Rosalie Sopespian


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Chapter Nine: Trapped

There was a pounding at the doors and I knew that Jacob must have somehow summoned the guards while I had left him alone briefly to see Penelope. I let out a deep sigh and crossed my arms.

"Can we please talk about this?" I pleaded with them, it couldn't hurt me to at least try and plead with them.

"You didn't want to talk to us before," Jacob replied; his voice was dripping with attitude.

I had run off without talking to him or Penelope or mother. Had I just told them my plans before, then this whole situation could have been avoided. That wasn't logical really because had I told them; they would not have let me go.

Despite his being right, I wanted to try everything I could to get them to change their sudden negative view of me. I didn't realize that leaving them to find Caspian would have changed their view so drastically…

"So this is how it ends?" I asked them as I moved toward the window," You, my own brother and sister, turning me in to father? After all I did was try to help my friend?"

The men began yelling," Jacob? Penelope? Open up!"

The pounding became louder as I waited for an answer from my brother and sister. I took a glance out the window, seeing if anyone was around that I could possibly signal. There was no way I would be able to jump without killing myself. My eyes searched frantically for someone, anyone, but no one was out. The gate wasn't even open yet, which probably meant that Caspian had gotten held up as well…or he was waiting for me.

"You betrayed us," Jacob spat out," You told Dad everything and then ran away... Too scared to face us."

I couldn't believe my ears. This was the lie father had fed them…that I gave mother away? And then just ran away because I was afraid?

Why would they believe such a thing? Father wanted them to be at odds with me so that it would be easier for him to capture me. He knew that by getting those who I loved at odds with me that he was not only breaking my heart…but also getting what he wanted…me. I was becoming a threat to him, the night I ran away I became a threat to him and he had to do anything he could to stop me from getting what I wanted. Even if that meant lying to his children.

"Jacob," I started, walking back over towards them," I didn't tell him anything. You surely wouldn't believe such a blatant lie?"

"Well, it's a little too late for that now," he said quietly, as he turned his hand on the door knob," Turning you in is the only chance we have of finding mother again."

He couldn't be that dense.

"You realize he could be lying to you?" I shot back, his hand stalled on the door knob," Even if he was telling the truth about me, you realize that mother could be dead. He could have killed her for all you know."

He shot a hard look at me.

"Don't say such things," he growled," Father would never do a thing."

If he only knew…

I raised an eyebrow," He ordered for her to be sent away! What's stopping him from doing anything else? Plus, I'm only reasoning and you should be too before you turn me in Jacob. Have you considered the fact that perhaps I was going to find Caspian? Since he is one of my closest companions and it grieved me deeply to see him go."

Jacob shook his head in disgust at me, but Penelope was not looking at me as harshly. She had appeared to be mad when she stepped in front of the door, but her expression now told me that she was confused. There was still hope that I had convinced her of something…she didn't look as sure of herself.

Even if I only had one of them on my side…that was better than nothing.

"Are you willing to do that Penelope?" I asked her as Jacob turned the doorknob all the way and I drew my sword," Are you willing to give me away? Never to be seen again with no guarantee that you will see mother again?"

"Don't listen to her, Penelope!" he said heatedly," Remember what father said about her."

"Father has lied to you, Penelope!"

She looked at me with wide eyes and then at Jacob, but the door was soon flung open before Jacob could even fully open the door. I kept a pleading look on my face as I kept eye contact with her.

She still didn't answer, but soon General Glozelle was stepping into the room after his troops. They all were armed with cross-bows, something I hadn't expected them to have. I began taking steps away from them, slowly. Maybe the window would be a better option…no I couldn't fool myself. It was a long fall. I didn't want to give myself up without a fight, but I had no other choice. As much as it pained me, I dropped my sword for it would be useless against cross bows. I didn't want to test how well those men shot a cross bow.

"Penelope!" I cried her name once more, but Jacob soon grabbed her to move her out of the room.

"Come along, sister," he told her softly," We've done all we can."

He pushed her along, she hesitated slightly as they left. Her eyes met mine one last time before the guards bound my hands behind my back and picked up my sword. One of them noticed my dagger attached to my belt and swiped it out of my possession.

I was trapped. There was no getting out of this now.

