I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 26 - The Plan

After spending the night in Crocus we went back to the guild. Erza was up on the stage and was telling everyone the plan.

"All the non Dragon Slayers will do their best to contain, or even defeat Zeref. Keep him away from the Slayers, let them do their job. Slayers! You will do everything you can to take down Acnologia, he is just as dangerous as Zeref! I will give you each more detailed instruction individually, but for now" she looked at me "Ryan, get up here and inspire your team!"

"MY team?!" I asked.

"Yeah man, you're our king!" Natsu said. I grinned and got up on stage, Erza got off.

"Alright, so, tomorrow is going to be the fight of our lives!" I began "I remember that just a few months ago I was an average boy. I lived a normal life in a normal world. And now that all seems like a distant memory. You all have trained me, helped me, and shown me what it means to be a dragon slayer! You… all of you, are my family… tomorrow we WILL beat Zeref and Acnologia, and ALL of us WILL come back! You know why? Because we are Fairy Tail and we are..." Everyone held up their hand, pointer finger out.

"ONE!" we all yelled. Then a large tear opened up above and dumped a bunch of water on all of us.

"Well that ruined the mood..." Erza said.

"Yeah, no kidding" I said "Those tears are just getting annoying!" then, a tear opened up and Monoceros and Loki came through.

"Loki!? I thought you said not to open any gates?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah, but then we made this" Loki replied. He held up a small, gold, machine thing. In the middle of it was a green crystal that was slowly spinning.

"What is it?"

"It's a R.I.F.T"

"A what?"

"It stands for Restoration of Interdimensional Field Timer. It can temporarily stabilize the pocket of space you are in so no tears will appear, and you can summon a spirit without having to worry"

"Really? That's amazing!"

"Yeah, but here's the thing, it has a 1 hour cool down, and the bigger the radius it stabilizes, the shorter it lasts"

"Well how short?"

"A 1 meter diameter will last about a day, 50 meters… around a half hour, maybe"

"Well it's better than nothing" After he showed her how to use it he and Monoceros left. Erza got back up on stage and began to talk about how the non slayers fight would go down. Before she got very far a girl with no shoes and long blond wavy hair got on stage. She had on a long light-pink dress. She looked about my age. Erza looked surprised to see her. They started whispering stuff to each other and then Erza got off the stage. The girl looked at me and smiled then she began to speak.

"Alright Fairy Tail, it's time all of you know the full truth, about why Zeref is REALLY doing what he is" she said.

"First master, are you sure?!" Makarov said. FIRST MASTER!... I thought.

"Zeref is after Lumen Histoire" she said, ignoring Makarov "a.k.a Fairy Heart" Everyone began murmuring to each other.

"Wendy, who is that?" I asked.

"Oh, that's the ghost of the first master and founder of Fairy Tail, Mavis" She replied


"You don't seemed to surprise" she said laughing.

"Honestly, these days nothing surprises me"

Natsu spit a small fireball that exploded in the air, getting everyone's attention.

"Thank you Natsu, now as I was saying. Fairy Heart is Fairy Tail's greatest secret kept only by the guild masters. I am telling you about it because it is what you must protect with your lives. If Zeref and Acnologia get there hands on it then the world as we know it is gone. But it is also vital NONE of you touch it, its power is too great and it WILL destroy you." That got everyone riled up and people began arguing and yelling. My family came pushing through the crowd.

"Ryan, what is going on why is everyone so worked up?" Jake asked.

"Did you not just hear what she said?!" I responded.

"What who said?"

"Um, Ryan, only people with the Guild Mark can see her" Wendy said.

"Jeez, ok, I'll explain everything later, just wait for now" I told my family.

"QUIET!" Makarov yelled, silencing everyone. "Please, continue" he said to Mavis.

"Thank you, now while Acnologia only cares about destroying all humans and possible remaining dragons, Zeref wishes to destroy all LIFE! and he will get his wish if he gets the Fairy Heart" She looked at me, staring, as if she was trying to figure something out. "Ryan" she said

"Yes?" I said, nervous.

"Come with me, Erza, you continue with your plan of attack" she looked at Natsu. "You should come too"

Me and Natsu followed Mavis down into the depths of the guild, behind a very large door was a blinding light, and then we saw it. A very large Lacrima with the body of the ghost standing with us inside it.

"Mavis is… is that you in there?!" I asked

"My body, yes. I told the guild that Fairy Heart has great power. Well it has infinite, and this is it"

"Infinite, you mean-"

"My body has been turned into an infinite pool of magic power. It has the power to destroy the planet..." I shivered "And I said anyone who touches it will be destroyed, that's not entirely true. Any normal human that touches this will be so overloaded with magic power they would in fact die. However the two of you don't seem… normal, now that you are so close to my body I'm sure, neither of you are entirely human"

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