Rosalie Sopespian

Breaking Out

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Chapter Ten: Breaking Out

Horror was an understatement as to how I felt when I saw that man walk down the stairs. It felt like ages since I had looked into his face in front of our fireplace as he admitted his crimes to me. I glared at him as he walked down the last step, smiling at the both of us.

"Good evening, ladies," he said cordially, I wanted to tear down the metal bars and break him right there," Nice to see you again, Rosalie. I hardly believed them when they told me they found you right in my own quarters. What wonderful children I have!"

I glared at him, hard. He was not funny even though he wanted to be. It was a mocking type of funny, not a humorous type of funny that he emitted.

He smirked at me when I didn't reply and then continued on.

"I've come down to inform the two of you of your sentencing," he said to us, acting as if it was all of a sudden, a professional meeting.

My eyes widened and I looked over at mother, hers were just as wide. We both looked up at him and I got to my feet," What are you talking about?"

He looked at me sideways," Why, you didn't hear? The King has just ordered a new decree about those caught promoting the ideas of Narnia."

Mother raised her eyebrows as she spoke," Surely you are not denying the fact that Narnia exists still? The invasion tonight must prove to you that they are real, Sopespian. You cannot punish someone for speaking about something that is clearly real."

He turned his gaze over to his wife," Yes, none of us could deny that, dear Rebecca, but we could easily now charge a person with conspiring with the enemy. Siding with the Narnians is one of the worst things a Telmarine could do at this point in time so there is a very…hefty punishment to those caught."

Mother did not say another word.

If I didn't like my father before, then I despised him even more now…if a level of dislike that large were possible. He was going to get us legally punished because of Narnia? This was rich. Just rich.

"And would you care to inform us what that punishment is?" I asked him, leaning against the bars.

His dark eyes met mine," We want to make an example. We want to show the Telmarines that we are serious and that people like you need to be disposed of. King Miraz only finds it appropriate that we have a public hanging."

I gulped. The reality of the matter struck in. I had always thought that perhaps my father would try to murder me, but having me killed in front of those who knew me…around those who helped raise me was just…embarrassing. I was just an object in the road for him…on his road to being King.

"Sopespian!" mother spat at him angrily," Surely, you will not allow such a thing to happen!"

He furrowed his brows and looked back over at her," Why should I show you any mercy? You were a disobedient wife who taught our children things that should have never reached their ears. Look at what you have done to our daughter. Look at the mess she has caused because of her knowledge of Narnia. There is only one person to blame and that is-"

"Me," I interrupted him, he was not going to blame mother for my sins," I am the one to blame. Mother told me what I needed to know about Narnia. What Mother told me brought all of us a happiness that you could never imagine. She brought our family together while you were too busy trying to work your way to be King. If you are going to blame anyone for my sins, then I see it only be appropriate that you blame me."

He tilted his head once more, looking at me as though I was mad," I was going to give you a second chance, Rosalie. I was going to welcome you back into the family after you came to your senses, but I can see how you feel."

"Welcome me back? You came down here to sentence us to a hanging!" I fired back at him.

"On the contrary, Rosalie, I was going to offer you a second chance, but I can see that you are not interested-"

"No!" mother interrupted from her position on the floor," Rosalie, don't be irrational. At least listen to his proposition."

"Mother, I don't want to hear anything-!"

"Rosalie," she said sternly and I could tell from the look in her eyes that she meant what she said and if I didn't follow she might just knock down the bars herself and make me allow him to talk," I do not want you to have an end to your life any sooner than you should."

As much as I didn't want to, I looked at father," I'll listen to you."

He smirked again at me," Good. Now, this is what we have decided to offer you. We know that you are close companions with the Caspian boy, correct?"

"Obviously," I grumbled and he continued.

"We want this whole thing over with as quickly as possible and maybe spare many lives on both sides. I will welcome you back into the family with arms wide open if you can go back to their little fortress and lure the Prince out of hiding. Now, we trust that you could scheme up a good plan in order for this to work, but-"

"Absolutely not."

He narrowed his eyes," What?"

"I don't want to hear any more of this ridiculous plan. Plus, I do not think you could ever convince my siblings to love me again. You've already turned their heart cold to me. And lied to them," I said to him and my mother wore a look of shock on her face. Why was she so shocked? There was no way I could turn in Caspian even if he was not my favorite person at the moment.

He let out a sigh," Well, that is unfortunate to hear, Rosalie. I thought that maybe you would be able to redeem yourself and prove yourself loyal to your family, but it appears that you have chosen the rebellious path. How tragic it is that you could not be both."

He turned back toward the stairs, but turned around before exiting," Since this is how it is going to be. Your hanging is scheduled two days from now. Good evening."

He didn't say another word to us before exiting the cellar. I stayed leaned up against the bars, but I couldn't let myself cry again. I had already shed too many tears and I did not want to let any more break out from my eyes.


I looked over at my mother who looked frustrated with me.

"Yes?" I asked as I turned my back to her to take a seat once more.

