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Rosalie Sopespian

By tennisqueen12

Romance / Adventure

Forbidden Lessons

Author's Note: I wrote this story several years ago and would like to got through the process of editing it. As always, I give all credit to C.S. Lewis for the characters. I hope that you enjoy and please feel free to share any feedback or advice you may have on editing this story. :)

Chapter One: Forbidden Lessons

My memories are something I hold very close to me. Had it not been for my memories, I would not be the person that I am to this day.

My name is Rosalie Sopespian and I believe every word of the saying above for I have experienced many frightening events in my life that have changed me in indescribable ways.

I don't want to ramble on, but before I begin my story I want to share with you that at the time I begin my tale, I am just a young child, barely six years old. I have a younger sister named Penelope, who is two at the time and my older brother, Jacob is about to turn ten years old.

I also want to share that my father was a Lord of the Telmarines in the Land of Narnia. He was one of the head leaders of the nation under King Caspian the Tenth, at the time. Since my father had such a well-respected name, we were granted living quarters in the Telmarine castle.

Lastly, my mother was one of my favorite people I ever met. As you will see, she cared for me greatly and loved me so. My father was wonderful as well, but since he was a lord; he was busy a lot. I remember him never being home, but before I share too much, let me begin my tale…

The moon shone brightly over the dark Narnian landscape. The rolling hills and trees were all silent as the night. Even in the town of the Telmarines, all of the families had tucked themselves away for the night to spend time with family and loved ones.

A cold wind howled throughout all the land, freezing any living creature in its path. Just the night before, a snow storm had swept through, covering the ground with a nice blanket of white. The snow probably went up to my waist, at least, but I could not tell for sure because I had been kept inside the warmth of the castle with the rest of my family.

I bounced up and down on my mother's bed along with my brother, Jacob, while my younger sister, Penelope, curled up next to my mother near the head of the bed. A large book sat open on my mother's lap because she had just finished reading us a story about the Old Narnians.

It was forbidden that my mother teach us of the Old Narnians because my father hated them, but mother always claimed that in order to have a reasonable view of the world we called home, we must know about its past. I was too young to fully understand why she said this, but I believed her, nonetheless.

She taught us those stories without the knowledge of my father, of course, and made us all swear that we would never say of word of anything to our father, for if we did we would never hear another story of Narnia ever again. The three of us, even as young as we were, loved the stories too much to ever let them go so we did everything in our being to keep our meetings with mother as private as possible.

Every evening our mother would have a lesson with us, while our father was away meeting with colleagues. Father had a very busy schedule so it was very easy for us to learn all we liked of the Old Times, without his knowledge. An activity all of us liked to do, was reenact the stories soon after we learned them.

"Die, white witch, by command of Peter the Great!" Jacob yelled as he stabbed a fake wooden sword at me that mother had found in an old chest of drawers.

I did not want to be the White Witch, but since I got to be Queen Susan the day before and battle him, the ugly troll, I was told to be reasonable.

"Never!" I returned, jumping out of the way on the bed as he took another stab. I held a fake ice scepter in my hand that was really just a lengthened wooden sword, but it my eyes it was anything but.

We jumped back and forth, a childish sort of art, and avoided each others weapon. The whole scene lasted for a few minutes before I lost my balance on the edge of the bed and stumbled off the side.

I hit the ground with a loud thud and my brother climbed off and after first checking my eyes to see that there were no tears, he proceeded to hold his wooden sword to my neck," There's no where to run!"

Before he could hit me with the sword, Penelope sprung up and crawled to the edge of the bed," Wait!"

We both stared at her for a moment before she let out her most ferocious growl and shook her imaginary mane, of course! Aslan was the one who destroyed the White Witch and she was making sure we got the story right. How cute she was, shaking her mane like a lion!

"Grrrrrrrr!" she let out a roar that we pretended shook all of Narnia and took the life out of me.

As if on cue, I dropped my head to the ground and shut my eyes closed. Dead.

Mother let out a hearty laugh and then gave us all a round of applause. I stood up from my place on the ground as well as Jacob and we climbed back onto the bed with mother. We gathered around her as she closed the book for the night and we all groaned," Why? Just one more…pleaaaaaaaasee?"

With a smile on her face, she shook her head," Children, your father is to come home any minute now and he mustn't know of any of this…correct?"

Each of us shook our heads in agreement. He was due home any minute.

"Now, I believe that one story is enough for tonight. Tomorrow we shall read even more! My kings and queens, let's head off to bed for it is getting late," she told us all as she shoved the covers off of her. As she got up, she made sure to hide the book in the special chest she kept hidden under the floorboards in the far corner of the room.

"Penelope and Rosalie, head to the powder room so that I can brush out your hair before bed," she instructed us, for our hair was still tied up in a, then frazzled, braid," Jacob, I will prepare you for bed."

