Rosalie Sopespian

Confusion and Dinner

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Chapter Two: Confusion and Dinner

I woke up the next morning to the sound of my father's voice.

The servants came in with him and swiftly walked over to the other side of my room where the curtains were blocking the sun rays from flooding into my room. They whipped away the red, curtains and tied them back to the wall.

"Wake up, sweetheart," he said softly as he sat on the edge of my four poster bed, near me.

I rubbed my eyes, but turned my face back into my pillow to try and hide from the sunlight.

"Whaaat?" I whined, my voice muffled through the pillow.

"Darling, would you like to go on a horse ride this morning? I know it's been a while since the two of us spent some time together," he offered, smoothing my hair.

It had been ages since we went on a horse ride, not just a while. He would always hold me on his lap as we rode his brown horse, Kingslee. It was tempting…stay in my lovely warm bed or go out into the bitter cold, snow covered trail.

I popped my head up and sat up in the bed, the cool air swarmed me and I wrapped my thin, night-gown clad arms around my body to keep heat in," I would love to, Daddy," I told him.

He chuckled as he tucked a hair behind my ear," Well, hurry up then, the horses are getting impatient," he teased as he left the room with a twinkle in his eye.

I drowsily stepped out of bed and almost fell over, one of the servants asked to make sure I was alright. I nodded my head to let them know that I was. One of them, Emily, I believe was her name walked with me to my closet on the far side of my room.

"You are going riding with your father today, correct my lady?" she asked me politely and opened the door to my closet.

I stepped inside and took a look over all of my clothes. I never picked them out on my own, but I always made sure to tell them what I do and don't like.

"Yes, I am," I replied simply, a yawn escaped my mouth. I was excited, just not happy to be out of my warm bed.

"How fun!" she replied as she began looking through all of my clothing," It looks as though it is snowing again, so you will have quite a lovely ride, but you will need to stay warm."

"I don't like to be cold!" I told her, as she searched my clothes.

"Neither do I ,Miss Rosalie," she agreed and I watched her as her blue eyes scanned each article of clothing and then shook her head in disapproval and passed it by," That's why I will try to find something nice and cozy for you."

I beamed at her and said," Good!"

She finally picked out a pair of tan trousers and a thick white tunic. Along with this, she grabbed a red hat and muffler to keep the snow out of my hair and my neck warm. She also picked up a large dark brown over coat and my riding boots.

After tying her thin blonde hair back, she helped me into my clothing. I thanked her and she took my thin night gown with her. She also put a pair of gloves into my hands then instructed me to go see my mother in the powder room.

"Good morning mom!" I greeted her and she turned her face to me and embraced me.

"Good morning, Rosalie," she told me, that calmness ever present in her voice.

Dumping all of my winter gear onto the vanity counter, I sat on her lap as she finished powdering her face," Did you hear that Daddy is taking me on a horse ride?"

She placed the powder brush down and nodded her head," Why of course! That will be a nice treat now won't it?"

I nodded my head," He hasn't taken me on a ride in a looooog time.

She nodded her head in agreement and grabbed the brush to unknot my hair," Your hair, sweetheart! It is a tangled mess, what did you do last night? Have a fight with a troll in your sleep?" she whispered the last part, I could hear the smile in her voice and see it in her face through the reflection.

I smiled at her as she ran the bristles through my hair. It took her a couple of minutes to get all of the knots out and to get the frizz to die down, but it finally sat down. She grabbed the hat that Emily had given me and placed it on my head," Let's go meet your father. I wouldn't want you to miss your departure time."

I grabbed my mother's hand and took along my winter gear; she guided me down the hallway of our quarters and then we reached the door that lead to the main corridors of the castle. We left our residence and went out into the castle, greeting people here and there. Some of them stopping to talk with my mother, but I was too naïve to recognize who they were. Or care.

We finally reached the horse stables where my father was feeding the black horse. She fixed my muffler around my neck and adjusted all of my other snow gear. I was stifling hot and rather hoped that it was cold out to chill me off.

"There are my girls!" my father announced as he walked towards us in the stables and kissed my mother, then picked me up and swung me around," Are you ready for our ride?"

I nodded my head vigorously.

"Don't keep her out in the cold for too long. Remember, you have to take Jacob to learn archery later, you promised him," my mother told him," And Rosalie…be good."

We both looked at her," Yes mom."

She smiled at the two of us together, but then my father was handing me back over to her.

"Hold her for a moment, Rebecca," he told my mother as he handed me over to her and he opened the gate to the stable to get on Kingslee. He came out on the horse after a couple moments of settling her down.

