I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 8 - Girls

I was lying in bed that night. Rana… How?.. I didn't have enough time to tell the others at Fairy Tail about her. Then my mind went back to what it was on it the entire day, Wendy… "I like you as more than a friend." I kept replaying that over and over in my head. I had never really thought about her like that, granted whenever I was in her world I was either bashed, beaten, or bruised. Now that I was though… I always thought she is nice. Now I realize she is also silly and funny, not to mention pretty. Heh, I guess I have liked her for a while… I thought. I rolled over and went to sleep.

Then next day was Monday, and it was the worst Monday for me ever. Not only did I have to sit through school before going back to Fairy Tail, but I had a pit in my stomach all day from thinking about what I would say to Wendy and I was also terrified because every time I turned around Rana was there. I knew her from school but had never really talked to her much. That's why I couldn't quite figure out who she was just from her voice. After school I followed Rana out, she went behind the school. I peeped around the corner to look at her and I saw her eat what could only be an X-ball, then she opened a portal, looked at me, smiled, and stepped through. I ran to it but by the time I got there it had closed. I put some magic energy in my watch and a moment later the portal opened, I went through and then I was at Fairy Tail… and everyone had lots of questions.

"So who is the girl in the mask?" Gray asked.

"Yeah, and how do you know her?" Happy said.

"Chill out guys, I JUST got here. Anyway I know her from my world, school to be specific, but she has always been shy so we don't really talk, but I never pegged her as evil. As for how she has magic, I have no clue." I looked over at Wendy, she had a look on that said we need to talk, alone and I agreed. "I'll tell you everything I know about her in a bit, but first me and Wendy need to talk... alone." The guys looked confused but the girls got it (apart from Erza)

"Very well, cone on tomcat let's fly them up to the roof." Carla said to Happy reluctantly.

"Aye!" He replied.

After they had left we just sat their next to each other for a moment, then she spoke up.

"Sorry about what I said yesterday, its just that I really like you and I didn't want to say I didn't like you so went you asked why i'm always worried I just sorta sai-" she froze when I put my arm around her and pulled her closer.

"That is nowhere near what I thought you would say." I said, chuckling. She looked at my arm and then at me, she looked confused and a bit scared.

"I'm not sure how long I have had it, but I have a crush on you." She blushed and I'm sure I did too.

"So" I stood up "Will you, Wendy Marvell, do me the honor of being my girlfriend? " I said and bowed. She got a big smile then leaped up and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Yes!" She practically screamed in my ear. After a moment she backed up a little but kept her hands on my shoulders. "Why'd you have to be so formal?"

"Um... I don't know, just came out like that" I said laughing. Then we heard a crashing sound below and a loud "Shhhhhh"

I looked at Wendy and put my finger to my lips. I jumped down from the roof as quietly as possible and looked inside, Natsu and Gray were in the rafters with their ears pressed to the ceiling. Everyone was quiet as I walked under them without them noticing.

"Sky Dragon... ROAR!" I yelled sending a tornado up there pressing them against the ceiling, then they fell down and landed with a thud. Wendy had come down and was talking with Carla, then Carla came flying over to me. She got right in my face.

"If you do one thing to hurt or upset Wendy then so help me I will tear you apart!" Even though she was just a small cat she kinda scared me.

"D~don't worry, I would never." She nodded and flew away. Then Wendy came over and grabbed my hand. Natsu got up and looked at us.

"Are you too going out?" he asked.

"You mean you couldn't hear our private conversation through a roof?" I said sarcastically. He looked sheepish "Yes, as of five minutes ago." I answered. I grinned "So when are you and Lucy gonna start dating?" I asked half teasing. Both their faces turned red and they started rambling together saying "I don't like her like that!" and "Why does everyone think that?!" They stopped, looked at each other then looked away both blushing. Everyone started laughing. After the excitement died down I told them as much as I knew about Rana.

"I don't even know her last name… she is just THAT shy."

"So how does she have magic?" Lucy asked. Before I could respond Levy, a girl with light blue hair wearing an orange dress that loves to read, stepped in.

"It's very unlikely but I have a theory… there is a very old legend I once read about in a book about legends and prophecies, however even the book called it just a rumor." She said.

"Well SOMETHING is better than nothing right now, what is it?" I asked.

"I don't completely remember it but… it told of the dragon civil war, there was a dragon who feared the humans would be wiped out. She was so fearful of this she used her own life energy to open a gate to another world and sent 250 mages through, only a few were dragon slayers though."

"One of them must have been your great grandfather." Makarov told me.

"I guess..." I looked a Levy "So Rana is the really great granddaughter of one of those wizards?"

"Not sure, but its all we got."

"And you are exactly right!" We all turned to see Rana standing there. "Hi" she said waving.

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