the ridge and after everyone was well in their place, I moved back up to where Caspian stood, watching the castle intently.

Seconds later, Reepicheep and his troop of mice came scurrying toward us.

"Your majesties, we are ready on your word!" Reepicheep yelled to us over the storm.

Caspian nodded, still keeping a close watch on the castle before turning back to the mouse," You can go now! Be careful, Reepicheep!"

The drenched mouse looked up at us and gave us one more bow before turning and leading his mice toward Telmar. They would have little problems with blending in at Telmar considering their size. Since they were gone, the only thing left for Caspian and I to do was wait for them to breach the walls and open the gates. Thankfully, the rain let up ever so slightly to where we could make out the castle walls. At that moment, the gates were still closed shut. There was very little we would be able to do until they were opened.

The both of us moved behind one of the trees," You think this could actually work?" I asked him, wiping strands of my soaked hair out of my face.

Caspian looked around the tree to get an update on the situation before turning back to me," It looks as though the archers have taken care of what little men they have on guard and I trust Reepicheep will get the job done."

"As do I, but you didn't answer my question," I stated as a flash of lightning lit up the night sky. "Can we really finish Jacob?"

He looked at me seriously then said," We stand a fair chance."

He turned back around the corner to catch another glance. I looked for myself and watched as an arrow pierced through one of the men running along the top of the castle, more than likely trying to avoid the rain. If the castle really was as poorly guarded as it appeared to be, then I had to agree with Caspian that we did stand a fair chance; however, I knew better than to underestimate Jacob so much as that.

"The gates are open!" Caspian exclaimed seconds later, moving away from the tree and running down the ridge.

Quickly, I followed him down the ridge to grab the men. We hadn't any clue as to how long the gates would stay open, but we had to move while they were. It took very little work to get everyone ready and within seconds we were running up and over the ridge. Adrenaline was running through my veins as we sloshed through the swampy ground, mud flying everywhere and came upon the city. Any fears or thoughts of worry that I had were now a thing of the past. My mind was set on one thing and that was taking care of this problem once and for all.

Whenever we reached Telmar, I noticed that the city looked even worse up close. Words could hardly describe the look of the trashed streets and dirtied homes. Swiftly, we ran through the streets, heading straight for the castle gates. Out of the side of my eye I could see citizens peering out their windows to see just what was going on. Some even had the audacity to come out and demand what was going on.

"Who do you think you think-" one rather plump man yelled at us as we came down the streets, a look of determination set on our faces.

"Sir, please, just go back inside. We don't want anyone to get hurt!" Caspian said calmly, as we passed the man, hardly giving the man any opportunity to dispute.

The man was silenced and stepped back inside the door frame, watching as we flooded the streets. Several other innocent citizens came to their windows and doors to see us, but we had little time to acknowledge any of them. After moving through the city, we came to the castle gates. Without stopping, we crossed the drawbridge that led to the gate. How odd it felt to be standing on castle ground once again...never had I thought that doing this...coming back to the castle would have been so simple.

We stopped briefly, mostly in awe that we were once again standing in the castle. Both Caspian and I looked around and saw nothing. A roll of thunder echoed through the land as the rest of the men stepped casually into the castle.

"Here we stand," Caspian mumbled to me as we stepped foot into the castle grounds. "And no one comes to meet us."

I said nothing to this, but merely examined my surroundings. The courtyard lie directly in front of us, as well as the gates to the main castle. Even with the rain in the background, everything seemed much too quiet. This seemed to be much too easy. I had an unsteadiness sink into my stomach as I looked ahead to the dark courtyard.

Reepicheep and his troop came sliding down the ropes, a look of absolute panic on their faces. They scurried over to us saying," You must get inside the castle, and fast! Jacob-"

And just as they said that, an arrow breezed passed my shoulder and landed in the ground right at my foot. Shocked, I looked up to see that an entire troop of archers was lining the wall of the castle, preparing for battle. Caspian and I shot one another a look before he yelled.

"GET TO THE CASTLE! FAST!" He screamed as loudly as he could and stepped aside as all of our men stormed the castle grounds. They were fairly quick on their feet, but that didn't stop Jacob's men from taking out one or two of them as they ran away in retreat. Caspian ran ahead to be with the front lines while I waited for the rest of the men to pile into the castle.

