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Letters to No One

By MrDarling

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 1: I'll Give It A Go

Chapter 1: I’ll give it a go

  “Hmm, I suppose I could write my name down on the list.” Hermione mused.  She stood in front of notice board in the Gryffindor common room.  Hermione happened to be the cleverest witch in the whole school of Hogwarts.  She’d come back to Hogwarts after the war and Voldemort was defeated by her best friend Harry Potter.  Many of her fellow peers had come back to finish off their final year.  She also had become Head Girl seeing that she was, after all, the cleverest.  Sadly, the Head Boy position was given to Draco Malfoy; the young man, whom she had hated since year one.  And, sadly they have to share the Head Students’ common room so she sees his face more than she cared to. Working with him for the past several months has been torture.  She hated seeing his pale, pointed face and that sneer.  Almost every time she saw him she wanted to smack that sneer right off his stupid face.  She smacked him before in their third year and he’d dearly deserved it.

  The list that Hermione was thinking about was none other than a pen pal sign-up sheet.  Dumbledore had come up with this brilliant plan for students to write to each other using a pen name.  He’d talked about his plan after dinner that night and the students seemed keen to the idea.  He had been pleased to see excited looks and whispers.  He figured if the students wrote to a pen pal it might bring the four houses closer together.  Also, he liked matching students together.  It was his hobby.  Most of the faculty were willing to help out with this pen pal plan.  They loved the idea of students writing to each other and making new friends.  The Head students are to give the lists to Dumbledore in a couple of days.  At the end of the year Dumbledore will reveal who their pen pals were if they hadn’t figured it out by then.

  “I think it is a rutty, dumb idea. Where is Harry, I’m sure he would agree with me”  Ron grumbled beside her.  He brushed his ginger hair from his eyes as he stared at the list in front of him.  A few people had signed up using their pen-names.  

  “Oh Ron, I think it’s brilliant.  I love the idea that I could be writing to someone in Hufflepuff,  Ravenclaw, or even Gryffindor and not know it.  And it’s a great way to meet a new friend without pressure.” she obviously did not add Slytherin to her list.

  “Fine, I suppose I could put my name down on the bloody sign-up sheet. I’ll give it a go.  I will have to come up with a pen-name first. Hmm...” Ron thought for a moment.  His eyes looked up at the ceiling.  Hermione chuckled and took the quill from the little inkstand in front of the notice board and wrote down her pen-name.

 She scribbled down MB_Girl, Ron took the quill and wrote down The King for his name.  

 Hermione chuckled softly at his name, “Like Elvis.  He’s the King!” She patted him on the back.

Ron raised a brow. “Who the hell is Elvis? He someone I should know about? Why is he King? There can only be one king and that’s me.” he pointed to himself.

  “Never mind, it’s a Muggle thing.” She smirked at him.  

Hermione dropped her bag down onto the table in the Head’s common room.  She saw that Malfoy had already dropped off his Quidditch gear by the couch. His broom rested against the arm of the couch and his green Quidditch robe was in a ball on the floor.  His door was closed.  The less she saw of him the better.  He was in most of her classes.  She kicked off her Mary-janes and picked them up.  She headed for her room to get her bath things for a shower.

  Moments later she had a towel over her shoulder and carried a plastic toiletries bag.  She walked into the Head bathroom.  It was large and very pretty.  The tub was huge and had many taps with different bubbles and different scents.  The shower was large as well with glass walls. The room was very misty and humid, Malfoy must have recently used the bathroom.  She could smell his spiced soap and shampoo.  It smelled nice but she would never admit to it to herself.

  She started the taps, blue, and shocking pink liquid started to fill the tub.  She sighed happily as she peeled off her clothes and stepped into the tub.  

  After an hour long soak in the lovely bath, Hermione got out and wrapped the towel around herself.  Her wet hair framed her face.  She picked up her clothes and held them to her chest.  She hurried from the bathroom and peeked out to see if Malfoy was in the common room.  She grinned, Malfoy was nowhere in sight and quickly hurried out.  She was getting closer to her room and reaching for the door.  

  Malfoy’s door swished open and he looked across the common room at her.  He had black slacks and his white button shirt on with no tie.  Merlin, he caught her only in a towel and a stunned look on her face.  She started to turn red in the face.  Why didn’t she get dressed in the bathroom? Oh right, she only brought a dumb towel and forgot to bring clean clothes.  She mentally kicked herself.  Stupid Hermione.  She is to be the cleverest witch and forgot to bring clothes.

  “Ugh, what is that damn awful smell? Oh, it must be you Mudblood!” He scowled at her, he pinched his nose with his thumb and forefinger.  He waved his other hand to move the offending scented air away.

  “Shut-up Malfoy!” She shouted at him and opened her bedroom door quickly.