"Sometimes I wish that you would have gained some more strategic thinking from your father," she sighed as I sat down on the damp ground; I was mildly offended.

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused.

She chuckled," You're just so stubborn that you won't handle-"

"Mother!" I interrupted before she could insult me any further.

She still laughed," Oh, Rosalie it's not a bad thing."

I didn't like being treated like a child and she was doing a good job of making me feel that way.

"It most certainly doesn't sound like a good thing," I shot back at her.

She stopped laughing and through the moonlight I could still see a smile on her face," Darling, just think of what you could have done if you had humored your father and gone with his idea."

I furrowed my brows as I looked at her in the dark. What was she talking about?

"Mother, I couldn't give away Caspian-"

"No!" she cut me off," Haven't you learned by now that words are useless unless put to action? He would have allowed you to leave here, Rosalie. He would have practically lead you to Caspian and the others. Back to where you belong."

But I would have also been leading a troop of Telmarines out to their base as well.

"I don't see-"

"Rosalie, you could have made him a false deal," she said seriously," You could have broken out of here, gone back to Caspian, and told them about the Telmarines outside. You could have easily turned the situation around on them."

Why couldn't I have thought of that? Mother was right, I was most definitely too literal and stubborn in my own ways. But then I was forgetting, that they didn't really want me back. The only one who possibly did was Peter.

"Oh," I said aloud, but Mother cut me off," But I couldn't have left you!"

"As if I am of importance!" she scoffed at me," I hope that you would not stay here just to keep me company."

"Mother, I will not let you-"

"Rosalie," she silenced me and there were a brief couple of minutes of silence before she spoke again.

"Don't worry too much of it," she ensured me as I watched her lie down," We still have two days to plan. Try to get some rest."

But I was going to worry about it. I most definitely was. Two days didn't seem like much time at all to plan a jailbreak. A successful one at least.

I also knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep. My mind was much too busy.

Two days went by much too quickly. We went through many different sorts of plans as to just how we could escape. Some of them seemed reasonable, but others…not as much. After coming up with a sizeable list, we narrowed down to the ones that were real contenders.


More evaluation told us that all of our attempts would soon be foiled. Most of me wanted to give up hope, but a small chunk of me still wanted to keep fighting.

The night before our hanging came about and all mother and I could do was sit in silence as we tried to think of more ideas. We sat in the cold, dark cells for many hours, saying a word here or there, but mostly just silence. I would stand up and walk around my cell, trying to scheme up some elaborate plan, but none of them would work.

It must have been getting close to midnight, when another idea struck me, but when I turned to inform my mother of my plan; she was already fast asleep. I sighed as I climbed over to my own "window" in the cell. I looked out and planted my hands on the wet stone.

There was no activity in the town, from what I could see, but as I stood there more and more happenings began to occur. I ,first, saw some soldiers riding down the cobblestone on their horses. I watched, for it was my only form of entertainment at the time, and saw that the men were riding toward the gatehouse.

They soon dismounted and scurried off to begin pulling up the gate to the town. I found this to be a curious event, so I continued watching. They lifted the gate after several minutes and I could see that the drawbridge was being released. Of course, it was a normal occurrence for them to be letting down the drawbridge at daytime, but in the middle of the night? This was most definitely a suspicious case.

I wished so badly that the bars were not preventing me from climbing through the little hole and leaving this awful cell to explore, but my wishes would probably never become reality. I didn't even know if I would ever see the outside world again other than perhaps once more when I was hung the next morning.

I scolded myself for thinking so negatively, but it was hard for me not to. My mother had practically given up already (without saying this, of course) and my own heart was beginning to pound along to the sound of that rhythm: defeat.

Nevertheless, I continued watching. Soon, after several minutes, a large troop of soldiers was coming into the castle from the other side, over the drawbridge. They marched into the city, proud and confident. I soon saw my father come out to meet Glozelle, who was at the front of the pack.

My desire to hear what they were saying was large and soon granted as they began walking toward the castle, which was in my general direction.

"All has gone well, General?" my father asked him, as they came and stood in the courtyard.

Their voices were hushed so I had to listen very carefully in order to hear correctly.

"Yes," the dark haired man replied with a nod of his head," We have scouted the area and several different scouts have confirmed where the rebel forces are based."

My father shook his head, understanding before asking another question," So you have confirmed that they are at the sight where their mythical leader, Aslan was supposedly killed. In those tombs, correct?"

"Yes, my lord, that is where they are located," he said approvingly," We have also found numerous places where we can set up camp in the vicinity of the burial grounds."

"Excellent work," my father replied, giving the man a pat on the shoulder," Now, we must get these soldiers into training."

Glozelle shot him a shocked look," So soon?"

My eavesdropping was cut short as I felt a hand on my shoulder. Acting on instinct, I dropped my elbow square into the besieger's abdomen. A male voice let out a grunt of pain.

I turned to see the face of King Edmund, bent over in pain," Geez, you really know how to hit.

I had to be dreaming. There was no way that Edmund Pevensie had broken into my cell to get me out of the Telmarine prison the night before my hanging.

