I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 12 - L

We took Rana with us on our way to the Lacrima seller's place, Wendy was healing her. After a few hours we arrived but Rana still wasn't awake, her wounds were pretty bad, the shop was in the middle of nowhere, there was nothing around. Natsu carried Rana in and yelled

"Can anyone help us!?" An old short man wearing a white tank top and jeans walked out from the back room and when he saw Rana he jumped to action.

"Put her on the table!" He ordered and threw everything off his counter.

"I have been trying to heal her but it doesn't seem to be working." the man put his hand to her head and then took out a blue Lacrima and held it over her head, a wave of blue energy washed over her and the a screen projected out of the Lacrima. He looked at the screen and rolled Rana over and ripped open her shirt. There was a black streak on her back and it appeared to be spreading.

"Poison!" The man said. He went quickly into the back room and came back with and small green Lacrima and placed it on her back, It began to glow and the poison began to shrink till it was all gone.

"Thank you Mr..." I said

"L, just L" He replied.

"Thank you L" then Rana woke up she sat up rubbing her head.

"What happened?" she asked.

"What is the last thing you remember?" I asked.

"I went through a portal to this dimension… then that's it."

"Rest, It'll come back to ya." L said and handed her a shirt. She was confused but then realized she had no shirt on, just a bra. her face turned red and she wrapped her arms around herself and then every boy in the room fell through a portal to the road in front of the shop. A moment later the door opened, Rana came out.

"Sorry..." she said, still kinda embarrassed. We went back in the shop.

"Rana, you said you know who destroyed our guild hall, do you remember who?" I asked.

"No, sorry." I groaned in frustration. I looked around for the first time, the place looked like a video game store but instead of games there were Lacrimas.

"Did you come in here for help or are you gonna buy something?" L asked.

"We came looking for dragon slayer Lacrimas." Erza said. L began to think about this.

"What elements?"

"Fire, Sky, Iron, and King." He seemed to take special notice when she said king. He went into the back room and came back with 3 Lacrimas, a red, black, and white one.

"I don't got a King Lacrima." I came over.

"Damn, well how much for these?" I asked.

"50,000 Jewels" he said.

"WHAT!" Erza screamed slamming her fist on the table.

"A piece." Erza passed out. I had worked out that 100 jewels was around a dollar in my world so 150,000 jewels to me is about $1,500. After I got over the shock I asked

"Is there anything we can do to lower the price or can we do some work to pay it off?" He thought for a moment.

"What do you need these for anyway?"

"They are to help boost the power of those three." I motioned at Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel. "And I was gonna use the king one to boost me." He thought for a moment.

"Tell you what, I need a storage house to store some of my Lacrimas, I started it out back, if you go finish it for me I will cut the price in half." After a brief discussion with the others we agreed even though we don't even have 75,000 Jewels. It didn't take us long to finish because we have so many people. After that we did some more little chores around the place and by night we only got the price down to 70,000 Jewels. L let us sleep in the storage house we built and gave us some blankets to sleep on. Before bed we sat outside by a fire because it wasn't really late enough to sleep. As I looked at the flames, I got the same feeling as when we arrived in that town for my first job. Then the flames had buildings in them and it was all around me, I heard the screams again and then I saw Wendy, the flames engulfed her and she screamed in terror. I came back to reality as fast as I left I had goosebumps all over. The hell… I looked at Carla who had the same look of shock as me.

"Did you see that too?!" I asked. Everyone else stopped talking.

"I should be asking you that, I'm the one that gets visions!"


"Wait, Carla you had a vision, what was it" Wendy asked. Carla hesitated.

"Nothing of your concern." then Carla dragged me away from everyone.

"What did I just see?!" I asked.

"What DID you see?"

"I saw fire and Wendy, there were screams…"

"So it was the same as mine… you have Precognition"

"Pre- wah…?"

"Precognition, the power to see into the future." that scared me.

"WAIT, so that will happen to Wendy! We should warn her!" I began back to the camp.

"NO!" I stopped. "The visions aren't always clear, it could mean something completely different, I don't want to worry her." I thought it over.

"Fine." We went back over to the fire and we talked and laughed for a few hours then went inside to sleep. There were 8 blankets.

"Lets see 1 for the cats and 1 for Gray, Lucy, Natsu, Gajeel, Rana, myself..." Erza said "There isn't enough, either someone sleeps on the floor or 2 people share." no one was volunteering.

"I could just go home for the night." I suggested.

"NO" Wendy said, her face got red "I… I don't mind sharing with you Ryan." Now I was blushing.

"Oooohhh Ryan and Wendy sitting in a tree " Happy sang " k-i-s-s-i-n-g "

"It's not really teasing is they are actually dating ya know" Natsu said.

"Uhhh, ok." I said slowly. Carla came over and began to lecture us.

"SLEEPING is all you will do together, understand!?"

"Yes" we replied.

I woke up in the middle of the night, me and Wendy were facing each other. She looked really cute, I just looked at her for a while. Then she opened her eyes and I panicked, I shut my eyes quickly. A moment later I opened my eyes to see she was still looking at me. She smiled and I smiled back. Her expression changed to almost a sad look.

"Do you like me?" She whispered. I was shocked

"Of course I do Wendy, where is this coming from?"

"Well I am the only girl in the guild your age, you are kinda forced to like me..."

"I still know girls my age, there are plenty of girls at school my age, but I don't like a single one of them the way I like you." She smiled again hugged me I put my arm over her and kissed her on the head. I know we are just kids, but this was nice. We ended up falling asleep like that.

I woke up to claws slashing my face, I sat up quickly and screamed.

"Ryan, what's wrong!?" Wendy screamed.

"I thought you too were a bit close so I moved him and my claws happened to be out." Carla said from behind me. Wendy just sighed and healed my face.

"Thanks." I said. She just smiled. After everyone got dressed we went to go ask if we could do anything else to lower the price. He had a Lacrima on a string around his neck, It was completely transparent. He also had a belt on with Lacrimas strapped all the way around it.

"Tell you what, I will fight your three dragon slayers, for each one that wins I will half the price of their Lacrima."

"I'm not going to fight an old man." Natsu declared. L jumped over the desk, onto Natsu and put him in a choke hold. "AH!, Okay, okay, uncle!" He croaked out. L let go and Natsu began to gasp for air.

"Follow me" he said. We followed him out to the back in to a large open field. the first up was Natsu, before they fought L came over to me and grabbed my arms, the Lacrima around his neck began to glow and I felt all the energy in me leave my body. I fell to my knees.

"RYAN!" Wendy dropped down next to me to see if I was okay. I was out of breath.

"What… the hell… was that!?" I said between breaths. Wendy began to heal me but I stopped her. "I'm not hurt, just tired." I got back up and the fight began, I noticed the Lacrima around L's neck was now red with a weird black glow.

"This is for Ryan, Fire Dragon Iron Fist!" He hit L but he got right back up, almost unharmed. The was a bluish glow around him. "And this is for choking me! Fire Dragon… ROAR" It was a direct hit but the flames began to disappear, then I heard the bubbling noise of someone eating an element. L had just ate Natsu's flames.

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