A New Horizon

A Message from Brother Dear

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Chapter Eight: A Message from Brother Dear

"Rosalie," Caspian whispered softly, I felt him slowly pull his forehead away from mine

"Yes?" I replied, curious as to why he was breaking away.

"There's something else you must know," he told me, his voice taking another serious tone.

"And what's that?" I asked, looking directly at him.

He looked down at our connected hands and squeezed them tightly before looking back at me," We must be married quickly, which means that we haven't much time to plan the ceremony."

Puzzled by his comment, I said," And just how short-"

"Within the month, Rosalie," he said, interrupting my complete though.

My jaw almost dropped. I was excited about being married, but-having such a short engagement? I-I didn't know what to say. In four weeks or less, I was going to be Queen. How odd that sounded. Was there no way we could change this as well? Not that I believed anything would change, but simply the emotional preparation…wow.

"I guess there is nothing you can do to have this re-arranged? Not that I am not eager, but Caspian. That really isn't much time at all," I claimed, trying to be logical.

He nodded, for of course, he understood," I know and you must realize that this is one of the things I have tried to have changed as well, but the council insists-"

"But you're the King," I interrupted," Surely, that counts for something."

He sighed," Of course, it does, Rosalie, but…Narnia needs a Queen, Rosalie. They merely want to keep their hands clean with all of this legally and the sooner you become Queen-the better we all are off. Suppose something should happen out West where I was to go off to battle-"

"Please, don't mention a thought of you leaving me alone to rule," I shook my head, shuddering a the thought.

"The reality of it is that it could happen," he told me, trying to get me to view it more realistically.

"But it is not likely," I said, trying to make the case seem less likely.

He chuckled gently to himself," I wouldn't think you've much to worry about. You'd be a great leader. You'd learn quickly, just as I-"

Before he could finish the sentence and before I could protest.

Then, rapidly, both Emily and Beck fell through the door that had, apparently, been propped open the whole time. Behind them stood, a disappointed Apollo and Trina picking them up from the ground.

"I told you it was a bad idea!" Emily barked at Beck as Apollo pulled the both of them up from the ground.

"You didn't exactly stop it, Miss I-Always-Know-Best!" Beck argued back as Trina pulled him away from Emily, who, quite frankly, looked like she was ready to tear him to pieces.

"Beck-!" she started again, but Apollo held him back.

"The both of you!" he cried, an immediate sound of authority in his voice as he grabbed Beck by the ear, similar to how he would a young child," Now, do not make me treat you like children any more than I already have. Apologize to Lady Rosalie and King Caspian for eavesdropping."

Beck's knees seemed to shake at the sound of Apollo and the touch of his finger on his ear, pulling him back away from the door. Before she could escape, Emily was soon grabbed as well," Don't think you're going anywhere, either."

A look of frustration came onto her face as he held a tight grip on the lobe of her ear," Both of you, apologize," he commanded once more.

"Apollo," Caspian started, trying not to be overbearing, but still loud enough to catch the man's attention.

I shot Caspian a look before finishing the sentence for him, tenaciously, of course," There is no need for apology. They've heard nothing of great importance, I'm sure."

I almost regretted saying that for soon after I did, the scrawny boy that stood squirming in the arms of Apollo, Beck cried out," Only that you both are getting married!"

Heat rushed to my face once more. As I mentioned before, of course words could not describe how happy I was, but it was still somewhat awkward to speak of being married. I shot a nervous look at Caspian before the both of us broke into laughter. Apollo's interest was suddenly not on Beck anymore, but shifted to Caspian. Trina did the same as the two servants ran away quickly, bickering the whole way.

Trina immediately came running over to me and gathered me into her arms," Love, is it true?"

I smiled and looked directly at her before raising my hand to showcase the proof on my left finger," They speak the truth!"

"Why the little snoops!" she exclaimed, grabbing me all over again," I'll-"

I raised a hand," Please, they mean no harm. Don't worry of it."

Apollo had moved from Caspian over to me and embraced me just as his wife had," Congratulations, Rosalie."

"Thank you," I told him gently and then the four of us stood alone on the rooftop looking to each other. It did not take long for the moment to sink in and Lady Trina to speak once more.

