Rosalie Sopespian

The Proud King

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Chapter Seven: The Proud King

"I don't believe that I have properly introduced myself," I started, looking at them," My name is Rosalie Sopespian and it is an honor, my majesties."

"Well, you seem to already know us, but just for to be proper, I am Queen Susan and these are my siblings, Queen Lucy and King Edmund" she introduced herself, sister, as well as her brother," It is a pleasure to meet you, Rosalie."

We continued walking and talking for quite some time. The whole conversation was like a dream at first, but I soon grew very fond of the three of them. Especially Lucy. She reminded me of Penelope for some reason that I couldn't seem to place my finger on. Perhaps, it was her boldness or those big blue eyes.

We discussed various things and mostly they were recounting stories I had heard before only now in their own words. Their own personal experiences. It was so different to hear things through their point of view.

We led the Pevensies back to Aslan's How and what an experience it was watching them see it all for the first time! As we entered the How, they walked in side by side as the centaurs lined up outside, raising their swords to the Kings and Queens. They entered into a loud weaponry where the centaurs were busy making new swords and shields with the supplies we had taken from the Telmarines. Their faces were looks of pure shock because Caspian informed me that the last time they had been to this place it probably was not burrowed under.

Caspian explained as we walked along what certain places were making in the weaponry and how many they had already made. Queen Susan had stepped away at some point and made her own journey up to the tunnel that lead to the stone table. She eventually called us over and we all went over to listen to what she had to tell us.

"Look at these!" she exclaimed, pointing to the markings on the walls," Do you suppose they are us?"

Her siblings took a look at the walls and agreed with that theory. Caspian and I put in our comments that we thought it to be them as well and then dear Lucy asked a question," Just, what exactly is this place?"

"Allow us to show you," I smiled down at her as both Caspian and I grabbed a torch off the side of the dark walls.

We continued walking down the hallway until we reached the pitch black room where the Stone Table lie. Caspian and I stepped over to opposite sides to light the oil that needed to be set ablaze before anyone could see a thing. The flames traveled all the way around the room until they met in the middle and provided light for us all to see.

The four siblings were amazed by what they saw. Just as I was the day before.

They slowly approached the table, but all of their eyes were set on the grand lion, Aslan staring at them from the portrait on the wall. After a few moments of watching, Lucy finally piped in," He's watching us. He has to be."

Peter nodded his head in agreement," Now, it's up to us."

"I believe," I began as I placed the torch into a holder on the wall," That we will have plenty of time to discuss all of this tomorrow morning, bright and early."

After we had shown the Pevensies the tomb, they insisted on staying there for a few more moments. Caspian and I found it would be best to give them all some privacy so we retrieved our horses from where they were tied up deeper in the tunnels and rode them out to give them some much needed action and fresh air.

"This is still so unreal to me," I began as Kingslee pranced towards the, almost dark, forest. Caspian had lit a lantern to carry along with us.

"I agree," he told me," They were only storybook characters days ago. Your mother did always tell us that they were real, but I never really took her seriously."

I nodded my head in agreement," I know. I just like to think about what Penelope and Jacob would think if they saw this," I smiled at the thought of them," Jacob would love to see some adventure for himself as would Penelope."

I looked over at Caspian; he had a serious look on his face," Do you miss them?"

I broke my gaze at him and shifted it up to the stars that were poking out all through the sky," More than anything."

Whenever I left, a whole in my heart formed for my siblings and my mother. I missed them so much and would do anything to have them there with me, but I knew that they could never leave father. Mother may have been able to speak about forbidden topics behind father's back, but she lacked the audacity to step up and speak for herself. She was too soft-spoken and had too much of a tender heart.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, barely audible," You should not have come after me. I should have forewarned you and-"

I shook my head, knowing I had to do what I did. If I hadn't of come after him, then I would have regretted it for the rest of my life. Plus, I had seen more action in the last couple days than I had my entire life.

"No, don't apologize," I assured him, placing a hand on his arm," It was my choice. If I hadn't done this then I would be miserable back home, bored out of my mind. I just wish that my family were here to experience all of this."

He still looked saddened when he met my eyes," We can always try to bring them here."

I shook my head again. I did not want to know the plan he had in his mind for trying to smuggle my family here for I knew it would be dangerous," No, they would never come."

"Why not?" he asked me, confused as our horses tromped on toward the stream down the way.

"Because they are too loyal to my father, Caspian. They may be able to tell all of these stories when he is not around, but that is because they love those stories. They would never be able to actually leave him," I explained to Caspian and he seemed to understand.

