A New Horizon

An Unexpected Submission

Author's Note: Alright, so if I owned Narnia, I probably would not be writing my stories on FF. :)

Chapter Four: An Unexpected Submission

I spent the rest of the day sitting in the courtyard, as well as speaking with some of the women who were passing by the castle. Whenever dinner time came nearer, I went down to find Penelope, sitting down by the river on her own. She appeared to be quite peaceful and I actually considered not saying anything to her, but I took steps closer to her anyways. Dinner was just around the corner.

"Are you going to get upset with me if I say that it's almost dinner time and you need to come inside?" I asked tentatively, walking up beside her, watching the water trickle by.

She looked at me sideways and smiled before looking back out to the river," No, Rosalie."

I chuckled softly," Well, that's good because that's what I am going to say."

Slowly, she pulled herself up off of the rock and nodded," Sounds good. And I really hope that you honestly didn't think I would get mad at you for that."

I let out a deep breath," I don't know…you've gotten upset over other things like it before."

She scrunched her eyebrows together before nodding and releasing a sigh," Yeah…I'm sorry about that."

That was a rather abrupt surprise. I didn't think that she would actually apologize for anything, in fact, after I chose my words I thought she might get angry at me all over again, but…she acted differently.

"I think I can manage to forgive you," I said with a chuckle and as we came closer to the castle, we noticed troops of soldiers leaving the city. This was a rather strange sight to see…I wondered just what this could mean, but they were small troops so it could have very well been a small patrol headed out to other regions of Narnia. We came closer and came to the footsteps of the bridge.

"What are they doing?" Penelope asked me, tossing her bow over her back as we crossed the drawbridge.

I scrutinized the army and saw the newly appointed head of the army, a fellow by the name of General, leading the men into the forest. I had never felt totally comfortable around this man, but Caspian had sworn that he was reliable. Despite what he said, there was always a chill that was sent through my body whenever I saw him. I found it odd that he was leading this patrol out…

"I don't know," I whispered to her as we stood, stopped in the middle of the bridge, looking back," But, let's not worry on it. I'm sure that they're only going out for a scout, nothing serious."

Penelope continued to stare at them hard as I tried to move forward," They don't look like they're just going on scout, Rose."

"I'll make sure to ask Caspian about it sometime," I told her quietly as she finally pulled herself to turn around, but not without looking back once more. And as we returned into the castle, I tried to put that image out of my head as best I could and tell myself that it was merely just another scout.

Dinner was rather quiet that evening for Caspian was absent. I found it strange that he should miss out, but Apollo assured me that Caspian did not wish to be disturbed and had requested to have dinner brought up to him. I nodded along as he said this, but had decided in my head that I would make an appoint to go and see him afterward. Even though dinner was more quiet than usual, there was still a pleasant buzz circling around the table.

Typically, dinner could have lasted hours for everyone sat around talking, but I was finished with my meal and my conversations in less than one hour. I noticed that night fall had already come whenever I finished. The town had already calmed down greatly from what I could see as I passed by a window alongside Penelope.

Penelope had asked that I come back to our quarters and assist her with some of the work that Doctor Cornelius had assigned for her to do. Even though she may have gotten a break from lessons earlier, being in a war did not exclude her from furthering her education. Luckily, it was not mandatory for me to take lessons anymore, but I still met with Doctor Cornelius frequently to talk over matters of the sort. I did plenty of reading on my own as well.

After several long, tedious hours of trying to help my younger sister in solving her arithmetic, I finally gave in and told her that she needed to speak with Doctor Cornelius in the morning. Reluctantly, she agreed before she was off to her bedchambers to prepare for bed. Before I allowed myself to change for bed, I silently snuck out of the room to go down to Caspian's quarters, finding it odd that I still had not heard from him at all that day.

Whenever I gently knocked on the door once and then twice, I noticed that no one came to the door, nor did I hear the sound of footsteps traveling. Finding this rather odd, I wobbled the door knob and found it to be open. Cautiously, I stepped inside the King's study. My heart was beating quickly, anticipating the worst. At the desk, sat Caspian, head stuck in the book, fast asleep from what I could see. He was still dressed in his full robes from the day and I couldn't help but chuckle at the sight of him. His face was literally pounded right into the crease of the book and a soft snore was being emitted from his mouth that lay slightly ajar.

Approaching him, I noticed that he was reading a Narnia history book. Caspian grown to know his history very well over the last year so the fact that he had gotten the book out made me wonder even more. Just what could he be looking up? Softly, I placed a hand on his shoulder and shook him gently.

"Caspian," I whispered, trying to get him to move," Caspian."

I figured that he must have spent the day studying this, whatever it was, and overworked himself.

