I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 16 - Red Scavengers

After I partied with everyone who was glad I was alive and well I went home in the morning. I was immediately greeted by hugs and kisses from my mother.

"What were you thinking!" she screamed still squeezing me "NEVER do anything that dangerous again!"

"Sorry, I didn't know that I would be out for THAT long… I promise I will be more careful. Hey, where's Dad, and Jake?"

"Oh, Jake is out on his bike, and your dad is at your grandfathers house trying to see if there is a spell to heal you but I guess you don't need it anymore… I go call him an-" she got cut off by the front door opening "Oh, speak of the devil." We went to the front door.

"Oh thank god!" my dad said when he saw me and then began to hug me. I saw he had a scroll in his hand.

"Guess you won't be needing that heal spell after all."

"Oh, um.. actually, it's not."

"Then what is it?"

"It's too help you protect yourself. When our ancestor, one of the two first King Dragon Slayers came here, he brought very few items with him, this was one of them." He handed me the scroll. "It is how to perform one of your secret arts."

I had been practicing my secret art for a week and wasn't even close to getting it. I thought I would clear my head with a job so I was at the request board looking at jobs. One caught my eye. It was a job to drive wizard bandits away from the same town as before. I went over to Rana who was with Romeo and Wendy.

"I thought you said they were just part of some test." I said and put the paper on the table. She picked it up and then her eyes got wide.

"I remember! The 'bandits' are actually part of a bigger dark guild called Red Scavengers! I convinced them we could wipe out Fairy Tail in order to get them to help me. They would never tell me their names though, everyone just called everyone brother or sister"

"Wait! They weren't testing us! What if they had killed us!"

"NO! I made sure to make it clear we were gonna capture you and use you as bait. NO KILLING!"

*sigh* "Okay, were they the ones that destroyed the guild?"

"Yes, they knew they couldn't win a fight so they probably used long range magic to destroy the guild." I clenched my fists. I went over to Makarov and told him everything. He looked furious. He grew as much as her could in here.

"Listen up! The Red Scavengers are the ones who destroyed our home! Now, LETS GO TAKE OUR REVENGE!" he yelled. The guild went crazy and we all poured out and then realized we didn't know where to go.

"Rana, where is their guild?" I asked.

"I'll just take you there." She closed her eyes and held up her hands. A large portal opened and I was the first through. The rest of Fairy Tail followed me through. We were at the entrance to a guild. Makarov, with a giant fist, busted down the door. On the other side we saw around 12 people.

"Something is wrong, there are more than this!" Rana said. Natsu ignored her comment.

"HEY! Are you the jerks that destroyed Fairy Tail!?" He yelled

"Ha, so what if we are?" A large man came out. He seemed to be well decorated, he was obviously their guild master.

"Then i'm gonna grind you into pulp!" Natsu replied. The man turn away.

"Get rid of these fools." he said. We were instantly lifted off our feet and were floating.

"I won't let you beat me this time!" It was the guy with gravity magic. Laxus was floating near by so I grabbed his leg and switched to lightning.

"Lightning Dragon Flight!" I turned to electricity and was next to him in an instant. I punched him in the face and we was out cold. My friends fell and the entire place was a madhouse. Someone came up to me and his arms began to glow purple but before he could do anything I zapped him and he fell down. In a matter of seconds we had taken down everyone in the guildhall except the master.

"Not bad for a light guild, but you haven't won. The thing with you is that you feel the need to protect the innocent, well I have an entire town as MY hostage!" Rana had said there were more. I rushed over to a window and I saw a town, the same one where I had my first job. There was a large red ring around it. It was getting smaller and smaller.

"DAMN YOU!" Natsu yelled punching him up into the air.

"Lightning Dragon… ROAR!" I blasted him right through the wall. He came right back and started to fight but Makarov grabbed him and threw him threw another wall.

"Rana, Jet, Happy, Pantherlily, Carla, get as many people out of town as you can! Wendy heal any injured! The rest of you, STOP THAT RING!" the Scavengers master came back once more and they began to fight.

"Maste-" Lucy started.

"I'll hold him off, GO!" he yelled and so we rushed toward the town. It had some how caught fire. The town is on fire, my vision… I stopped Wendy.

"Wendy, listen to me" I put my hands on her shoulders "Do NOT go in the town, no matter what! Okay?" I said

"um... Okay." she replied.

"I mean it!" We caught up this the others and Carla had a worried look in her eye. "Watch over her, okay?" I told Carla

"I was already planning on it." She replied. Rana opened a portal and everyone went through except Wendy, Carla, and Levy. Jet, Happy, and Pantherlily began to bring as many people through the portal as possible while the rest of us tried to stop the ring. There was fire everywhere so me and Natsu ate a path through. We were at the edge of the ring and it was shrinking fast. We unleashed everything on it. Swords, ice fire, iron, lightning, bullets, spirits, you name it. After we let up there was only a small crack in it.

"All that for a crack!" Lucy said.

"Thats all we need!" Erza replied. She sent a sword in to it and it began to expand, then she summoned a giant hammer and hit the back of the sword, increasing the size of the crack.

"My turn!" Gajeel said hitting it with an iron fist. Everyone began to beat on the weak point we made. I got an idea and backed up as far as I could.

"Fire Dragon Flight!" I went full speed right at the sword. I rematerialized but kept my momentum and was still going at the sword. "Gajeel!" I yelled. he held out his hand and as I flew by I switched to iron. I tuned my body to iron and began to spin. As I passed by people they boosted me along so I could keep my speed. I hit the sword dead on and with all the speed I had build up I broke it, but that wasn't the only thing, the entire ring cracked and then shattered into a million pieces.

"Ooohhh, so many toys to play with!" We turned to see the girl from before, the one with siren magic. I covered my ears just in time, but every other guy fell under her control. Natsu and Gajeel began trying to pull my arms off my ears. I looked around, all the boys had grabbed the girls and were holding them. They finally got my hands off and I could feel her control setting in. I fought it as hard as I could. Just as I was about to blackout a hurricane knocked down the siren and she stopped singing. The guys were released. Lucy went over to her.

"Lucy KICK!" she yelled and kicked her in the face knocking her out. Wendy came over and helped me up.

"What are you doing here, I told you NOT to come in the city!"

"Well the ring disappeared so now it's safe, right?"

"NO! Half the city is still on fire!"

"Oh it's fine, I can just blow it out… is something wrong, you look worried." I looked over at Carla and she shook her head.

"No, I.. I just don't want you to get hurt, thats all."

"Trust me, I'll be fine." then we heard something crack.

"Watch out!" Erza called. I turned to see a large support beam that was on fire falling toward us.

"AAHHHH!" Wendy screamed.

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