Kingslee was a beautiful brown and I always told my father that she shone in the sunlight. Her mane was well kept and she always looked so strong and powerful.

My mother carried me up the horse and my father reached down to grab me. He placed me on the hard saddle strapped to the mighty creature as he grabbed the reigns.

"Bye, sweetheart!" my mother called as I waved at her one last time and we were off," I love you both!"

Daddy kicked Kingslee and she sprinted out of the stables. I held on tight to the saddle and dad kept one arm protecting me from falling. I liked the feel of the wind and snow in my face. It broke the sweat that was beginning to from the thick winter gear. We passed over the drawbridge and through the town.

The townspeople saw us and waved at us gaily. A smile appeared on almost all of their faces. Father and I waved as we passed through and then father told me something that confused me.

"Perhaps one day, dear, you and your brother will be ruler of these people," he told me as we rode to the trail.

I looked up at him, somewhat baffled.

"Father, won't Prince Caspian be ruler one day? His daddy is king," I asked him.

He didn't answer for a moment," Yes, but dear, there are some...issues with King Caspian. Not everyone likes him."

What was father saying? I may not have known much about monarchies at the time, but I did know that King Caspian had a son, for mother had told me, and I did know that when a King passed away, the son took over.

What would happen to King Caspian to make him not be able to be ruler? Didn't he deserve to be King?

"But he is very nice! What has he done wrong?" I asked, trying to grasp the concept my father was trying to present me with.

Snow was softly falling as the horse slowed and we rode through the woods. The trees and the trail were clad in snow as Kingslee pranced through.

My father sighed," You are too smart for your own good Rose! I will end my thought with saying that there may be a change in Kings by the time you are grown and perhaps it will be in our family."

"But daddy-" I tried, but he interrupted me.

"Rosalie! Just-stop asking questions, dear!" he said, quite sternly and I looked up at him trying to figure out what he was saying.

A change in leadership? Was Daddy telling me that he wanted to be King?

I was rather confused with what my father was telling me, but I put it out of my mind for the time being because I did not want to discuss such matters with my father. Kingslee tromped on through the snow and it was such a beautiful landscape.

We passed by the frozen river and I asked if we could go ice skating on it, but father said it was not nearly frozen enough. I begged and pleaded, but father's whole mood had seemed to change after our talk about monarchy. He was much more serious and I could not figure out why.

Our ride was ended short because father claimed that he needed to get back to be with Jacob.

"Penelope, come here!" I called as I chased my two-year old sister through the dining hall. She was going to go stay with the maids while we went to dinner that night, but she was not quite ready to go, apparently.

"You'll never catch me!" she sprinted through the living room right at the time that Jacob and father were returning from the archery lesson. They took off their boots and father grabbed the speed demon right before my eyes, his attitude had changed since I last saw him.

"Ahh, but I will!" he replied to her challenge and she cackled as he picked her up and she squirmed in his grasp.

"Daddy! Don't let Rosy get me!" she cried, squirming out of his hands.

"Dad, she has to go to be with Emily while we eat dinner!" I pleaded with him.

Father's eyes met mine and then he looked back at Jacob," What do you think, son? A very important decision we have, do we give the little girl go to her nanny or let her go free?"

Jacob smirked," Definitely let her go free. It would be no fun to just turn her in."

"My thoughts exactly," he said and then released her in the opposite direction of me. I pouted.

"Jacob!" I screamed in frustration and then continued chasing the little rebel.

Mother soon entered from the hallway," Rosalie! We haven't much time, now come and get your hair curled!"

Penelope didn't mind our mother, but I defended my case," Mom, she won't stop and you wanted me to fetch her!"

Mother looked at father and then at Jacob and shook her head at them," Just now getting home are we?"

"We went a little longer than we thought," I heard father say as I cornered Penelope.

"Why don't you both go get ready? We are to leave in an hour" mother offered to them as I literally drug the crying Penelope to my mother's feet by her wrist.

"Rosalie!" mother scolded.

"She wouldn't stop!" I defended myself.

I could have drug her by her hair, I thought to myself, but didn't dare say aloud.

Father and Jacob got a good chuckle out of my dragging my sister across the room, but mother was appalled.

She picked the crying baby up off the ground and told me to go to the girls in the powder room so they could curl my hair and dress me.

I obeyed and ran off to the room so they could pretty me up for the dinner. They had picked out a blue, velvet dress that had a small train. I sat down, but before long I was thrown up and stripped of my clothing and threw the deep blue dress over my head as I stuck my hands up. They smoothed it over my body before putting me back down onto the stool.

They began wrapping my black hair around the hot iron, but I found that it would be useless to do hair didn't want to be curly, but they tried anyways as a lady put powder on my face.

