Rosalie Sopespian

You Again


Chapter Twenty-Two: You Again

A sigh escaped my lips as I looked past my brother to where the river bridge was, unfortunately I could see very little since I was still very far away, but I could see just enough. My eyes returned to my brother who still had his sword pointed directly at me and began dismounting his steed. I looked around to the troops surrounding us and slowly started to pull my own legs off of Kingslee. Ignoring the fact that Telmarines were all around me, I pulled my sword out to defend myself and felt as though the circle became smaller around me.

"And if it isn't my ignorant brother who would not know the truth if it came and slapped him across the face," I snarled back at him, tilting my sword at him.

His smirk on his lips grew as he took a couple steps toward me," I knew you'd come," he said, shaking his head as if he was ashamed of me," Stupid."

"You've quite the audacity to insult me, Jacob," I said to him with a raise of my brow," You know that we were siblings just weeks ago."

Laughter came from him as he answered," A lot can change in just a matter of days, Rosalie," he told me as he took another step as we started to circle one another.

"Obviously so," I replied," For if these last few days had never happened, then we would never be actually circling one another in a real duel, now would we? In fact, we would never have said such insulting things about the other, correct?"

His smile disappeared," True," he said dryly while I stepped away from my brother who seemed to be closing in on me," However, I do not wish to speak with you on such matters. I did not come her to you in order to listen to you try and give me some sort of excuse."

I stared at him hard as the silence hung in the air for a few brief moments and to my surprise, he looked up at the three or four soldiers who had surrounded us," So, now gentlemen, if you will allow my sister and I some…privacy to settle this?"

One of the men looked at Jacob surprised," Your father said we are not to leave you for-"

Like an explosion, Jacob outburst," Am I my father? Is my father my keeper?" he yelled, his temper reminding me of father's," Leave, return to the battle now!"

"My lord-" the man tried arguing.

Jacob turned the tip of his blade from pointed straight at me to the man. He held the sharpened blade right to the man's chest," You will obey me."

The sight of my brother being such a menace should not have been a surprise for me, but yet it was unnerving for me to watch my brother threaten a man's life. Then again, he had just threatened my own and obviously wanted me dead, but it is still quite a sight to look at my own brother…my own innocent brother turning into our sadistic, greedy father. My heart broke even more as the man's eyes grew wider and he called the rest of the men to follow him as they tromped off into the woods back toward the battle.

"After you betrayed us, and have done such horrible things to destroy us, I asked father to be the one to kill you," his dark, menacing brown eyes shot back to mine, but then looked down at his sharp, silver blade as he spoke," After all that you've done to our family, I've been waiting for this moment for a long time."

I wished that he would go ahead and get on with what he was doing. Of course, it bothered me greatly that he wished for my death and all, but I needed to get to Caspian. He could be dead by this time and if he was dead because of my idiotic brother, then I would have no problem slicing my own blade through Jacob…well, perhaps that was an over exaggeration, but I still did not want him causing someone else who I loved to die.

"I wish you would listen to me Jacob," I sighed, holding my blade steady," You have to know that this is not my fault-"

"Don't tell me that, Rosalie," he growled, his evil demeanor growing by the moment," Do not."

"What?" I shot back at him," Tell you the truth? Tell you that our father is really a greedy menace who deserves to be killed for the murder of not only King Caspian, but also mother and any other innocent Narnian? Is that not what you want to hear? Are you running from the truth Jacob?"

I didn't know where the words came from, but they surprised me as I listened to them. It was no surprise when I heard the cry come from his lips and he came running toward me, searching for my blood.

"Why is that?" I kept on, even as our blades intertwined with one another," Why do you fear hearing me out?" I hissed at him as we fought.

There was no answer for the longest time, but only more strikes and wild swings from the both of us," Is it because you want to have father's approval?" I challenged," Is that what this is?"

There was still no answer to my question, but only the sound of metal on metal. A soft breeze blew through the forest air, but other than that there was nothing else to be heard. I continued talking to myself as my bloodthirsty brother continued fighting me with all of his strength in each blow.

"You know that I would never turn you in, you know that I would never do such a thing to you or mother and certainly not Penelope. You know that for a fact!" I growled at him as we stood at a cross-blades," You know that I would have been faithful to mother until the day she died, which actually could have been later had it not been for our wonderful father!"

For the first time, he looked straight into my eyes and growled," Mother's death was your fault."

Our cross-blade was broken off as I stepped away from him and shook my head before answering incredulously," You really think that? That's what he has told you?"

"Had you never ran off to save your little Caspian, then she would have never been in any danger!" he snarled," We would still be together. Happy."

