Rosalie Sopespian

The Real Lord Sopespian

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Chapter Three: The Real Lord Sopespian

The years after the death of the King and Queen were hard. The Telmarines as a whole were going down hill after their death. The council of Lords were not doing their job and running the country down. They were without a King for many long years, for Caspian could not take his father's place until he was eighteen years old.

Caspian became like a brother to me. We spent almost every day together. While we were still young, we spent those days running about the castle grounds and getting as close to( or sometimes going over) boundaries set for us. Then as we grew older, we spent those days sitting in Doctor Cornelius' office reading up on different tales from the Old Narnians.

Doctor Cornelius was Caspian's caretaker. As much as I pleaded my father to let him stay with us, he would not allow it. He claimed that we already had a handful with our own family and adding another six year old boy(at the time) to the mix would not be tolerable. Mother and him argued much over Caspian, but in the end it was father who won. Mother was ready to welcome another child in, but father was not.

Caspian was first assigned a nanny to live right his parents died. Mother and I would go visit him on a daily visit with his nanny right after the death. The nanny and mother got along very well because they both shared the same belief that stories from Old Narnia should be taught to Telmarine children.

Many a day, they would sit and drink tea while Caspian and I ran around the castle grounds going on a grand adventure. Mother trusted us enough that we would not run off and break her rules, but we did.

Unfortunately, the day came that Miraz came to check in on the nanny and Caspian. He had heard from an "un-named" source that she had been speaking of Old Narnia and telling Caspian all of it. She told him the truth and said that she felt it was necessary to tell Caspian about his past. Miraz was appalled and had her sent away, mother told me.

Mother was deeply saddened by this because the nanny was one of her closest friends after the Queen.

Caspian came to stay with us in the time that his nanny was gone and the Lords were searching for a new home for him. We spent many nights awake in my mother's room learning all about the Narnians while my father was off arguing about the young prince's accommodations. Before long, Doctor Cornelius was assigned to be his caretaker.

When Cornelius first moved into the castle Caspian was already twelve years old and mother warned Caspian to not speak of anything we had taught him about Narnia unless he was for certain that he was of same belief.

It did not take long for Caspian to figure out that Cornelius was a believer in Old Narnia because he was soon telling Caspian his own stories of Narnia. Mother even got to know Doctor Cornelius fairly well. Sometimes, in order to protect herself from father finding us out, she would tell us children we could go across the hall to Cornelius' for our lesson.

Those years were such a happy time, we lived in peace and things were actually going back to normal…inside the castle that was. What was going on in the outside world, I didn't know, nor did I care much of until I reached the age of about seventeen. I began looking outside my windows to see people suffering.

When I was seventeen, I remember walking with Caspian on a warm summer night on the trail that we always walked as children.

"What a lovely summer evening!" I exclaimed as we exited the castle.

Caspian smiled and nodded his head," It's so nice to be out of that place. Doesn't it seem much harder to sneak away now that we are older?"

I smiled at my dark headed friend," Yes, it was quite easy then. No one expected much of us, but now we are growing up. One of us is turning eighteen next week and ready to take over as King of the Telmarines," I teased.

He walked next to me and grinned," If they will give it to me."

I looked at him sideways," And why would they not? You are the rightful heir to the throne."

"Yes, Rosalie," he began," But for some reason I think that the circle of lords enjoy being the temporary King for now. I don't know for sure what my father thought of him, but for some reason I can't help but think he is looking down not pleased."

I had to agree with him. The Telmarines were definitely struggling and not as joyous as they were when his father was ruling. The trees used to dance with a certain magic to them and the people used to beam with joy and now…it was a whole different story. Almost everything had died and many of the trees had been cut down in order to build up the Telmarine military supplies, not that we were in any threat of being attacked, but just simply because we could do it. Greed.

Caspian had a good reason to be worried he wouldn't get his throne. I doubt they would give it away without some sort of catch.

I nodded my head," The people need a new ruler and you will be a breath of fresh air for them, King Caspian."