I played with my mother's pendant on the vanity as she entered the other side of the room.

"My lady!" the maids cooed as she entered and then dressed her in her blue dress. Hers was a much lighter color than mine and had lacing on the bodice. My mother was very fond of lacing and they began dressing her up for tonight as well.

After, seemingly, forever they let me get up and claimed that I looked beautiful.

I looked at myself in the floor length mirror in the powder room and admired the dress they picked for me. I was in awe of it. It was lovely and I couldn't have liked it anymore. It was so big and fancy that it would be hard for me to do anything other than just sit and listen to grown ups talk and laugh, but despite that, I felt grand.

My mother came up behind me, soon after, and placed a hand on my shoulder. I looked at her and she looked like an angel. Her dark hair fell well down her shoulders and curls cascaded down her back. The light blue dress made her blue eyes look as though they glowed," Come now Rosalie, let us go and have a good time!"

"Let's go!" I agreed as I walked ahead of her and out into the hallway.

When we arrived at the dinner in the Great Hall, almost every other person invited had already been seated. They greeted us cordially as we entered the large dining room and the decorations were lovely. Flowers of every sort of color were spread out all over the table and the lights were dimmed.

"Sopespian! Nice of you to show up, we were beginning to wonder whether or not to send a search party for you!" Lord Miraz poked fun as he stood up to shake hands with father.

"Better late than never, correct my lord?" my father replied as Miraz greeted my mother with a kiss on her hand.

"Good to see you my lady," he said to my mother and then looked to Jacob," What a fine young man you are growing up to be!"

Jacob beamed at Miraz, he loved anyone who thought he looked to be older than what he was. I rolled my eyes.

"And you," he bent down to get at eye level with me," Are quite a gem. Look just like your mother," he told me as he grabbed my hand and kissed my hand. My mother blushed and grabbed my hand to move us along.

It took forever for us to arrive at our seats, everyone wanted to talk to us, but after many kisses on our hands and warm greetings, we got to our seats. Mother had requested we sit by the royal family because she thoroughly enjoyed the Queen's company. She also wanted me to have someone to speak with, that being Prince Caspian. Jacob requested to sit by one of the other lord's older sons and mother allowed him to. He was just across the table from us.

Father sat to the right of King Caspian, a jolly looking fellow with dark skin and thick, dark hair. Mother told me that he was a very nice looking man. He was also very tall from my own, young observation. Father struck up conversation with the king quite quickly. Glozelle and father's other friends were nearby for conversation as well. I was sitting next to mother and found there was a boy about my age sitting next to me who I assumed to be Prince Caspian.

When I sat down, he looked away almost immediately, but I tried to get him to talk," Are you Prince Caspian?" I asked, knowing that he was, but wanting to make sure.

He looked at me, but only briefly and said," Yes, I am."

He didn't talk for awhile, which made those few minutes very painful. I sat trying to eat the salad, but it was too dry. I tried talking to my mother, but she had busied herself with talking to the Queen. Jacob was too far away to talk with so I sat, very bored staring at my uneaten food. I was so desperate that I even tried chatting with some of the servants as they passed, but they ruled me off as too childish to speak with from what I could tell.

"Are you Rosalie Sopespian?" he finally asked me after several long moments, it surprised me so much that I almost looked around to see if anyone else had said it.

"Yes, that is me," I replied, looking right into his dark brown eyes. He looked just like his father, only much younger.

"My mother said that you are my age," he told me, very quietly, but I did not care how quiet he was. Quiet or loud, he was better than shoving dry vegetables in my mouth.

"Are you six?" I asked him.

He nodded his head and I smiled at him. After a few moments, I asked," Do you like horses, Prince Caspian?"

"I do!" he replied, a smile appearing on his face," I hope to ride a horse all over the land of Narnia one day!"

I gasped, for this sounded like a great idea," That sounds like an adventure!"

"It will be! A grand adventure at that!" he told me," Do you have a horse?"

" Well, not my own, but I have ridden my father's horse Kingslee," I told him as they brought out the main entrée.

The grown ups had some sort of a toast with their wine bottles and mother prompted me to put up my water glass. Our conversation was very in-and-out because of all the happenings going on with the meal.

"Well, maybe he will let you borrow it and come with me when I grow up!" he proposed, and then took a sip of water.

I laughed, it sounded like fun, but I knew my father would never let me go," Why, Prince Caspian, I couldn't just leave my family. They would miss me."

"Why not? They couldn't miss you all that much." he asked, looking right at me," It wouldn't take that long."

"Narnia is a big place, Prince," I told him, though really I would have loved to go on an adventure.