Unfortunately, this was true for the most part. I couldn't help but imagine what our life would have been like had I never ran away or had Caspian never been forced to leave, but there was more to mother's death than just my fault. Jacob was wrong in thinking he could guilt me in to going easy on him. How long would it have been before father would have discovered on his own, even with me there? How long would it have been before she was too much of an obstacle in his way to becoming King?

"No," I stood my ground, shaking my head," Father would have had her killed shortly anyways, Jacob. Can you honestly not see that?"

He came running at me again and I just barely missed a jab right through my side as I dodged him quickly before returning the attack and we circled each other once more. He met my glare again before replying to me.

A shake of his head told me his answer," I could never forgive you, Rosalie. Father was only doing legal matters by taking mother away, but had you never left-" his voice cracked," We wouldn't be doing this…we would be happy."

I took another wild swing at him, angry that he was not believing me. In my heart, I wanted to know why he was being so difficult and so stubborn about what he believed. Why couldn't he just come to see things from my point of view? Why did he have to be like this? Would he really kill me as he said he vowed to father? I missed horribly and as I missed, I felt his blade pierce my arm.

A scream slipped from my lips as my sword dropped from my grasp. His smile returned, but he slowly stepped away, while I was in such an extreme amount of pain. It was almost as though he wanted to make me suffer, make me feel the pain.

"You took everything, Rosalie," he snarled once more," You took away mother from me first and then Penelope. You were the reason our family broke apart, you and that-that Caspian. Ever since you came around, father always preferred you. You were always the favorite child, don't even deny it, Rosalie. He did everything with you and enjoyed it with you. Both you and I know he only did things with me because mother forced him to. There's no denying that."

I tried finding more words to come back," You know that's-"

Red warmness filled my entire arm as I tried to bend down to pick up my weapon once more. My brother had briefly turned his back and as swiftly as I could, I picked up my weapon once more as he turned back toward me. My arm screamed in pain and I could imagine that my face was pain-filled as well.

"You want me to talk?" he asked taking a step away," Then here's me talking. Here's me saying that you were always loved by dad and always got everything. Both you and Penelope. By me standing by father, I have someone. I still have a piece of my old family in me. I'm the favorite child now and, technically, in father's eyes his only child since his other two have betrayed him. Can't you see why I won't let you go get that scumbag, Caspian?"

The question floated about in the silent, tense air as we slowly put our weapons away from one another momentarily. I just looked at him blankly, unable to give him an answer.

"Because it was him that broke us up. This is just as much your fault as his, don't mistake me, but he is the root of it all. Before him,-" he continued insulting the prince who had already written his own death wish.

I couldn't stand listening to it anymore. The root of Jacob's actions was jealousy and greed. I shook my head in disgust and looked up to the skies for some sort of answer from anywhere that could explain why he was so bad. Why had I lost my brother? If this was how he wanted to be…and there was no changing him…then I had no connection to him any more.

He was not my brother, but merely another young man trapped in my brother's body.

"Enough!" I finally yelled," I say stop! If you want me dead, then kill me now, but do not stand there and preach what is false."

The words seemed to linger briefly before his eyes turned to rage once more and he raised his weapon. I felt my heart skip a beat as the tip of his blade was pointed straight toward my heart. I gulped…wondering if he would actually fulfill the promise that he had made to father…

He was running toward me, fast, but I was looking up to the sky for some sort of answer. Blind to anything happening around me. I can hardly describe the state that I was in while he came at me, but I felt wetness in my eyes and on my cheeks as I searched the clouds for answers of some sort. I did not know where Jacob was, but I heard a voice…a calming voice speak to me.

Rosalie, you must fight. Trust your heart.

At the mention of trusting my heart, I remembered the horse that had rescued Edmund and I. I remembered the same words coming from its lips and then one thing came to my head.

"Aslan," I said softly as I came back to reality to find my brother almost piercing through my chest.

With no more than a second to spare, I stepped aside and, not being able to stop himself, he ran right by my, but his swing hardly missed my chest. As he passed, I turned and with my arm still screaming in pain, swiped at the back of his legs. My blade sliced right through, right to his skin and immediately, he let out a cry and fell to the ground, blood flooding from his legs. I raised my blade once more, tempting myself to finish this monster that had become my brother.

Enough! Rosalie, he has been hurt enough!

I didn't want to listen to the voice. I didn't want to listen to Aslan. By killing Jacob, wouldn't I be killing part of my father in a sense? Wouldn't I be finishing part of the cause that I hated so deeply? The moans coming from his mouth and cries of pain stopped me and the realization that I had just ruined my own sibling's ability to walk had sunk in. Slowly, I dropped my sword before putting it back in my sheath. I had to get away before I broke down right there, so I ran backwards, almost stumbling over my own feet as I scurried back toward the loyal Kingslee who stood waiting for me. I looked down at my arm, still oozing with blood and all sorts of dirt, but Caspian was still in danger. I couldn't allow him to die…not yet.

