I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 30 - Death

I went down to the basement were Acnologia was locked up with magic blocking chains. I drew my sword and held it to his neck.

"Give me one good reason I shouldn't kill you!?" I said. He looked at me with soulless eyes.

"Do you really want to take away Natsu's father on the same day you killed his own brother?" He replied. I was taken back by this, in the few seconds I was trying to comprehend, Acnologia hit me and I fell down, he bolted. I ran up and didn't see him anywhere.

"How did he get out of the chains!?" I wondered aloud. I ran out the front to look for him and as soon as I did a large branch hit me in the face and knocked me down. I was dazed and was slipping in and out of consciousness. I saw a few images here and there. I saw Acnologia turn into a dragon again. Then I saw him charge up a roar to destroy all of us. Then I saw Makarov's giant body block the shot, and him collapsing.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Natsu's bellowing scream woke me from my daze. I saw Natsu over Makarov's body, crying. Then I felt an intense pulse in me, I couldn't move and all I felt was the blood rushing through me. I heard my own heartbeat then a few more, 5 more. I looked up to see a strange aura around me, Gajeel, Natsu, Wendy, Sting, and Rouge. Then everything stopped, it was almost as if time had stopped for a second, then I went completely stiff and a huge dark red beacon shot out of me. A green from Gajeel, blue from Wendy, white from Sting, black from Rough, and orange from Natsu. Figures formed in the light, dragons.

From Gajeel a large silver, iron dragon. From Wendy a white dragon with fur. A smooth scaled white dragon with feathery hair from Sting , and a black one from Rouge. A dark red one from Natsu. Finally, from me a dragon that looked liked Acnologia, only with dark red scales instead of blue. They all roared at the same time and the sound woke up almost everyone.

"What's going on!?" Erza yelled.

"Dad?" Natsu said looking up. Everyone looked up as well and there were the six dragons that had just sprung from us.

"We will explain later, for now, dragon slayers, come with us!" My dragon said.

"Hang on Ryu, they are hurt" the white one from Wendy said. She waved her wings around us and I could feel my wounds close up and heal.

"M~ mom, is it really you?" Wendy said.

"Yes, but we don't have time to talk, Acnologia is getting away, come on!" Grandeeney said. We all got on our dragons and flew after Acnologia. When we caught up he roared at us and I ate it, powering me up enough for dragon form once again. I dashed at him and began slashing his chest again were we made that weak spot. He knocked me away and I began flying is sync with the others again.

"You even stronger than I anticipated" Ryu said to me.

"Yeah well your a surprise to me too, I thought you were… reformed into my blades?" I said.

"It's my blood, but not my entire body"

"Focus!" the large red dragon, who I can only assume is Igneel, said.

"Everyone, dragons and slayers, ROAR!" Ryu said. We all unleashed our magic on him and the explosion the followed was hotter than the sun. Acnologia fell and was sprawled across the ground on his back. I flew directly above him.

"King Dragon's Comet!" I used my blades to make the point instead of claws this time and I hit him right in the chest. He turned human again and was just lying there.

"I.. I just killed him..." I said stepping back, turning back to my human form.

"You had no choice, he was a monster" Ryu said as he landed along with everyone else.

"I know but..."

"Where the hell have you been Igneel!" Natsu screamed at Igneel. Everyone began to have their happy reunions with their dragons.

"So how were all of you inside us?" I asked Ryu, moving away from Acnologia's body.

"It was via a secret art, we did it in order to preserve our life and keep you from becoming a full dragon like Acnologia" he replied

"Preserve your life? Are you okay?"

"Unfortunately, years ago Acnologia took our souls… We have been in a dying state ever since"

"Well what can we do to help you?"

"No… staying inside you all this time was the only way to preserve us, and we can not re enter you now..."

"I- I'm so sorry, Ryu..."

"Hmm, I accepted it a long time ago… Listen to me, there is something I must tell you"

"I'm listening"

"400 years ago, us 6 dragons all had a plan. The five of them took in foster children, you know them as your fellow dragon slayers, while I forged those blades. Then the five of them entered their foster children while I entered the bloodline of your mother, we told her ancestor that Igneel was her foster father, because for a time he was until we found her real parents. They agreed to let her go for the greater good of the world."

"Wait, Zeref said that he revived Natsu in x771?"

"No, that was a lie. Anyway, your ancestor was sent to earth with me in her, and for centuries I was passed down through her bloodline till I got to you, then as we had hoped you were found and brought back to Earth-Land when you were needed most"

"That's a crazy plan to rely on luck to get me back"

"Well it worked, didn't it? The 5 children however were put down a different road. We sent them 400 years into the future… to July 7th, X777"

"The day they all disappeared"

"To the children that is what it seemed like, however it was the date that Layla Heartfilia opened the gate so the children could arrive"

"Layla? Lucy's mom?"

"You children are more connected then you will ever know… you have to find the right time to tell the others all this… they aren't ready now, especially because they are about to loose the closest thing to parents they ever had..."

"Wait, all of you are going to die?!"

"We are already dead, and now I feel our time coming"

"NO! You can't leave, YOU PROMISED!" Natsu yelled at Igneel. I looked over to see Wendy on her knees. I went over to her.

"Hey, let's not let there last memory be all of us crying" I said to her. She Sniffled and stood up.

"Yeah, yeah you're right" Wendy said.

"Take care of her for me, okay?" Grandeeney said to me.

"Of course" I said putting my arm around her.

"Thank you" she said. She began to float into the air as did the other dragons and Acnologia and they began to glow and shimmer.

"Damn it Igneel, you promised not to leave me again! DON'T BREAK YOUR PROMISE!" Natsu yelled with trembling voice, tears pouring out of his eyes.

"My son, promise me you will never give up, you will become stronger in order to protect those you care about" Igneel said.

"I- I promise"

"Good, I love you son" Then the light faded away along with the dragons. Natsu fell to his knees.

"I love you too, dad" He said, still crying. We all went over to him and just sat there for a bit. Everyone was crying, including me. After everyone calmed down we trudged our way back to the guild. When we got there we were greeted with the same puffy red eyes we had on.

"What's wrong?" I asked. Erza and Lucy looked up, tears in there eyes.

"Follow me" Erza choked out. We did and she led us to the infirmary where, lying in my usual bed, was Makarov.

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