A New Horizon

Strange Happenings

A/N: All of the characters and Narnia and such, not mine. Except for the stuff you don't recognize, but yeah, Narnia and all its inhabitants are C.S. Lewis's property.

Chapter Six: Strange Happenings

~Two Days Later~

"I can't let you in there, Miss Rosalie!" Beck cried, he stood, arms spread across the length of the door, legs mirroring the arms over the bottom of the door that led into Caspian's study.

"Beck," I folded my arms over my chest, determined to get in," Please, let me in there. I must speak with Caspian!"

Sweat began to drip down the young man's face as his eyes shift nervously back and forth, trying to be a strong," No, I was given s-strict rules t-t-that I was to f-follow."

I could tell that it wouldn't take much longer for him to cave in. He was already starting to stutter. And I really did love Beck to pieces, however, whenever he tried to stand in the way of getting something done…he could be quite the little pest. Releasing a sigh, I looked right into his dark eyes," Please, Beck, I haven't seen him in the last two days and haven't a clue as to how he is!"

Just then, a thundering woman's voice echoed through the corridor.

"Beckett! Beckett!" Lady Trina's, the wife of Apollo, voice rang through the hallways. She was the only woman who called him by his full name and when she did…he jumped.

The sound of her voice caused Beck to jump right out of the doorway, which allowed me access to the door. Quickly, I scurried into Caspian's study. I heard Beck's frantic, startled cry as he noticed that I was no longer in front of him. I heard the door start to fly open before Trina's voice beckoned him once more.

Smirking to myself, I made my way deeper into his study and noticed that it was empty. I walked all around the desk, noticed that there were a couple of pieces of partridge on his desk, but paid no mind of it. I continued looking all around before making my way over to his own balcony. It, like the study, was empty. I found this rather odd that Caspian was not in his study…why would Beck be keeping such a close eye over it? Why was he so set on keeping me out?

After doing a couple more searches, I determined that Caspian was most definitely not in there. I made my way back to the exit and softly closed the door behind me. Perhaps, there was some sort of meeting or…something. I hadn't a clue what could have been going on that was so important (I was rather getting frustrated with playing these games), but as soon as I left his study Trina's voice was then calling my name.

"Rosalie! Darling, Rosalie, please come here!" the maternal voice called and I immediately turned to see the tall woman standing at the end of the corridor.

Quickening my haste, I was soon in front of the lady. A look of confusion was still planted on my face from the strange happenings of late.

"Yes? Lady Trina?" I asked her just as I was approaching the light haired woman who appeared to be wearing a worried expression.

As soon as I was within arm's reach, I felt her grab me into a tight hug. I always enjoyed talking to Trina because whenever I looked into her chestnut brown eyes, it reminded me of my mother's and I could at least have some sort of a maternal figure to look up to when I saw her. Both of her children were rather small and I think that she enjoyed being able to speak with me as if I were her oldest daughter.

"Dear Rosalie!" she exclaimed before allowing me to step away, still not releasing my arm," I haven't the opportunity to speak with you in quite some time now!"

I nodded my head in agreement, equally pleased to see her as well, but still curious as to just what had happened with Beck.

Smiling, I replied," As have I. Times have started to become busy," there was a pause," But, where did Beck run off to?"

"Oh, you know Beck," she assured me with a chuckle," Always running off somewhere. Never really doing the original task intended for him. There was actually some other business that needed to be attended to elsewhere."

I nodded, looking up at her," It appears to be that way," I laughed again," He's quite the character."

"That he is," she agreed as we started down the stairwell.

Another silence fell upon us and I found it be the perfect opportunity to ask about the whereabouts of Caspian.

"Speaking of Beck, he was actually trying fairly hard to keep me out of seeing the King," I told her," You wouldn't happen to know where our majesty has been keeping himself hidden away to, do you? I haven't seen him for nearly two days now!"

I watched as Trina nodded along, listening to each and every word intently before simply saying," Well, I'm sure that he is only busy. You must keep in mind that anything can come up being King."

She was right, of course, but I thought that maybe, perhaps, she could have given me more of an answer than that. Not speaking with Caspian over the last two days had been absolute torture for there was so much I wished to speak with him about. There was so much that I wished to say, but how was I ever to say it if he was always locked up away from me somewhere?

"Yes," I agreed, but soon found a rebuttal," However, he normally always informs me when he is free. I find it odd that I've heard nothing of him over the last two days. It's quite a long time to go without talking to a person whom you speak with daily."

A small smile played on her lips as we reached the bottom of the stairwell, did she know more than what she was telling? Was there something she wasn't telling me? Of course, the smile could have meant anything, but I couldn't help but notice that even Trina was being rather distant with me. And rather suddenly too. It seemed as though right when I mentioned the King; she turned vague.

"I haven't a clue, dear," she soothed once more as we stood in the congested castle corridor, with an unusual amount of servants passing through the hallway. Typically, I spoke with Trina for many hours at a time, but there was something going on. I watched her eyes look around the hallways, as if she were searching for something or someone. A certain anxiousness hung about her, a feature I typically didn't see.

"Apollo hasn't-" I started, trying to get her to say more, but she was distracted once more by a Beck sprinting out of the horse stables, nearly tripping over his own feet.

"Beck, I thought that I told you to-" she looked at me and placed a hand on my arm comfortingly," Dear, I'm sorry, I've got to check on something."

I stood there dumbstruck. Had she really just walked away? Had she really just left me standing there, jaw dropped about to say more? What had gotten in to her? Please, understand, that I did realize she was a busy woman, but she had never just abandoned me as we were talking.

