A New Horizon


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It came as no surprise to all of us two years after the return of Caspian, that Stephen proposed to Emily. I remember being pregnant with Annalisa and trying to chase around a rambunctious Rilian whenever she threw open the door to our quarters, squealing with excitement.

"Rosalie!" She wailed, just as I was about to catch Rilian, who was running down the hall.

Emily turned the corner and just as I entered the corridor, I saw Rilian run directly into her. In the excitement of the moment, she bent down and picked up the child before looking to me, grinning from ear-to-ear.

"Emily, what seems to be the problem?" I asked, trying to catch my breath as I came face-to-face with her.

She raised her hand to eye level and I noticed a shining, silver band on her left hand. I couldn't contain my excitement either.

"Emily!" I exclaimed, grabbing her hand as Rilian squirmed in her arms.

"Mommy!" He cried, but I was much too absorbed in the moment.

"When did he ask?" I questioned, looking her in the eye seconds later. We had both anticipated this moment for so long that it was hard to believe it was real.

"Just moments ago! We went on a walk by river and right whenever we go to the end of the trail, he asked me! It was ridiculous and I can't believe it happened!" She screamed again, not as loudly as the first, but still excited. "I'm engaged!"

I took Rilian from her arms and shared in her excitement," Emily, I'm so excited for you. We've a wedding to plan!"

And so we did. I nearly enjoyed planning Emily's wedding more than I did my own. Trina was once again the head of nearly everything and we were to subject to her, but there were plenty of nights that both her and I would stay up late planning nearly all of the details. It was in the spring that all of our hard work came together to produce a lovely, quaint ceremony in the castle courtyard. She looked absolutely beautiful and Stephen was hardly even the same person.

Whenever I saw him, standing at the alter, I was reminded of how much he had changed. When we first met him, he seemed to want nothing to do with Emily and it never ceased to amaze me how much that had changed. He was now a tall, muscular young man, still with dark hair and dark eyes, but his whole aura was different when he was with Emily. They truly were complete whenever they were together.

After Stephen and Emily had been married for nearly two years, I remember Emily once again coming to me, very excited. It was then that I was dealing with both a four-year old Rilian and a hardly one-year old Annalisa. Just as I had put Rilian down for a nap and was taking Annalisa for a stroll, Emily came bursting into the door once more, with a smile on her face announcing her pregnancy.

Both of us were quite excited once more, but the one thing we did not expect was that not only was she pregnant; she was pregnant with twins. It was very rare for anyone to give birth to two children at once and unfortunately, the chance of survival was not very likely for the mother. I remember Emily and Stephen both being very frightened by this and the only thing Caspian, Penelope, and I could do was offer up prayer and support for the two.

After a very long, complicated, and risky childbirth, Stephen's family gained two more members, a boy and a girl. They most definitely were in for quite the challenge, but Emily had faith that everything did, in fact, happen for a reason and tried to mask her fear best as possible. Caspian insisted that we assist our friends as best as we could and therefore offered to watch over Rilian and Annalisa for several nights as I helped to take care of Hazel, the baby girl who was just as rambunctious as Rilian had been, and even more. The little boy, John, was very mild mannered and reminded me greatly of my own Annalisa.

Never had I seen Stephen show so much joy. Of course, his eyes lit up every time he saw Emily, but a new joy came about him whenever his children were in his arms. It hardly ever sunk in that both Stephen and Emily and Caspian and I were parents. Trina and Apollo had quite a bit of knowledge to share with us for at the time that were all new parents, they were the "veterans" of the group with children nearing the age of ten.

It was very odd to see Isabella and Emory so old. Isabella was obsessed with assisting us in any way possible. Even though at times she could be a pest, she could be helpful to entertain Rilian at times as well. Emory, on the other hand, was still rather shy and didn't have much of an interest in being around the children for very long. From what Trina told me, he had little interest for anything other than reading no matter how hard they tried to get him to do other activities.

Penelope, on the other hand, was doing fine as well and seemed to be the only young woman in the castle who was not with child or already a young mother. She was completely content with that too. It seemed as though after what happened on the Dawn Treader really impacted her and it took her nearly a year to even tell me what had happened. I still don't know all of the details, but it seems as though King Edmund broke her heart and nearly crushed her interest in any men Narnia had to offer.

It wasn't as though she didn't have the opportunity fall for anyone, but it was that she had no interest in them. Every once and awhile, she would go out with one of the young men from town, but she would come back late crying and upset. For several long years, she held on to the thought of Edmund coming back and I kept on reminding her that he, like Peter, would never come back and that she, like I had to do, must move on. He had left for a reason, but she would not accept that until many years later.

She continued on with her life, happy in most aspects and not envious of having children to raise. She informed both Caspian and I several times that there were still plenty of things she wanted to do in her life and building a family wasn't necessarily at the top of her list. I remember how much our children respected Penelope, who seemed to be addicted to finding a new adventure. They would always talk about how much they wanted to go with her on one of her trips and for many years Caspian and I told them that only when they were old enough or it were completely necessary would we allow them to go with her.

Plenty of times, it seemed as though she would come back badly battered and with new and completely outrageous stories. Though Caspian and I loved to have her speak with the children about her stories, after they were asleep, we would ask her what really happened. Their ears didn't need to hear all of the details. With every trip she would come back saying that there had to be something more and that was what kept her going back for so many years.

Even now, as I sit here writing all of this down, I haven't the slightest where my sister is or what she is doing. In fact, Rilian and Annalisa, who are nearly entering their teenage years now, do not even know. It is not unusual for Penelope to tell them what she is doing, but leave Caspian and I in the dark. Wherever she may be, I'm sure she is only working to benefit Narnia.

Maybe one day, she will come home and settle down as the rest of us have done. Or, perhaps, she will choose the life of adventure as her life. Either way, I have complete trust in what she does.

To this day, our children have no knowledge of what Caspian and I went through. I intended on telling them the stories as soon as they could understand and I think that they are on the verge of being able to understand. I still do not know how we are to explain King Miraz, Lord Sopespian, their dead grandfather, or Jacob, their dead uncle. It would only be for their benefit to know, but I am not yet ready to tell them.

Life in Narnia had gone back to normal and we were content with the exception of Penelope. There were no evil men trying to overthrow the government or threaten our families. Nor were there any giants coming to attack Telmar; we were safe.

Perhaps one day, Penelope will return to us for good and record her stories of her adventures as well as tell us about everything that happened while she was at sea. Perhaps one day, after our children have grown and experienced their own trials, they will pick up their own journals and record what they have learned and all they have seen.

There isn't a doubt in my mind that everything that has happened to both Caspian and I happened for a reason and it is my memories that make me the person I am today. Hopefully, my children and their descendants will learn the same lesson that we have learned over the years.

Author's Note: I realize that this chapter could have been left out, but I thought you all might want a little glimpse as to what happened to Emily, Stephen, Penelope and their children. And this is the official end to the story that has almost taken a year to write. How crazy! Thanks again you guys for all of your support and such. I hope it has been as fun for you to read as it has been for me to write.

Keep an eye out because I am going to be writing another story; however, it will not be a Narnia story. I am fairly certain that it will be a Harry Potter story and it will be another female OC. If you want anymore details on it PM me! As I've said before, maybe one day I will return to Narnia, but as for now I think I am putting it on hold. There are a million possibilities for this story to continue with their children and such, but I need a break for now.

God Bless


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