I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 20 - Dual Elements

I stepped through the portal to see all my friends there to greet me as usual. Romeo and Rana came over to me.

"Ryan, look at this." Romeo said.

"Here, look!" Rana said, rolling her shirt up a bit. Across the right of her stomach was a yellow Fairy Tail mark. "I'm officially part of the guild!"

"That's awesome!" They left as Wendy came over to me with a shopping bag.

"Hey, you remember when we all went to your world?" she asked.

"How could I forget…"

"Well I noticed that our… style was a lot different from your world, then I realized you don't quite fit in here either. So here." She held the bag out to me.

"Your wardrobe was the last thing on my mind that day…" I muttered taking the bag and looking in. There were clothes in it. "Wendy, you didn't have to do this for me."

"Oh, well um… just go try them on."

"Ha! Your cute when you're shy, ya know that?" I said laughing and walking over to the bathroom to change. Her face turned red making me laugh more.

After I changed I looked at myself in the mirror. I had on a black skin tight shirt. A sleeveless, dark red, open coat thing with a hood and white trim. The Fair Tail crest was on the back of it. The pants were long and baggy with a leather belt. They were white with a red line going down the side and bottom. I stepped out where Wendy was waiting for me.

"Oh good, it fits." She said, looking me up and down "It looks great! What do you think?"

"It's awesome! I only wish it had pockets." I replied.

"I'll add it to the design and have the tailor shop make it… or 12 considering how often everyone's clothes get destroyed."

"Wait, add? Wendy, did you make this?!"

"Well I designed it, then had it custom ma-" I hugged her.

"Thank you. Your amazing." I looked at her and her face was red again. My arm then began to glow and Ryu came out, shredding my sleeve in the process.

"Hey, oh um… sorry about that." He said looking at my sleeve.

"Maybe you should also make the shirt short sleeved." I said to Wendy.

"Yeah, will do." She and Ryu walked off. I got some soda from the bar and went over to where Ryu, Natsu, and Gajeel were sitting.

"Hey guys, what are you talking abo-" Natsu and Gajeel grabbed me and pulled me out the door, Ryu followed. We ended up in the field and Natsu and Gajeel stood on either side of me.

"Fire Dragon…"

"Iron Dragon…"

"ROAR!" they yelled unleashing their elements on me, I leaped up into the air and dodged the attack, winch blew up below me. I landed.

"What the hell! Warn me next time!" I said.

"Fire Dragon iron fist!" Natsu came at me and I grabbed his arm and threw him into Gajeel.

"Ryu, give me some lightning!" I looked over at Ryu and he just sat there. "RYU!" I began to go to him but I got hit with an iron beam in the face. I got up. "That's it! Sky Dragon Flight!" I flew over to Natsu and switched to fire then roared at Gajeel. I knocked him down and then flew to him. He tried to get back up but I slammed his head to the ground.

"What are you doing!?" I asked them. They said nothing and Gajeel threw me off, the looked at each other and nodded.

"ROAR!" they roared at Ryu and he looked like he wasn't moving. No!... I was in front of Ryu in an instant and the next thing I knew, I was eating both the flames and the iron shards. When it ended I could feel the two elements fighting with in me, it was making me sick.

"You did it!" Ryu said. But I barely heard him, my mind and body was going crazy.

"Ahhhhhh!" I screamed letting out a blast of red hot iron and flames. Then once again, I blacked out.

I saw flashes of gray and red, I was nowhere and could see nothing but when I look up I saw a large red dragon and a grey one fighting. Iron and fire?... I felt a blood lust behind me. I turned to see a large man with long hair and blue marks on him. He had on a large cloak and had what looked like teeth on a string around his neck.

"You can't beat me." He said. He then began to grow and his hand turned to a dragon claw and he slashed me right across my scar.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" I screamed so loud I gave myself goosebumps. I sat up quickly and I was in a cold sweat, hand over my scar. I was in my usual bed at Fairy Tail surrounded by the usual people. Ryu flashed out of my arm.

"How do you feel, your body has been fighting itself for an hour… and I saw that dream you had…" Ryu said

"What dream?" Lucy asked.

"Nothing, it was just some strange dream." I said. I felt a surge of energy and then my whole arm began to sting. I looked at it and it was made of iron and on fire. Ryu looked at me.

"Congratulations, you are now an Iron Flame dragon slayer." He said.

"Two elements…" I muttered staring at it.

"When I go into hibernation I learn a lot, your body's capabilities and limits, recently you got more powerful and I sensed you could use two elements" I began to feel like I was going to pop.

"I need to get some energy out!" I said. I turned to fire and was through the window, I was speeding around as fast as I could. I ended up in the field and I began to roar flaming iron spikes and striking trees with flaming iron pillars. The rest of Fairy Tail showed up and of course Natsu joined in on my destruction. The next thing I knew everyone was fighting, Laxus grabbed me and I tried to switch to lightning mode but instead it replaced fire and I was now Iron and Lightning. I completely lost control at that point and I was on my knees screaming, lightning and iron swirling around me. Everyone stopped and looked at me, I continued to scream.

"Ryan!" Wendy yelled. She tried to get to me but the elements around me repealed her.

"Stay back!" I warned "you'll get hurt!" Erza pulled Wendy back then she stepped through the barrier. She began to walk to me slowly. I could feel the elements in me fighting, tearing me apart. Erza got right next to me and then smiled and hugged me. I was shocked.

"Calm down, you can control this." She said in an almost motherly voice. The iron and lightning around us faded away. Erza was stroking my head, still hugging me.

"Erza?" I said.


"You're choking me!" I said gasping for air. She laughed and let me go.

"Now that you have this new power, you're going to have to train even harder."

"Great…" I said sarcastically.

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