I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 21 - The Beginning of the End

After only a day with experimenting with two elements I had made up a bunch of new moves of my own. Sting and Rough were over and we were having a Dragon Slayer battle royal.

"Iron Lightning Dragon Hammer!" I made a hammer out of Iron that was charged with lightning, I slammed it on the ground and sent sparks everywhere. Rough emerged from the dust and lunged at me. I grabbed him and switched out lightning for shadow.

"Iron Shadow Dragon Fist!" I pounded him and sent him flying. I ate some air and became a Sky Shadow Dragon Slayer.

"Sky Shadow Dragon Cloak!" I made the entire area's air pitch black in darkness, only me and probably Rough could see. I dashed around and knocked everyone to the ground. I then cleared the cloak and was the last man standing.

"I win." I went over Wendy and helped her up. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine" she said. She looked around. "Where'd Carla go?" I looked around and sniffed the air.

"I don't know, I can't even smell her." We spent the rest of the day looking for Carla in the city. At the end of the day we still hadn't found her and Wendy was almost in tears.

"Wendy, it's okay." I said putting my hands on her shoulders. "We will find her, I promise."

"Yeah, o- okay." She said. I hugged her and then Rana dropped me off outside my house. My dad came out.

"Ryan, you um, have a guest." He said. I walked on to see Carla sitting on my couch.

"Carla!? We have been looking everywhere for you! How did you even get here anyway?"

"I don't know! One minute I was watching your training, then you made the big shadow and then I was here!"

"I didn't hear Lucy summon a spirit, and Rana wasn't even there, neither of them would do that anyway… I'll call Lucy so you can go back, Wendy was almost in tears when I left. We'll figure this out tomorrow." I sent some magic through my Lacrima, but after a minute no portal opened.

"That's weird." I said taking my watch off. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with the Lacrima. "Maybe she is in the shower, we will try again in a half hour."

Later it still wasn't working. "Something's up… we can get Rana to take us tomorrow, looks like your spending the night here."

"I guess I don't have a choice." She said.

"Are we not going to acknowledge the fact that we have a TALKING cat in our house?" Jake said. I grinned.

"Hey Carla, show him your other trick." Her wings appeared and she began to fly. Jake just sat there watching.

"I'm going to bed" he said, walking away.

The next day we went over to Rana's house. We explained everything and then we went to Fairy Tail. After a joyful reunion between Carla and Happy and Carla and Wendy I questioned Lucy.

"Why didn't you open the portal yesterday after I left?"

"Well I guess I should just tell everyone…" Lucy got up in front of everyone. "Listen up! Last night my spirits came to me and told me something. They explained how the vail between worlds is living, weather it's between Earth-land and Earth or here to the spirit world. They also said that it's dying, something is withering its life. Each time it's opened it becomes weaker and weaker, so now I can only summon spirits if it's a life or death emergency, and Rana, you should open gates as little as possible, at least till we can figure out how to fix it."

"Perhaps a hole opened up during your fight and I slid through." Carla said.

"You said it's withering? Than sounds like Zeref's work!" I said.

"Maybe that's how he got to your world the first time." Wendy said.

"If he can now move between worlds, it's not safe for you at home." Master said.

"Yeah… Rana, open up one more portal to my house for a few minutes."

"Uh.. Okay." I was in my living room.

"Guys! Come here!" my family came on.

"You're back early, something wrong?" my mom said.

"Yes, I'm sorry but grab some important things and come with me, we are all in danger!" I replied.


"I'll explain later but for now just come on!" Everyone scrambled to get some stuff together and we were in the guild. We explained everything to them. They were just shocked, just sat there quietly thinking about everything we told them.

"Guys… Zeref and Acnologia have been alive for 400 years… I've been training for two months. I'm not ready…"

"Are you kidding! You are one of the strongest here!" Natsu said.

"Yeah, as much as I hate to admit it you almost beat me your first day here." Gajeel said.

"Listen, you are all very strong, but we must keep training!" Erza said.

"Wish is why you are all going to go one-on-one with me!" Mira said.

"Mira… I've never actually seen you fight. What magic do you use?" I asked.

"One that usually beats me… good luck." Erza said. That really scared me.

We were up in the field and Natsu had been chosen to go first.

"Take over: Satan Soul!" Mira said, turning into a demon.

"She is literally a demon… that's terrifying…" I muttered weakly.

"That's not even her most powerful form." Erza said. I couldn't respond.

"Mode: Lightning Flame Dragon!" Natsu said. I sat down with my parents and Jake.

"They are going all out." I said, but not one of them looked at me, they were glued to the battle.

"This is like something from a video game…" Jake said.

"I know right!" after only five minutes Natsu was down for the count.

"Gajeel, your next!" Mira yelled with a demonic voice.

"Whoa, she doesn't even need to rest!" I said.

Things went on like that for the rest of the day, Mira kept calling up opponent after opponent without any break. She had gone through everyone in the guild but me and Erza, and had won.

"Your next, Titania!" Mira bellowed.

"Ha, okay, it's been a while since I fought the devil!" Erza replied.

Erza lasted the longest but in the end lost to Mirajane's might. It was a good battle, they fought at close to full power, and there were swords and craters everywhere.

"Hey Wendy, heal me up!" Mira said.

"O- okay" she squeaked and began to heal her. I'm dead… Erza lost to her and she had been fighting all day… now she is at full health… help me someone please!…

"Ahh that's better, okay Ryan, it's your turn." I fear gulped.

"Okay, Ryu, ice me." Ryu shot ice at me and I ate it then I got some air.

"Sky and Ice? Those are your weakest elements, are you going to try at all!?" she was almost mad.

"They aren't my weakest, just least used, might as well use them some more."

"Humph, then I'll use MY least used form. Take over: Satan Soul: Sitri!" She now had horns and blue and white clothes on and her bat wings were now a cloak, she actually looked less scary. "This is my most powerful form, and I'll use it to crush you!"

At that she lunged at me with incredible speed, I only barley dodged it.

"Ice Sky Dragon… ROAR!" I unleashed a torrent of razor sharp ice shards boosted by wind at her. It actually cut her up pretty well. She growled at me then practically flew to me. I turned to wind so her barrage of claw attacks went right through me. I flew up into the air and then turn back to normal. Before I fell I used Ice dragon scales and covered the entire place in a big ice dome.

"What is this!?" Sitri asked. I grinned

"Ryu! White Light!" I yelled. And I got my request. I then shot out beams of light at the domes sides, they reflected off and hit Sitri in the back. I ran around shooting her from all angles, she couldn't dodge or block all of them.

"ENOUGH!" she yelled, punching and shattering the dome. I shielded myself from the shards and when I looked up, Sitri was shivering.

"No way, the devil gets cold!? Then let's see how you like this! Ice Dragon Spit, Spit, Spit." I hit her right in the face, she fell to her knees and wrapped herself in her cloak. "White Ice Dragon… ROAR!" I shot out a beam of white light that was at least 80° below 0. It hit her but she didn't move, when I finished she was completely frozen. "Fire, Iron!" I yelled and Ryu gave them to me. I backed up and then flew toward her, I solidified as iron and punched her right in the face. All the ice shattered and Mira was there on the ground. She was shivering.

"Y-you w-w-win." She said shaking. I got on my knees and made a circle of fire around her to warm her up.

"Ahhh, thanks." She said. All of the sudden I was picked up, Elfman had put me on his shoulder. Everyone had crowded around me and was cheering. "The king beat the Devil!" they chanted. After everyone had calmed down master came over to me.

"You did very well, you are ready." He said.

"I better be… this is it, we have a week… this is the beginning of the end!"

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