I embraced him. He seemed shocked at the contact and chuckled, a pain-filled one," Careful, you practically just broke my rib!"

"Oh hush," I laughed, as he stood up straight," I didn't hit you that hard."

" I beg to-"

"We don't have much time!" a girl's voice called from the stairway and I looked up to see her.


This whole situation was getting stranger by the moment.

How had Penelope met up with Edmund? How did they know where I was? If I hadn't known of these cells, then Penelope surely couldn't have…unless she was just playing along with father's game and had a bigger plan this whole time. How in the name of Aslan were we going to get out of there?

I put all of my questions behind me and let the story unfold in front of me.

"Penelope?" I questioned," What's-"

"Yes, yes, yes, it's me okay?" she spat out quickly as she grabbed the key from Edmund and began unlocking mother's cell," Just don't ask any questions right now."

Mother awoke right as she heard her own cell jingling. She blinked several times before saying something," Penelope? Dear, what are you doing here?" she actually sounded rather mad when she found out it was Penelope.

"Yes, mother?" Penelope answered as she threw open the cell door; she scurried in to pull mother from the ground and hug her quickly.

Edmund and I stood by at the reunion of my sister and mother. It had to be a relief that she knew her mother was alright. I saw tears falling from her eyes, but her expression soon changed when she saw Edmund and I standing outside watching.

"Edmund! Get Rosalie out of here! What are you doing? Go!" she demanded, turning her glance away from mother.

"Oh right," Edmund mumbled as he started toward the stairs, pulling at my arm.

"Wait!" I stopped for a moment, I couldn't leave them again. Not after all of this.

"What? Go!" Penelope urged," I've got this under control, Rosalie as long as you go."

"I can't leave you guys again," I replied simply, looking right into my sister's bright eyes," Not after all this."

Penelope sighed and mother looked from her to me," Darling, trust your sister. We can handle ourselves for the time. Go help the Narnians."

"But mother-"

"Rosalie," my mother replied sternly," Go. Now."

I knew that I had to go as much as I didn't want to. I turned to leave with Edmund, but after I placed my foot on the first step, I turned back and hugged my mother and sister tight.

My mother chuckled, while my sister groaned. She was trying to be a brilliant sister with a brilliant plan and there I was making it more difficult.

Edmund and I ran through the underground tunnels of Telmar quickly; I following him as he tried to remember the correct directions to get back up to the city. I had never realized that all of this lay under the castle and I hardly realized that Caspian and I had never discovered it in our adventures as children.

I immediately put the thought of Caspian out of my head. I was still mad at him. Infuriated actually.

He wasn't the problem at the moment though because as soon as Edmund and I came back up to the city, we were in the courtyard of the castle. There were troops everywhere and Edmund instructed me to stay in the dark and out of sight. Our trip was rather successful through the castle, which he had predicted to be the most tricky part.

As we ran through the city, it was a little easier to move about. There were still some troops here and there, but we were careful to hide our selves stealthily as we moved toward the gate.

"I'm hoping you have a horse or something with four legs or wings that can take us the whole journey," I told him quietly and he smirked.

"Once we get out of the city, I have my horse tied up behind one of the barns," he ensured me as we walked in the street.

We continued walking down the street where, just moments ago, troops were marching down the street. I noted that there were still a couple of guards by the gate that seemed to be protecting the pulley system to release the drawbridge and pull it up. It was still down right now, which meant they were probably still expecting more soldiers in.

"We have to sneak passed the guards. They are probably going to spot us which means that when I give you the word, run. Fast," he told me quietly as we stood against one of the Telmarine homes.

I nodded my head quietly as we slid along in the dark shadows and before long Edmund looked at me," On the count of three, run through to the gate."

"One…." he started.

A few moments passed and my eyes were set on the opened gate and the path to freedom that lie ahead.


I kept my eyes set on the path and nothing else.

"Three. Go!" he whispered as loudly as he could and we were off.

We went sprinting through the city street and we were soon right in front of the gate, starting on the pathway to leave.

"Whoa! Hold up you!" the guards called, soon after spotting us. We almost about to make it to the gate.

"Start pulling down the gate!" a voice yelled from far behind," It's Lady Sopespian; she's broken out of jail!"

I looked back to see a sea of soldiers flooding down the streets. The sight of them encouraged me to run faster.

The gate slowly started to close and Edmund prompted me to go faster. Arrows were shooting passed us left and right, I was perceived as a criminal among my people now so they had every right to shoot at me, according to my father.

"C'mon!" Edmund yelled as we got closer to the closing gate.

The men pushed harder and harder to get the gate down, but Edmund and I kept running faster and faster. The gate became lower and lower and I saw my road to freedom slowly closing.

"Get low!" Edmund commanded as we came right up to the gate.

And with the gate crashing down on us both the King and I rolled under the gate and ran over the drawbridge with the men still yelling as the gate crashed down.

My breathing fast, I looked over at Edmund," You have much to inform me of."

His breathing just as fast, replied," Yeah, I know."

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