The last ones to cross were the archers, who immediately knew what needed to be done without my saying a word to them. Instantly, they hid themselves in the shadows, but still near one another to where they could get a clear shot of the archers up above. One by one, Jacob's men started to fall at the top by the arrows of our archers, but I had little time to watch for I heard the cries of men coming from the courtyard. I gulped at the sound of this. It sounded as though this was about to get much more difficult.

Hastily, I grabbed my sword from its place at my waist and charged my way toward the battle that had begun. Though there were not many of Jacob's men fighting, the fact still stood that Jacob knew we were in the castle. Fights had broken out all over the courtyard and the image mirrored that of the raid which had taken place nearly two years ago with the Pevensies.

There was little time to observe the battle for I was soon attacked by a man coming from the shadows. Jacob was trying to surround us, I assumed, for several more men flooded out of the dark corridors of the courtyard. They came from all sides, ready to attack.

I clashed swords with one of the men and nearly dropped my sword. He was much larger than I was, very bulky and very strong. I realized soon that there was only one way that I could ever defeat him. I had to be quicker than he was. With a dumb smile on his face, he raised his sword high and swung down with nearly all the power he could muster. Seeing where he was going I sidestepped as he picked up his blade from the ground. Angry, he swung at me sideways, trying to slice my midsection. I stepped back and as his sword was still in the opposite direction, I plunged my sword deep into his muscular build and watched as he feel, limp to the ground, blood oozing from his lips. I used nearly all my might to pull the sword out of him and got it out just in time to take on another man coming toward me.

This continued on nearly in a sequence with many close calls. As soon as I would finish with one, another would come at me even more vicious than the one before. I shouldn't say that I defeated every single one that came at me because there were several times that I was knocked off my feet, sliced, and even beaten. It was only by the grace of Aslan that someone came to assist me in my most vulnerable moments. Men continued to swarm us from all directions, but there was no way to tell who was winning the battle. On both sides, men were falling.

It took me several minutes to locate Caspian, but whenever I did, I noticed that he was fighting near the main gate to the castle. I ran up beside him and joined in on the action, between swings, he spoke to me over the battle, rain, and thunder.

"They can open the gates if we can keep them covered," he breathed heavily to me, leaning out of the way as a soldier swung wildly at him. "I don't know how many more they've got, but we can only take risks!"

I nodded my head and jumped out of the way as a man took a jab at me. Quickly, I jabbed back and caught him right in the shoulder, enough to knock him down. Caspian and I fought alongside each other, careful to keep the men opening the gates protected. They took much longer than I thought they would, but at least progress was being made.

Briefly, I looked over the battle and saw that things were still much too close, not that I expected anything different. Every time one of our men fell, I cringed, but it only took seconds for one or even two of Jacob's men to fall in return. The storm was still very loud and threatening. On any other night, I would have much rather been inside, but tonight the storm had played to our advantage. Throughout the courtyard, mud was pooling from the intenst rainfall along with the dead bodies and blood of the men who were injured. Rain was still whipping in our faces, but I hardly paid much attention to it.

I saw Reepicheep, running around as though he was on cloud nine. There was no where else that this little mouse would have rather been than there fighting alongside us. He was swinging wildly at Jacob's men, who hardly even knew what was coming to them. Aside from Reepicheep, every once and a while an arrow or two would come flying astray from where the archery battle was taking place. Sadly enough, the stray arrows were enough to take out a man or two on their own.

Just as more men were coming through one of the open gates, I heard a rumble. I thought that it was perhaps the sound of the storm over our heads, but tt wasn't the sound of thunder. This rumble came from behind one of the castle gates. Immediately, I looked at Caspian, my eyes wide with curiosity as to just what could be making that sound. Moments later, a monstrous howl was released and the ground seemed to shake wildly under our feet. There was a pause in the battle as we all looked upon just what was the culprit of making so much of a ruckus.

"Surely, it can't be giants?" I asked Caspian shakily, too in awe to take my eyes off the gates.

He swallowed hard before looking back to me," I sure hope not."

