I am a Dragon Slayer, I am a Fairy Tail wizard

Chapter 9 - School

"Hi" Rana said waving. Natsu growled and looked like he was about to punch her but I stopped him.

"What are you doing, she tried to KILL us!" he yelled, angrily.

"I don't think so, if they wanted us dead then they would have killed us instead of locking us up." She walk up to me, she was about an inch away.

"I was testing you, I knew you had powers so I wanted to see what you could do. Also I'm kind of shy on Earth so I wanted to talk to you here." She explained.

"Okay" I said cautiously "what'd you wanna tell me?" She wrapped her arms around me.

"That I have a huge crush on you!" I pushed her away quickly and put my hand to my ear.

"What is it with girls and screaming in my ear!" I looked over at Wendy who looked furious, then at Rana who looked confused and sad. "I'm sorry Rana, I just don't feel the same, besides, I already have a girlfriend. Plus you locked us up in a pocket dimension" She looked crushed.

"Oh… sorry about that… i'll just be going." A portal opened behind her and she turned around and left. Wendy came up and grabbed my arm staring angrily at the spot where the portal was.

"Are you really jealous? You have nothing to worry about, okay?" She looked at me.


The next day in school, Rana wasn't there. The one class I had with her was home room. I wasn't really paying any attention to the teacher but then she said we were getting exchange students I began to listen. Then my heart stopped when she said the siblings names were Wendy and Romeo Convell. Sure enough Wendy and Romeo walked in. I then realized how weird the looked in my world. Romeo didn't have a shirt on, just a vest, and Wendy had BLUE hair. I heard the whispers around the room already.

"Where is his shirt?"

"Why is her hair blue?"

"Hey, she's kinda cute."

"What's that mark on his arm?" I looked over to see they still had their crests.

"Oh, hi Ryan!" Wendy said smiling she and Romeo began walking over to me.

"What's up man? You look like you have seen a ghost." Romeo asked. I couldn't respond.

"Ryan, do you know them?" my teacher asked. I shook my head yes, still unable to speak. "Good, then you can show them around." I then realized if they are here then there is a good chance the others are at the high school. That REALLY scared me. I grabbed Wendy and Romeo and ran out.

"Wait, not right now!" my teacher called but I ignored it. I kept going till we were out side. I had too many questions for them and for some reason the first one that came out was

"Convell?" I asked.

"Yeah, Conbolt, Marvell, Convell." Romeo answered.

"Okay, now, why the hell are you HERE!" I said as calm as I could.

"We all wanted to know what a normal day in your life is like." Wendy replied. "So we called in a favor and had a friend alter some memories."

"ALL?!" I was panicking.

"Yeah, Laxus, Gajeel, Lucy, Natsu, Erza, Gray, Elfman, Mira, and Lisanna are at the high school."

"PLEASE tell me all of you haven't had any X-Balls, right?"

"We all took one when we got here just in case something happens." Romeo informed me.

"Oh no..." I almost passed out. "We have got to go, NOW!" I took off running. Romeo and Wendy were close behind.

"WHY?" Romeo called out.

"To keep the high school from getting blown up!"

When we got there I half expected the place to be a pile of rubble, but thankfully it was still there. We ran in, class had just got out and people were heading for the gym, we followed them in. Gray was standing there with no pants or shirt and the coach was yelling at him while all of the boys we surrounding Lucy, Mira, and Lisanna.

"These are the ones i'm LEAST worried about. Natsu, Erza, Laxus, Elfman and Gajeel are the ones that would destroy the school!" I still can't leave them here alone though... "Wendy could you stay here and watch them please?"


"You are the best." I gave her a quick hug and then me and Romeo went off to find the others.

We found Gajeel, Laxus, and Elfman in the strength training room. Apart from the large bite mark in one of the iron bars everything was fine.

"Romeo, I nee-"

"Yeah, yeah, stay here and watch them. Go find the REAL destructive power of Fairy Tail"

I ran all over the school and I was getting tired. The last place to check was the theater arts room, and sure enough, there were Natsu and Erza. They were rehearsing a play, Romeo and Juliet. Erza was playing Juliet and Romeo, much to the hate of the other guys in there, was being portrayed by Natsu. I quickly swallowed an X-Ball just in case and came in to get them but I was stopped by the teacher.

"No interruptions unless it is an emergency." A part of me wanted to know what would happen so I sat there and watched. They got to the kissing scene and Natsu leaned in. Is he actually gonna do it… I wondered but then he began to crack up.

"I'm s..ha.. sorry, I just.. haha… I just can't do it" he couldn't stop laughing even to speak. Erza looked enraged and picked up a plastic sword and began to beat Natsu with it.

He tried to punch her but I was already there, I grabbed his arm and ate the flames that had begun to light on his hand before anyone saw. Then I grabbed Erza and ran out.

They refused to leave and I couldn't do anything about it. Lunch time came around and with the normal chaos that happens at a school, I was petrified. Luckily the teachers didn't notice me, Wendy, or Romeo. Or they did and didn't care. I walked in and Natsu was up on the table ranting and screaming, the usual. Then Rana came in, grabbed Natsu and dragged him out. I followed, we were in the commons section. Everyone was there.

"There is a BIG problem!" Rana announced.

"What's wrong?" I asked. She looked at me, then at her feet. Great…

"It's your guildhall..." she said quietly. Then she opened a portal, I was the last through. What I saw was what I had been fearing all day, just in a different place. A pile of rubble lay before me were the guild hall used to be.

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