There were a few moments of silence, but I did not mind it. The forest was rather peaceful at night time when I wasn't running away from a troop of Telmarine guards. I had never appreciated it the first night because I was too stuck on running away and how cold the ground was. There were crickets playing their songs and Owls hooting.

"You never told me how you managed to escape," Caspian said, interrupting my admiration," Now, I do not believe we are going to be interrupted by any other High Kings of Narnia."

I had to chuckle at the thought of my running away again. It was ridiculous really.

"I packed a pack of supplies the day after you left, doing as Cornelius had instructed me to do. I stole some bread from the cupboard and water. I packed some spare clothing and tried to be as stealthy as I could about the whole ordeal. I treated just like I would any other day, but after my family had gone to sleep I snuck out of our quarters. It was rather easy since the entrance to the main castle is right down the hall.

After I managed to both physically and mentally leave my family behind, I snuck down the main hallway of the castle with all of my supplies and ran into a couple of guards. One of them was rather small and I ended up knocking him out with a candlestick," Caspian laughed at this," What?" I asked him.

He was really laughing now," Protection at it's finest. I just can't believe- Please, excuse me, continue."

I ignored his chuckling and continued on," After he was out of the way, the other one was far enough down the hall that I thought he might not have heard anything, but I think he might have because after I entered the stables to retrieve Kingslee; a whole troop came storming in after me."

"I met up with Cornelius there and he instructed me to trust Kingslee here," I patted the horse," And she practically led me to you, but as I left I saw Penelope standing at our balcony crying for me. I met Reepicheep along the way and the rest is history I figure."

"Penelope was crying?" he asked me as we began to turn our horses back around, we didn't want anyone worrying," And how did you lose the soldiers?"

I nodded my head," She loves me, even if she is dramatic sometimes. Crying thirteen year olds can still be a very convincing reason to drop a whole runaway scheme. I almost stopped there to go back to her, but Kingslee here was not stopping after all that. She seems to have some mind of her own. She jumped one of the ravines that I thought was impossible to jump."

He raised his eyebrow for a moment, but then dropped it," After all we have now seen, this does not surprise me."

I laughed at this and then there were a few moments of silence again.

"I couldn't help but notice you aren't a big fan of the High King," he said to me, breaking the silence once more.

I began to grit my teeth," Not particularly. I can't imagine you do either though."

"Not at all," he admitted," He's too proud. Much too proud."

"My thoughts exactly."

"You gave him a good fight though. He was definitely sweating," Caspian told me as our horses came into the clearing again. I saw him looking at my wrist and I then remembered that I had never cleaned it," You need to tend to that! You have not left it open all day have you?"

I looked down, but only briefly because the wound looked nasty. I imagined it was infected by now. How had I been so stupid to not tend to it? I must have gotten my mind around it because it was now a gaping, open wound on my wrist.

"He got a good chunk out of me," I told him, looking at the disgusting wound," It's fine, I will try to take care of it as soon as we get back."

"That's a good way to ensure yourself a disease by not taking proper-"

I cut him off because, quite frankly, I didn't want to hear his lecture," Caspian, thank you for your concern, but I'm fine. I know, I made a mistake and I will fix it."

He closed his mouth, looking somewhat hurt, but soon as we reached the clearing he challenged me," Let's see how fast Kingslee can run."

"To the How? She could do it in her sleep," I scoffed and without a count he took off, full speed, on his horse," Not fair!" I called out, but he merely smirked back at me.

"Ya!" I kicked Kingslee and she went into high speed, just as she had when we were running from the Telmarines. He had gotten a good head start before Kingslee even came close. She may have been fast, but in order for her to catch him, she would have had to fly and I was determined that she only did that when she wanted to when she wanted to. And she was not in the mood.

He beat me and didn't let me live it down either. He teased me all the way through the tunnels as we went to tie the horses back up. I tried to argue that he had gotten a head start, but he wasn't listening. All he cared about was a win for him and I guaranteed him that we would beat him in a fair race.

"Oh, I will win next time, Caspian," I assured him, laughing as we entered the room of the Stone Table.

"I am no gambler, but I could place money on the fact that you will never defeat me in a horse race," he returned, smiling.

And then the oddest thing happened.

His smile disappeared and his eyes seemed to widen just a bit. He had clearly checked out of our conversation and his mind was drifting elsewhere. I tried to snap my fingers to get his attention, even call his name, but he was out of it. I followed his eyes and saw that he was staring at the Queen. Queen Susan.

"Caspian!" I tried one last time.

He swallowed hard and then looked at me," Yes, sorry?"

But before I could answer that he swallowed hard again and then said," Excuse me, Rosalie. I must tend to something."

His eyes went back to their gazing.