"Rosalie!" Jacob screamed in agony as I mounted Kingslee and kicked her," ROSALIE!" he screamed even louder.

I looked down at my injured brother and with a tear in my eye, I kicked Kingslee hard and we were speeding down the trail to the river bridge once more, trying to ignore the pain in both my arm and my heart.

Kingslee ran harder than she had ever ran before. Or so it felt. The wind running through my tangled, messy hair pressed me forward in order to save the prince once more. Nothing else was on my mind other than getting him out of my father's clutches because nothing in my mind argued that my father would not kill Caspian. I was praying all the way that I would be lucky and be able to catch him quickly. I was not extremely far away whenever I had a run in with Jacob, but I didn't know exactly what to expect from this point on.

"C'mon girl, we've almost made it!" I cheered quietly to my mare, eyeing the roaring waters flowing under the bridge.

In fact, I could see my companion standing alone on the bridge. Kingslee sped up almost instantly as we saw him. It felt like only seconds before we broke through the thick of the trees and were finally in the open at the shore of the river. Caspian's head shot over to see me and Kingslee show up and immediately I threw myself off of my mare. I ran through the soft ground around the riverbed until I was finally atop of the bridge with Caspian.

"Rosalie?" he looked at me incredulously as I threw myself into his arms, tears flowing from my eyes," What in the world are you doing here?"

No words could come to my mouth, but knowing that he was not dead was all I needed to feel as I slowly felt his arms close in around me. I couldn't pinpoint my feelings and I definitely wasn't thinking about anything that Susan had told me, but all I knew was that it felt wonderful to have my childhood friend, alive and in my grasp.

"Don't ever leave like that, ever again," I sobbed into his chest as he rested his hand on my back.

I heard a sigh escape his lips before he answered," I'll make sure to let you know of my plans next time."

My head rested on his chest, I listened to his heart beat, ensuring me that he was still alive and that my fears of him being dead were not true. Slowly, I broke away the embrace, but felt his hands slowly moving over to my arms, gripping them firmly," Caspian," I said his name softly, tears still streaming down my face," I'm sorry. For-for everything and I forgive you for everything. P-please, can-"

"Shh," he silenced me calmingly, looking right into my eyes," You don't have to say another word."

The thought of him dying came to my head once more and he pulled me into another embrace as the tears came flowing again. Horror filled my thoughts to think that I could have lost him still with a bitter chip on my shoulder, without ever really apologizing for the silliness that we had been apart of for seemingly forever. Things may never be the way they were again, but at least we were on the right track.

"You are injured," he said after a few more moments, knowing what he was referring to.

"Oh, that's-" I started to explain with a sniffle, but soon enough we were interrupted.

All I could hear was the sound of a horse's whinny before looking up to see my father coming across the bridge. I wiped away a stray tear on my face and stood closer to Caspian, feeling more protected beside him.

"A wound, perhaps from where you disabled your own brother?" he shot at me, his dark eyebrows raising slightly.

Caspian pulled an arm around me protectively as my father stepped closer, we took steps back toward the other side of the bridge. Step by step, I got even more nervous at what father planned to do.

"Just what was your plan once you got through him, Rosalie?" he asked," I'd be delighted to know."

There was a burning in my heart. I felt something that I hadn't ever felt before as my father walked closer to me. I hadn't any clue what it was, but I knew that change was on its way. On that day, my father and I would share one last conversation before the other was gone. Pure hatred burned as he got closer and the memories came flooding back. Seeing mother so badly beaten in her cell and then remembering my sister retell of her murder…my sister crying desperately for me to come back to her…the sight of Caspian running away for the first time and my crying for his return.

Then, for some reason, when I looked into his eyes I thought of Peter. I thought of Peter fighting so hard against Miraz to protect us against the greed of him and the awful things that could become if men like him ever were to become King. Then I looked up at Caspian, the next King of Narnia. The one who was the true heir to the throne and although I didn't know exactly how the whole Pevensie and Caspian as rulers would work out, it was still a peace to me to think that all of this would work out in the end.

This was it.

This was the beginning of the end and the going was about to get much more difficult.

Author's Note: Okay, so it's technically not Saturday Night anymore, but hey close enough right? Anyways, I enjoyed writing this chapter and by the way I've got it set up I've got two-maybe (and just maybe) three chapters left. They will be quite assured. Ahh, that sounds so weird saying it…but-yeah, so enjoy this guys! Last I checked, there were 98 reviews (woo-hoo!) let's break 100 (which I know we can do!).

Just a warning, from here on out I'm not really following the movie. It's going to be just a tad different, just a warning…haha. Love you guys, thanks for everything!

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