I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 24 - Second Origin

"What's the Dragon King festival?" I asked thinking about the voice I herd.

"Where did you hear that!?" Gray Snapped.

"Woah… Old man Ryu said something about it in my head." Gray eased up.

"Sorry… it's just… sorry" He walked off.

"What was that all about?" I asked. They told me about the Dragon King Festival. How 400 years ago Dragons gave humans the Dragon Slayer magic and there was the war. The festival was like all the dragons gathering and fighting each other. The Grand Magic Games were just there as an excuse to gather magic for some time machine thing and long story short, Dragons came, Gray almost but not really died, Gray's close friend, Ultear, used like 75 years of her life to save everyone, Dragons get defeated.

"So that's why he stormed off..."

"My Gray has bad memories about that day..." Juvia said.

"Man, now I feel bad..."

"He will get over it" Erza said.

"...Isn't Ultear that girl that unlocked more power for you, um… the alternate origin?" I asked.

"Second origin, and yes. Why?"

"Well she's old, but not dead, right. Can she unlock my second origin?"

"Well yes, but we don't know where she is."

"I do" Gray was in the doorway. "Come on, let's go" He walked out again.

"So what did Ryu said about the Dragon King Festival?" Erza asked on the way to the hospital.

"He just said I will thrive that day" I replied. "When is it anyway?"

"Well let's see it's..." She got a shocked look on her face "The day Zeref and Acnologia are going to attack!"

"Really, GREAT! More power to fight with!"

"Do you think it's a coincidence?" Lucy asked.

"I don't know… Maybe" she replied

"We're here" Gray said. We got out of the wagon. I looked around.

"Gray… Is this a hospital?" I asked.

"Yeah..." he muttered walking in. Everyone else was still for a moment, but then we went in after him. Gray had just signed in at the front desk.

"c'mon, this way" he said, and we followed him. We went into a room and lying on the bed was Ultear. She opened her eyes.

"Oh, Gray!" She said in an old wobbly voice. She looked all of us. "Everyone's here! *Cough*" She looked at me. "And who might this be?" She asked.

"Ultear, this is Ryan Argus, he is going to help us, but I need you to help him with your Arc of Time magic, I need you to unlock his second origin, can you do that?" He said slowly.

"Stop talking to me like I'm senile, of course I can!" She got up, walked over to me, and put her hand on my chest.

"Now this is going to hurt… a lot"

"I think I can handle a bit of -" I felt a pain unimaginable "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed. The agonizing pain went on for what felt like a lifetime. The entire thing was one big blur. When the pain finally stopped I was in a hospital bed, I felt fine though. It had gone away as soon as it started. I got up and went out to the waiting room. My friends greeted me.

"Hey, you feel any different?" Wendy asked.

"Yeah, powerful! How's Ultear?"

"Sleeping, but she will be fine" Gray said.

"Lets go, you need some training!" Erza said. On the ride back I was so motion sick even though had sky magic on.

"Why is… this… happening!?"

"Well before your Sky magic was on about the same level as Wendy, now its a lot stronger, maybe it's a certain power level that triggers this." Lucy suggested.

"Probably, I used to be… just fine on… vehicles, then I did a ton of… training and now I'm here" Gajeel mopped.

"Wait, so that means when I get stronger, I will get motion sick too!?" Wendy said nervously.

"Probably" He replied.

"UUHHHHHH!" she groaned.

Back up in the training field I was about to go up against Natsu and Gajeel.

"Ryu, can I do it now?" I asked Ryu

"Yes, you should definitely be able to mix secret arts now" He replied.

"Awesome, why don't you flash out and enjoy the show?" With that Ryu was out next to Wendy and she was petting him. I went out to the field with Natsu and Gajeel.

"BEGIN!" Erza yelled. They came charging at me.

"Sky Dragon's Wing Attack!" The new power from my attack knocked me back a little, and it sent them flying. I also had ice on, and they were coming back a second time.

"Ice Sky Dragon's… ROAR!" I sent a hurricane of sub zero winds at them, they didn't go flying but ice formed around them and the froze. I went up to them and got Fire and Iron. Then I dashed away. They broke free, Natsu was fine but Gajeel was shivering.

"N-not c-c-cool dude!" he stammered.

"Fire Dragon's..." Natsu said.

"Iron Dragon's..." Gajeel said.

"ROAR!" They both yelled. I sucked up their roars and topped off my magic levels.

"Now I got a fire in my belly!" I said. Natsu grinned.

"Damn, this is it Gajeel, It's over." Natsu said.

"Yeah, see you on the other side Salamander."

I had gathered all my Magic Power.

"Crimson Demon: Exploding Iron Flame God Blade!" I unleashed the mix of their two secret arts. I clapped my hands together above my head and made a giant sword. Then it burst into flames and I spun it around hitting Natsu and Gajeel. They were down and out and so was I, I collapsed.

I was back at Fairy Tail, now that my magic was back I felt fine. I got up and walked out into the main room. Natsu and Gajeel were there all bandaged up. When everyone saw me they cheered. Natsu walked over.

"Good job kid, I mean... Ryan" He said.

"Ha, thanks!" I said.

"Ryan, That was AMAZING!" Happy said.

"Yeah, and draining, it used up most of my magic."

"Good job, Ryan, you're definitely ready now" Erza said

"Thanks" I said. That night all I could think was 3 days left…

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