I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 25 - Worlds Collide

With only 2 days left till Zeref arrives, we were training hard. Me, Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Laxus, Erza, Lucy, Gray, and Jake were up in the field. All of the Dragon Slayers were sparing and the others were in one on one matchups. I couldn't focus on them right now though.

"Ice Dragon's Iron Fist" I punched Natsu and he went flying.

"Sky Dragon's Wing attack!" Wendy yelled sending the strong winds my way. I leaped up in to the air.

"Ice Sky Dragon's… ROAR!" I froze the ground but not them. They all slipped and fell. I landed on Gajeel and got iron. "Dragon Slayer's Secret Art: Shattering Demon: Sky God Sword!" I made a giant Iron sword and then wind with billions of iron shards in it swirled around it. I swung it at them, but before I hit anyone Laxus caught it and electrocuted it, and me. I ate the lightning and then Natsu came running at me.

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" I caught his wrist and then ate the fire becoming a Lightning Flame Dragon Slayer. All the Dragon Slayers were in a circle around me and they all were about to roar. I jumped up.

"Dragon Slayer's Secret Art: Crimson Lightning: Flame Lightning Dragon's Fist!" I engulfed my fist in a massive Lightning Flame Ball and as fell back down I punched the ground beneath me and a massive explosion took out Wendy and Gajeel, Laxus and Natsu fell down but got back up. After using two secret arts I was out of magic, I collapsed.

"RYAN! RYAN!" I was still half asleep when I heard that, but it was everyone calling to me. Then I felt a pull on my leg, I tried to shake it off gently but it only tightened. I shook more violently and when it still didn't come off I opened my eyes, I realized I was being pulled from the arm by Laxus who was on the other side of a tear, and from the leg by a giant tentacle.

"AHHHH!" I screamed "Lightning Dragon's Flight!" I was out of there in a second. The tear closed behind me and I was laying on my back breathing heavy.

"What the..." I muttered. Wendy came over and after hugging me looked at my arm and leg.

"A tear opened up under you just after you passed out, you have to stop doing that!" She said.

"No promises" I said sitting up "AHH!" I screamed grabbing my shoulder, it hurt really bad.

"Careful, I think it's dislocated, I can heal you" She began healing me.

"What dimension was that anyway!?" Lucy asked.

"I don't know, but the riffs are getting bigger and lasting longer" Erza said. I got up.

"Thanks, I'm good" I said to Wendy "They are getting more powerful the closer to the attack we are" as I said that we all got dropped into in tear and most of managed to land on our feet. I looked around and I knew where we were.

"Jake, this is time square, right?" I asked. He looked around.

"Yeah, definitely" He said.

"We are in a square… of time? I don't get it" Erza said.

"No, it's the name of a place, this place. We are in my world" I said.

"But something's different, the magic here, it's flowing normally"

"Really? I can't tell" I made a fist and it burst into flames "your right" Then there was a loud roar off in the distance. It gave me goosebumps.

"What was that" Happy said, shaking.

"I'll check it out, Lightning Dragon Flight" I flew up to a near by building and looked in the direction I heard the roar. What I saw terrified me. There, next to what little of the statue of liberty I could see, was a giant tear, and standing in it was a big, black and blue, dragon "R- Ryu..." I whispered. He flashed out.

"I.. I don't believe it… It looks like a bigger blue version of me" He said.

"That's Acnologia… it has to be..." I whispered. He turned and looked right at me. I froze and had goosebumps all over. I could see a dark figure on his head, it could only be Zeref. Some black smoke came shooting at me very quickly. I was stuck, I couldn't make myself move, I was too scared of the dragon that I would have to fight in 3 days. It hit me, knocking me off the roof. Still frozen, Ryu caught me and landed near the others.

"What happened!" my mom said.

"Acnologia… Zeref..." I said finally able to move "A tear opened and they were there… I'm not ready, Acnologia… he's too terrifying"

"Listen to me" Master said "The rest of my children have been training for years, since they were little kids, you have been training for a few months and you beat Mira's Satan Soul. You are the strongest person in Fairy Tail! You can and will beat Acnologia!" He lifted me up into the air with a giant hand using his magic.

"And you're not alone" Erza said, she summoned a sword "You have my sword"

"And my flames" Natsu said holding up a flaming fist.

"And my sky" Wendy said holding up her hand, I felt air rush by me. Pretty soon everyone was around me, holding up their magic.

"All hail the King!" Erza said.

"All hail the King!" The others repeated.

"You guys… thanks." I smiled "Hey, Times Square is supposed to be super busy, where is everyone?" I asked. The streets were completely empty.

"Yeah, were is everyone? It's the middle of the day!" Jake said. I went to a store window and looked in, no one.

"Wait, look at this!" Jake said waving his phone around. "Its a newscast from a few hours ago" We gathered around as best we could the tiny screen.

"There have been several reports of these strange rifts all over the world" the news woman said "So far none reported to have harmed anyone but they do appear to be increasing in size and are appearing more and more. Experts don't know what they are yet but it's advised you stay in you homes at all times until further instruction."

"Woah..." I said. I turned to see a giant tear opening, swallowing a building, and heading our way. "Run!" I yelled and we did "RYU! Ice, Iron!" I got what I asked for. The rift had stopped expanding but the building was falling toward us. I turned to face it and held my arms out.

"Ice Iron Dragon's Scales!" I made a dome around us, and kept making it thicker. The building hit and it didn't even crack. I let out a long sigh. "We're good"

Natsu punched out a hole on the side with the least rubble and we got out.

"What now?" Lucy asked.

"Let's see if we can catch a tear back to our world" Erza said. We began walking. Ryu flashed back in my arm. We went through an alley and then a gang of about 20 people showed up. One stepped out in front.

"Well lookie what we have here. 2 lovely young woman, 4 guys, and 3 kids… heh" He grinned and pulled out a knife, the others also pulled some weapons. I saw one gun. I carefully switched to fire by touching Natsu. "Um, I think you counted wrong" I said.

"What did you say to me" he said holding the knife to my neck. I held in my laugh, compared to what I was used to, a knife was child's play.

"You miscounted, look, there's one more" I held up my arm and Ryu flashed out "That's 10" They all backed up and looked scared. I flew to the guy with gun and took it from his trembling fingers, then flew back. "Now… RUN" I growled breathing a bit of fire. They all ran screaming. "Hahaha, that was kinda fun"

"AHHHHHH!" I heard one scream from around the corner. We went around to find he was halfway through a tear. I lifted him out of it.

"This is why they said to stay inside" I said before releasing him, and he ran off. I looked through the tear. "This looks like Earth-Land, common" I jumped through. Everyone followed. We were in a town.

"Where are we?" I asked. Erza looked around.

"I think we are in Crocus" she said.

"Yeah, smells like it" Natsu said.

"Well, we can stay here for tonight"

"Yeah… we only have 2 days left, I have been so worried about myself, are you guys ready?" I asked.

"Ready as we'll ever be" Natsu said.

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