"Well, gentlemen, if you don't mind, I'm going to take the bride-to-be to her quarters now. It appears as though we've got a wedding to plan!"

My eyes widened as she said this. It had to be nearing the late hours of the evening! Did she really expect me to-to plan a wedding? Now? Before she could pull me away, Caspian grabbed me by the hand one last time and gently kissed my cheek, I stayed close to him as I whispered," I love you."

He replied, just as tenderly," And I you. Goodnight."

"Night," I said before slowly stepping away from him as I felt Trina begin to lead me away. One last time I looked back at the man I was to marry before she descended down the stairs.

"Now, we've got much to do if we are to have this ceremony in the next four weeks!" she told me, I could already feel the pressure being placed on my shoulders as we flew down the stair well.

A yawn escaped my mouth as we traveled quickly down the stairs," Trina, as much as I appreciate this-"

She continued to ramble on and on. I was starting to understand why she was so stressed earlier. Had she known about the wedding before hand, which she obviously did, then she had probably started planning it over the last two days. She began spitting out so much information that my head was spinning; I started to realize all over again why I did not have much interest in all the organizing of events. It also made sense as to why she had blown me off earlier. She has probably been planning this thing since the moment it was mentioned.

"Now, the biggest event that we've got on our hands is the announcement to the public. With this I've got-" my door was growing closer by the moment as we walked through the corridors and just as she started to explain the announcement, another yawn escaped my mouth as I leaned against the door frame.

"Trina," I stopped her finally and she looked at me, wide eyes and all," Please," I placed a hand on her arm," I am much too tired now to think of much anything serious about the planning. Give me a couple hours of sleep first."

A smile appeared on her face and through the dark, I could clearly see it," I understand, I was the same way when I was your age."

Smirking, a silence hung in the air before she said," Get some sleep tonight, dear, but be ready for some serious planning!"

She couldn't contain it as she pulled me into another hug and I even think I heard a squeal escape her lips. Finally, I pried myself out of her arms and stepped back into my room. For the first time since I was a little girl, I skipped down the hallways and to my room. Collapsing on the four-poster bed, a smile was planted on my face as the ring stared back at me.

I was to be married.

When Trina said that she had plenty of planning in mind; she was right. Not only did we have a wedding to plan, but we also had a celebration of Penelope's birthday. Penelope claimed that she didn't want to make a big deal of anything, but never listening to such nonsense, Trina had a large formal dinner planned for her. Soon after the dinner, a couple days or so, we found ourselves coming out to the public about our engagement.

As soon as we went public and told them the date, everything seemed to be set into high gear until then. Dresses were to be picked, menus to be prepared, and a guest list of course! Most of the time, I found myself sitting in long, tedious sessions with Trina picking out all sorts of "necessities" that seemed to be useless at the time. However, the lady loved the process so much and became so excited when we would pick something out-it kind of forced me to like it. Somewhat.

That being said, time really did fly by quite quickly before I knew it, it was only a mere four days before the wedding and guests of all sorts were coming in and making themselves at home in the castle walls. Leaders from all different regions, old friends. Very quickly, I found myself becoming much more social than I ever wished to be.

"Come on! I'm in great need of a cup of tea! If the Madame from Archenland doesn't get her daily cup she's going to drive me crazy!" Penelope called at the top of her lungs as she came running into the kitchen, a typical chore that she found herself doing.

I acknowledged her distress and made my way over to one of the cabinets to grab a tea cup for her. While I did this, Emily was grabbing the kettle hot off the stove. Whenever the cup was cooled to the drinkablity and sugar cubes placed on a saucer, Penelope was off to delivery the tea cup. Though I should have been off with Trina, I always felt a need to help the kitchen staff since they were always overworked.

At this time, I had been in the kitchen for quite some time and probably needed to moving along to prevent myself from being caught. Exiting the kitchen, I found there to be plenty of commotion happening in the corridors. On typical days, I tried to keep my appearance rather tamed down and keep attention away from myself, which wouldn't be hard to do.

I kept my head down as I passed through the busy crowd, in fact, I had a hood on my dark blue cape that I wore since it was raining outside, it was not uncommon for the folk to have these hoods up as they entered. I walked quickly through until I had reached the other side of the foyer. I knew that Trina was probably waiting on me for one of the final fittings of the dress.

