I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 15 - DragonForce part 2

The next day after school me an Rana went to Fairy Tail. When we got there Sting and Rogue had just gotten there.

"Oh good, you're here." Rogue said and then sat me down next to the other Dragon Slayers. Sting began to explain how this would go down.

"So it's possible to go into Dragon Force if you eat pure Ethernano but you won't have nearly as many side effects if you eat it with your element. Don't worry, no more fusion is required. All you have to do is mix some of this Ethernano dust with your element." He set a purple bag down on the table.

"You said 'nearly' what side effects WILL we have." I asked.

"Well you'll be tired, might have a slight stomachache… and possibly a small headache."

"I can handle that!" Natsu said jumping up "Lets get started!"

After Sting said we should also be "warmed up with a fight" to do this, Master made us go to the field. Everyone was going all out for a battle royal, even the non dragon slayers. Erza had on red pants with flames on them and bandages around her chest. She had twin katanas. Lucy had called out a spirit named Loki. We of course weren't going to fight for real but this was definitely more intense than just normal sparing. Before hand we set up 2 torches and put Ethernano dust in them, we also melted down some iron and put the EN (Ethernano) in it before it hardened. There was also a bowl of just EN dust.

Sting put his hand in the air and let out a burst of light. In an instant my adrenaline was rushing and everyone was fighting it out. I hadn't had much practice with Dragon Flight yet but I know I can't do it with more solid elements like Ice, or Iron. however I can with Fire and Air, I think I can do it with lightning to but I haven't tried it. With White and Shadow its a bit different, I can do it but only on a surface, not in the air or anything. It is good for dodging because my entire body is made out of a non-solid element so I can't really be hit, however I also can't be still while in that form.

"Ice Make… LANCE!" Gray yelled shooting ice at me, I jumped letting the ice hit beneath me. When I landed I bit the ice and then went after Erza.

"Ice Dragon… ROAR!" She sliced the icicles in to pieces. She swung fast but I could tell it was nowhere near full speed. I dodged but she elbowed me in the back. I fell and when I looked up one of the torches fire was gone and Natsu was emitting a lot of magic energy.

"AHHHHH!" he screamed, but it wasn't from pain, it was from sheer power. His skin began to turn to scales, but not all of it, his palms looked the same as well as his face.

"Now Natsu, eat your Lacrima!" Rough yelled. Natsu threw it up in the air and caught it in his mouth, he chewed it like it was nothing. Then, he passed out, he returned to normal. Sting came racing over to me and we began to fight. He wasn't using magic so I choose no to as well. The both of us blocked each others punches and he began to talk to me.

"He will be fine, you have to rest right after eating the Lacrima, even if you don't want to!" he said. I switched to air mode and used my wing attack on him and he went flying. I felt my heart pounding, every vein in my body pulsing. I went over to the other torch. I saw Wendy at the bowl of EN powder. As she threw a handful into the air and began to eat the air with EN particles I ate the EN Fire. I suddenly felt an overwhelming flow of power, then it felt like multiple forces in me were fighting, and it hurt. I looked at my arms and black and red scales began to form, I looked over at Wendy. Her hair had turned bright pink and she was practically in a tornado. Then I remembered what this was for and I bit in to the Lacrima in my hand. It was surprisingly easy to chew. After I swallowed I saw Gajeel biting into his iron, then everything went black.

I woke up back at Fairy Tail. This happens way too much… I looked around and saw I was the last to wake up because everyone else was in the far side of the room, talking. Wendy looked over and walked over to me. Everyone followed behind her. She was next to my bed and she just stood there, she almost looked angry. Then in an instant she was hugging me.

"Don't scare me like that! You were out three times longer than the rest of us!" she said

"Sorry… I'm a heavy sleeper." I said and wrapped my arms around her. I got out of bed. "So did it work, do we have DragonForce?" I asked with my arm still around Wendy.

"We haven't tried yet, we were waiting for you sleeping beauty." said Gajeel.

"Why does DragonForce hurt so much?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" said Wendy

"Well it felt like I was being ripped apart from the inside out."

"It don't feel like that for me."

"Really? Lucky..."

We went out back and everyone in the guild was there.

"Just focus everything on being a dragon." Sting said. Natsu was already going at it. He began to radiate lots of Magic energy and then the scales came back.

"I'M ALL FIRED UP!" he screamed, even with no flames I could feel heat coming off him.

"All right! Thats enough! We don't need you burning down the guild after we just got it back up." Makarov yelled.

Gajeel and Wendy did the same, theirs were the same except their hair changed color. Gajeel's turned pure white and Wendy's was pink. Laxus looked really mad he couldn't do it. After they were done it was my turn. I focused everything on being a dragon and could feel the energy boil up inside me. The scales began to form on my arms. No, you aren't ready yet!... I heard the same voice from before, Ryu. I felt the same thing as before, there was a war zone inside of me. First there were flames around me then I was made of iron, I began to emit light then started zapping everything around me.

"Ryan!" Wendy tried to walk toward me.

"NO! STOP!" I couldn't control my elements, and it felt like I would explode. "AHHHHH!" The ground around me began to freeze then I was made of Ice.

"His elements! He can't control them all at once!" I looked at my hands and there were more than just scales. My fingers began to turn into claws. Just as I felt I would be obliterated someone punched me in the face and I got knocked out.

I woke up in the same bad again. Humph, twice in one day… I looked out the window to my left and saw that it was night. How late is it!... My mom would kill me if I wasn't home by 9:30 on a school night. I sat up and looked around. Wendy was sitting next to me asleep with her head and arms on the bed. Has she been here the entire time I was out?... Wendy shifted and woke up, she looked up at me and her eyes were puffy like she had been crying. She saw I was awake and she practically threw herself on me.

"Woah!" She had her face buried in my chest. She raised her head a little and I could see she was crying.

"I told you not to scare me like that!" She almost sounded angry, but mostly sad. I put my arms around her.

"Hey, hey, it's okay. I wasn't out for THAT long was I?" We at up.

"Ryan… you were out for over a day." she said wiping away tears. I was shocked.

"No way! My parents, do they know!"

"Yeah, they wanted to take you to a hospital but all of your injuries are magic based so we can treat you better here."

"Oh thank god!" My family is actually pretty tight on cash so a hospital bill is not something we need.

"Ryan.. while you were out..." her voice began to choke up again "yo- your… your heart stopped.. twice." hearing that made my heart skip a beat Well at least I know it still works... "we didn't tell your parents though." I had my hand over my chest. I managed to calm down a little. I thought about the voice I heard again.

"Wendy, remember the other day when I was asking about Ryu?"


"Well he is a voice I heard in my head after I learned Dragon Flight… I also heard him after I turned Dragon Force on. He said I'm not yet ready."

"That's strange, I wonder who he is."

"Yeah, me to..."We went out to the main room and I was greeted by a bunch of slightly drunk idiots that were all really happy to see me.

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