I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 3 - I am a Dragon Slayer!

"SKY DRAGON… ROAR!" she yelled, and as she did and tornado came out of her mouth right at me! Then something inside me just clicked and I began to suck in the tornado, and there was a loud bubbling noise. It didn't go in my lungs like normal air though, I could feel it go into my stomach and I got a rush of energy. When the wind cleared just about everyone in the guild looked shocked, including me. The only one not wearing a look of confusion was Makarov.

"Dragon Slayers eat their respective element in order to gain power, YOU however can consume all forms as long as the element you are taking in belongs to a Dragon Slayer that has made physical contact with you."

"Uhh English please?"

"You absorb the power of any Dragon Slayer you touch."

"Just how do you know all this Master" Lucy asked. Natsu stepped in

"I told him, Igneel once told me about the King dragon, he was on the side of coexistence during the war 400 years ago. He gave king Dragon slayer magic to two people, Acnologia and one other man who apparently escaped to another dimension. It was just a rumor, even among dragons, but you are living proof, you are his really great grandson."

"And as for how your power works… it was a guess." Makarov added.

"Wait so I could have been swept up in a tornado because you had a HUNCH!?" I was pretty angry.

~Flash Forward to Present~

And after I had them explain who Igneel was and what the war was I came up here. Then I could smell something... familiar.

"Should you really be flying around in a dress Wendy?" I looked over the edge of the roof were her head popped up, already red. She landed on the roof and Carla who had brought her up, left. Wendy wore a green dress that got lighter higher up and was attached to a gold ring around her neck.

She sat down next to me and said "Um, I thought you might be hungry so I brought you some-"

"Bread" I finished. She looked at me, confused. "Dragon Slayer remember, I can smell good."

"Oh.. right" she unwrapped the fabric the bread was in and gave it to me and I scarfed it down, I really was starving. "So um, have you decided yet?"

I brushed off the crumbs and said "Yeah, this place has a lot of heart, and you seem like good people, I'll do anything I can to help." I looked at her and she was smiling. She's pretty cute I thought.

"Thank you, Ryan" She said. We got down and I told everyone I would help. There were cheers all around. After everyone calmed down I looked out the window, the sun was going down. I got to get home… I ran over to Makarov.

"I have to go home, my mom has probably called the cops by now!"

"It's not safe, Zeref knows where you live now."

"Well I can't stay here all night" I looked around in panic, then I saw the boy who had stopped me from leaving before. "I have a plan..."

Back On Earth

"RYAN! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?" my mom screamed

"Sorry, I was at Romeo's house and my phone died" Romeo and his dad stepped out

"I apologize Mrs. Argus, I'm Macao Conbolt, Romeo's dad. I should have had him back earlier but my magic mobile broke down."

"Your what?"

"Uh, its what he calls his car, mom." I stepped in "So i was wondering if I could sleep over a Romeo's House tonight. Please."

"Oh, well, I guess its alright, but we are gonna have a talk tomorrow when you get home tomorrow."

"Thanks mom!" I hugged her and left. We began to walk over to Lucy and the unicorn next to her. "That was close, but we did it."

"What's a car" Macao asked.

"Tell you some other time." I answered.

"How'd it go?" Lucy asked.

"Well she bought it." I said

"Good" she looked at the unicorn next to her "Monoceros, open a gate back to Fairy Tail." It neighed in response and made the portal.

"Hey Lucy, all of your other spirits talk, why doesn't Monoceros?" Romeo asked.

"That's a good question, I don't know, maybe she can't." She shrugged her shoulders and we went through.

"Oh good, you didn't hit your head on the table like last time." Wendy said when I stepped out.

"Well last time Erza shoved me through so… How is she any way." Erza had taken a beating from Zeref.

"Well I've been healing her a lot but I -"

"I'm fine" Erza cut her off. She had appeared behind Wendy and she was covered in bandages.

"I'm sorry, If I had listened to you before you wouldn't have had to fight" I really did feel bad.

"Don't worry about it, we were complete strangers, you had no reason to trust us. Besides, I have had worse injuries before."

"I don't mean to interrupt but If your gunna be a part of the guild, we should make it official." Makarov said. He took out a stamp like thing and told me how every member has a mark "where do you want yours?" he asked

I only had to think for a moment I agreed to join because I can actually feel this groups passiontheir heart… "I want it over my heart" I rolled up my shirt and he pressed it on the left side of my chest. It glowed for a moment and then he took it off, left behind was a bright red mark of a fairy. Everyone in the hall went wild, there was cheering and clapping and partying. I could get used to this… I thought. I spent most of the night getting to know everyone.

The next morning Makarov had me "absorb" power from the other dragon slayers in the guild. Natsu, Gajeel, and Laxus. Now that I was awake for it I learned it stung a little

"There are three more dragon slayers I know of, but not here" Makarov told me. "Now, you are gonna need proper training in both magic and hand to hand combat so-"

"What better way than with a bit of sparring!" Natsu yelled then tried to punch me in the head. I ducked and elbowed him in the gut, knocking the wind of him and then I stood up and kicked him in the chest, pushing him to the floor.

Everyone was staring at me "What, I'm a black belt in karate"

"What does that mean?" Romeo asked.

"It means I can fight, now let's do some magic training!"

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