I reached the end of the corridor, where there were hardly any people cluttered about, but just as I did I was abruptly stopped by the sound of struggle from, what appeared to be, a linen closet. Slowly, I crept along the side of the wall, to listen more closely and see just what was going on.

"Listen to me," a man's gruff voice growled, I could also hear the sound of a girl's voice, struggling," You're goin' to do as I say."

A muffled voice could be heard through the wall, but briefly and very briefly, she spoke," Never."

"Now, love, you don't even know what I'm going to ask you to do," he said, trying to sound as though he was not to harm her.

There was silence before she spoke, very quietly," What is it that you want?"

I desperately wanted to know who this man was because after she said those words, I knew who she was. She was Emily. Emily was being held against her will by some man, whom I didn't even know! Inside the castle at that! Despite the need I had to burst into the door, I needed to listen more before I could make a wise decision on what was going on. I pulled my hood off my head and inched closer.

"That's what I like to 'ear," he chuckled softly before continuing," You've got a royal wedding coming up, now dontcha? That's what all these peoples are running around like wild geese about, am I right?"

"Yes," she said, her voice sounded so weak, so vulnerable.

"Bring me the lit'le Queenie-to-be. Tell her you've got some special task for her to perform for the weddin' or whatnot. You'll prob'ly be a bet'r liar than I," he chuckled again," We've got a bone to be pickin' with the lit'le Queenie so the faster you can bring her to us, the bet'r."

There was a silence for a moment. I felt as though my heart was beating out of my chest and if I were to be any louder, they would find me in a second. However, soon I watched as the curtains that contained the closet flew open. Heart beating wild, I watched as Emily, shaking, appeared out of the closet.

"And dontchu go thinkin' that you can pull a quickie on us eith'r!" he called and she looked back, nodding her head solemnly.

It took her a moment or two before she looked to her right and immediately noticed me standing right there. Relief flooded her face as she tried to silently hide her excitement and rush over to where I was standing. I threw my finger up over my lips to signal her to stay quiet. She nodded obediently as I reached into the inside of my cloak and pulled out a small dagger.

Then, quickly I pulled Emily out of earshot of the men and whispered quickly," You need to go and alert one of the castle soldiers on duty, anyone, even Caspian if you can find no one else-that there is a disturbance. Now go!"

"But, my lady-" she argued, peering down at my small dagger, and I shook my head.

"Emily, do I say and go!"

Quickly, she flew off down the corridor searching for any sign of help she could find while I turned my attention back to the closet. Perhaps, this was not the best idea-logically-perhaps I should have waited for backup, but I wanted to face my danger straight up. I wanted to look them in the eyes and tell them that if they really wanted me; they could get me themselves.

Not wanting to waste a minute, I slung the curtains open and saw, to my surprise, two men sitting around an overturned box in the closet. A small candle sat in the, mostly darkened closet, but as soon as I pulled the curtains open, light filled the room briefly.

"Who are you that requests my presence?" I demanded, pointing my dagger at the both of them.

"Whoa there," one of them, a new voice, said," We mean no harm there, lit'le missy. We're only the messengers. We've only got a little 'heads' up for ya."

"How come I don't believe this?" I challenged, my gaze shifting between the two, scruffy, poorly dressed men. From the outside it appeared that they were unarmored, but there was still something about them that I didn't trust. At all.

One of them, the one that spoke with Emily, arose and I took a step back. He smiled a nasty, gold-tooth-plated smile as he looked at me," Haven't a clue. I'd say we're pre'ty trustworthy fellas, wouldntchu?" he asked his partner, who stayed seated.

The partner cackled," 'Course we are! We the most trustworthy fellas you ever done met, Queenie."

"To-be," the other one corrected," She 'asn't 'ad that ceremony yet, now 'as she?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

Frustrated, I responded," Just tell me what you want with me! I heard the whole conversation. If you really want me, then here I am. Say what you will to me, but do not disturb my servant girls to get to me. They've done no harm and you basically brought my other one to tears."

A look of shock came on the one who was standing's face," You 'eard all that, eh?"