"Nice to see you again, Rosalie," Glozelle smirked at me as the men began leading me toward the door.

"I cannot say that I feel the same way to see you," I spat back as we exited my sister's bedroom and began leaving down the hall.

"I'm disappointed in you," he said softly in my ear as we walked quickly down the hallway and I kept my eyes averted from his. They were all trying to make me feel guilty. I hadn't done some major crime, but in my father's eyes…I might as well had.

Before the door was opened to the main hallway of the castle, I heard a struggle and a yell from down the hallway, behind us.

"Rosalie!" my sister yelled my name," Don't go!"

"Penelope!" Jacob called after her, angry.

And then it was like the night I had left all over again. I tried to shove off the guards to let me get to her. I tried all that I could, but I only got more hands shoving me through the door.

"Penelope!" I cried back as they shoved me through the hallway.

I couldn't let this happen again. I couldn't leave her again, but the strength wasn't in me to fight them away. They were much stronger than me. Their strong hands pushed me out into the main hallway, still crying out for my sister.

I had to leave her crying once more. Only this time, by force.

They shoved me through the hallways of the castle and I could tell that they were leading me to the courtyard. I had never actually seen the prison in Telmar before, which is what I assumed they were taking me to.

It was not a place that I would have ever spent much time. I hadn't the slightest where it would be, but it only made sense that it would be away from the quarters inside the main castle. We soon entered the courtyard.

When we exited the main castle into the courtyard, it seemed as though the guard around me became heavier. From the courtyard, I could see the gate to the city open from the courtyard and Narnians spilling into the city limits, through the broad shoulders of all the men. Caspian must have been able to get the gate open on his own. He was probably worried about where I was.

But before I could look for him, I heard Peter's voice. I could see that many Narnians were being killed. It was obvious that they had the underhand in the battle.

"RETREAT!" he was screaming," GET OUT! DRAW BACK!"

He was running around to all of the last Narnians fighting. They began running away from the city and I heard Glozelle chuckle at their retreating. I soon saw Caspian and Susan, still fighting. I had to get one of their attention before they left me here. They were my last hope to get our of there.

"Caspian!" I managed to scream and just when I did a hand was shoved over my mouth.

"Gag her!" Glozelle commanded the man holding me back as I squirmed in the soldier's grasp, screaming a muffled scream. A piece of cloth was soon shoved into my mouth, hard.

I was quite a distance away, but my call was loud enough to catch his attention before he had left the gate to retreat. His eyes met my frantic eyes as they continued to pull me away. I fought and fought as he started running towards me. I noticed Susan running after him.

"Caspian!" she yelled, but I could not hear any of her words after that. She was pulling at his arm, urging him to go. He looked at me with sad eyes, obviously trying to decide between the two of us," Think logically," were two more words I could pick out.

I tried to scream again, but the man kept the cloth shoved hard against my face. I squirmed and squirmed, trying to fight my way out of the Telmarine's grasp, but it was just as useless then than ever.

Follow your heart, I thought to him, Not her.

Caspian broke his gaze on me and looked at her. I could tell that he was torn between two, but quite frankly I would have thought that his best friend being taken away in the hands of soldiers would have been the more important choice…but I was wrong.

He looked at me with pathetic eyes, wishing that he could do something. Then he turned around to leave.

Soon I saw Peter appear next to them, looking beaten from battle. He spoke some words to them; I could not hear any more. They were having a heated conversation, I could tell by his facial expressions.

He shot a glance back at me after talking with them.

"Peter!" I heard Susan and Caspian yell.

To my surprise, he started sprinting back toward me. The gate would soon be closed. He was risking his safety…his life…to come and rescue me. He came, sword drawn at the soldiers. I couldn't believe my eyes. Caspian left alongside Susan while Peter was the one coming to my rescue.

"Get her to the cellars!" Glozelle commanded as the man holding me pushed me along quickly, but I couldn't let Peter out of my sight. He was the only chance of getting me out.

I watched as Peter attacked one of the soldiers who escorted me. The man he was battling was a big man, much stronger than Peter was, but I kept watching as they dragged me along.

The duel was a hard one. He fought and fought, but he was not destined to win. Peter had taken a swing at the guard, but his sword was soon knocked out of his hand and the soldier slapped the High King onto the ground. My eyes widened as I saw the soldier's sword raise high into the air, over Peter's head.

