I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 19 - The Dragon Tatoo

After a week of testing Ryu I learned he could shoot any of my elements from his mouth, it was a little amount but the amount grew as he did. He had tripled in size already.

"If his power grows, he will be a great help." Erza said.

"Yeah, not only can he help me switch elements quickly, but when he learns to fly he can provide air support." I said. "By the way, how is flight training going?" I asked the cats.

"He is getting there." Pantherlily replied "but he doesn't really get that he needs to flap his wings, we don't so I think he is confused."

"He'll get it, its instinct for him." We spent the rest of the day training and playing with Ryu.

That night I had trouble sleeping, I kept waking up. I was getting frustrated then all of the sudden my arm burst into flames.

"Ahhh!" I quickly stopped it. I then lost control again and my leg turned to flames. I stopped it once more but then I just completely lost it. There were flames everywhere, I was burning up my room. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed one more much louder. My family came in my room.

"RYAN!" my dad yelled as my mom sucked up the flames. I managed to materialize my hand and grabbed my watch.

"LUCY!" I screamed and then a portal opened. I pulled myself through it.

"Ryan?!" Lucy said confused. Flames engulfed my vision and then I could feel my dragon flight kick in. I began to fall and then I could see again, I landed near Natsu's house and he, Happy, and Ryu came out, Ryu was staying with them at night. Ryu came over to me and looked as if by instance he knew what to do. All of his red scales began to glow and he jumped at me. His body fused with me and a black and red tattoo like dragon shaped mark appeared on my skin over my right arm. My powers calmed down and I was back in control.

"What… just happened?" Natsu said.

"RYAN!?" Lucy and my family called, they were running over.

"Are you okay!?" my mom asked hugging me.

"Yeah, Ryu fused with me and now I'm fine." I answered.

"Ryu?" I hadn't told my family about Ryu. I looked at my arm.

"Ryu… are you in there…?" the red parts of it lit up in response.

"Oh thank god!" I hugged my arm.

I explained everything to my family and we ended up spending the night in Earth-Land. In the morning I made sure I had complete control over my magic again. Jake was watching me.

"Whoa! That's awesome." He said as I juggled balls of fire. "I wish I had magic…" he said sadly.

"You do." My mom said walking over.

"What!" he almost screamed.

"Just not Dragon Slayer magic, that is either genetic or from a dragon."

"Or a Lacrima" I added "But trust me, they are way too expensive."

"Well then what CAN I learn?" Jake asked.

"Well there are a few types of magic… but the most common is caster and holder. Caster is like us, the magic comes out of our bodies, but holder is like Lucy, the magic is used to power a weapon or object." I explained.

"Well if you are all casters… then I want to be a holder type."

"Ha, you always got to be the black sheep, don't you?" he just laughed.

We went over to the guild and I explained everything to master.

"And you say that he allowed you to regain control over your power?" Makarov said, studying my arm.

"Yeah." I replied.

"It's likely he's part of your core magic power because he is made from you're magic, and when you and Ryu were separated for so long, you lost control of your magic."

"Are you sure you are alright?" Wendy asked.

"Yes, I promise. It's Ryu I'm worried about, what if he is stuck like this." Right after I said that my arm began to glow, and Ryu sprung from it. He was now about half my size and had spikes down his spine and tail. He looked over at us and the spikes retracted into him.

"Hey" he said.

"R.. Ryu you just… SPOKE!"

"Yeah, I learned a lot by going into you… unfortunately now we can't be separated for more than a few hours or you will begin to lose control. And don't worry, this is as big as I can get with all the magic I have." We just stood there in shock.

We spent the rest of the day up in the field. I was working on some battle strategies with Ryu wile one of Lucy's spirits, Loki, trained Jake to use his new elemental rings.

"WOOHOO!" I yelled as me and Ryu dived toward the ground. He had learned to fly and now I was riding him. We stopped near Jake and I saw his hand was covered in flames.

"Nice." I said as I walked up to him.

"Yeah, hey, you wanna spar now that we both have magic."

"Ha, okay, sure." We had both been trained by our uncle who was a karate master and a blacksmith, all of the weapons in his dojo he made. Jake usually beat me but now that magic has been thrown in the mix, I was pretty confident. He came at me with a fist of stone. I turned to air and he ran through me. I rematerialized and turned around.

"Sky Dragon… ROAR!" I sent him flying. He came back and shot flames at me. I ate them and then flew over to him. I dropped him and he hit the ground hard.

"Alright… you win…" he said between breaths. I helped him up. "Not bad little bro." I rolled my eyes.

"We gotta get going." Our parents told us. Lucy opened the gate and we left, Ryu went back to "hibernation" on my arm.

The next day I had Ryu move the mark he leaves onto my back to better hide it. In gym I was changing in the corner to hide it and my scar, but of course Leo came over.

"Hey dude, why are you changing in the corner, you shy?" he snatched the shirt I was holding in from to me and then froze. There was a giant scar from the top right to the bottom left of my chest. I took my shirt back and threw it on. As I left Alex walked over to Leo and hit him on the back of the head.

"Idiot!" he said.

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