"We'll talk later, Rosalie!" she called back over her shoulder, I think, but I didn't hear for I was already walking in the opposite direction toward the stables.

I didn't know what the big secret was, but I was already tired of being the one left out of it. I hadn't seen Caspian for nearly two days, Trina had abandoned me, Emily was scarcely seen, and even my own sister, Penelope, wasn't training for archery or speaking with me, which meant that something had to be going on. Apollo was always with Caspian and always kept track of him, how odd it was that just as I began to mention him…Trina went running off.

"Lady Rosalie!" a younger servant cried, I didn't recognize him immediately, but still gave him my attention," You must come quickly!"

Finally, maybe something, anything that could give me some sort of indication as to the oddities that had been happening over the last couple of days. The young boy started running down the corridor and I was quick to follow. My heart fluttered at the thought of actually doing something. I followed her all the way out to the stables, where there were many people gathered around Kingslee's stall.

"Get out of here! I told you, I'm fine!" I heard a familiar voice defend from the ground, my sister was obviously trying to get someone to back away from her.

My excitement turned to dread as I heard her voice, obviously agitated. I could only imagine what she had gotten herself into as I made my way through the small congregation. There, in the hay, sat Penelope. By the way the two soldiers were standing around her, it appeared she had been injured. Despite what she said. I noticed her ankle looked rather swollen.

"Lady Penelope," one of the men tried to soothe," You can't walk on your own. Your ankle is too swollen."

"My ankle," she defended, pulling herself up against the side of the stall, breaking from their grip. A wince was growing on her face as the weight on her ankle increased, she tried hard covering up the pain, but it was evident she would be going no where as just when she stepped away from the stable wall; she fell face first into the hay.

I noticed that Kingslee was rather antsy in her stall, anxiously pacing around. I tried calming her softly by placing my hand on her face before turning my attention to Penelope. Had she really tried riding Kingslee? Was she that daft?

I shook my head and gently pushed aside the two trying to help her," Thank you for your effort, however, I've got it from here."

Obediently, the two stepped away from her and began to exit the stable. Quickly, I shoved my arm under both of hers and started to relieve the weight from her ankles. The crowd dispersed slowly as I assisted my sister in walking," Just what did you intend to do in riding Kingslee? I've told you that she hardly responds to anyone."

"She let me ride her once when I was younger!" She tried, but noticed her story wasn't working on me as we hobbled along before she admittedly sighed," I needed to ride out to the market to get something for Lady Trina."

"Why didn't you just ride Jericho?" I asked, referring to the horse that Penelope had received as a gift from Caspian," Considering he is yours?"

She sighed, hating to be found caught," Kingslee's much faster and this was something that needed to be done in a hurry."

I furrowed my brows, curious as to what this could be. I said nothing for a little while as we hobbled along through the stable. Not knowing whether to be upset with her over trying to sneak out on Kingslee or further interrogate her on just what she was trying to do because her, like me, normally didn't try doing anything risky unless prompted. Before I could do either, we were interrupted by a group of men just as we entered back into the castle. All three of them were dressed in long robes and looked well trimmed, it didn't take long for me to recognize them as no other than the King, Apollo, and Marcus, both of them his advisors.

Running up from behind was, of course, Beck, sprinting as fast as he could, yelling," Lady Penelope's hurt!"

I looked over to see Penelope rolling her eyes. She tried putting weight down on her foot quickly to prove that she really was okay, but by the looks of her swollen ankle…it wasn't going to happen. She looked right at me," Please, tell them not to make a big deal about it."

I nodded and just as I turned over to the men to say something, they had already swept their arms under her and were starting to lift her off the ground. Before Apollo or Marcus could lift her up, I stopped them," Listen, she really isn't-"

"Her ankle's the size of a melon!" Beck exclaimed, staring at the swollen ankle on my sister.

An exasperated sigh was released from her mouth again as Caspian stepped forward. I looked at him hard. How odd it was that he appear out of no where to my sister's side! As the men slipped their arms under my sister, I stepped away and tenaciously kept watch on my frustrated sister. A party was beginning to form around her once more.

"Lady Penelope-" Apollo tried urging her onward," We must-"

"Please! It's just a hurt ankle, I don't need an entire escort entourage just to take me to have it wrapped," she argued trying hard to shake him off, but as she did she placed weight on her ankle and squealed.

"What is it you desire, Penelope?" Caspian finally asked, taking a step closer to the girl whom he would have taken care of like he would a sister.

A tear came down her face from the pain," Just take me to get it wrapped. No one else."

He nodded his head and looked to Apollo," Let me take her there myself, please."

"You're sure?" he asked, as the King slipped his arm under Penelope's weight.

Just as the two men and Beck stepped away and the other people standing around had scattered, Caspian looked over at me. I knew from his eyes that he wanted to say something. I knew that there were words planted in his apologetic eyes, but I stood there with my arms crossed as he picked up Penelope. He started to walk forward, with my injured sister in his arms and as he passed I felt his whisper in my ear.

"Please, will you do the honor or having dinner with me tonight?" his voice, barely audible rang in my ear.

I furrowed my brow before slowly nodding my head, slightly baffled, but very relieved as well," I think I could manage that. You've got some explaining to do," I teased.

"Of course," he replied as smile appeared on his face," Good bye, until then," he whispered, ever so softly before continuing to carry my sister away.

How wonderful it felt it have dinner planned with the young man whom I hated to be separated from.

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