Rosalie Sopespian

The Truth About Caspian

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Chapter Twenty-One: The Truth About Caspian

Part of me didn't want to hear what Susan had to say as she dismounted and strolled toward us. There was a certain, unreadable look on her face as she walked up that seemed to be as hard as stone. No emotions, positive or negative were worn on her porcelain face as she drew nearer to us and as she stepped closer, my heart rate increased wondering just what the reasoning behind there being no Caspian could be.

"Susan," Peter panted as Edmund continued moving his arm in various directions to relieve the dislocation.

Susan smiled slightly at her brother as she tried her best to tenderly embrace him without hurting his arm," Are you okay? How are you holding up?" she asked him softly, staying crouched down to eye level with him where he sat on the rock.

"Fine, at the time being," he answered unconvincingly with a wince," But, please tell me that Lucy got through."

Susan stared at her brother for a moment before looking away," She's through, Peter. Thanks to Caspian," she said the last with a sigh.

At the mention of Caspian, there seemed to be a silence that lingered. Then, out of my mouth, the words slipped.

"And," I started, very tentatively," Where is Caspian?"

I felt as though I had asked the question that all of us were thinking.

There was a silence in the air as Susan kept her eyes away from my own, but only smiled to herself and looked down. The smile was not a humorous sort of smile, but it was rather a forced one. I tried searching her face for some sort of answer. Let me rephrase that, I tried searching for some sort of a positive answer. It took her several moments before she even appeared to come back to her thoughts.

"Su," Peter tried getting a response from her," Where's Caspian?"

She ran her fingers through her hair as she straightened her posture back out. Still, there was no answer," He-he-" she stuttered, at a lost for words.

"He came practically out of nowhere and saved us," she finally said with another sigh," I was done for. Done for and then he came."

After another pause she continued on," I begged him, pleaded with him not to go. I told him that we needed him here, but he was so set on doing this. We've talked about it all last night, and after all this he still decides to go and do it!" she rambled on and on," He still decides to go and turn himself in!"

Oh no. No, no, no, no, no. He couldn't have turned himself in. No, not to my father. I couldn't believe what I was hearing from her lips. I couldn't believe that he would just up and leave to sacrifice himself. Then, quickly, I saw his face on the overlook once more in my head. Regret ran through my veins...

I would do anything just to make sure that you were safe because I still love you and Penelope as a sister…

He told me to remember it. He said right before he left that he wanted me to remember it. I was so stupid, I should have known! This would have also explained why my father was leaving the duel. He must have told Caspian when he offered the deal where he would be waiting for him at…an even stronger level of anger ran through my veins. I would not allow him to kill another person close to me. That wasn't even an option.

Interrupting my further questions to Susan, was the sound of Miraz's voice.

"Your majesty," he said to Peter, his voice still mocking, from his place," Time is up."

I looked at Peter before meeting the gaze of the dark eyed King. I stood myself up straight before saying," Please, can you give us just a moment more? We're trying to figure-"

"He said five minutes," the taut Telmarine 'king' spat back at me," No more, Miss Rosalie, No less."

Though I wanted to say much more to the King, I turned on my heel and looked back at Peter, grinding my teeth," Beat him quickly," I grumbled to Peter, trying not to explode at the King.

Peter only smiled before standing back up slowly, careful not to put too much pressure on any one part of his body," I'll try my best," he looked back at his sister," You'd better get up there," he told her, referring to the archerers up top of the How that would be waiting on her calls.

She nodded once, but before her brother could leave again she carefully hugged him," Be careful," she whispered to him.

"I will," he assured her before looking at me as Susan turned her back to us, she wasn't getting away from me that easily, however, still I softly put my arms around him as well and I felt his chin rest atop of my head as his voice mumbled to me," Find out what happened to Caspian."

His voice was barely audible as I kept him held close to me. Slowly, I broke away from him and nodded my head," Be safe, please, but really," I paused, trying to lighten the mood with a smile," Beat him quick."

He only smirked before once again breaking away from me and turning to his opponent once more. I stood on the sideline watching briefly as the two started to circle each other once more, I didn't want to leave Peter there, but I then looked over to Edmund, who was watching very intently and figured that he would be alright. Reluctantly, I turned my back on the duel and chased after the Gentle Queen.

"Susan!" I called, running after her, my voice sounding as if it echoed since the army had grown silent once more. Had Caspian gone to turn himself in, then his time was running short, but there was still hope if she told me just where he was.

She had almost reached the How as she turned on her heel to look at me. Her aura was still very cold and indifferent, unusual compared to her normal aura that seemed to be quite chipper.

"Yes?" she asked with a slight raise of her brow.

"You know that we can still save Caspian," I told her, trying not to sound too imposing, but still making my point clear," We can still go after him and save him, just tell me just where he is."

She narrowed her eyes and looked me up and down," Why do you care about Caspian now? You haven't seemed to as of late."

I sighed, realizing she would be more difficult than I had hoped," Listen, I know that I haven't been the best companion to Caspian, but his life is at stake now and don't you want to work to try and get him back? Together we can try and save him, but first you've got to say where it is he has gone."