I let out a muffled scream as the sword came down, but then everything went dark after being hit with some large object.

I left my consciousness and went into a stage of nostalgia. I felt numb. My thoughts left me and everything began drifting away from me. I didn't know how long I stayed this way, but I soon came back to reality when I felt the touch of cool, wet brick on my cheek. My head was throbbing.

My eyes fluttered open and I looked around my surroundings. I appeared to be in some sort of a imprisonment. I slowly lifted myself off of the damp ground to see my surroundings better.

My first observation I could really make was that it was dark. Very dark. The only light that was coming into the place was the moonlight through the small holes in the cells all around that allowed the prisoner's to see out into the town. There were metal bars separating each imprisonment from the other, but they appeared to be empty. It looked as though I was alone in a Telmarine prison.

There was nothing in my cell. Not even a bed of any sort, just the cold brick ground and walls. I stood up and walked over to the edge of the cell, putting my hands through the bars.

"Hello?" I asked, realizing that it was probably a pointless question. My voice echoed throughout the cells.

After a few moments, I let out a sigh and took a seat in the middle of my cell. I should have never left Caspian. The thought that I would actually be able to go back and see my family was too good to be true, of course. Many thoughts were running through my head as I sat there with my knees tucked up against my chest.


He was the first person who's face I saw when I closed my eyes. He actually tried to save me…even when it really was a lost cause. I didn't understand why he had tried to save me. I had been mostly rude to him since I had met him. Was he alright? Did he escape? Or would he soon be appearing in here? Surely, the man would not have killed him right there on the street. I could not dwell on that thought.

What I really could not seem to fathom was the fact that Caspian had stood by and done nothing. Nothing. That was not him. He listened to, Susan instead of trusting what his instinct was telling him. He listened to logic. That was the first time I had ever seen him listen to logic or "think logically" as she had said. He was always a person who listened to what his heart was telling him, but when he stood there, not doing anything…I did not recognize him. He was struggling with the decision, but I had hoped deep down that he would come to my rescue.

Tears came flooding out of my eyes. I was losing my best friend to…to my favorite storybook character.

"Don't cry, dear," a voice in the dark said softly. I could not recognize the voice, but it had a tone to it that was soft and warm.

I looked all around to see where the source was coming from before I saw a woman's beaten face in the cell across from mine. I was in shock.

The face of the battered woman…was my mother. My beautiful mother looked as though she had been through a battle herself. Scraps and gashes were planted all over her delicate, dark skin. Bags were heavy under her faded green eyes and she looked very frail. She had crawled out of the darkness in her cell into the slight moonlight.

"Mother?" I asked, wiping away a tear from my face.

"Yes, dear Rosalie," she replied, ever so softly as she held onto the bars, grasping them as if they were her only support to keep her from falling over.

"Oh mother!" I cried out, crawling to the edge of my own cell," What have they done to you?" I whispered.

She gave me a small smile," Your father found out about our little secret, love. The evening after you left-he came barging in. I had not been stealthy enough, Rosalie. He came home from a meeting, with a troop of soldiers, who dragged me here."

I looked at her in shock; she was not the woman who I had left behind…on the outside at least.

"They…they beat you," I stuttered, tears kept coming back to my eyes.

"Rosalie," she said my name softly," Do not worry about what they-"

"No! Mother, they hurt you and…" I looked away from her," It's all my fault."

I whispered the last phrase as I curled back up into a ball. I should have never left. I should have never left my house that night and stole Kingslee to go running after a boy who didn't even care for me enough to try and save me. I should have gone to bed that night and cried over Caspian, but not gone after him. I should have never left to find him. It was all a mistake.

By leaving, I had lost the respect of my siblings and gotten my mother arrested and beaten. I was a horrible daughter. I was a selfish daughter who thought by leaving her maniacal father, she could save the Telmarines from a corrupt man and help her best friend regain the throne he deserved.

"Rosalie," she said, once more softly, after several moments," I am not ashamed of you. You have nothing to regret."

"But mother," I argued, tears now streaming from my eyes," This could have all been avoided. We could be huddled in bed right now, still learning about Narnia. We could still all be together."