I nodded my head, firmly still holding my dagger raised high.

"Well then," he said, coming close to me. Uncomfortably circling me as I stood still in place, the wrong move to do," I've a message from yer brother."

My attention immediately went up. Jacob? He had passed through my head over the last few days while we were inviting all of the guests to the wedding. Somehow, I still felt I owed him at least an invitation, but he wasn't to be found anywhere. I had sent out plenty of messages for him, but had received nothing. This was the first I had heard of Jacob in over a year.

"What of my brother?" I asked, without any steady tone to my voice, I felt the dagger unintentionally move downward. I was letting my guard down.

The two men broke into laughter," What of yer brother, eh?" the other one, sitting at the box asked," You want to know of yer brother? If you only knew, m' lady."

After their fun was over, the one circling me spoke once more," I'm not allowed to tell ye much, darlin'-"

"Do not call me that," I growled, tired of the disrespect I was receiving.

He chuckled once more, this time right in my face as he spoke again," Your brother wants to make a deal with ya and yer husband-to-be."

"Hmm, and what's that?" I asked, warily, hardly thinking we would ever make such a deal.

"He thinks it be a lit'le unfair that his lit'le sister be getting to be a ruler of the nation yer daddy promised him since he was a lad," the man said, a certain gruffness to his voice as he walked around me," Dontchu think?"

I shook my head and glared at the man," Our father didn't know what he was promising; he had no say in who would rule the country. He only dreamt it and never was he in a position to ruling the country. The closest he got to having any say in who ruled the country was when he brutally murdered King Caspian and his wife."

"Yer brother seems to think a lit'le differently than that-" the man said, but before he could utter anymore, the sound of Telmarine soldiers came from outside the closet.

"Whoever's in there, come out with your hands high! You can't escape!" their voices echoed through the closet before the curtains flew open.

"Perfect timing fellas," the man mumbled into my ear and before I could react, the man had grabbed me tight and weaved my own dagger out of my hand and moved it to my neck.

After several seconds of no reply, the men finally threw open the curtains, armed with swords of their own, some even wielding crossbows, but their look of desire to get rid of these guys turned to worry as they saw the dagger at my neck.

"Gentlemen," the leader of the soldiers said softly," I think it would be in the best interest of-"

"No! All of ye, are gonna listen to me otherwise, yer little Queenie-to-be, won't be living to see her own weddin'!" the scruffy man dug the dagger closer to my skin, almost drawing blood," Now, that I've got yer attention, Jacob Sopespian wants all ye to know that he's quite offended he hasn't been invited to the royal weddin'. He thought he'd let all of ye know that he will be present at the weddin' and he will not be-oh what's the right word-chipper."

"Sir," the head Telmarine soldier tried, but the blade came closer to my veins.

"Ah-ah-ah, don't forget what's at stake 'ere, sir," the man mocked, holding my tighter," However, it appears I 'ave told you as much as I can. Now, it appears you've got a ceremony to be plannin' and Jacob is looking forward to it, greatly. It's been nice meetin' you love," he spat the last in my ear and quickly I felt his lips brush my cheek before everything seemed to happen at once.

He pushed me forward into the group of soldiers and behind him, his buddy had already disappeared, and soon, with a cloud of smoke, the man was gone too. Dumbfounded, we all looked around trying to discover just where he could have run off to. Soldiers immediately swarmed the closet looking for any sign of where the men cold have run off to, but they were gone. I felt my cheek where the man's lips had met my skin and shuddered, also slightly angered.

The rat had run off with my dagger!

"Lady Rosalie, are you alright?" one of the men asked me after several moments of standing quite still.

"Of course," I told the man directly before starting to walk away," Thank you for everything. I-I've some other things to attend to now."

"Are you sure-" he tried to question me once more, but I had already turned my back and was heading in the other direction. I could see why they would have thought that I was greatly disturbed, but honestly it was more of the idea that my brother would be attending my wedding than anything.

If Jacob had recruited this scum to fetch him a message…what else had he up his sleeve?

Just what had he been doing that last year?

A/N: The next chapter going to be a long one! We've got the wedding and we're going to learn just what Rosalie's brother has been up to.Thanks for reading you guys! Make sure you let me know what you think! Much love

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