To our demise, one large, ugly creature emerged from the gate and released another howl as it swung its large club around, sweeping out nearly a quarter of our entire army in doing so. I gasped and instinctively ran the opposite direction as the creature came running toward us. It wasn't nearly as tall as any giant I remembered seeing.

"It's a troll, Rosalie!" Caspian exclaimed as the nasty thing came running straight for us. We ran into one of the courtyard corridors and hid behind a statue.

"Troll? How did Jacob manage-?" I tried questioning, but I was interrupted by the sound of the troll swinging his club and bringing down the awning over our heads. Quickly, we ran farther down the corridor.

"I don' t think now-" The troll entered the corridor and began swinging wildly. "Is the time," the monster loomed over the both of us and reared back to throw his club right at us. Caspian and I jumped out of the way and moved back into the courtyard, but just barely. "For questions."

I looked back to get a better image of the troll. It had to be nearly seven feet tall with green colored, rough skin. Its eyes were a dark brown, nearly black and wide set. Fat seemed to be rolling off the beast, which seemed to answer the question as to why the ground rumbled when this thing walked. This monster lacked much clothing at all. There was only a thin strip of cloth covering his lower half and that was it.

We sprinted as quickly as we could and seemed to have made a successful run for it. The troll seemed to be a little slow in realizing what had happened. As we stood in the sea of men, the troll looked all around and in defeat, dropped his club. Just after doing so, he let out a ferocious sneeze and drenched nearly all of Jacob's men standing at his feet in a thick, green-yellow goo.

"That's disgusting," I commented to Caspian as the men tried wiping the thick substance from their bodies. It appeared as though the troll was far too daft to even realize what he had done.

Before Caspian could say a word, we were struck once more by another armed man of Jacob's. We fought through what men stood there as long as we could, but soon moved back over to the main gate of the castle, where the men seemed to have nearly broken the gate off its hinges.

"Your majesty!" One of our men cried for Caspian. "We're nearly there, keep us covered for just a few more seconds."

Caspian nodded before turning back to the battle.

The troll, on the other hand, seemed to still be very confused just as to where Caspian and I had gone off to. He was running around, tearing nearly the entire courtyard apart looking for us. It baffled me at how dumb the creature was and seemed to have no common sense whatsoever. Before I could even mention how grateful I was there was just a single troll, the ground rumbled once more and the monstrous troll growl seemed to duplicate in number.

Three more trolls came pounding through the same gates, opposite side of the courtyard. They were just as big and clumsy as the first had been, but the four of them together could be quite dangerous. I couldn't help but release a groan in aggravation as the three of them began swinging wildly at the men on the ground. Instinctively, they seemed to be moving toward the gate, which we were well on our way to opening.

"Looks like we've got trouble!" Caspian cried as another one of Jacob's men took a stab at him and he backed away quickly.

"Let me handle this!" I called back to him at which he argued, but I was already on my way.

"Rosalie, don't do anything-"

I didn't hear him finish that phrase, but I think I understood the jest of what he was saying. After taking care of one more man swinging at me, I ran out to the middle of the courtyard. Just as I did so, the gate to the castle swung open and our men started to run inside. Automatically, the four trolls looked over to the gate and started to storm the castle, but I knew that I could never allow for that to happen. Instead, I tucked away my sword and ran to the middle of the courtyard. I was posing no threat to them.

"Rosalie, c'mon!" Caspian yelled, another bolt of lightning struck at the top of the castle walls.

I deliberately ignored him because I knew that I would never live with myself if I lived to see these brutes destroy the castle. Taking a deep breath in, I climbed atop of the dry fountain in the middle of the courtyard and opened my mouth to yell," HEY-!"

All four of their heads turned toward me stupidly, I opened my mouth to finish the phrase, but before I could, a horn could be heard off in the distance. It had been quite a while since I had heard that horn before and could hardly place just who it belonged to. Curiosity was about to kill me, but the thought then occurred to me that perhaps I was just imagining things. If a horn had really sounded, then help would be on the way...we never called for help. I there assumed that the horn was merely a figment of my imagination.

Several moments after the horn had silenced, Caspian spoke again.

"Rosalie!" Caspian cried warningly; he didn't like the looks of where this was going and, quite frankly, neither did I.

