I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 29 - END

"The hell you going on about?" Natsu demanded.

"Why Natsu, I'm your brother" Zeref answered.

"Sure, because I'm 400 years old"

"Technically, you are. And as I have explained to Ryan, your the only one who can end my miserable life"

"You got that right, but there's still no way in hell we are brothers"

"Then let me explain, 400 years ago, our village was decimated by dragons everything burned and I was among a remaining few, but you were very young at the time, you wouldn't remember. After that I went on to study magic, mainly the connections between life, death, and magic so I could revive my younger brother who unfortunately died in the fire along with my parents. I was expelled from my academy for the practice, and then later cursed. All I wanted to do was die, and I still do. So I created Etherious beings to kill me, your legends refer to them as the demons of the book of Zeref. One of those Demons stood out from the rest, one I knew would be able to kill me because he was capable of using magic. When I made this demon in x771, I had used the body of my brother, ultimately achieving my goal of reviving him. This demon is E.N.D or Etherious Natsu Dragneel, you."

"You're crazy, you know that?"

"He's right" Mavis said.

"M-Mavis? what are you talking about?!" Natsu asked.

"I can sense the Dragon in Ryan, and the Etherious Demon in you Natsu. On top of that, a long time ago, before Fairy Tail… Zeref told me his full name, Zeref Dragneel"

"I- I can't believe..." Natsu dropped to his knees.

"This cures that I have… All I want is to die, so when I'm close to that it will completely contradict it. Only your flames can burn through its darkness, but not without a fight" He closed his eyes and whispered "Please end it..."

"Natsu, pull yourself together! It doesn't matter if he's your brother, he is a monster, he's not even human. You are, and we have to stop him!" I said.

"Yeah… yeah, you're right" he said standing up "Let's do this" We touched the Fairy Heart lacrima in accordance with Mavis' plan. The power was unreal. I felt all my magic restore and then overflow. We both went into dragon force mode. Then I went into my Dragon's Body form once again. I looked over at Natsu, his body covered in dark red scales and horns had sprouted from his head, he had claws and fangs and bat like wings. He was a demon. He looked at his hand.

"Damn, guess I am a demon" he said, his voice very demonic like "Anyway, let's dance!" We charged at Zeref. The speed we were going was at least faster than sound. We blasted through the roof and me and Natsu were flying through the air batting him back and forth between us. Slammed him into the ground and backed up.

"Crimson Lotus: Demonic Flame Blade!" Natsu yelled. He used his secret art but his flames were blood red instead of his usual orange, and even being behind him I could feel the heat. I decided to use a variation of that spell I had been working on.

"Crimson Dragon: Exploding Royal Blade!" I spun my arms and wings around releasing my red King Dragon magic. It hit him directly. After the smoke cleared Zeref was lying there. He got up calmly. We landed near him.

"I know you have more then that! You have to burn through my curse. Please brother, I'm begging you!" He said.

"He wants fire, let's give it to him!" Natsu said.

"Yeah" I replied.

"Unison Raid:" We yelled "Demonic Fire Dragon King's Roar!" We unleashed A torrent of flames him. His dark red Demonic flames swirling with my King Dragon flames. It was beautiful but I didn't have time to enjoy it. When we were done Zeref stood there, a hole in his shirt and a giant burn mark on his chest.

"You were close that time… but sorry, I'm still here" Zeref said as the burn faded away "And now because I want to let you continue to kill me, my curse will make me fight back, sorry brother… Death Predation!" A large dark wave exploded out from him and I briefly remembered his attack on me when I first started all this. We flew up to dodge it. "Death Pillar!" He swept his arms together and a large black pillar came at us. We barely dodged it. I positioned myself above him.

"King Dragon's Comet!" I hit him right in the face and should have at least cracked his skull, but he only had a cut, and not a very deep one. Natsu flew down and was next to me.

"Maybe you two just need some motivation, have you actually checked on you friends? We fought in an already battle worn field" He said "You can find their bodies there"

"You're lying!" I yelled

"Go check on them, I'll keep an eye on him" Natsu said. I flew over to the field and I saw my friends bodies scattered about.

"NO!" I screamed. I quickly searched around and found Wendy. I dropped to my knees beside her. "Wendy..." I whispered. She had cuts all over and her clothes were all ripped and dirty. I checked her pulse and it was faint but there. I looked around. "Erza, Gajeel, Sting, Rogue, Gray, Lucy… everyone..." I flew back and landed next to Natsu.

"They are on there way to help, right? They are okay… Right?!" Natsu asked, tears streaming down his cheek. I said nothing, tears of my own forming. "I'll kill you… I swear I will!" he said to Zeref. He was on him and just punching him over and over, no flames or anything. Zeref threw him off.

"You say that only his flames can hurt you..." I said "Then we'll use them to grant you your wish for death!" I took out my blades and they burst into a mix of Demonic Red Fire and King Dragon Fire. I sliced him and the sonic boom that followed from my speed sent him flying. I dashed at him again and slashed him mid air. I repeated that over and over till he slammed into a mountain. He was severely cut but by the time Natsu caught up he had healed. He shot some dark smoke at us, and I incinerated them.

"Y- you incinerated it!?" Zeref said, surprised.

"Remember that one move we once worked on, the one based off Sting and Rouge's Unison Raid?" Natsu asked me. I didn't respond, I was still furious. "Let's try it, Demon Dragon King style" he said anyway. We stood next to each other and formed giant Fireballs behind us.

"Unison Raid!" we yelled, the two fires merging "Demonic Fire Dragon King's Flash Fang!" The swirling dark and light red flames collided with Zeref and it looked like he tried to make a shield but it burnt away easily.

"Burn you son of a… never mind" Natsu said. The flames cleared and there was nothing but scorched land all around. We returned to our normal forms. Ryu flashed out.

"Is he really gone?" Ryu asked.

"Yeah, it's over..." I said.

We went and got everyone from the field, all still unconscious. They were all still breathing. We layed down blankets and put everyone around the guild.

"You stay here and watch them, I'm going to go get Porlyusica" Natsu said.

"Who?" I asked.

"A healer" he replied, then left. I sat next to Wendy and looked at her.

"I'm sorry Wendy… I'm sorry I didn't protect you..." Tears formed in my eyes.

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