A New Horizon


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Chapter Nine: Preparations

"What did they do to you?" Caspian demanded later that night as I sat in his study, retelling the events of the day.

"Caspian," I sighed, for seemingly the thousandth time," They didn't harm me at all. The worst the scum did was kiss me on the cheek and-"

"He touched you? How dare-"

"Caspian," I said softly rising from the chair where I sat across from him. I moved behind the chair where he sat and leaned over his shoulder," Please don't worry about them. What we need to worry about is my brother, they were sent by him."

He shot his dark eyes up at me and finally nodded after several moments," I know, I know…you said that…it's just hard. So much has been happening lately with the army out West-"

"What has happened with that?" I asked, unintentionally interrupting him as I moved myself to his desk and sat on the edge.

"Well," he started, turning his attention to the papers on his desk in front of him," A rider just came in tonight and sent message from General. The men are currently retreating from the mountain-"

"Have you heard from someone other than General?" I interrupted, once again unintentionally.

Caspian raised a brow at me, frustrated I could tell," Rosalie, don't start with me over General. Both you and I know that he's a good fellow, just a little, rough around the edges."

Unsatisfied, I crossed my arms and allowed him to continue," Supposedly, they've got an army too back there in the mountains. A full-sized army. And to top it all off, they've got the giants on their side too."

If I was ever shocked before, then I most certainly was now. I didn't even know how to reply. Of course the men were retreating! There weren't many of them and if the others had an entire army! Good Aslan, they would have been destroyed! But…would the full-sized army follow…along with the giants?

"Caspian, what are we-"

This time, it was he interrupting me.

"I don't know. General ensured me that he had it under control for now," he looked directly at me before pushing his chair out of the desk," Right now, all I'm focusing on is this ceremony."

He stood directly in front of me as I argued," But Caspian isn't it a little-"

"Don't," he leaned in and placed his lips on mine, he spoke again" Worry."

Every time that I had kissed Caspian before our engagement, there was a certain sweetness behind every kiss. As our relationship developed and as the wedding date came closer, I could feel something new building. A different sort of feeling that I hadn't really ever experienced before, a new sort of sensation.

The realization that we were going to be married had yet to sink in. For some reason as he said those words to me, I had to obey. He was King after all and perhaps I should have given General more respect…

"I'll try not to," I said, smiling through one last kiss before I forced myself to climb off of the desk, glancing out to the moon rising high in the night sky," I really ought to be getting back now. We especially don't want anyone getting the wrong message now."

He chuckled as I started toward the door, my hand interlocked with his still," Try and stay out of trouble."

"I think I should be more worried of you," I said with a small smile as he moved my hand up to his lips.

"Until tomorrow," I said softly, turning toward the door once more," We've only three more days, you realize that?"

"Until I am the happiest man in all of Narnia," he said, still holding my hand close to his face and smiling.

My heart fluttered," And I the happiest woman."

Those next three days seemed to fly by even quicker than the others. I found myself standing in the middle of the powder room one too many times, having Trina and all the other servant girls pin my dress onto me tighter and tighter every time. Many last minute decisions were to be made, but for the most part what we had to do was just a matter of getting done. If that made any sense.

Lucky for me, Trina continued to do most of the planning. However, the venue was a matter of argument. I wished that we be able to hold the ceremony in a more public area to where even the Telmarine on the street would be able to witness the ceremony, but we could not reach an agreement as to where that would be appropriate considering that a city street is not the most convenient place to decorate for a wedding.

Finally, we agreed on having the ceremony in the courtyard, which was a rather large area, relatively speaking. It would not be the largest, by any means, but it would make for both an airy and intimate feel. We decided that there would be plenty of room for all of the members of 'upper' class that had been invited. I convinced Trina to open the gates after the upper class has been filled and allow on a first come first serve basis, Telmarines from the public. She agreed to this after much arm pulling.

Little else did I know of the wedding other than the dress, venue, and guest list. All of the other details, she had kept well-hidden. I may have been the one to pick out the accessories, but she was the one who chose where they went and how they went there. There was also to be a gathering after the wedding that would take place in the grand hall. Plenty of walkthroughs were done in that venue as well. There was also plenty of planning that needed to be done as far as the 'wedding party'.

Caspian and I insisted that we keep it simple. Since, most of our closest friends had either been banished or killed…we found that my sister would be the main relative in the wedding party. We also decided on some other younger accomplices we had made in neighboring regions over the last year.

After running through the entire ceremony once through the evening before, I couldn't help but feel like…well…a princess. Or maybe…Queen would be a more appropriate word.

"Rosalie," Emily nudged me, early that morning. The morning that I was to be married on.

For the first time, I found myself excited to be getting up. Surprisingly, I rubbed my eyes quickly and sprung upright into a sitting position. The other servants hadn't even opened the curtains yet.

