I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 17 - Date Night

I woke up but this time I was not in a Fairy Tail bed. I was lying in some grass and I could smell smoke. I sat up quickly and could feel a lot of pain on my chest, I looked down and saw I had bandages going from the top right to the bottom left of my torso.

"WENDY!" I called. Lucy came out of the woods nearby.

"Hey everyone he's up!" the people of Fairy Tail came out from the woods with herbs and wood. I got up.

"What happened! Where is Wendy!" I demanded.

"Take it easy! She's fine because of you… Happy, why weren't you watching him like I told you to!?" Erza said.

"I got bored… sorry Ryan." he said sheepishly.

"It's fine, but where's Wendy?"

"I'm fine Ryan." Wendy came out from the back of the crowd. I ran over and hugged her. I looked at Carla.

"Can we tell her now?" I asked.

"Yes, yes, go ahead." She replied.

"Tell me what?" Wendy asked. We explained to her about the vision and how I had clairvoyance. "… So that's why you didn't want me in the city…"

"Yeah, I didn't want you to get hurt… but it looks like I did instead." I said. "What happened anyway?"

"You don't remember? The beam was going to his me but you pushed me out of the way and saved me. It ended out on you while you were in Iron mode so it burnt you pretty bad, I healed you as best I could but there will be a large burn mark and a scar." Tears began to stream down her face. "I'm sorry… that wouldn't have happened if I had stayed out like you told me too." She choked out. I put my hands on her shoulders.

"Hey, it's fine, if you hadn't shown i'd be under the control of that crazy siren girl." She wiped away the tears.

"You're not mad at me?"

"No way" I hugged her close and she hugged me.

"Did we get everyone?" I asked.

"Yeah, everyone in the red scavengers has been accounted for and are going to prison." Ezra said.


A month went by and not much happened, I still couldn't get my secret art to work. They all kept asking what it was but I wouldn't tell anyone, I want it to be a surprise. One day after Natsu had blown a hole in the wall Master called us all together.

"I think I have finally figured out why you are all so destructive… hormones." He said "That is why I am requiring a mandatory date night for all of you tomorrow. I don't care who you take but get a date and go get those hormones out of your system!" I went over to Wendy.

"Hey Wendy, wanna be my date for tomorrow?" I asked her. She giggled.

"Sure" Most of the girls had left to go and find outfits to wear. I sat down with Master.

"Do you really think this is a good idea? There is no way this will calm things down around here, if anything it will just cause drama."

"I know, that's why I did it, I got bored." He said.

"Wait, so you did this just for entertainment?!"


"Ha!" I decided to change the subject. "Makarov, do you really think I can beat Acnologia, from what you told me he sounds unstoppable…"

"No, I don't think YOU can." I was shocked. "but with the help of your friends, he is nothing more than another obstacle Fairy Tail will overcome."

"Humph, I though you would say something like that. What about Zeref, I mean he is freaking immortal!"

"That only means he will live forever providing something or someone doesn't kill him."

"Well anyone that gets near him dies!"

"We will find a way, we always do."

"I sure hope so, hey, I'm not complaining but he's been to my house, why hasn't he… you know come back and try to kill me."

"Hhhmmmm, well it could be that he lost his way of traveling between dimensions… or now that you have all of Fairy Tail on your side he is scared."

"Ha! A 400 year old mage of ultimate death is scared!... but still, we don't know when he will attack… what if i'm not ready?"

"Oh my boy, the first day you got here you managed to slip past the whole guild, knocked over Natsu, who sure as hell doesn't go down easy, and make him use lightning flame mode on you. You are a natural, when the time comes you will be ready."

"Thank you Master."

The next day we went out on our dates. I wasn't sure who everyone was with but I knew Nasty and Lucy ended up together. Juvia was practically forcing Gray. Happy and Lily were still fighting over Carla. Jet and Droy were fighting over Levy even thought she was already with Gajeel. Romeo had asked Rana and she said yes. Some of the others were with non-guild members. We all left at 8:00 pm.

"So where are we going" Wendy asked me. She was wearing a long blue and purple dress and had her hair down instead of her usual pigtails.

"Let's get some dinner." I replied. My clothes weren't too fancy. I had on black dress pants, a white shirt, and a black coat. My hair was the same.

"Yeah, I'm starving." We went out to dinner and then just went for a walk and talked. We were holding hands.

"Ya know, this is the first REAL date we have been on, and we've been dating for months!" I said.

"I guess you're right, with our lives it's a wonder we can even have a night out at all!" she replied, then she hugged my arm. "This is nice." We stopped on a bridge and looked down at the water sparkling in the moonlight. She looked at me and my heart began to race and my mind went blank. I leaned toward her to kiss her.

"Well isn't that sweet." I stopped and looked up at the unfamiliar voice. I put myself between Wendy and the man who was standing before me, Zeref.

"Wendy stay back!" I ordered.

"It's Ryan, right?" he asked.

"RUN!" We took off. I looked back and he was gone but we kept going. We turned a corner and he was there.

"You can't run from me… at least not in this form." We turned around and ran again. We ran for a bit and then slowed to a stop.

"I think… we lost him." I said breathing heavy.

"Nope" I turned around to see he was behind us. I tried to punch him in the face but it went right through him and I fell. "In this form we can't touch or hurt each other… now could you please stop running it takes a fair amount of energy project my mind here to you."

"What do you want?" I asked getting back up and standing between him and Wendy.

"I only wish to talk. Me and my… associate, Acnologia, have… similar goals. He wishes to destroy all mankind and I wish to destroy all life. Fairy Tail is the only this stopping us. As I destroy of you, Acnologia will kill the one man that can kill me… my brother, END."

"Who the hell is END!?" I asked. He ignored it.

"Oh, before I go there will be some… changes happening to both our worlds…"

"The hell does that mean!?"

"You will know when the time comes. When the changes begin you will have a week before we can attack, use that time to plan."

"Why would you tell us this!?"

"Both I and Acnologia have been looking for a challenge for 400 years, that's you, we want you to be at your best… I'm getting tired, goodbye." He faded away.

"Wait!" I yelled but it was too late, he was gone.

"Well that was…" Wendy said.

""Yeah… let's not tell the others about this tomorrow, okay?"


"I don't want to ruin their night out with this."


That night I had a strange dream or nightmare rather. There were buildings from my world. They were covered in branches and vines and there were pink and purple crystals sticking out of the ground. I saw a large black and blue dragon fighting a black and red dragon. Below them I saw myself fighting with a dark figure. He had very long hair and move more like a beast then a man. Then I saw Zeref, his red eyes burning into my soul. I could feel myself dying.

"Ahhh!" I screamed. Zeref grabbed me and started to shake me.

"Wake up!" he yelled "Wake up!" all of the sudden I was back in my room and I was confused, I instinctively attacked. The person shaking me we blown up against the wall even with my reduced magic flow. I looked and saw it was my dad.

"DAD!" I rushed over to him. "I am SO sorry! I had a nightmare and it was just reflex!" he got up.

"I'm fine, it was just some wind. I'm just glad you not one of those people that hang knives on their wall." He said. "Are you okay, you were screaming pretty loud?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, it wasn't real, just a bad dream."

"Okay well goodnight."

"Night." I went back to bed. What if that was my clairvoyance…

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