A New Horizon

Happy Mother's Day!

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for my characters.

Happy Mother's Day!

The sun was shining and a gentle breeze was blowing through the land of Telmar as the sound of children's laughter echoed through the city. All around, children could be seen running about, chasing each other while letting out joyful squeals. Even at the castle, the children were out with their parents chatting casually. Flowers were blooming around the, currently empty fountain where several men were gathered around, attempting to fill the stone-structure with water.

Sitting on a bench nearby was the Queen herself, Rosalie with her companion, Emily, and sister Penelope. All were grateful to have been able to switch from the heavy dresses of winter to the light, flowing dresses of spring. If they were to be forced to wear them, at least they could have been comfortable.

"Will someone please tell Stephen to back away from the fountain?" Emily sighed, shaking her head as she observed her husband, trying to fix the cracked fountain.

Rosalie let out a soft chuckle," At least he's got something to keep him occupied for awhile. I'm sure he doesn't want to have any part of what's going on inside the castle."

She said this for she knew that her own husband was cooped up in the throne room, dealing with some citizens, who, as of late, had been complaining over some petty issues, but were causing enough of a ruckus to keep King Caspian very occupied. She had seen less and less of him as of late, but he made an appoint to separate himself from the situation to come and see both her and their children, who currently were running around in circles in the courtyard.

Rillian and Annalisa, the royal children, were running about. Their mother happened to look just as Rillian, who was eight years old, had shoved passed his sister with a little more force than he had intended. Before her eyes, she watched as her sweet little daughter crashed to the ground. Rosalie never knew a five-year old could scream so loud from just a simple fall. Almost immediately, the two behind them, John and Hazel, Emily and Stephen's children, rushed over to their side. John, who was the more mild-mannered of the two, offered to help Annalisa to her feet, but she simply wailed even louder.

Both Rosalie and Emily were on edge at the sound of a child's scream. Even Stephen, who had been rather distracted, turned to make sure it was nothing serious.

Rosalie rose to her feet and went as quickly as she could to pick up the screaming child, who was being rather difficult to lift.

"Miss Rosalie, I think it was just an accident," John said meekly, his wide brown eyes looking up innocently at the queen.

Rosalie smiled down at him as she patted her daughter's back comfortingly, the tears were slowing down now.

" I'm sure it was, but someone," She said making direct eye contact with her son, who was just now appearing from behind one of the columns. "..needs to be a little more careful."

"I didn't mean to mom!" He yelled defensively, hiding himself back behind the column.

Rosalie let out a sigh before patting Annalisa's back one last time as her daughter looked right at her, sniffling," I'm okay, mom."

Annalisa was always the more tender-hearted of the two. Sure, she would cry while the pain was fresh and new, but as soon as she calmed down…she was quick to forgive and move on. She most certainly was laid-back which made raising her much less trying. Rillian on the other hand, had a little too much of Caspian and Rosalie's, at times, spirit. As soon as Rosalie kissed Annalisa's cheek before placing her down on the ground, she knew she had some disciplining to do with Rillian.

"Rillian," She said warningly, as she walked over to the column where he hid.

"Mom, I prooooommise," He said, drawling out the word more than necessary. "I didn't mean to!"

"Rillian, I know you didn't, but simply apologize to your sister," She said sternly, coming around the corner as he scurried farther away from his mother.

"There's nothing to apologize about!" He cried, still running away.

Rosalie let out a deep sigh, before looking over to her sister and Emily, who were laughing at the sight of Rosalie having to chase after her son. She knew she wouldn't be able to catch him, but she would have to cut him off somewhere. For several pillars, she ran and ran, not being able to chase him. Rillian was persistent and did not want to give in. The other three children, however, had chosen to take a seat in front of the women sitting. Annalisa had curled up in her aunt's lap while Hazel and John watched, laughing as they watched Rosalie chase after Rillian.

Just when she was about to give up and put the punishment off, she watched as Rillian ran right into one of the men exiting the castle. Rosalie gasped and put her hands over her mouth, hoping it was not one of the older gentlemen. To her relief, it was none other than the King himself, Rillian's father and her husband. Caspian looked down, startled at first before he bent down and picked up the child, smiling.

"Dad!" Rillian exclaimed happily as Caspian tossed the child over his shoulder, dangling him by his ankles, listening to the squeals before pulling him back over and setting him down on the ground.

"In a hurry?" Caspian asked, crouching down to eye-level with his son. Caspian hadn't even noticed Rosalie chasing after him until several seconds later.

Rillian opened his mouth to answer," Well-"

Rosalie came closer, her arms crossed over her chest as a smirk played on her lips," He knocked over his sister and doesn't want to apologize."

Caspian met her eyes before looking back to his son, much more stern-looking," Rillian, is this true?"

Rillian didn't answer for several seconds and looked down to the ground, kicking his foot back and forth nervously before answering shakily," Yes…but-"

Caspian placed a hand on his shoulder before saying," Son, it doesn't matter the circumstance…you need to apologize for your actions."

Rillian looked up and met his father's eyes before saying, as if in defeat," Okay…"

"Now come on," Caspian said, standing up and guiding his son over to the courtyard where Annalisa sat. In the meanwhile, Caspian looked over to his wife, who walked alongside the two of them. He smirked at her as she simply shook her head, as if she knew that Caspian was escorting an exact replica of himself.