"A little anxious are we?" Emily smiled at me as I pushed the thick blankets away from my lower half of my body," Never have I seen you so excited to be up!"

I looked around my room and noticed that most of its contents were already moved to the royal suite, or were in the process of being moved. It was so odd to see my room, my room that had been my room for so long, being empty. The last few days had been emotionally challenging as well…moving all of my belongings out.

"Can you give me a moment?" I asked Emily as I rose to my feet and started toward my closet once more, just as I had when I was little.

"My lady, we're on a rather tight schedule," one of the other servant girls told me as I entered into the closet.

Emily looked over at the girl once before replying," Go on, Rosalie. Do what you must."

The girl shot Emily a rather shocked look right as I exited into the closet. Not to my surprise, most of the clothing in the room were already gone, but I did notice that in the back there were some dresses that appeared to be from my childhood. Furrowing my brow in confusion as to why they would still be there, I inched closer and immediately recognized them.

One of them was the blue dress I had worn to the dinner. The dinner where Caspian and I had first become companions. I couldn't help but smile as I ran my fingers over the material, reminiscing on that night which was both a blessing to Caspian and as well as a curse. He did not even know the fate that lie ahead of his parents. Nor did he know that he would be forced to step forward as King so soon. Before I could become too lost in thought, Emily's voice rang," Rosalie, I'm sorry-I wish I could give you more time since this is your last-"

Shaking my head, I turned away from the dress and started walking toward the girl," I am ready, you're not disturbing anything."

"I know that this is all very rushed," she told me as we quickly exited the closet and began walking toward the powder room. The more I walked about, the more the butterflies in my stomach grew.

As soon as I entered the powder room, everyone seemed to be flustered. If they were before for any of the smaller events, then they most definitely were now. My sister sat on one of the stools, already clad in the lavender dress that I actually had picked out for her.

"Lady Rosalie!" all of them seemed to cry at once and, immediately, I was swarmed with all sorts of woman pushing me into ten different directions.

"Hold up!" Emily tried, pushing through the women," STOP!" she screamed, louder than I had ever heard her speak before. My eyes widened at how loud her voice had gotten," Now, all of you go to your positions we discussed earlier. I know it's exciting, but this is unnecessary!"

Emily may have been shy for about ninety percent of the time, but in that other ten percent, she was demanding. As they should have, the women scurried about and went to their various stations. I merely did as I was told and hoped that I was doing that right. As soon as Emily brought me behind the privacy curtain to change into the dress, Trina came in.

"Oh good, you're all ready!" Trina cried, smiling as she saw me, I noticed that over her arm the dress lay. My heart leaped slightly as they helped me into the dress. Putting on dresses was not something I enjoyed, but this dress. This elegant piece of material that I had chosen…was unlike any other thing I could hope for. The sleeves on the dress came down to almost my elbow, laying slightly above them. So much fabric consisted of this dress that I felt as though it went on for miles behind me.

Looking at myself in the mirror almost brought tears to my eyes. How I wished that my mother could be there, seeing me in white marrying the man who I knew she would have wished I would. A tear fell down my face beyond my control as I stood there, admiring all of the intricacies that had been weaved into the dress such as the delicate beads lining the bodice, which Emily was already starting to fasten very tightly and add all sorts of other little details.

"Darling, are you ready for today?" Trina asked me, wiping the stray tear from my face as she stood in front of me.

More tears forming in my eyes, I nodded, trying to appear happy. I was determined that the older I got, the more sappy I became.

"Whatever is the matter?" she asked, placing a comforting hand on my arm.

"It's nothing," I waved her off, wiping away the other tears.

"It's obviously more than that," she persisted," Tell me, Rosalie."

Sighing, I let it out," I just wish my mother could be here. It seems that she deserves to see this as well."

Trina, in her eyes, showed much sympathy for me as she gathered me in her arms once more. I felt her hand stroking me compassionately on my back as the tears continued to stream down my face," Look at me, Rosalie," she ordered me, gently," Look right here."

She placed hands on either side of my face, wiping away the other tears that fell," I can guarantee you that she may not be here physically, but love, she is here. She will always be here. In fact, she's right here," she pointed to the place on my chest where my heart rested underneath," Always remember that."

Feeling a little embarrassed for breaking down all of a sudden, I nodded and found some composure. Slowly, she dropped her hands from my face and guided me out of the curtain to have my hair done," Are you alright?" she asked me one last time, and I nodded, a smile coming to my face.

"Of course," I smiled, a genuine smile.

"That's my Rosalie," she smiled right back at me before turning back to the other women, directing them as to what should have been going on.

After several moments of sitting in front of the servant girl, who seemed to be braiding my hair in some sort of way, and speaking casually with her, Penelope appeared and sat on the edge of the vanity in front of me.

