I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 32 - What Now

Almost a month had passed since the final showdown and everything began to return to normal. The guild was rebuilt and Gildarts left again and my parents and Jake went back to Earth, I still slept there at night but I spent almost all my time in Earth-Land. Sting and Rogue went back to their guild and Mira was kinda running things now that Makarov was gone.

"Alright everyone, listen up" Mira yelled. Everyone gathered around her. "We need to hold elections for the new guild master! Everyone write down who you think should be the new master and put it in this hat" She passed a hat around and while it was a hard choice between Erza and Mira, the name I put in was Mira's. After everyone voted Mira began to count the names.

"So who did you vote for?" I asked Wendy as Mira counted.

"You dummy" She replied.

"Me? Why me?"

"Cuz your my boyfriend and I love you, and because I think you would be the best to run all this"

"Well thanks but I'm fourteen and I have been here the least out of all of you"

"Well you're also the king of the dragons so there is that"

"Yeah, well, I don't think I'll be the one to get picked"

"And the winner by a landslide is..." Mira said "Ryan, King of the Dragon Slayers!" Everyone went wild while I just kinda sat there. Is this really happening… I thought. I got pushed up on stage. I looked at everyone and they looked expectant, like I should be saying something.

"I'm freaking fourteen! Are you all insane!" I yelled.

"Mavis was only a kid when she MADE Fairy Tail, I'm sure you can at least run in" Mira said "Beside there was only one vote against you" She looked at the paper "It says Natsu with a fish drawn next to it" Everyone one looked at Happy.

"What?" he said.

"I appreciate it buddy" Natsu said.

"So other then that its unanimous, you're the new master" Mira said. I just stood there for a minute to think. Then I got an idea.

"Okay, you want me to be your master, fine, but you have to pass a test first!" Everyone looked confused "I will disband the guild for six months" The guild went into an uproar. "Hey, Hey, hear me out. In that six months you will all go out and live on your own without the guild. You can stay with family or with other guild members, but you will live without the guild! Train, or relax, I don't care! If all of you can do that then in six months I will officially become your master" Everyone just sorta stood there, confused. "OUT! OUT, ALL OF YOU!" I yelled and they all rushed out the door. Wendy waited for me by the door.

"So why did you do that?" She asked as we walked out.

"One, I need some time to wrap my head around all this. And two, I think it will be fun. And three, I need this to help convince my parents of something"

"And what's that?"

"Hang on a minute" I flew over to Rana who was with Romeo. "Hey, can you pop a portal to my living room real quick?"

"Uhh, sure" She said, making the portal. I had a long and tiring argument with my parents that all boiled down to this. I could live in Earth-Land if I can go 6 months without needing their help. I then went back to Earth-Land and me, Wendy, Ryu, and Carla all went off our own way. While some others went off alone and some in groups, we all went our own paths. Me and Wendy worked a bunch of smaller jobs on our own and ended up getting a sizeable apartment. Carla made sure we had separate rooms (Like we weren't already going to do that, we are still kids) and we were good, living comfortably for that 6 months, but it all changed when we went back to the guild, and some people did not return...

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