I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 11 - Dragon Force

It was the weekend and now that my family knew about the guild, I spent most of my time there. We were up in the field, training. The guild was mostly rebuilt, the builders here are fast considering they have no machines. I was using my new ice dragon slayer magic so Gray was there to help me out.

"Ice Dragon… ROAR!" I screamed letting out a torrent of razor sharp icicles at Natsu.

"Ha! Please, Gray's ice is way colder than that!" Natsu teased.

"Ice Dragon FIST!" I yelled turning my hand into a spiky ball of ice and charging at Gajeel. He blocked it and punched me in the gut.

"Ice Dragon SPIT!" I shot a bit of this really cold liquid out of my mouth, it gives people ice burn. It hit Gajeel right between the eyes.

"AHHH" he screamed.

"Fire Dragon WING ATTACK!" I tuned to see flames heading my way.

"Ice Dragon SCALES" I held up my arms and a shield of ice formed in front of me but it wasn't enough to hold back the flames. they broke through and by reflex I ate them. Erza blew her whistle loud.

"RYAN! The point of this exercise is to see what you can do with ice magic!"

"I know, I know, it was reflex. It's kinda hard to use a magic I don't have any instruction for though."

"Well you are gonna have to master your powers if you want to stand a chance against Acnologia!"

"Yeah, well from what you tell me, the four Dragon Slayers you already have weren't enough and I can't even beat one of them. I think it's about time I learn some secret arts or how to use more than one element!" I snapped. Then I realized who I snapped at. I froze. Erza look really angry and began to stomp over to me.

"Erza, NO! He didn't mean it!" Wendy tried to stop her but Erza ignored her. Everyone else got in front of her and tried to hold her back but she just pushed them away. I couldn't move. She loomed over me.

"You are right." she said calmly "Sorry." I collapsed, finally able to breath. "You will definitely need those skills, however what you REALLY need, all of you, is to be able to activate dragon force"

We were in a large wagon, the Dragon Slayers, Erza, Gray, Lucy and the three cats. Laxus was out on a job so we went without him.

"Were are we going exactly?" I asked.

"To another guild called saber tooth. There are two dragon slayers there that know how to willfully achieve the most powerful state a Dragon Slayer can be, Dragon Force. We are going to ask how."

"And Dragonforce is…?"

"The most powerful Dragon slayer ability by far, I have seen it… It makes the user the closest thing to a dragon." She replied.

"We're here!" Happy announced. We all got out, Natsu and Gajeel needed a minute to collect their guts. Two guys walked out, one had black hair, he had on a black cloak and had a medieval dress like thing with red crosses.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

The other had blond hair and wore and blue vest with a fur trim and loose, cream-colored pants. He looked at me.

"Who's this?" he asked pointing at me.

"My name is Ryan Argus." I said "I'm new to the guild"

"Hey, I'm Sting, master of the sabertooth guild." We shook hands and I felt the familiar sting I get when I gain a new element. I ignored it.

"aren't you a bit young to be a guild master?" I asked

"I believe Fairy Tail's FOUNDER was around 13, am I wrong."

"True" I replied.

"Hi, i'm Rouge." the other one said we shook and I got the sting again.

"We need your help." Erza said.

"What's wrong." We explained to them about how we need to stop Acnologia and Zeref before they destroy the world and how we need dragon force. Sting and Rough looked at each other nervously.

"Getting Dragon Force by will is extremely hard." Sting explained. "We have the Dragon Slayer Lacrimas implanted in us… but we also ate a lacrima infused with ethernano."

"Listen, I took us a whole year to find a place to get the dragon slayer lacrimas and another to actually be able to achieve the requirements to do this." Rouge said "Infusing the Ethernano is no small task but you must also eat it while IN dragon force mode."

"How do you even know this?" Lucy asked.

"My dad, Weisslogia told me about it before… before..." Sting began to choke up.

"It's okay Sting, we get it." Natsu said. I don't… Sting pulled himself together. "If this is really that important then we will get the Ethernano, you get the Lacrimas, okay?"

"Thank you, where can we find the Lacrimal anyway?" Erza asked. They gave us directions to where we can find a man who sells them. On the way out Sting and Rough asked what magic I used.

"Sting, what element do you eat?" I asked, he was puzzled by the question but replied.

"Light. I'm a White Dragon slayer." I looked up at the chandelier above us and began to draw the light out of it and eat it. I held up my arm which had white light swirling around it. Sting and Rough just stared.

"Rough?" I asked

"Shadow..." he whispered. I sucked up my own shadow and the white around my hand turned to shadow.

"I am a King Dragon slayer, capable of using all dragon slayer elements." I said. They just stared as we left. We got in the wagon and began our journey, then I realized I was still on Shadow mode, I grabbed Wendy's hand and switched to air mode before I threw up. She got the wrong idea and wrapped her fingers around mine and put her head on my shoulder, but I was fine with it, i'm glad she didn't realize I was trying not to throw up. Then the driver screamed and we came to a halt, we got out to see Rana standing there. She was bruised and beaten. She said one thing to me.

"I know who destroyed your guild hall..." the she passed out.

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