I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 5 - The job

I woke up back at fairy tail, I was in the same bed as before, Natsu was on the bed next to me with Wendy healing him. Carla was there too, she looked at me.

"Oh good, you're awake child." the white cat said to me. Wendy looked up and then ran over to me. She hugged me and the backed up almost instantly, her face was red.

"S.. Sorry..." I was shocked.

"Uhh.. Its okay."

"Don't do anything that stupid again okay" she was looking at the floor and I almost didn't hear her. I was confused.

"Um, okay..." I said. She stood there a moment then turned and went back to healing Natsu. I looked at my watch 4:00 "I got to get home!" I went out to the main room and looked for Lucy. She sat at a table and was talking to Gajeel and Erza. I ran over.

"Hey, nice job. Standing your ground against Natsu is no small feat, especially since you're a beginner." Lucy complemented me.

"Thanks, I learn quick but I got to get home, my mom wanted me home by two."

"Okay but first, take these" she handed my a small blue disc shaped stone, it was a bit larger than a quarter and a small glass bottle with little red ball's in them.

"What are they?"

"This is a compact super powerful communication lacrima"

"... "

"When you wanna come here channel some magic in it, it will send me a signal and I'll open the portal for you."

"Oh, okay and what about these." I held up the bottle.

"Those are X-Balls, eat one and you should be able to use magic in your dimension, I gave you a full bottle just in case." She took out her platinum key and held it up. "Open gate of the unicorn, Monoceros" *DING DONG* Monoceros appeared from nowhere and opened the portal for me.

"Thanks, see ya later guys!" I stepped through the portal.

I sat at my desk messing with my watch. if I keep this thing in my pocket then I will probably lose it… I thought looking at the communication lacrima. I looked down at my work. I had taken the battery cover off my watch and cut out a hole the size of a nickel. Then I put the thin disk shaped rock on top the battery, it just barely fit inside the watch, I replaced the battery cover and put my watch on. There now I won't lose it and I can access it easily… I went to bed.

Things went on like that for about a month, I told my parents I joined an after school club as an excuse to leave every day, and on the weekends I told them I was at a friend's house. I learned in my dimension magic energy doesn't flow well, it is still regenerating in me, however I can barely even let out enough to activate my communication lacrima unless I eat an X-Ball, and the effects wear off when I go to Earth-Land. Luckily the Fairy Tail mark seemed to disappear when I was in my world so changing in the locker room or swimming didn't reveal it. Training wasn't easy, I was always sore between the sparing and strength training Erza had me doing. She made me do 100 curl-ups and 50 chin-ups every day for the first week and then she would double it every week. I wasn't out of shape before but now I was beginning to get kinda buff, at least for my age. After a while I decided I needed something new.

I was at Fairy Tail and I went to go talk to Erza.

"I wanna go on a job." I said, she looked surprised but then a smile grew over her face.

"Okay." She replied. It was my turn to be in shock.

"Wait, just like that? You'll let me go"

"Yeah, you could use some real world experience."

"YES!" I cheered. I ran over to the job board. Jobs were things wizards could do to earn money. Before I could really look at many Erza put her hand on my shoulder.

"Of course we will be going with you." I looked behind her. Natsu, Gray, Wendy, Lucy, Happy, and Carla were behind her. I grinned.

"The more the merrier." I said.

We were on a train to the job sight and this time around I felt really sick. Me and Natsu were practically dead.

"Oh, i'm sorry guys! Troia won't work! And I haven't even used it on you before Ryan. Sorry." Wendy apologized.

"It's fine." I gasped.

"I thought you didn't get motion sick Ryan" Erza asked.

"I usually don't, every time we went up to the field I was fine" I squeaked out.

"But I was using..." I reached over and grabbed Wendy's ankle, switching from fire to sky magic. I stood up, completely fine. "...Sky magic"

"WHAT, no fair!" Natsu complained, still on the floor.

"I guess sky dragon slayers don't get motion sick." Lucy said. I sat down and took out the job flyer I had chosen. It said "Fighting wizards needed." It was a job to go take down some wizard bandits that kept robbing this city. I couldn't figure out why it paid so much if it was just to take down a few bandits but it would be good practice for me anyway. When we got there I froze, the town wasn't big or special or anything, but it just seemed so… familiar. Then I saw a image, this same town was on fire and there were screams everywhere.

"You okay?" Gray asked me snapping me out of the trance I was in. "you look like you have seen a ghost"

"Uuuhh, i'm fine. Just… excited." He shrugged and began down the hill with the others.

"Carla, are you okay?" I heard Wendy say behind me. I turned to see the same look of shock I just had on the cats face. She snapped out of it.

"What? Oh, yes yes, i'm fine." she said. Me, Wendy, and Carla began down the hill after the others.

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