It nearly broke Rosalie's heart to watch as Caspian nudged Rillian to go over to Annalisa. The little girl eyed her brother warily as she played with her braided hair. The tan-skinned child blinked her eyes several times, watchhing him in the absolute silence. He let out a sigh, as if literally letting out his pride before saying," I'm. Sorry. Annalisa."

Rosalie would have wanted him to be a little more sincere, but both her and Caspian knew that it was as close as they were going to get to an actual apologize.

"It's okay," She answered meekly.

Within a matter of seconds, Rillian was off and running away once more, the little ones were quick to follow.

"Hazel, John," Emily called after them sternly. Both of the children looked back at their mother with great attentiveness. "Be careful."

"Yes, mom," They said at the same time before looking to one another, smiling, and chasing after Rillian and Annalisa.

Rosalie let out a sigh as she approached the two women and Caspian. She looked specifically at Emily," You've got them trained so well…"

Emily chuckled as she crossed her legs," It's not as though they will listen!"

Caspian joined in, smiling," Emily, I've never seen your children misbehave."

They all laughed slightly at this, knowing it was true. Rosalie came closer to Caspian, who put his arm around her shoulders before kissing her lightly on the cheek," We could have gotten both children like that…"

Just as she said that, Rillian let out a loud yell before galloping down the corridor. Both the king and queen simply shook their heads. Caspian let out a laugh as Rosalie looked to Penelope and Emily, as if asking for assistance," That child…"

"Is a blessing. You should enjoy his energy!" Emily tried to be positive, but the smirk on her face told us differently.

Penelope chuckled at this," If only…,"

Silence hung on for several seconds after the laughter died down. Small chat proceeded for several minutes before Caspian finally said," I'll see you tonight, your boy and Annalisa have been planning something for you."

"My boy? We've been over this before…" Rosalie argued teasingly before Caspian squeezed her one last time and stepped away. He started back into the castle as she called after him.

"Wait, what do they have planned?" She asked curiously, but he simply kept walking on, he only smirked back at her.

Just as he had exited to return to his meetings, the three of them heard a yelp and looked behind them to see Stephen jumping around, trying to avoid the water spilling from the fountain. It was really quite comical to watch him get drenched by the broken fountain that was beyond repair. Several moments later, he sauntered over, dripping from head to toe.

Emily couldn't help but smile, we all held back our laughter, seeing as the look on his face was not humorous. Stephen's face was stoic as he sat down next to Emily. She scooted over, not wishing to get wet. He looked at her, only slightly offended as his children ran around the corner, seeing him completely soaked.

Without saying anything, the both of them began to laugh before sprinting off. Emily began to chuckle at this point and then the others followed soon after.

"What?" Stephen asked, slightly smiling. "What's wrong?"

"You're…wet," She said, looking at him as if he were disgusting.

A boyish smirk came to his lips as he slid closer to her before throwing his arms around her and kissing her on the cheek, much to her displeasure. Both Penelope and Rosalie laughed at the sight of Emily's face as she pushed him away," Stop it! You're terrible!"

He only laughed," I love you too, Emily."

She stood up, her light yellow dress, as well as half of her hair was damp," Stephen, sometimes I just want to-"

"I love you more," He said, smiling at her.

She simply shook her head before looking at the two others," I'll see the both of you later."

Stephen got up after several seconds and chased after her, trying to mend his relationship. Along the way, he took the opportunity to tease his children, embracing the both of them in a wet hug. Penelope and Rosalie watched as the family walked off, laughing between the two of them.

"Will you be joining us for dinner tonight?" Rosalie finally asked her sister, who was standing up from sitting.

She shook her head before looking at Rosalie," I've a date tonight."

"Ohh," Rosalie said, interested. "With who?"

Penelope answered, not very enthusiastically," Some boy from town…I'm not entirely excited."

"Hang in there," Rosalie said, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Will do," Penelope answered with a sigh.

The both of them walked out of the courtyard, corralling Annalisa and Rillian as they did so. They bid farewell to Penelope before the family went back to their home.

Later that evening, Rosalie was very curious as to what Caspian had planned. She wasn't allowed into the balcony off of the family room for nearly the rest of the afternoon and he had kidnapped the kids; therefore, she was basically quarantined to her room or Caspian's study. It wasn't until later that night that Caspian came into the room to retrieve her.

"You can join us now," He said, stepping into the room, dressed rather nicely.

She eyed him curiously as she stood up from her book," What are you up to?"

"Just come and see," He said teasingly as she walked passed him into the family room.

As she turned the corner and walked out to the balcony, she saw both of her children, standing next to a nicely set table for four. There was a candle on the table as well as most of the finest silverware she had ever had at the castle. She looked to her husband, her jaw dropped at the sight of all of them so dressed up.

"What is the occasion?" She asked, looking him straight in the eye.

It was at this time that both Annalisa and Rillian cried," We love you, mom!"

"I love you both too!" She answered as they ran over to embrace her.

"It's nice to be appreciated sometimes is all," Caspian said, smiling at her. "You spend nearly most of the day with them, I'll have to make up for that and give you the day off tomorrow."

Rosalie smiled, genuinely touched by this notion," Thank you, Caspian. That was very nice of you. I love you."

"And I you," He answered, smirking.

And then, they all gathered around for the meal that she later learned they had prepared all on their own. It was one of the best meals that she had ever enjoyed at the castle, simply because they had worked so hard and diligently on it.

As the sun set, the castle activity settled down and all was well in Telmar.

A/N: Just a little one-shot for you guys :D Thought you might enjoy this on Mother's Day.

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