After several more times of saying his name, his brown eyes finally fluttered open and looked in my direction. A yawn escaped his mouth immediately after and I hadn't a clue if he even knew who I was. It took a couple moments for him to finally realize that he wasn't sleeping any longer.

"Looks like someone's been working too hard," I said to him quietly as I pulled the book out from under his grasp.

"Wha-where-oh no!" he exclaimed sitting upright and looking at me with concerned eyes," Please tell me I haven't been sleeping this whole time. I-I can still go out with you, just-" he started to stand up, but I pushed him softly back into his chair while I turned to go put the book away.

"Don't worry about it," I told him, searching the shelves for the spot where he had taken the book from," You obviously need some rest."

He tried to stifle a yawn, but couldn't help and try to defend his case more," I really am able to. I'm-" another yawn came from his mouth as I slid the book into the bookcase.

"How long have you been shut up in here?" I asked him softly, walking back toward the desk.

He looked at me like a little boy would look at his mother after doing something naughty," Since lunch."

"Lunchtime?" I exclaimed, my eyes growing wide," You've been studying that book since lunchtime?"

He nodded his head before trying to make an argument," I-I can explain. There's so much I need to tell you-"

"Caspian," I said again with a smile as I placed my hand atop of his," Give it a rest for tonight. Try and get some sleep."

"Don't you-" he tried to spit out again, but I shook my head and placed a finger over his lip.

He desperately wanted to tell me all that he had learned and ,quite honestly, I would have loved to sit there and talk with him, but the look in his eyes told me that this king needed his rest.

"Go to bed now," I told him, looking him straight in the eye," That's an order."

He laughed softly," I guess you are right."

Carefully, he stood up and tried to steady himself. The look in his eyes still told me that he was very tired and wobbly. I placed a hand softly on his arm and guided him out of his study. After several steps, he looked at me again," You best be getting back. I don't want anyone…well…getting the wrong idea…if you know what I mean."

I hadn't really thought about the outside view of my leaving late at night to go and check on Caspian. There were plenty of eyes watching the king at almost all times and seeing as I was the love interest of the him…we didn't need anymore rumors starting. I nodded my head before glancing over at the door.

"Promise me you will get some sleep," I whispered to him one last time as he leaned in and kissed me gently.

Through the kiss, I felt the sides of his lips curl upward," Of course."

His voice was soft, but yet husky enough to send a chill through my body as his breath met my skin. Just as I stepped away to open the door once more, I felt him grab my hand," I really am sorry that I couldn't go out with you tonight."

I smiled and looked down at his hand in mine before squeezing it gently," I understand. It's alright... I love you."

"And I you," he replied, still smiling as I stepped through the door.

With one last smile, he released my hand and I left, sneaking back down the hallway to my own quarters, careful not to let anyone see me. I couldn't help but feel my heart beating out of my chest and a smile play on my face every time after Caspian's lips met mine.

Once more, I find myself exempt for this portion of the story, so bear with me as I tell a piece that I was not present to witness with my own eyes.

"Mrs. Gale, the council appreciates you coming forward, but-" Apollo started, that next morning as they took time to take to account some of the concerns of the citizens, but Mrs. Gale was a woman, who did not particularly like not hearing the answer she originally wished to hear.

"Now, young man! You listen to me, I've got children who run around my yard every day!" the elderly woman scolded Apollo, shaking her finger at him.

Caspian sat on the throne, fingers massaging his temple as he listened to the woman complain about children laughing, playing, talking, skipping, frolicking, in her yard. He stifled a chuckle listening to the woman, but had to be careful for he did not want to gain her disrespect. Still, he couldn't help but feel some sympathy for the children who, he assumed, were only being, well, children.

"Ma'am, I understand, but-" Apollo's eyes were shooting to Caspian for some answer, but Caspian's eyes only widened as he shrugged, no advice.

Another man from the opposite side of the room stepped forward," Mrs. Gale, I assure you that we will have someone look into it, but our time has seemed to slip away from us. If you find that within the week, the problem still persists, return to us and we shall have it fixed."

The elderly woman's gaze shot over to the man as she started to get rowed up once more, but before she could two of the gentlemen in the back of the room stepped forward to grab her arms. Gently, they tried to ensure her that her case would be heard, but she was still yelling all sorts of insults the whole way. As soon as she was out of earshot, Caspian shot a look at the man who had ended the meeting.

"You really want to hear more of that?" he asked the man dubiously.

The man chuckled, sitting back down," Of course not. It only puts off the problem for now. I actually wouldn't be surprised if she forgets about it by next week."

"She sounds rather determined," Apollo argued, raising a brow.