He should have said someone rather than something. For I watched him as he approached the Queen and begin talking with her. She was ecstatic to see him apparently and began speaking with much enthusiasm to him, more enthusiasm than I had seen in her all day. She was the gentle one after all, didn't that make her more soft spoken? How did she even know him? She didn't.

I tried not to think too hard on it and realized that I really did need to tend to my wound before it turned into some serious. I actually wouldn't have been surprised if it already was serious. I didn't want to barge in on Caspian and the Queen's conversation any longer so I turned and left the room.

I traveled through the How to one of the centaurs whom I had been told kept the medicine and she allowed me to look through her supplies. I grabbed a salve she claimed would work and some bandages before finding an empty room where I could tend to it in peace.

Being alone was apparently something that was hard to come across because as soon as I lifted my sleeve to tend the wound, someone entered. The very least person I wanted to see.

High King Peter.

I looked at him and then back down at my wound," What do you want?" I demanded.

"You just do not like me do you?" he said, smirking as he came to sit beside me on the ground," How do I offend you?"

Just the sound of his voice made my blood curdle. I didn't make eye contact as I opened the salve," You really want to know, King?"

He nodded his head, giving me a look that said "Enlighten me". Was he really that oblivious to his arrogance?

"Well," I began as I placed the lid to the salve on the ground and looked right at him," I think you are the most self-absorbed, conceited, arrogant person I have met in my entire life who doesn't care about anyone except for himself. The second reason I don't care for you is because you sliced me and I don't consider being sliced the best way to enter into a friendship."

He tilted his head at me, obviously trying to figure me out. So, perhaps, the first part was a little overdramatic and far fetched, but once I started on him the other words just came spilling from my mouth. I probably could have stopped at self-absorbed.

I stuck my finger into the cool salve, but he stopped my finger from placing it on my wound," You're joking I hope."

"About what I said? Absolutely not."

"No," he shook his head, slightly annoyed," About putting that directly onto the wound. You realize you must cleanse it with water first?"

Of course I knew that! I just hadn't thought of it.

But he wasn't going to react to my disrespect to him?

"Yes, I do," I replied, scraping the salve off on the inside of the container.

He raised an eyebrow," Oh really? Then where do you have the water hidden? Because from the looks of it you were about to put that directly onto the wound," he told me.

I hated being wrong and especially if it was him telling me I was.

He smiled at me, stood up and exited the room for a moment. He returned with a canteen of water and returned to his seat beside me. He met my eyes for a moment and grabbed my wrist.

His touch was gentle and I felt my body allowing him to take my wrist, although I was reluctant at first.

"Please," he told me," at least let me fix what I did."

As much as it pained me, I relaxed as he dabbed the water onto the wound. I never realized that water stung so much. That's because it wasn't suppose to be sting, but when someone, such as I, neglected an open wound for too long, like I did, then water stung like no tomorrow.

I squirmed as he kept my wrist still. I even let out a whimper as he wiped it off with a rag he had retrieved.

"Try to be still," he commanded, but his voice was softer," It's infected so almost anything will hurt it."

That was lovely to know. Although I had somewhat guessed it.

He continued cleansing it and I eased myself. He then opened the jar of salve and silently worked the cool, wonderful potion onto the wound. It felt brilliant on contact, but I wouldn't let him know that. I was suppose to hate him, but the more he was around me the more I liked him. On the inside at least. I wasn't actually going to let him know that.

After he was finished wrapping the wound, I looked at him again," Thank you," I said quietly.

He smiled," It was nothing."

He stood up and offered me his hand. I hesitated for a moment, but then allowed him to pull me up. I found myself face to face with the King and noticed that he had the most striking eyes I had ever seen…even more than Susan. I had to look away before I got lost in them so I whipped my head away as I began to walk away.

"You know," he started and I stopped to listen," You say that I'm arrogant, Miss Rosalie, but I think that you struggle with the same pride."

I turned on my heel and looked at him, a hard glare," How so your majesty?" I spat back.

I was regretting ever thinking nice thoughts about him.

"Oh, just the look in your eyes when I tried to help you. You fought it and I could tell by your reluctance to me at first, but eventually you realized that there was no way you could help yourself so you had to let someone else help you even if that person was me. Someone you couldn't like because we are so similar," he told me and the liking I had for him that briefly appeared had disappeared.

I took a step closer to him," You make bold accusations."

"With all due respect, Rosalie," he told me," There is a saying that says the truth can sting."

I shook my head in disgust at him as I continued to get closer until I was once again face to face with the King. He smirked as I got closer, but his smile soon disappeared as I slapped him hard across the face.

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