I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 28 - The Storm

I woke up leaning against Wendy, and she was leaning on me. We fell asleep in that booth. I got up, careful not to wake her and then flew up to the roof. It was early, the sun was only just starting to rise. Today's the day, where are you, you damn dragon… I sat up there for about an hour staring off into the distance when Wendy came up. She sat down next to me.

"Today is the day..." She said

"Yeah..." I said

"There's something I want to tell you"

"If it's something you wouldn't tell me unless you thought you may never get the chance to, save it. We are both surviving this, everyone is"

"I love you Ryan" I was shocked. I looked at her and she looked at me. Then I leaned over and kissed her. Her face turned red.

"I love you too Wendy" We sat there for a moment smiling, but then the feeling went away and was replaced with a whole new one, she felt it too.


"That smell… he's here!" I flew down into the guild were some people were still asleep. "They're here!" I yelled, everyone was up and out the door immediately. Apart from my family who were hidden in the basement.

"Where exactly are they?" Lucy asked, holding the R.I.F.T device

"You feel him too, right?!" I asked the Dragon Slayers. They all nodded in agreement. Then a giant tear opened in front of us and the large black and blue beast stepped out, Zeref riding on his head. His arms outstretched like he had made the tear. We stood there for a moment, then Zeref leaped from the dragon.

"Let's give them some space, shall we?" Zeref said. He ran off at an surprisingly fast speed.

"After him!" Erza called, and all the non-slayers chased him down. Lucy set down the R.I.F.T and turned it on, then went after Zeref. It was us, and Acnologia, no one moved a muscle.

"Natsu, he smells a lot like you..." Sting said

"So what?" Natsu asked. Sting didn't reply.

"Ryu" I muttered, and he flashed out "Be on standby" he nodded. I looked behind me. "Natsu?" I asked, and he knew what I meant.

"Go ahead" he said, grinning. I looked that monster in the eye

"I'M ALL FIRED UP!" I yelled leaping at him, I flew to him and punched him in the face with an Iron Flame fist. He didn't budge and the next thing I knew was slammed into the ground. I got up quick.

"Wendy, boost us" I said.

"Right! Fast win that run the heaven… VERNIER, LLE VERNIER! Power of the stout arms that tears heaven… ARMS, LLE ARMS! ARMOR, LLE ARMOR!" She had boosted the speed, strength, and defense of me, herself, Natsu, Gajeel, Laxus, Sting, and Rouge. We went crazy half of us were on him and the others were delivering ranged attacks but it barely did anything. I was up above him and instead of hitting him with magic. I landed and placed my hands on him. The shock I got was painful. He roared and knocked us all down, we regrouped again in front of him then he began to inhale deeply.

"Here it comes!" I yelled. The bright blue light formed in his mouth and he looked straight at us. Then with a bone rattling roar the beam of magic energy shot out. Everything was bright blue and for a second I thought I had failed, but then I heard the bubbling noise. I sucked up the rest of the roar, saving my friends. "Now I got a fire in my belly!" I turned my head "Let's do it" they nodded. Everyone but me went into Dragon Force.

"Fire Dragon's..."

"Iron Dragon's..."

"Sky Dragon's..."

"Lightning Dragon's..."

"White Dragon's..."

"Shadow Dragon's..."

"King Dragon's..."

"ROAR!" We all unleashed as much power as possible on him. My red beam in the center with all the other elements around it. It hit him directly in the chest, and when we let up, there was a large hole in his scales.

"Focus there!" I yelled. "Ryu!" I jumped up and Ryu was under me and we flew to him. I drew my swords and they lit up red with King Dragon energy. I slashed hard at him and then moved out of the way. Everyone was pounding on his weak spot. He backed up and actually looked hurt.

"ENOUGH!" Acnologia yelled.

"So you can speak!" Natsu yelled.

"I can do so much more..." he muttered, then he began to shrink. Before I knew what was going on the giant Dragon had turned into a man. He was large and had blue dragon marks on him. He had long, dark blue hair and wore a cloak with what looked to be dragon teeth on it.

"What… What the hell?! You're a man?"