"Never mind this for the time being," a man by the name of Marcus added from Caspian's side, another council member," We've come here to 'catch up', in a sense, would this be accurate?"

The group of men agreed and Caspian looked at the Marcus , hoping he would elaborate. Marcus had lived in Telmar for the reign of Miraz as well, and had been a close friend of Caspian's father.

"Yes, Marcus," Apollo said, Caspian's head turned to him as Apollo spoke," Yesterday's meeting actually came about rather unexpectedly. We had originally planned to inform you of some other happenings around the castle, but General surprised us with a situation that we found to be of utmost importance."

Caspian nodded, looking from man to man. These meetings were typically a time for them to inform him of anything that he was unaware was happening throughout Telmar and Narnia.

Marcus, Apollo, and some of the other men looked at one another tentatively, almost as if wondering when would be an appropriate time to speak. Caspian furrowed his brow in confusion as they all sat in silence," If one of you has something to share with me, please go on with it."

A different man by the name of Thomas, stepped forward. He and his wife were Telmarine and lived under Miraz. He was in his middle ages, rather stocky, but never the less, Caspian always valued the opinion that he and his wife gave for they chose not to live in the castle walls. They chose that they wanted to share the life of every day citizens.

"Your majesty," Thomas said respectfully with a small bow as he stepped forward, still glancing nervously to the men around," I think it's best that we be bold with what we are saying. There's been talk going around the town, castle, and nation. And we have done some research of our own."

There was a pause as Caspian adjusted himself on the throne. Trying to figure out just what was going on," What sort of talk? What's going on?"

Thomas breathed in sharply," Talk of you and your companion, Lady Sopespian."

Caspian furrowed his brows once at the mention of Rosalie. Where were they going with this? Caspian shifted his eyes over to Apollo to try and receive some sort of answer, but received nothing.

"Lady Sopespian has been living under the castle's roof for over a year now," Marcus added from his seat," Now, all of us know that Rosalie was previously a resident of the castle when her father was under the lordship of your father first and then later under Miraz, making her a 'royal' citizen, so to say."

Caspian's eyes narrowed as he looked at Marcus," Yes…"

Apollo sighed before looking at Caspian," All of us know the situation between you and Rosalie, Caspian. However, it is our job to follow laws. All laws that have ever been set. After some studying, I thought it would be appropriate to bring to your attention an old law, one of the first to be set in place. This law states that the castle is open to be the residence of any royalty and their family."

"But Rosalie-" Caspian started, and Thomas was the one to interrupt.

"Would no longer be considered a 'royal' citizen anymore. The law states that the family members have exactly one year after the end of their relative's term to find other lodgings before lodgings are assigned to them," Thomas explained, but Caspian was still sorting things out for himself.

" What about others? What about the young Beck boy, or Emily? They reside at the castle and there is no limit on how long they must stay!" Caspian exclaimed, beginning to become angered with this surprise.

"You are correct, your majesty, however," Apollo started once more," They would be considered servants. They are technically property of Narnia which ensures them life in the castle assuming that they do not end their term prematurely."

Caspian looked away, on the verge of exploding. Were they really saying that they were going to move Rosalie from the castle? Away from her home? He wouldn't allow it. He was king and had the final say. They could always make a change to the law, right? Perhaps that was easier said than done. After moments of allowing himself to boil, he finally spoke…

"So what are you saying?" he asked them heatedly," We just kick her out? Because I will not stand for that. You know-"

"Yes, my lord, we do know," Marcus said, interrupting him before he could let off anymore steam," That is why we've a proposition for you. A submission for you and Rosalie to consider."

He stared at the men for a hard moment before Apollo spoke," We all know of your relationship with Rosalie for we have all seen it. I don't think it necessary for me to describe the details, but it would be safe to say that the people of Telmar have witnessed this as well. Plenty of times, Trina and I have spoken of how strong of a young lady Rosalie is. From speaking with these other who have seen her as a child, she has always been a leader."

"I have seen the waiting quarters during the day. I have seen the women lining up to speak with her. They respect her and that's a hard trait to find in young women," Marcus added sincerely.

"Wha-?" Caspian started, but he could not get anything in.

"We are already breaking a law, Caspian. It has been more than a year since the death of her father and, legally, she nor her sister should not be living in the castle walls anymore," Apollo stated, but allowed for a pause," To prevent making you say goodbye to her, why not make her our queen?"

Author's Note: Alright, so I apologize if the story has not been the most exciting thus far, but basically from this point on we have got a lot of drama that is going to be coming into play, just as it did in R.S. I'm having a lot of fun writing this so let me know what you think of it or how I can improve! Thanks guys.


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