"Are you excited?" she asked me, kicking her feet back and forth in the air.

I nodded and grinned at her," Yes, but a little nervous too. I don't really know how to describe what I'm feeling, I guess."

Smiling, she nodded," I think that's normal."

"You've never been married before, how would you know?" I teased her, gently.

She chuckled softly before responding," I don't know…call it…little sister instinct?"

I reared back and laughed at the sound of that, Penelope was always the perfect person to make me smile. That was if she wasn't in one of her attitudes.

As the laughter ceased, I admired the dress that Trina had picked out. It looked wonderful on Penelope's tan skin and dark hair. Her green eyes really seemed to stand out and the flow of the dress made her appear much taller than what she was. It was ridiculous to think that she was grown up and that I would no longer be waking up every day to see her awakening across the hallway from me. Of course, I would still see her just as frequently as before…but it wouldn't be the same.

As I was thinking all this, I was had to mentally laugh. I was sounding more like Trina the more I was around her.

"The dress is lovely," Penelope commented to me as I felt the girl move to another section of my hair.

"It is isn't it?" I agreed with my younger sibling, looking down once more at the white material.

"Fit for a queen," she commented, with a smile on her face. Puns were one of Penelope's favorite things. She felt especially clever when she managed to come up with one.

There was another silence and as Penelope sat on the vanity, staring at me, I knew there was more she wished to say," You know," she started.

I met her gaze as she continued," I always knew you'd end up with Caspian."

I smirked at her while I felt the braids being pinned to my head," Really? And why's that?"

She shrugged," I don't know. It's kind of the way you two look at each other. It's sickening really."

"Oh gee, thanks," I replied sarcastically.

"No, really," she defended," It's a good, sort of sick. It's like people see you, walking hand and hand, and they know that you two were made for each other. Really. It's like there's no doubt in my mind. Even when you two weren't, well you know, there was always something there."

"Maybe you do have some of that little-sister instinct," I said after she was finished, teasing her slightly.

Just as I said that, the girl finished my hair and in the mirror it looked wonderful. My flat hair, actually appeared to be, thick and healthy. It had been through quite a bit, mind you, but the girl did a wonderful job. Braids ran through the hair, here and there, running back into a lovely bun that was also consisted of braids. I was forced to thank her quickly before moving on to the next station. Before I could leave, I felt Penelope throw herself against me," I love you, Rosalie."

Embracing her, I answered," I love you, Penelope."

After several moments, I watched as my teenage sister broke her embrace, smiling at me one last time, before running off to see just what else Trina may need to be done. I couldn't help but smile. Penelope was growing up right before my very eyes.

Putting powder on was a rather nasty business. I didn't like a little bit of it and I most certainly did not like a lot of it," Do what you must, but, despite what Lady Trina has told you, don't go overboard."

"Whatever you say, my lady," the girl replied with a smile as the brush began leaving a dust of powder over my face. I still couldn't help but wonder why it was all so necessary, but soon enough she had finished and as much as I hated to admit it, it did look quite nice. That didn't mean that I was going to start wearing it, however.

I found that there were several other girls, who were part of the ceremony, that were still being dressed and whatnot. During this time, I found that I was relatively being left alone, which was quite nice. I wandered over to the window that looked out over the grounds and saw that they were dressed quite nicely. The courtyard was already decorated with all sorts of purple and other spring type flowers. I couldn't help, but smile at the chairs lined up all along a center aisle. Citizens of the public were already cramming into the section that appeared to be roped off to the side. They all appeared so excited to be inside the castle grounds.

Then, to my surprise, I saw…a lion. The lion. Trina had mentioned nothing of Aslan being at the wedding, but unless my eyes deceived me, it was he walking through the courtyard with my soon-to-be-husband. My heart started to beat a little faster and just as I turned to run out, I realized that I was in my wedding dress and running to see Aslan now…wouldn't be very realistic.

Trina entered just as my excitement built.

"Aslan's here?" I exclaimed to her, my eyes widening.

She chuckled and looked away, looking like a little girl who had just been caught red-handed," You've seem to find me out."

"What?" I asked, unable to hold back my smile.

"Aslan's performing the ceremony! I thought I would be able to hide it from you for a bit longer, but it appears-"

Excitement rushed through me as I let out a squeal I didn't even know I possessed," Really? You said it would be Doctor Cornelius!"

She laughed at my reaction, before shrugging," You caught me."

"Oh and speaking of Aslan, for the sake of time, we are changing the coronation to the end of this week. The process would be much too time consuming should we try to make this day any more stressful for you."

"Rosalie?" she tried again, and again," Rosalie?"

The words she said merely went in one ear and out the other.

Aslan was performing the ceremony.

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