"Don't call me King," He scolded, but then laughed as we walked along the trail," I'm not there yet…I do hope it is a smooth transition when and if it does happen."

"It will happen," I assured him," You will be disappointed though because I can guarantee you that it will be very hard for you and you will probably face many trials."

"How encouraging. Thank you, dear Rosalie," he replied sarcastically and kicked a pebble in front of him. I let out a laugh.

"Hey, as your friend it's my job to be honest to you, not lie to you," I argued as we came upon the river.

"I guess you have a point," he sighed," I do know that. I can always dream can't I?"

I sighed along with him," Oh Caspian," I started," Isn't that what we've been doing our whole life? Dreaming. Dreaming of a far off adventure with daring battles and fierce horses. We have been living in a dream for quite some time now, I would say."

He picked up a stone and skipped it over the pooling river where we swam as children," You make a very good point, Rosalie. "

I shrugged my shoulders," Just a thought, King."

I was asking for trouble.

"What did I tell you about calling me King?" he looked at me raising an eyebrow.

I smirked," Not to do it."

He grabbed me and I squealed like a little girl. I hated being picked up and he knew it. When I was little, it was acceptable that my father pick me up, but not now. I was almost a grown lady…at least in my mind.

I fought him, laughing all the way, but he was much stronger that I was. That's why he always beat me in sword fighter, archery, and fencing. He held me over the pool of water and I pleaded him not to.

"Please, Caspian, no! I'm sorry. I'll never call you-"

I was cut off by the cool river water filling up into my nose and mouth. I pushed off on the bottom of the pool once I reached it and plummeted to the surface. I pushed my, now wet and messy, hair out of my face.

"Caspian!" I screamed, pushing my wet hair out of my face.

"Yes?" he asked me, trying to play innocent," Is there a reason you're submerged in water, my lady?"

I laughed and splashed him with water," You pushed me!"

"Me?" he asked, shocked that I would accuse him," Never."

I rolled my eyes," Then who could it have been?"

He flashed me a smile and then bent down to lend me a hand," I haven't the slightest, but let me help you up, my lady."

I smiled at him and went along with his nice gentleman scheme at first, but I was deceiving. I grabbed his hand hard and gave a good tug, enough to catch him off guard and give him a good plunge into the water.

I threw myself out of the water and quickly pulled my soggy shoes off my feet and began sprinting up the trail. I heard him yell my name from the water and soon when I looked back he was gaining on me.

Running in a wet dress was quite the challenge, but I managed well. I ran as fast as I could and the air that was once nice and warm, was now freezing. I wrapped my arms around myself.

"You deceitful girl!" Caspian called from behind me and a smile appeared on my face.

"You have no room to accuse, King!" I taunted over my shoulder, I could see the castle in the distance.

I ran until I finally reached the stable entrance to the castle. My feet were a mess and scratched up rather badly from the woods, but it was no dire injury. I ran through the horse stables until I reached the door, I could hear him close behind me. I threw open the door to the castle.

Right when I got in, I shut the door in Caspian's face and then continued running. I heard him get the door open which prompted me to quicken my pace. I was sure that I was leaving a nice trail of water behind me.

"Rosalie!" a stern voice yelled from top of the staircase as I sprinted by. I stopped in my tracks for I knew who it was.


He slowly walked down the stairs next to his colleagues Miraz and Glozelle. Anger was painted on his face. I felt Caspian run up behind me, laughing, and then he realized we were in trouble.

"Father, we were only messing around. Nothing severe," I tried to defend our case, but Caspian put a hand on my arm.

"Yes, this is my fault. I-" he began, but my angry father interrupted.

"Good," he hissed," I'm glad that someone will take responsibility for this because this is not the way that royal children behave! I would understand if the two of you were still six years old, but you are not! You are almost adults now and we can't even allow you to go on a walk without taking a plunge in the river?"

I listened to his insults and took them before finally I asked," You have made your point. Now may we leave?"

"Yes, but he is not allowed at our home anymore," my father told me as I passed him going up the stairs.