  “My eyes! Hurry into your room! I don’t want to see your dirty body.” He made a gagging sound and closed his eyes so he wouldn’t see Granger.  He heard her “hmph” loudly then the door slammed.  He smirked and couldn’t help it.  He actually enjoyed seeing her in just a towel and that surprised look like she had been caught doing something naughty.  If any other girl had done what she had done he would have figured the girl was trying to seduce him and he would have followed her but this was Granger.  She had a pretty body, toned legs and arms, seemed to have a nice sized chest as well.  Her damp curls framed her face nicely.  Her skin was pink from the hot bath.

  He shook his head and tried to remember where it was he was going before Granger popped up in a towel and distracted him.  He quickly walked out of the common room to head to the Slytherin common room to hang out with his fellow Slytherins.  He wondered if he can find Blaise Zabini to play exploding-snap or Wizard’s chess. 

Two days later, Hermione collected two lists from the Prefects from Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.  Ernie, the Hufflepuff prefect, ran up to her red faced and puffing.  He shoved the list into her hands and ran off yelling about extra potions and didn’t want to be late.  She put the two lists into her bag and will hand them over to Dumbledore when everyone shows up for dinner.

  Right before dinner, the Ravenclaw prefect girl showed up and handed her the list with a smile before running off to join her friends.  Hermione spotted Dumbledore at the staff table sipping on pumpkin juice and chatting to Professor Sprout.  She climbed up the two steps to the staff table and handed Dumbledore her lists.  He smiled with a twinkle in his eye.

  “Thank you very much Miss. Granger.  I trust that you put your name down on the list?”  He asked.  

She nodded her head. “Yes, Professor Dumbledore.  Even Ron put his name down on the list and said he would “give it a go”.” she said happily.  

  “Very well, then.” He laughed.  Draco swaggered over to the table holding the Slytherin list and handed it to Dumbledore without a word. “Ah, thank you very much Mr. Malfoy.  I gather that you put your name down as well?”  Malfoy only shrugged his shoulders and stalked off.  Dumbledore looked after him knowingly.

 Hermione excused herself and hurried over to Ron, Ginny, and Harry.  Ginny was seated next to Harry and Ron was sitting across from them.  Harry and Ron were stuffing their faces with chicken, and bread rolls.  Hermione placed herself down beside Ron and stared at both the boys.

  “You two eat like trolls.  You have no manners at all.” She said and got herself a plate full of food, her stomach gave a small rumble.

  “I’m excited about the pen pal thing.  When do you think we will know who we will be writing to?” Ginny asked as she tried to ignore the ill-mannered boys.

  “I have no idea but I hope it’s soon.  It’s a bit exciting, isn’t it?” Hermione smiled at Ginny.  Ginny whacked Harry in the arm and he stopped to stare at her with a mouth full of food.

  “The Chosen One, with his mouth stuffed full of food.  Makes you wonder why the girls are in love with you.”  Ginny scowled.  Harry swallowed down his food and reached for Ginny’s hand, he held it gently

  “I only need one girl, Ginny.” Harry said.  Hermione rolled her eyes and looked away from the couple.  Ron made a face at Harry and Ginny.

  “Don’t make me hex you.”  Ron grumbled at Harry.  Ginny laughed and kissed Harry’s cheek which made Ron groan.

“You’re going to have to get use to our snogging, Ron.  Don’t be such a baby.” Ginny smirked at her older brother.  Ron rolled his eyes and reached for a piece of pumpkin spice cake.

  Hermione finished  her meal and Dumbledore stood up before his students started to leave.  He held his hands out in front of him and looked around the room.  The chatter died down and heads turned towards the Headmaster.

  “Students, I wanted to inform you that I have received all four lists from the houses and hopefully by tomorrow you will have the name of the person you will be writing to for the rest of the year.  Please remember to refrain from using your real name as it will take the fun out of this activity.  Also, I advise to not write anything too embarrassing, as I have a feeling students will want to share what their pen pals have written to each other.” He looked at Lavender Brown and the Patil twins, “I believe this will bring the houses closer together and build friendship.  I hope you will enjoy this activity.  I only require you write at least once per week, however, you are welcome to write to each other as many times as you would like throughout each week.  By the end of the school year you may reveal who you are to each other.  Nit wit and bubble.  Goodnight.”

  The students chattered loudly all excitedly.  Hermione felt a bit of excitement go through her body.  She was very eager to start a new friendship and hoped she would be paired with someone who was at least a little clever. 

  Dumbledore was clever.  Oh, he was so clever.  He tapped the enchanted parchment lists to reveal the owners of each pen-name.  He was most pleased to see the numbers of students who had written their names down.  Even Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle wrote their names down to write to a pen pal.  Dumbledore sat at his desk and began to pair students up by year. First years with first years and so on.

  Dumbledore smirked as he paired a few of the students together, his match-making skills kicked into overdrive.  He paired students whom he knew would have a bit in common with each other but didn’t know because they were in different houses.  This will be a very interesting year and he can’t hardly wait.
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