"I'M THE ONE YOU'RE LOOKING FOR, RIGHT?" I screamed over the pounding rain and thunder. "IT'S ME YOU WANT! NOT THEM!"

"ROSALIE!" Caspian screamed as his men tried to get him to storm the castle.

"Go, Caspian!" I called to him before turning my attention back to the trolls, who were now making their way slowly toward me, as if they actually understood what I was yelling.

The ground rumbled at the sound of their feet moving toward me as I cried again," That's right! It's me! I'm the one!"

I knew that I had to think of some way out of this, but at the moment I hadn't any idea as to how I could distract them and keep myself safe. Nevertheless, I kept eye contact with the trolls as they moved toward me and saw out of the side of my eye as Caspian was arguing with his men over whether to go or stay.

"Rosalie, I swear if you don't-" Caspian yelled, coming toward me.

"STOP! GET OUT OF HERE!" I screamed back at him, not wanting him to be in their war path. "PLEASE!"

I held eye contact with my husband for seemingly ages before he finally took several steps toward the castle gates. I knew that he didn't want to leave and, quite honestly, I would have loved for him to have been able to help, but he just couldn't this time. It pained me to ask him to leave me like this, but it was our only option for the time being. Reluctantly, he allowed his men to lead him into the castle, closely followed by several of Jacob's men.

"You-sister?" One of the trolls, who was now standing directly over me, grunted at me in very broken speech.

"Yes," I said calmly, looking into the eyes of the atrocious creature. "Jacob is my brother."

"You are not friend," Another troll spoke, struggling with his words.

"We take you to brother," The third troll grumbled, snot rolling out of his nose.

I held back the urge to throw up and then suddenly, the fourth troll swept his chunky arm around and grabbed me by the waist. He lifted me from the fountain and kept an iron-tight grip on me, to be sure that I wasn't going anywhere. He may not have been extremely tall, but he was quite bulky and I hadn't any clue as to how I was getting myself out of this mess. I immediately wished that I would have thought the situation through entirely.

Around me, I noticed that what remained of our archers was now shooting arrows at the trolls, to try and bring them down, but it seemingly had no affect on them. The only thing that mattered was that they were no longer focused on the gate being opened since they were such simple minded creatures. I could only hope that Caspian really had followed my orders and went onward to try and get to the throne room.

The stench that hung about the trolls was almost as unbearable as the grip at which he was holding me. I felt as though my air was about to be cut off as he kept on squeezing tighter and tighter. If he didn't let up, then I might as well have been dead before Jacob ever saw me. Not only were they unbearable, but the pace at which they were walking was even more obnoxious. I felt as though if we should go any slower then we would have been going backwards.

As we traveled, more and more men tried to bring down the trolls, which seemed to stall them even more. I wanted so badly to tell them to stop and allow me to go along with them, but I didn't want to frighten the trolls any more than necessary. They grunted to one another and the other ones that weren't holding me started to take swings at the men on the ground. They were so irritated that I hardly thought they were aiming specifically for our men or Jacob's men; they were simply swinging away.

To my surprise, the giant holding me loosened up on the grip and I was able to take in a load of air. I didn't know how or when, but I needed to get out of his grasp somehow. I started squirming, ever so slightly, and even at the smallest movement he tightened back to an iron grip and grunted at me, as if scolding me.

Just as he was turning away to take me out of the courtyard, he stopped, dead in his tracks. Confused as to what was going on, I looked around to see just what was happened. In the back of the creature's neck, I noticed a knife as well as plenty of arrows. This wasn't just any old knife, but a hand carved knife. Excitement built within me as I moved about to see just who threw this. It seemed as though this troll had taken one blow too many.

Like a whirlwind, arrow after arrow pounded the giant in the back. I craned my neck just enough to see where this was coming from and had to catch my breath whenever I saw the sight of an entire army of centaurs running toward the drawbridge. That explained the sounding of the horn! I hadn't been imagining things and really had heard the sound of a horn.

Before I could get too excited, I noticed that there were still Jacob's men lingering at the top of the castle. Just before the centaurs could arrive, they were already pulling up the drawbridge.

"SOMEBODY RELEASE THE GATE!" I screamed, not caring if the troll heard me or not. "GO, GO!"

