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Tillian Fansworth- How she came to be


PLEASE READ ALL!!!! I know this seems like it was written like a six year old when really I just started when I first started writing so I've improved since. So don't read if you don't like shitty writing skills. This is about my main OC, Tillian Fansworth. This explains everything that led up to her being a murderer. (Inkwell special: the only real reason I posted this on here to see the if the style is better than Wattpad or if more people use this. If you have Wattpad check out my meme books and I'll be posting other stories as well. I hope if you read you'll at least like my original characters, Tillian and Tiffany Fansworth, and the last three chapters.) Also there is 1) strong language 2) Lots and lots of murder 3)drug use and 4) Sexual jokes. I also do not own ANY pictures, songs, or videos in this story. And I assume people reading this stories are big creepypasta fans. So I'm sorry I don't describe the pasta's much or fanmade characters. Also I know some of the characters in this are not pasta's or stories are not as a said or anything. But it is just a fan read. Tbh idc that it is "realistic" Creepypastawise but I'm sure I'm not the first to messed up. So either just understand or don't read. When I say comment I don't want insults and just telling me what I already know. Thank you.

Horror / Other
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Part 1- Beginning

You know Splendorman if I am correct? One was Slenderman's brother with colorful bells?

Drunk on slenders blood one night, Splendorman traveled to a nearby town. He went to the bar and met a woman named Karen Fansworth, a bartender at the time, there. The bar was closed and Karen was attempting to clean up although she was very drunk. Splendorman chatted Karen up. He drank with her, joked with her and drove her home. She was so drunk she didn't remember anything.

Two weeks later, Karen found out she was pregnant, of course, she assumed her husband, Steve, was its father.

9 months later, she had a beautiful tan baby girl. Unfortunately, she had a flaw, she didn't have an eyeball in her left eye socket, and the silver liquid was shown, not blood. Her other eye was Orange, which is very rare. Karen and Steve were scared for the child, Karen even began crying, thinking that she somehow did something wrong, and assumed it was maybe because she drank and did drugs while pregnant.

The doctor checked the baby's blood and weirdly enough, the blood is her head was silver, her body blood was tree-bark brown. The doctor asked if they wanted the baby because he assumed it wouldn't last long.

As Steve goes to say "No", Karen yells "Yes I want her! She's my child! I'll keep her and name her Tiffany Faith Fansworth."

So they kept the baby, and the doctor was wrong. Tiffany had never died, she grew up in a house in Nashville Tennessee. The neighbors disliked Tiffany, the religious neighbors thought she was made by the devil.

Tiffany, although helped made a killer, was nice. She wouldn't hurt a soul, not even a spider: but the government didn't care.

America's government heard about Tiffany. They watched her every move. They learned everything about her, like her likes and dislikes, and Karen and Steve knew about it, and they knew exactly what they wanted to do with their weird-made child.

" Honey, they want our girl". Steve says to Karen after Tiffany went to bed, they were in the bedroom, Steve was pacing and Karen was sitting on the bed smoking a cigarette. "They are going to come to take her away from us and test on her. If you had given her to the doctor we wouldn't have gotten so close to her. "

"And you think I don't know that? They would've killed her, babe."

" And what if they get a hold of her? They'll hurt her, and hurt her, and hurt her until they either accidentally kill her, or they get what want of her then kill her themselves! No matter what we do, Karen, Tiffany is going to die and there is nothing. NOTHING, WE CAN DO, TO SAVE OUR OWN FUCKED UP DAUGHTER! " Steve was furious now. He stopped pacing and was still. His face was all red and tears started building up in his Amber green eyes.

"Steve, sweetheart, calm dow-" Karen started to say before he interrupted.

" That is not my girl, is she. " Steve yells.

"What are you talking about," Karen says with a short tone.

"I said, that isn't my daughter is she. " Steve growls.

Karen says nothing and just glares at her husband. Steve continues.

"You used to drink while at work, you did drugs at work. Your shift ended at 7:00 and mine ended at 9:00, and do you know how many times I come home and you're not here!"

Karen was silent.

"You God damn cheated on me didn't you. Tiffany looks NOTHING like me in ANY way and you refused to get a blood test."

"OK, fine!" Karen yells standing up.

"I slept with a couple of other men a couple of times, so fucking what. Are you just gonna leave? You gonna leave me here alone taking care of her because you're mad mommy did a bad thing?"

She walks around Steve to get into the fake apple full of weed.

"Who's Tiffany's father," Steve demands to know.

"I don't remember! It was 6 years ago, I drunk as hell that night. All I remember is that I was trying to clean up and some dude- guy came in and took me home." She lights it up. "And besides, we'll just hide Tiffany. We'll have to do the same with the next one anyway." She takes a big drag out of the pot and blows the smoke at him.

"The next one? Our kid is fucked up and you want another one? "

"Another reason you can't leave me. I'm pregnant." Karen says darkly with an evil smile on her face and laughs.

Steve passes out while Karen continues to. giggles and smile mischievously at her unconscious husband...

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