We obeyed and left her bedroom to enter the small powder room across the hallway. Jacob followed only to wash his face off in the wash tub, the water was lukewarm from sitting all day. He splashed water on his face before kissing us both on the cheek and leaving for bed.

Even as young as I was, I still felt the need to take care of my younger sister. It helped my mother greatly as well when I helped brush out Penelope's hair because I was the only one she sat still for.

I had Penelope sit on the stool, as I always did, and I slowly unweaved her dark brown hair. Her hair was much thicker and coarser than mine. My hair was nearly black, but Penelope's was definitely brown, just dark. I could hardly get my hair to stay in a braid without falling out because of its dullness. My little sister had a cute little curl at the end of her hair, something that she inherited from mother, for both Jacob and myself had hair that was straight as a stick. She never had problems keeping her hair in a braid, but typically a few curls would pop out here and there.

Penelope and I did share one trait though. Our eyes. We both shared large, round, blue eyes. Mother says they are bluer than the waters of the Eastern Sea, but both Penelope and I think her to be joking. They are very blue, though. Other than our eyes, we did not resemble each other too much. She resembles mother, tall, tan, and with brown curls, while I was tall with black, straight hair and tan skin.

Jacob, on the other hand, was a spitting image of our father when he was younger. Shaggy brown hair, with dark brown eyes and tan skin. He was quite a handsome boy and many of the village girls had their eyes set on him, even at such a young age. He shared father's personality, loud, commanding, yet caring.

Right when I had grabbed the brush to send it through Penelope's hair, I heard a thunderous footstep in the hallway and knew it could only be one person. Father.

"Daddy!" Penelope called, thinking the same though I just had.

Within a few moments, our father had appeared at the powder room door frame. He was always a rather short man, but in my eyes, he was tall. He had curly brown hair, graying in spots, and brown eyes that showed some aging, but still filled with joy to see his girls.

"Getting ready for bed are we?" he asked as Penelope climbed off the stool to embrace him.

He picked her up and gave her a tight squeeze and kiss on the cheek before I hugged him tight. He groaned as he picked me up," You are growing up so fast! One day I may not be able to do this anymore."

I smiled at my father," That's okay Daddy," I tried to comfort him.

He looked at me," You get too heavy to pick up, but you won't ever get too old for a good tickle," he began tickling me all over my body and I couldn't resist bursting into laughter. He stopped after torturing me and then placed me down and kissed me on the cheek," I'll be in to tuck you both in."

Penelope sat back down and as my father turned to leave, I continued brushing out her long hair," Rosy, I'm tired," she whined.

Her hair was all the way down her back and very hard to brush, but it was not as bad as it normally was. I combed through all of the knots and snags quickly as I could because I was just as tired as she was.

"There you are," I told her when I finished," You are all done, now go to your room and wait on Daddy."

She stood on the stool and gave me a big hug," Thank you Rosy and I love you."

There was something about the way that she said "I Love you" that really tugged at my heart. She looked deep into my eyes and said it and there was no doubt in my mind that she meant it with every fiber in her being.

I kissed her on the forehead and squeezed her," Goodnight, Penelope. You were a wonderful Aslan tonight."

She flashed me her big smile and then scurried off to bed.

Soon after, my mother entered the room and began unweaving my hair," Did you see your father?"

I nodded my head and met her eyes through the mirror reflection. Her long, dark hair was already brushed out long ago.

She looked down at my hair," Did he tell you where we are going tomorrow?"

I shook my head, curious as to what was going on.

Her fingers moved quickly and soon the braid was out of my hair. She began running our silver brush through it," We will be having dinner tomorrow with the other lords and their families. You all are to be on your best behavior, for some of the other lords insist on meeting you. I do not know if there will be any other children your age, but I know for sure that Prince Caspian will be there and he is your age exactly."

I sighed, for I knew that dinners were no fun at all," Do I have to go mother?"

She gave me a small smile in the mirror," Yes, my dear, but I will see to it that you sit by someone your own age."

I sighed once more and put my head in my hands on the vanity.

"Okay, Mommy," I replied, trying to be a good daughter.

"That's my girl," she answered, finishing off my hair and I threw water on my face before exiting the powder room and heading off to my own room. She followed me into my large room down the hallway.

I pulled down the covers and slid into bed. Father was walking into the room when I laid my head down. He walked over quietly and stood next to mother.

"Good night, Rosalie. We love you," Father spoke quietly as he bent down and kissed me one last time on my forehead. Mother repeated his action before tucking my blankets under my bed.

I watched them exit, hand in hand, and go to their own bed.

I closed my eyes and images of dancing trees and mermaids came to my mind that mother had told us about just yesterday. I pictured myself running through the fields and dancing with the trees. I twirled through the fresh air and fell to the soft ground of my dreams…

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