Reepicheep, who had not yet entered the castle, turned back and looked up to the castle walls. He nodded to me before scampering off to take care of the problem. Moments later, I felt the grip around my waist loosen and then I was falling for the troll had taken one too many arrows and was falling dead to the ground. My fall was not at all pleasant and I felt as though I had probably broken something from it, but I hadn't much time to react. Blood filled my mouth from the impact of my jaw to the ground and it would have been safe to say that I had little energy to actually get up from my spot on the ground. Despite my pain, I tried getting to my feet and managed to after several tries. It appeared as though Reepicheep had been successful in his attempt to release the drawbridge, for seconds later, the courtyard was filled with centaurs.

"Rosalie!" A voice cried, but it was not one of the magnificent creatures that was now attack the ever-growing troop of Jacob's men. This person was sitting atop of a horse. My horse.

"Stephen!" I exclaimed, as happily as I could as he rode Kingslee over to me. "What are you doing here?"

He gave me a small smile as Kingslee came to a halt," Emily and I ran into the centaurs on our way out. She wouldn't allow for me to pass up that opportunity. I argued and argued, but she told me I had to come. She hadn't seen the centaurs rowled up like that in a long time and taking into consideration which direction they were heading…we knew you all were in need of assistance."

"Where is she?" I asked curiously, hoping that the servant girl was finding rest.

"She's staying with the female centaurs back at their camp, a long ways from here. They offered to take her whenever I told them who we were. They were a little wary at first, but somehow, someway they believed me. She's in great hands; they want to give her more medical treatment to heal the wounds," He explained as quickly as he could. " Now, on a different note, about all this I was thinking about going to rescue Trina while you-"

Suddenly, I felt some hit me hard over the head. My vision became blurred and eventually black as I fell to the ground, out cold.

Whenever I woke up, I hardly recognized my surroundings. After my vision had fully returned, I looked around and noticed that this must have been the throne room. I had no recollection of what had just happened, but all I knew was that I had a nasty bump on the back of my head from whatever had knocked me out.

"Release us, Jacob!" a voice demanded, I realized that this must have been Caspian.

The other male voice, which I assumed to be Jacob chuckled darkly. Still, my head was not entirely focused, but I listened carefully to what he had to say," And why would I do something as silly as that? I've been searching for the both of you for much too long to do something like that. You've caused me far too much trouble, brother."

I saw out of the side of my eye as Jacob came face-to-face with Caspian, who was being held back by two of the largest men I had ever seen," You dare call me 'brother' after all this?" He snarled at Jacob.

"Once in the family, always in the family. Or so I've heard it said," Jacob responded with a rather smart tone to his voice. "I guess I should give you and Rosalie some credit. I never thought I would see King Caspian alive again."

Feeling as though it would be necessary for me to include myself in this, I sat up painfully and looked directly at Jacob.

"In fact, I might just be some of the only family you've got left, seeing as my stupid trolls seemed to have killed your little wife," Jacob said, much colder this time.

He hadn't a clue that I was staring a hole through him. His back was turned to me this entire time, and Caspian, who was very well aware that I was alive, smirked at him. Slowly, I rose to my feet and felt a shooting pain rush through my entire body. Before he could turn around to see me for himself, I called him out," Jacob!"

Instantly, he turned on his heel with a look of absolute horror on his face. Slowly, he seemed to forget that Caspian was in the room and came walking toward me with a humorless smirk on his face," So they didn't kill you."

"I don't feel dead, so I guess that would be accurate," I said, placing a smile on my face.

Jacob's smirk disappeared as he came closer to me. We were face-to-face when he said," Why do you live?"

My smile disappeared," Because I have a country that needs saving."

He started laughing insanely as he backed away from me and strolled over to his window that overlooked the courtyard," Country that needs saving? Well, it looks as though you may as well go back to where you came from because I'm sorry to inform you that you're on the losing side of this battle."

Watching him carefully, I moved over to the window to see a courtyard filled with dead men. Our men. Very few were left and the only major force we still had going for us was the centaurs. I couldn't help but feel a ping of guilt as I looked upon the dead bodies, but there was still hope. There was always hope until the very end.