He pondered this for a few moments," Well, maybe not all of Narnia…just a large chunk of it," he told me later," And you can ride my horse!"

I enjoyed my conversation with the prince over all sorts of topics, mostly adventures. We both shared a big imagination and a good amount of creativity. Mother told me that I needed to eat some of the roast they had served later on in the night so between bites, I would continue our conversation.

After the desert was served, a chocolate cake with a special frosting over the top, I was beginning to get tired, as was Caspian. Now, only the adults were talking with bare plates in front of them and wine glasses in their hand. Caspian and I were hardly talking to each other anymore, but merely leaning on our mothers' shoulder for a pillow.

"Caspian," I heard his mother whisper to him and he looked at her wearily," Let's go to bed now, son. Your father is ready to leave."

Soon after I heard my own mother prompting me to get up. I pushed the tall chair from the table," Rosalie, let's go on back sweetheart, your father wishes to stay a little longer."

The men left at the table were very loud and boisterous. My father included. Glozelle was sitting next to him, his best friend, along with some other men. Miraz was missing, which I found odd. I did not understand that they were drunk and my mother did not wish me to see him in such a state. She tried talking to him several times before we left, but he was oblivious.

She beckoned Jacob to come along as well, for his friend was leaving with their family as well.

"We will see you at home," she told me. Father was too busy laughing to even take note.

"Bye daddy," I tried, but he didn't hear me.

I almost considered trying once more, but mother pushed me to follow the Caspians out. My mother began speaking in hushed whispers with the Queen and I walked next to Caspian and his father.

"Did you have fun with Miss Rosalie tonight, son?" the King asked Prince Caspian.

He nodded his head fiercely and told him about all of our conversations. The King laughed then said," What an adventure! It sounds as though you have made a new friend."

"I have! Can she come over some time father?" he asked his dad and I blushed.

"Why of course, any friend of yours is a friend of the whole family," he told his son as we walked toward the grand staircase down the hall," Would you be our guest sometime Rosalie?"

I smiled as they both looked at me, pleading eyes," Why of course!"

We continued walking along as mother and the Queen continued talking up until we reached their royal quarters. Jacob was walking alongside me.

"It was nice seeing all of you again," mother told them as the King opened the door," Rosalie, tell the Caspians goodbye."

"Goodnight!" I told them all and they all bid me farewell.

"I hope I'll see you again soon," Prince Caspian told me and I beamed back at him.

"I hope so too!" I told him excitedly; he was definitely my new friend.

"Goodbye!" Mother and Jacob said and then we began our walk back to our own quarters.

"Dinners aren't so bad mother!" I told her, smiling while we walked. I was ready to get my large, fancy dress off of me.

Mother looked down at me and laughed," Well, they are a little less painful when you have a friend."

"Yes, I like Prince Caspian, he is very nice," I said as we turned the corner to another empty corridor. It was rather eerie walking the halls at night, but I was glad to have my mother and brother there," May I go see them one day?"

My mother opened her mouth to speak, but before she could utter a word we heard a scream. Not just a scream. An earsplitting scream that could have very well woken up the whole town and broken all the windows in the castle.

"The Queen," my mother whispered and then picked me up and we ran back down the hallway to the royal quarters," Jacob, come along!"

The scream was repeated and it became louder as we got closer," Mommy, what's going on?"

"I don't know, sweetheart," she told me as we turned the corner once more to reach their door.

"No, no, no! Please don't!" the Queen's voice wailed once more as my mother tapped hard on the door.

"Let me in!" Mother called, hitting the door hard. I clung to my mother tightly.

The scream wailed again and the door gently creaked open. Mother placed me on the ground and told me to stay right where I was as she entered the room. When she opened the door, I heard her let out a gasp and then I saw her run down the hallway through the creaked door.

"Stop, identify yourself you murderer!" she screamed as she ran down the hallway.

My heart was pounding out of my chest and after a few brief moments, I decided to walk into the residence with every ounce of courage I could find in my heart. I saw that on a large seat, Prince Caspian was sitting balling and my mother's words soon made sense. Tears were falling from his eyes like a river breaking through a dam.

"Should we go in?" I asked my brother, who was just as shocked as I. He nodded.

We entered the room and I made the mistake at looking at the ground. Two dead bodies. His parents, both stabbed through the middle and the King's sword lay between them both. I almost screamed, but took a hard swallow and went to my friend who was crying hard tears. They were so cold, so lifeless. The opposite of their actual personalities.

I didn't want to say anything, mostly because I didn't know what to say, but all I did was put my small hand on the prince's, trying to be as much of a comfort as a six year old could be.

My mother soon re-entered the room," They got away."

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