She sighed," Rosalie, listen to me. Look at me."

I turned my gaze over to my frail mother.

"I only need to know one thing from you," she began.

"Yes?" I sniffled.

"You did run away to find Caspian, correct?" she asked me, looking me right in the eye.

"Yes," I replied, still sniffling," Why else would I have ran away?"

She let out another sigh before going on," When your father came in to take me away…he had already known about my secrets. When we asked him how he knew…he claimed that it was you who turned us in, but was too afraid to actually face us. I couldn't believe it, but before I could know for sure… I just had to hear it from your lips."

It made me feel pleasant to know that at least one member of my family had stayed loyal to me.

It burned me up that my father would dare say such lies about me. I could not stand the feeling of him turning me into some sort of traitor.

"Jacob and Penelope…believed him?" I asked her, not wanting to believe the truth.

"Of course they did, Rosalie. He is their father. All they knew was that he was telling the truth. How else would he have found out about us? It did not occur to them that he could have just simply walked in on us," she explained to me," Plus, heaven knows what other threats he has placed on their head in my absence."

It did make sense. It was just as I had told Caspian earlier…they were too loyal to father to ever betray him like I did. They could handle doing lessons behind his back, but not much more than that. They still were obedient to him…unless there was some sort of a threat as mother said.

When Caspian offered to come and save them that one evening on our horse ride, I knew they would never be able to pull themselves away, but it didn't exactly occur to me that they would actually turn me in. I had taken their loyalty for granted.

"It just angers me that they would side with a lying, deceiving murderer such as him," I spat out, still irritated.

My mother gave me a shocked look.

"How did you know about his scheme to kill the King?" she asked me, quietly.

I had forgotten that I had never told her, but then I realized that my finding out was partially the reason that I had left him.

"He practically told me the night that Caspian fled," I explained to her," He claimed to have not been the one wielding the sword, but he planned it. He said he wanted to tell me earlier, but he couldn't pull himself to. He also admitted to Caspian's attempted murder. How did you learn of it?"

She nodded her head when I talked and when I asked my question, she answered," I was eavesdropping on one of his conversations with Miraz. I happened to be walking around the Great Hall one evening and they both had a little too much wine. They were speaking so loudly, it was a surprise that the whole castle did not hear them."

The confessions of a drunkard.

"I'm so ashamed to have such a father," I said softly.

"And I a husband," she said sadly," I would have never imagined on my wedding day that my beloved husband would be a greedy, murdering pig."

I looked at her in sympathy. She had committed her life to such a man. I thought of how saddened I would be if I ever married my sweetheart only to discover that he loved greed more than he did me. I would have been heartbroken, but mother did not shed a tear. For she was a strong woman. I only hoped to be like her one day.

"I'm sorry, mother," I said quietly.

"Do not worry, Rosalie," she replied, hiding her emotion," All that we can focus on now is the future and how we are to get you out of here so that you may continue to help Caspian and the Old Kings and Queens."


It was hard for me to think about helping Caspian now since he had failed to help me.

How had she known of the Old Kings and Queens?

"How did you know about them?" I asked, slightly confused.

She smirked," Those holes in the walls may not be very large, but they are big enough for me to see out. The pictures in the books of them were rather accurate. It did not take me much to figure out who they were."

I chuckled before she started talking again.

"Now, you must get out of here to go help-"

"Mother, I don't think that they want me back," I said, interrupting her.

"Why of course they do! Did you see the look in the High King's eyes as he came to save you? I would say that they most definitely need you!" she exclaimed, I hadn't realized she was able to see all of that from her little hole.

"But Caspian and Susan-"

"Caspian…is confused," she said cutting me off," You must get back to them. You will be valuable to them Rosalie."

There was a pause for a moment. I had to ask.

"Did you see what happened to Peter, mother?" I asked," After they dragged me off? I wasn't-"

"They finally had enough of you so they knocked you out which would explain the sizable bump on your head," she explained," But the High King managed to flee."


We both fell silent for we were about to be joined by another. The door at the top of the staircase to the cells was creaking open and the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs echoed in our ears. I looked up in horror.

Author's Note: I know, not one of the best or most exciting chapters, but I promise things will start to get better! Keep reading :)

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