"What say you to that, your majesty?" He hissed mockingly in my ear, as I continued to watch more of Jacob's men come storming out from the gates, showing no mercy whatsoever.

"I say that I will not give up hope until the last of our men is killed," I said proudly, refusing to look at him or give him the satisfaction he so desired of seeing me crumble.

He started laughing mockingly once more as he strolled to Caspian's throne at the front of the room. I took the chance to observe how dull the room looked. There were no paintings, no vases, no artwork. In fact, I believe the walls were absolutely bare and the tile in front of his throne was... bloodstained. The sight of this nearly made me sick, but I had to keep a composed look on my face as I came to face my brother once more.

"Pride. Something that you've always struggled with, Rosalie," He told me as he grabbed a grape from the bowl beside him. "Probably the reason why mother and father are dead."

Anger was boiling once again inside me, but I had to stay calm, "Mother is dead because of father. Father is dead because of pride."

"I thought you might take that side, but I'm here to try and prove to you one last time that you're wrong. Had you never run away to save Caspian, then mother would have never died. Father said he would have never killed her should you have come home."

"Jacob!-" I struggled, but he had no interest in my arguements.

"Rosalie, there is no sense in arguing with me. I know the truth and you have merely been told lies about everything. You killed father because you wanted your little boyfriend to become king; you wanted power. I understand that. In a sense, you are just as bad as me," He said to me with a smile on his face. "Only I was acting on behalf of someone whom I wanted avenged. That being our father, whom you wrongfully murdered."

I couldn't contain it any longer," Jacob, did you ever think that maybe I acted in the way that I did in order to protect you? Had our father become king, then he would have destroyed Narnia very similar to what you have done. He lied to all of us, Jacob. Caspian was the next one in line to the throne anyways, he deserved to be king! It mattered little to me about being powerful.

"And did you ever think that I wanted someone avenged, as well? What about mother, Jacob? Don't you know that I loved her more than anyone? Father took away my dearest role model-"

"Your words are meaningless, Rosalie, unless you are agreeing with me!" Jacob roared, sitting forward in the throne. "Apparently, this is something that you and I will never see eye to eye on, but it was worth trying to solve one last time, I suppose. For the record, before you die, I want you to leave with the thought that our mother was a liar, a traitor, and a fool, just like you. If only you could understand…"

"If only I could understand?" I howled incredulously. "I think it should be the other way-"

"Silence!" Jacob roared once more over my tirade as he moved on to another topic.

"There are three simple things that I want to know from you before I kill you," Jacob said, his voice much more calm as his eyes peered straight into mine.

I said nothing and waited for him to speak once again.

"I want to know if you killed my companion, General. Is that another murder you have committed?" He asked me, his voice very soft yet sinister.

I looked away and closed my eyes in thought of General falling dead under Caspian's blade. To prevent Jacob from doing anything worse to Caspian, I opened my mouth to take the blame for it.

"I killed him!" Caspian exclaimed from behind us before I could cover for him. I was silently regretting his decision for him. "He was a traitor, Jacob. Something that you don't like very much at all. I was the one to take his life, not Rosalie."

"Ah, so it was your husband. I can actually understand the reasoning behind that murder so, urm, well done," Jacob said, with little emotion to his voice as he shot a cold look toward Caspian.

For some reason, I had a feeling that Jacob wasn't actually congratulating us on that, but rather using a very dry type of sarcasm.

"Another topic I want to discuss is just how Caspian escaped those nymphs because I made a rather severe deal with them to never release you. I would like to know what became of those lovely women," Jacob asked, actually showing some signs of remorse in his voice which only made me want to be sick.

"I found Caspian there, Jacob," I replied strongly, trying not to become upset by the thought of what had happened with the nymphs. "Emily and I were going to save Caspian and the rest of his men from those vulgar creatures. Had it not been Aslan, who was on our side, then we would have never accomplished it. We can hardly take any credit for that."

Jacob stared at me for a long moment before saying," Aslan? Is that your way of coming up with an excuse as to not answering my question?"

I shook my head, trying to convince him that I was telling him the truth," Jacob, it's-"

He shushed me again with the shake of his head, as if he were talking to a child. I did not appreciate the treatment that he was giving me at all, but what bothered me most was that I could do nothing to stop him from treating me this way," I do not wish to argue with you about these things. If you wish to lie, then you will die. I will have it no other way."