"It's pointless, Rosalie," she told me," We could never save him! That's barbarous to think and plus...this is what he wants to's what he's been telling-"

"We can try," I interrupted adamantly," Just tell me!"

There was a pause again, but the more we stood there the closer Caspian got to my father. The closer he got to his death. I wanted to force the words out of her in any way possible...I wanted her to spit them out or something, anything! I just wished that she would say something!

"Susan," I pressured her once more and finally as thought the tension was too much for her, the words came spilling from her lips.

"The river bridge!" she outburst," It's on the river bridge."

Immediately, I ran passed her to go inside the How to get my own horse. I wasn't letting her or anyone else stop me, I was going to stop Caspian from getting himself killed even if it meant risking my own life to do. He was not going to give himself in to my father just for us. I kept on rushing about inside the How where the rest of the Narnian creatures stood, awaiting the sign to start their attack. They all looked at me strangely as I frantically ran about. Finally, I reached Kingslee and threw myself on her back. Faster than I had ever done before, I dug my heels into her sides and she ran through the tunnels. I heard the centaurs and minotaurs calling out my name to figure out just what was going on, but I was deaf to their cries as I kept pushing forward.

Just as I reached the exit to the How, I met Susan once more and she placed herself right in front of the horse's path. I tried signaling for her to get out of the way, but she was set on telling me something else.

"Rosalie!" she cried as Kingslee slowed.

"Susan, please-"

"Listen, to me!" she called once," You need to know something."

Angered that she was once again interrupting the process of saving the Telmarine prince from my father, I irritably looked right into her eyes. Her blue eyes looked into mine pleadingly, begging that I give her an ear. With a nod of my head, she continued on.

"This whole time," she began, standing right beside Kingslee, looking up to me," Caspian has always loved you."

Excuse me?

Caspian had been fawning over her, not me. Definitely not me. I was taken aback by this comment and wished that she would just step aside and let me go and find him without that comment. She must have known that I had developed feelings for her brother and that anything I felt for Caspian anymore would have been merely like he a sibling. A sibling sort of love and nothing more than that.

"Susan, I just don't think that you understand-" I tried, but she only cut me off.

"Stop talking and listen!" she spat out quickly," For all these weeks, I have tried to persuade Caspian to look at me the way he does you. At first, it was a matter of being a comfort for him and ensuring him that you would come back to your sense, but as I did this the more I longed for the prince. I want you to know that despite anything you may have seen or heard between the two of us…it's always been you."

I looked down, slightly embarrassed that she would say this, but not wanting to believe a word of it. How could it be true?…Why would it be true? At that moment, I didn't want to believe her so I simply looked right into her blue eyes and shook my head," No."

"Rosalie, I know that it's hard to believe, but he's always talked about you. He has always-"

I shook my head as I started to push my heel into Kingslee once more," He made it perfectly clear that we were no more than just siblings."

She vigorously shook her head at me," He had to tell you that because he was convincing himself, Rosalie, please-"

"Listen, I don't know what you are trying to accomplish by telling me this, but I am going after my brother," I tried telling her," I guess that I appreciate the thought, but both of us know that his time is running short and that someone has to do something."

Knowing it was useless to battle anymore, she stepped aside with a look of defeat on her face," I just wanted you to know, in case anything should happen..."

I nodded to her once and put a small smile on my face, but before long I was rushing out of the How once more in pursuit of Caspian. And although I did not want to think about anything that Susan had insinuated, they did stir in my head once or twice. And although I tried denying them, the part of me that had been longing for Caspian, was joyous and celebrating. It was at the moment that I saw the High King battling King Miraz once more that I realized something.

My heart was torn.

I had been to the river bridge once or twice in my time staying at the How. Mostly, just long enough to be able to know where it was, but not much more. I followed in the same path that I had watched Caspian go just moments before.

"C'mon girl, you haven't let me down yet," I whispered to Kingslee as we entered into the woods again.

The small path weaved in and out between trees of all sorts of different sizes. Kingslee ran faster than I had felt her run before, she must have felt the urgency in my bones. Before I had any time to plot out any of my plans for getting Caspian away from my father, I heard my name being called through the forest trees behind me.

I looked back through the thick of the trees, but saw no one. I figured that it was only my mind playing tricks on me as I delved further into the trees, but when I heard my name a second time, I knew that I was being followed by someone. I shot my eyes behind me and around me, but still could find nothing. It occurred to me that one of the Telmarines was probably hot on my trail.

"Rosalie!" the voice cried once more and then suddenly, blazing past my ear, an arrow sliced into the thick tree trunk. Gulping hard, I looked right at the arrow, realizing this was most definitely a Telmarine or someone wanting to have my head.

This pushed me to go harder and faster through the trees, making sure to weave more often to make myself a moving and swerving target. This would make me less likely to be able to strike, but if there were more than one of them…it would be more difficult. Thinking I had lost them after several moments, I was able to allow myself some relief as I could see the river bridge up ahead through the thick trees.

But it was too good to be true, for in my way stood a Telmarine soldier, perched atop of his horse in the middle of the trail. Helmet over his head and sword drawn.

"If it isn't my parasite of a sister off to rescue her dear Caspian," a nasty smirk came to his face as he stood his ground and I was surrounded by a troop of Telmarine soldiers.

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