I stopped in my tracks.

"Father! That is not fair! Over one stupid little incident, you are banning my best companion from coming over to our house?" I hissed right back at him as Caspian walked past to go back to dry off in his quarters.

"I'll see you later," he whispered in my ear before disappearing around the corner at the top of the stairs.

"It's not just one stupid little incident! There have been problems ever since you began hanging around that boy! You have some nerve to speak so rudely to your father," he told me, he was being stubborn about this whole thing," Just, get out of my sight and go dry off. We will discuss this at home."

I stared at him for a long hard moment before finally turning on my heel and storming off.

He was intolerable!

I loved my father as a little girl, but it seemed that when I began spending time with Caspian, father began treating me differently. He was much more short tempered with me and he was very strict about when he wanted me to see Caspian. I never really understood why he didn't want me to be around Caspian until later that night.

I had gone home and dried off, but I was still very enraged at my father. I wanted my questions answered and I would not calm down until he answered them. I waited in the sitting room next to the fire while Jacob sat in the loveseat near the window, reading some War strategy book.

"You know, Rosalie, you should really be more careful when you're walking around the river. I guess you never were the most graceful sister I had. That was definitely Penelope," he teased me, looking up from his book.

I was not in the mood for teasing. I threw the closest pillow in reach at his head and he blocked it with his hand," A little testy are we?" he asked, raising a brow.

"I'm not in the mood, Jacob," I growled at him and curled my legs up under me.

"Fine, I will leave you alone then," he said, defeated.

I pouted to myself by the fire. I sat there for a long time, not realizing that time was slipping by. Penelope came in later and gave me a hug before bed. She had grow into quite the young lady. With an attitude. She was thirteen and thought she was much older. Mother came in later to tell me that I should have been heading off to bed, but I informed her that I needed to speak with father. She respected my wishes, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and left.

Father didn't get in until late, well after Jacob had shut off the light to reading and Penelope was far into dreamland. It was only myself and the fire and my father when he entered.

"Good evening," he greeted me after he had taken off his shoes and coat.

I didn't answer him, but only glared.

"Still mad at me, are we?" he assumed as he stepped over to the window on the other side of the room," You know it's all because I love you."

"It didn't sound like that father," I told him, a bitter edge to my voice as I stared into the flames.

He chuckled," You think I discipline you just for the fun of it, Rosalie?"

I didn't answer this either. He walked away from the view from the window and walked slowly over to take a seat across from me.

"Prince Caspian is not the best company to have," he told me softly, propping his feet on the table.

I glanced at him," What has he ever done that is so wrong?"

He sighed and ran his fingers through his graying hair," It's not what he has done or even who he is," he hesitated," It's who he's going to be."

My eyes were flooded with confusion, I'm sure, as I looked at him," He is going to be a great leader. What is so bad about that? You have never made since to me father when it came to leadership and monarchies."

" Do you want to be happy?" he asked me, randomly.

"Why, obviously father! You are making no sense!" I started to stand up to leave, but he interrupted me.

"NO! SIT!" he yelled at me and I obeyed.

" Rosalie, I have been trying to decide how to tell you this for the last seventeen years and the right words have never hit. I tried numerous times, but each and every time they have turned into awkward, disasters. So, please listen," he pleaded me. I could read it in his eyes that he was sincere and this was his only chance he got.

"Here is your last chance," I grumbled and crossed my legs back under me.

"You must know that from the moment you were born, I felt a special connection with you. That same connection I felt when I looked into the eyes of your mother for the first time, your newborn sister, and your newborn brother. I made a vow to myself that I would give us the richest, fullest life we had ever experienced. That vow still lives to this day.

When you were about six years old, I took you on a horseback ride in hopes that I would tell you my plan then, but I saw so much innocence in you still and I could not pull myself to do it. I tried again when you were ten, twelve, and here I am now trying again," he paused for a moment and I stared at him. This was paining him to tell me.

"I want to be King, Rosalie. More than anything," he told me finally and before he could continue I interrupted because I was furious.