I bit down on my lip hard and waited impatiently for him to ask his last question. He stood up from the throne and began pacing around me. With a close eye on me, he asked his final question," Have you yet to find out what my big secret is?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, staring at the stained glass window that appeared to be broken, straight ahead of me over the throne.

"How I did this?" He asked, putting both of his hands out wide as he did a turn in front of me, as if showing off his long, majestic robe and crown atop of his head. "How I took Narnia for myself?"

I scrutinized his face for a long hard moment before replying simply," Yes."

My brother raised a brow at me with the slightest smirk on his face," Oh really?"

"How you used our own men against us? How you took advantage of ancient creatures that possess powers no man should be fooling with? How you lied to many just to get your way? How you deceived the people in that village along with Stephen, just so that they would follow you?" I asked, spewing off the questions faster than I could think. "Stephen saved your life. You should have died along with our greedy father, but he showed you grace. He felt sorry for you. You repaid him by nearly burning down his city the first time and then by your men completely destroying his inn the second time."

Jacob stopped in his tracks and blinked hard at me. He swallowed hard and looked away before looking back to me and with a stuttering voice saying," H-how do you k-know all of that? How did you meet-"

"The night I escaped, Jacob, I spoke with Cornelius, who sent me on a journey of my own. It just so happened that this journey took me through Stephen's town. I needed a place to stay for the night and we learned all that I needed to know about you from Stephen. He was nothing but your friend, who wanted the best for you and tried to warn you of the dangerous road you were going down. In fact, you wouldn't have the army you have today if it weren't for him," I spat back at him, as the color began to drain from Jacob's face.

Jacob looked away for a long while, with his back turned to me. He seemed to be deep in thought for the longest time before he turned back around to face me once more.

"You know where the Cruels were located?" He asked me with a shaky voice.

"Yes, we watched your men try to cover up the evidence that anything would ever be there. In fact, that's the reason why you never received your latest shipment of new troops because the truth of the matter is that we had to place ourselves in harm's way to save them from you," I said to him, looking him straight in the eye as he continued to lose color in his face.

"You must have come directly from there. That means that…Penelope…and the servant, Emily. You knew where I was sending her didn't you?" Jacob growled at me, coming closer. "You must have seen them…"

I took a step back," Penelope is in our custody. As well as the other men that survived the skirmish. I couldn't have allowed you to do to her what you did to our sister. We had another source in the castle that night other than just Emily, Jacob. A little mouse by the name of Reepicheep was there right along wit her. The entire time. Don't think for one second you will ever get away with the treatment you put her through," I growled the last part to him, hardly caring about his reaction.

"She deserved it!" He snarled back at me. "I don't regret it one bit and as for our sister, I hardly care much about that. She's of no use to you for, as you could probably tell, her brain belongs to me. Everything she does, I have commanded her to do. Are you wondering how I pulled this one off? I'm assuming that if you really do know Stephen that he told you all about these Cruels and how they opperate. He despises me now. Are you curious as to how I brainwashed a female?"

I glared at him, never more had I wanted anyone to be dead than my own brother. I was merely feet from him and the thought of finishing him right there was so incredibly tempting, but I knew what he was about to tell me was probably very important. It would answer a question that both Caspian and I wanted answered for a long time.

"Yes, due to the fact that Cruels only use women as sacrificial bearings. They do not tolerate women as they do men," I answered, watching him closely as he paced about the room.

There was a silence that hung in the room as Jacob seemed to sit in thought before announcing," I assume that since you are about to die anyways…that it wouldn't hurt to reveal to you my last secret."

I turned my head to look at Caspian before looking back to my brother who had planted himself back on the throne. He never ceased to confuse me with all of these mind games he seemed to be playing on us. Never, throughout my entire adventure, did I want him dead as badly as I watched him sit on the throne proudly and call out to one of his men.

"Fetch me Natalia!"

Author's Note: It's up! Ahh, I spent most of my day writing/editing this, so I hope you all enjoy! Thanks to all reviews/favorites/alerts! You are appreciated greatly :)

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