I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 13 - Lacrima Lord

Even with 5 Dragon Slayers in our guild, meeting another was a rare sight.

"Are you a fire dragon slayer?" Natsu asked L "Do you know Igneel?!"

"No, I'm afraid I don't" he answered "And I'm not a dragon slayer either. The Lacrima around my neck WAS empty, now, thanks to your friend, it's a King Dragon Slayer Lacrima. I use Lacrima Lord magic allowing me to store and use the magic in Lacrimas." A King Dragon Slayer Lacrima!... "I'll fight you too." he said to me. "Fire Dragon… ROAR!" L said shooting flames at Natsu they had no effect but when Natsu tried to eat them he couldn't. I looked at L and he was holding up a purple Lacrima, it was glowing. "This is a anti-restoring Lacrima, it nullifies any forms of restoring magic power." He put it back on his belt and it continued to glow. Natsu went at him with a fire dragon iron fist and he dodged it again.

"Damn, you're fast for an old guy" L seemed to resent that and charged at Natsu grabbing his arm and twisting it "Ah! and strong!"

"Speed and Strength Lacrimas." He jumped off Natsu and kicked him in the face then he backed up. Natsu lunged at him and then stopped mid air, he was floating and L had a yellow Lacrima in his hand and it seemed to be holding Natsu in the air. He lifted Natsu up and slammed him on the ground a few times, after 4 or 5 times Natsu caught himself.

"NO!" Natsu looked really angry, he began to crawl towards L. "We need this power! To protect this world, to protect its people… so you're sure as hell not gonna stop ME! LIGHTNING FLAME DRAGON MODE!"

"Natsu is getting serious." Erza said.

"No kidding" said Gajeel. Natsu began hitting L with a bunch of lightning flame moves. A blue crystal on his belt broke and the blue aura around him disappeared. Natsu knocked him down in one punch after that and he stayed down. Natsu stood there breathing heavily. Natsu had won.

Later after L recovered a little it was Gajeel's turn to fight. Their fight was just about the same, Gajeel couldn't hit L and L just used Iron and anti-restoration. At the end, L used a light blue Lacrima to freeze Gajeel. At first I thought he had lost but then the shadow of the ice moved towards L and Gajeel popped out, this surprised L (and everyone else) and Gajeel managed to get close enough to knock him out.

"When did you get THAT!" asked Natsu

"I picked it up during my fight with Rough during the grand magic games."

"No fair! I want shadow too! Give me some!"

"Hey, what! NO!" Natsu began to bite Gajeel and they began to fight, Erza broke it up though.

I pulled Wendy over to the side. "You're up next, can you handle it?"

"I think, but Natsu and Gajeel both had to use a second element." I was a bit worried.

"I noticed he doesn't take hits well, if you can get in close fast then you should be able to take him down, okay?"

"Got it!"

After L woke up again we ate lunch, then it was back to fighting. They stood out in the field but L looked uneasy. Just before they started L stopped the fight.

"Stop. I… I just can't bring myself to fight a little girl..." He admitted. Wendy looked annoyed.

"I can stand up for myself!"

"I know, I know… I saw your fight during the grand magic games… but I just can't do it!" What are the grand magic games everybody keeps talking about… "I'll lower the price of your Lacrima, okay?"

"No, not okay! My friends had to fight you in order to get their Lacrimas, I'm not gonna just take your handout!" She stormed off the field. I thought for a moment.

"Do you guys think I can beat this guy?" I asked. Natsu and Gajeel looked at each other and nodded.

"Definitely" Gajeel said.

"This guy is a pushover" said Natsu. I nodded and walked out on to the field. L got ready to fight.

"Not yet, first, a bet." L relaxed.

"What kind?"

"If I win, you make the total price of all 4 Lacrimas 40,000 Jewels." L raised a brow.

"And what do I get if I win?" he asked.

"You know how much we need these, i'll let you choose what ever price you want." This seemed to get his attention, he thought it over and then held out his hand to seal the deal. We shook and then we got ready to fight. I gotta hit him fast and hard!... I was set to fire mode. I knew I had the upper hand, I already saw half his moves during the other fights. I charged at him and tried to punch him but his speed Lacrima made him too fast. Faster… I roared and he just ate it. He tried to use his freeze Lacrima so I ate the ice. I was still new to ice so I made a bo staff with the ice because I had been using a bo staff for 4 years. It was a bit light but it would have to do. I swung at him but he dodged again. FASTER!... Then he used the fire dragon roar and I was forced to switch back to fire. He used the telekinesis Lacrima to lift me into the air. I used fire as rocket boosters to move and it was starting to work but he amped up the power on it and began to push me back.

"Come on!" "You can do it!" my friends cheered. I have to GO FASTER! All I could think about was my speed and I was so focused on that I didn't realize that my body began to turn to flames. All of the sudden my whole body was made of flames and I was moving really fast. I couldn't feel my legs or my body, I was just… flying. I went straight at L and my 'body' went past him. I re-materialized behind him and even though I didn't know what just happened I took my chance.

"Fire Dragon IRON FIST!" I punched him into the air and jumped up after him, I grabbed the Lacrima around his neck as I went past him in the air. Once I was above him "Fire Dragon… ROAR!" My flames sent him straight into the ground. I landed next to him. The only difference, I had won. I held up the King Dragon Lacrima high and proud, then I passed out.

I am Ryu… I heard in my own head You have obtained Dragon Flight… The voice was male and very deep, kinda scratchy too.

After I woke up we bought our well earned Lacrimas and on our way out

"Hey, how is Laxus' Lacrima holding out?" L asked. Erza chuckled.

"Of course you are the one who sold him that… it's functioning just fine." L laughed and we left.

"Rana, have you gotten your memories back yet?" Wendy asked.

"Not everything… but I do know what happened to me. The wizard bandits I was with before, they attacked me, but I don't remember why."

"You said you knew who destroyed our guild before you passed out, there is a good chance they are the ones who did it." I said. Natsu punched his hand.

"Then lets go take revenge!" he said.

"We don't even know where they are."

We began to walk down the road. "Hey Ryan, what was that move you did before you took down L, the one where you dashed around."

"I'm not sure, I guess I made it…. Dragon Flight, that's what i'll call it." I replied.

"Dragon Flight… I like it, you have to teach me how to do it."

"Sorry but I not sure how I learned it… hey does the name Ryu ring any bells?" for a second Natsu got a look of shock in him but it quickly faded.

"No" he shrugged as did everyone else. We were now walking so it took awhile to get back to Sabertooth, when we got there it was almost night. A girl with white hair named Yukino said

"They have been gone for almost 2 days now and they said they won't be back till tomorrow afternoon."

"Okay, we will be back tomorrow, okay?" asked Lucy.

"Of course!"

"I better head home, Rana?" I said

"yeah yeah, I got it." she opened the portal.

"Do you really have to go?" Wendy asked me. She looked sad.

"Yeah, I got school tomorrow." I hugged her and and went through the portal with Rana who also looked sad but for a different reason i'm guessing.

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