"What? You want to be King?" I asked, disgusted," I would expect something from Miraz or maybe even Glozelle, but father I thought you set-"

"For you, Rosalie! So you could be happy!" he tried to defend himself.

I shook my head at him, ashamed," For me? What could I gain from you being King? No, no, no, father you want to be King for you. Not for me. So don't you dare use me as an excuse for your rudeness. Don't use mother, or Jacob or Penelope either!"

"You would have anything you wanted! Everything in Narnia would be yours, love," he tried, tears running from his face," I've wanted this for you all since the day I married your mother."

Then something hit me. If he has felt this way for so long, then did he play a part in the murder of the King? Just how far would he have gone to The thought disturbed me, but the thought could not contain itself inside my head.

"Father," I whispered," Please, tell me, you played no part in the killing of the King."

Tears fell harder from his face as he reached out a hand to me," Daughter-"

"Father!" I said rather loudly," What did you do?" I whispered the last part.

He shook his head," I was not the wielder of the sword, Rosalie, you must believe that."

I didn't want to believe him. I was so disgusted by his greed and filth that I wanted to gather all of my belongings and leave him right there, but something pulled at my heartstrings to believe him.

"So what if you weren't!" I exclaimed," You probably planned the whole thing!" I spat at him.

He put a hand up, as if asking for mercy," Please, believe me when I say it was Miraz who came up with it all and I just merely went along with it."

"Ohhh, you only went along with it. That justifies nothing," I hissed at him.

"But it's mild compared to what I have planned now."

I shot him a look of shock. What more could he be doing? How could he be any worse?

I heard a troop of men running down the hallway, yelling. I listened. They were banging on the door across the hall from us…


"What are they going to do to him?" I growled at my father as I stood up.

Father's tears had barely dried and all he could do was try to grin now.

He stood up and looked right at me," Why don't you go look for yourself."

No…not him! He was…he was my brother…they couldn't do anything to him.

"No!" I cried and I put on my boots before throwing our door open.

I saw the busted down door across the hall and tears came to my eyes again. Tears of sadness, anger, and hatred.

Please, let this all be a dream, I told myself in my head as I stepped closer to the wrecked door.

I took a step in and Doctor Cornelius' study was torn to pieces. They had broke down everything and the place was so neat and organized before. I never had a problem finding anything, but now it would have been a challenge.

I walked around the corner to hear male voices, whispering quietly and then all at once I heard their crossbows go off.

I leaned against the bookcase before looking and prayed. I didn't know if Aslan was real or not, but he was the only chance of Prince Caspian's survival.

"Aslan, if you're real…please…help," I whispered, quietly enough to make sure no one heard me.

I peeked my head around the corner to see a lot of confused soldiers.

"Where is he?" Glozelle demanded, tearing even more of the room apart.

Relief rushed over me. I didn't know where he was, but at least he wasn't here.

"Find him or else we are going to have a very unhappy Miraz and Sopespian!" he yelled into one of his soldiers faces.

" You already have a very unhappy Sopespian," I whispered to myself.

" Men, find Caspian and carry out orders if he is found. Get the horses, do anything to find him," he called out to the troops.

Not just find him, but kill him, I thought.

I ran back to my quarters and my father was gone. I didn't really care where he was. Probably off plotting with Miraz on how to kill Caspian, but I didn't want to know. I wanted to know how I could find Caspian.

As I passed the window to go to my room, I happened to see a black horse in the corner of my eye. The moonlight was shining down and I watched as the black horse crossed the draw bridge.

There was Caspian. Riding away from the blood-thirsty soldiers.

I ran to the balcony, sad to see him running away from the place we had shared so many precious memories and had experienced so much.

He was well into the town, almost to the treeline by the time I got to the balcony, but I didn't care.

"CASPIAN!" I screamed with all that was within me," CASPIAN!"

I would have never asked him to stay here, but I never thought it would be so painful to watch him go.

I knew one thing as I slid down to my knees; I would find Caspian and I would see him one last time...even if my life depended on it.

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