"Ignorant fool!" He dashed at him so fast I barely saw it. He punched Natsu and he was gone, just flew so far he was gone. Sting and Rogue went at him and he slammed them both into the ground. He then did the same to Gajeel, knocking all three of them out. Laxus managed to get a hit it but Acnologia then grabbed his arm and threw him. He looked at Wendy and began to inhale like he was going to roar NO… I block the beam with my blades.

"RYU! GET HER OUT OF HERE!" I screamed.

"What, NO!" Wendy protested.

"NOW RYU!" I commanded. He grabbed her shirt with his mouth and flew off. I turned to Acnologia and got ready to fight.

"So let's see here, you hate dragons, and find humans weak and worthless, right?" I asked.

"Mostly, some humans are strong, like you" He said.

"Well" I put my swords away "I'm not like most humans, I made her leave to protect her from me, not you"

"Ha, you really think you're stronger than me!?" We were now toe to toe.

"Dragon Slayer Secret Art..." I muttered

"I'm gonna kill every single last one of you Fairy's, that girl last, I'm gonna make her watch me kill all of you!"

"Dragon's Body!" I yelled full of anger. The energy knocked him back. My hands and feet turned to claws and black and red scales formed over most of my body. My ears became pointed and a tail had sprouted. Finally, my wings sprouted and the transformation was complete. I walked toward him and he backed up.

"Wha- What are you?" he said, almost scared.

"I'm going to kill you with the two things you hate most, I am half Human and half Dragon!" With each one of my claws imbued with a different element I slashed at him. He barely dodged it and then he hit me into the ground, I was back up in a second then I bit into his arm with my dragon teeth. He screamed and shook me off. His hands lit up bright blue and he swung at me. I jumped into the air and began to fly around. I breathed Fire on him, then Lightning, Ice, a new element every time I came around. He leaped up to me and we wrestled to the ground. I heard the R.I.F.T beep a few times meaning it was out of power. The next thing I knew we were in a volcano. The lava didn't bother either of us and we kept at it. We traded punches through a few different dimensions till we were back in Earth-Land. I threw him off and flew up in the air.

"King Dragon's COMET!" I dived at him making myself aerodynamic. Then I spun and surrounded myself with all my elements. Finally I take my razor sharp claws and put them together to form a point. Right before I made contact he raised his arm to block it, but I felt my claws tear through it. Even with all my power, his arm stopped me from killing him. There was a blast and when it cleared, I was on the ground out of magic. I was back in my normal form. I looked up to see Acnologia, battered and beating, standing before me. His cloak covering his left side were his arm used to be. He picked me up by the collar and I was to weak to resist.

"Your good, its been awhile since I have actually had to fight… I'll kill you quick!" He said. Then a flaming fist hit him in the face, Natsu. He dropped me and fell down. He got back up and as soon as he did Laxus grabbed him by the neck and electrocuted him. He threw him to Gajeel and he clubbed him over to Sting and Rogue who punched him in the face, knocking him out.

"Thanks guys" I said.

"No sweat, besides you're the one who really put the beat down on him" Natsu said. Helping me up. I could barely stand but we made it over to the mostly destroyed guild hall. I whistled really loud and a few minutes later Ryu was back with Wendy. She hugged me which hurt and then punched me in the gut which really hurt.

"What the heck!?" I screamed.

"I was worried, you didn't have to send me away, I could have handled myself against Acnologia!" She said.

"I know, I'm sorry" But I was protecting you from me, my power, I didn't know if I was gonna be able to control it…

"That said, I'm glad you're okay" She kissed me.

"Thanks, you think you could heal me up a bit"

"Of course"

After Wendy healed us up a bit and we chained up Acnologia with anti magic cuffs, we were going to go out and help with defeating Zeref, but we didn't need to. The one wall that was still intact got busted down and Erza landed in front of us, she got up and rushed back out there. Everyone began to follow her out when Mavis popped through the hole.

"Everyone but Ryan and Natsu out!" she said, and everyone obeyed. "Come with me" she said wanking away. We followed.

We were down in the Fairy Heart room.

"Are you sure this will work?" I asked.

"It must, if it doesn't… it will work" Mavis said. The door burst open and Zeref walked in.

"I must say, Fairy Tail has been somewhat disappointing, then again you did beat Acnologia. I hope the two of you can actually give me what I'm looking for." He looked at me. "The King of Dragons" he turned to Natsu "And my brother, E.N.D"

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