I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 7 - Prison

I woke up on the floor, it was cold and hard, stone. I sat up and looked around, I was in a cage, beyond that was just blackness. There was absolutely nothing there, not even sky. Where am I…

"You're awake, that just leaves Natsu and Gray" Erza said from behind me making me jump. I turned to see all of my friends in separate cages (apart from Happy and Carla who were in one small cage). I looked over and saw Natsu and Gray in their cages, unconscious and beaten. I looked around, everyone was pretty banged up. I realized the pain I was in and cringed as I looked down at my bruises and cuts.

"What happened..." Gray muttered as he got up.

"Yeah, and where are we" Natsu said leaning on the bars of his cage for support.

"You three really don't remember anything? "Erza asked. We looked at each other and then shook our heads. Lucy explained what happened.

"You were all under a spell by the tall girl, she can control the minds of boys using her siren magic. She had you three fight us… and you won. Then the masked girl opened this portal here and locked us up. The cages block magic power so we can't break them."

"Damn!" Natsu yelled punching the bars of his cage.

"Sorry about.. you know… hurting you." I apologized.

"It wasn't your fault, it's fine." Erza reassured me. I looked at the bars then licked one.

"Iron!" I said grinning. I turned my head and took a bite out of my cage.

"How can you use magic!?" Wendy asked. As I ate Natsu explained.

"We still HAVE our magic, and eating elements is just a… side effect."

"Oh." I finished eating enough to get me out, I slipped through and held up my hand.

"Lets see here..." I turned my arm into a sword and grinned.

"You guys might wanna stand back!" Everyone stepped back as I cut them out of the cages.

"Nice work Ryan." Erza said "Now we need a plan, Lucy can you get us out of here?"

"No, they took my keys..." Lucy replied.

"Then we will just have to wait for them to come to us. Boys, take these." Erza pulled out little balls of paper and gave two to each of us. "Ear plugs, the siren magic is based off hearing." I put mine in. Erza said something I didn't really hear.

"WHAT!" I yelled. She gave me a thumbs us. I took them out and sat down. "So what should we do while we wait?"

"Why don't you tell us about your world." Lucy said.

"Okay." I told them about some of my friends and school and technology, they seemed confused by tech. After about ten minutes Nastu jumped us and yelled.

"I can't just sit around like this!" Gray stood up and said

"Well do you have any bright ideas on how we should get out of here ya knucklehead!?" They but heads and began arguing, and then fighting.

"Cut it out you two!" Lucy yelled.

"Yes, stop this tomfoolery at once." Carla screamed as she and Lucy went over to what was now a war zone.

"How immature..." Erza said, then a block of ice hit her in the head. She stood up furious and threw Happy in to the escalating fight.

"WWHHHHYYYYYY!" He yelled as he went soaring over then Erza began stomping over. That left me and Wendy there. We looked at eachother and just laughed. I lied down and closed my eyes, then after a moment I opened one to see Wendy staring at me. She blushed turned around and hugged her knees.

"Sorry!" she apologized. I sat up and chuckled.

"It's fine." I moved myself so we were facing eachother. "Hey, can I ask you something?" Her face was still in her knees but I heard a muffled "Sure."

"Why are are you always so worried about me? Whenever im sparing you always look like you're about to stop the fight and heal me." She came out from behind her legs.

"Well… it's just… I don't want you to get hurt."

"You don't worry about Natsu or Gajeel nearly as much… do you think i'm not strong enough to defend myself."

"NO!... But you're… different, I really like you…"

"I like you too, we're good friends"

"No.. I ment I like you as more than a friend." I was shocked but before I could say anything Gray (With no shirt on) came flying into me, knocking me into a cage. I unleashed an iron roar on him that sent him flying. Then just before he hit the ground a hole opened up and he fell through it. I looked around, on by one all of my friends got swallowed up, then, I was alone. Then the ground opened up beneath me and I fell in. I hit a wood floor, hard. I got up to see everyone else in another cage. The room was otherwise empty, but large. Before I could get them out one of the short bald guys stepped in front of me and hit me. I went flying into a wall. I looked over at him and he began to multiply, in a few seconds there were 20 of them on me. I could hardly breath but I managed to cast

"Iron Dragon.. ROAR!" they went flying in all directions, and most of them disappeared, all but one. Another portal opened up and he was gone. Then out stepped the masked girl.

"The city is yours, we will leave" she said. She held up her hand and everyone in the cage fell through a portal with a scream. My mind was racing.

"Where did you send them!" I demanded charging at her. Then I was on the far side of the room. I knew I couldn't get close so I stopped.

"Here." she said tossing Lucys keys to me. Then she took off her mask. I froze.

"No way!" I said in disbelief. Then I fell through a portal, I was back at the entrance to the town. Everyone came up around me with questions.

"I know who the masked girl is..." Everyone went silent. ""Her name is Rana."

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