Winter Jackson and The Stone of Immortality


I didn't think Witches and Wizards were real but I was wrong, and now I am right smack dab in the middle of it. Now, I am attending Hogwarts to further myself in my own heritage. As a witch.

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Headaches and Heartbreaks

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It was a quiet airplane ride, my back facing my neighbour's seat (His name is William) as I stare out the window. The night time shone like a deep sea of black, the only shining you could ever see was the millions of stars that scatter across the sky. It always fascinated me when I tried connecting stars to make constellations. But all I really could connect was the Little Dipper and the Big Dipper. I moved away from the window and faced forward. William was now sound asleep and snoring softly.

I sighed, resting my head back on my seat. I might as well as enjoy this moment where there isn't any pain in my body or that horrible memory. But everything kept shooting at me like hail in a snowstorm.

Me and Garrett had a rather simple family despite the absence of Dad. We lived in a little blue house around the corner of a railroad station. It was quiet and peaceful, even if the grass was putrid black and weeds grew instead of flowers. Our house consisted of two bedrooms and one bathroom, our bedroom was the color of the Pacific Ocean. A semi-large bookcase stood in the corner of the small bedroom and in the other corner of the room was a large bed that me and Garrett shared. It doned a large red quilt, white sheets and black covered pillows. Under the bed was a large rectangular rug.

We never knew what our Mom's bedroom looked like because we were never allowed inside. The living room was connected to the kitchen, the only thing really separating both was a large white painted archway. The living room had two large red couches and a medium sized black trim coffee table with see-through glass in the middle. The only TV we had was a large 1981 Zenith Console that Mom had gotten from Dad before he left.

Now the kitchen was a pale green with dalila yellow countertops, drawers and cupboards. All of the counters were connected, (Imagine a Curvy L shaped couch but this being the counters.) covering the counter's were soft white stone slabs. The stove was below the microwave that connected to the cupboards above. A small ordinary sink lay on the counter directly across the stove. A small gold wood table that took up most of the kitchen, stood by a large bay window. White curtains lay in front of it, blocking off the view of the small backyard and train tracks. The last thing to mention was the rather large food pantry that had all sides except the entrance packed with shelves of food cans. We always went to the church near our school that gave away food to the needy.
Our Dad had left shortly after Garrett was born to deal with other things that were worth his time, leaving our Mom in a rather ruffled state. But it didn't last long. Not even 1 year later after their marriage was over, she had found herself a new boyfriend. He seemed to be a nice guy. He liked me and my little brother to a certain point where he would get us toys from the store near our house every Tuesday. But I think he did that just so we wouldn't complain or annoy him when he was watching the Football game or spending time with Mom.

With his roguish face, bright brown eyes and oiled blond hair, he was a dream boat for most woman. That including Mom, who was head over heels for him. I, on the other hand, saw him as a Ken barbie doll. Don't get me wrong, he treats us well. But he reminds me of the plastic toy so much I accidently call him that from time to time. Although, he doesn't connect the dots.
Now, talking about our Mom. She was a rather tall woman with long curly red hair and golden eyes. Her eyes came from her mother who had died a while ago. She had the curvy body and heart shaped face with soft tan skin to make the men go wild. She was very kind and caring, always going out to help another person before herself or protecting them from prejudice people. Some would say that the reason why Jack was dating her was because of her good looks and naive look on the world. But I think that's exactly the opposite, I think he likes her for herself and for her kind gestures to the world or people around her.
But boy, I was proved so wrong in such a violent manner. That day was still fresh in my mind, replaying itself over and over. It brought back the familiar pain into my chest, I clutched my hand over my chest as if to calm the pain. But it kept doubling in intensity.

It all started one Saturday afternoon 3 years later. Me and Garrett were at the kitchen table doing homework. Well, Garrett was, I was there to help him. He hardly knew much about writing stories, so when his teacher Ms. Martini gave him an assignment to write a small story about a fantasy character or creature that he liked the most, Garrett picked a famous Wizard named Merlin. I remember reading him a book about the adventures of Merlin and King Arthur, so for him to pick such a character made me somewhat proud. It wasn't too hard to help him with his grammatical mistakes and creativity, for that's what I strived on. Creativity. What I wanted to be when I grew up was a writer of fictional stories.

I always found autobiographies to be interesting, but not my slice of pie. Rather, I liked reading stories about Dragons and Knights. Princesses riding Unicorns and having them get rescued by a Charming Prince on a valiant white steed. Garrett always said my taste in books was illogical because they weren't real. He was more of the realistic kind of kid, despite only being 7 years old. Again, I was proud of him because I had rubbed off on him. The teacher did say he was the smartest in his classroom.

We were halfway done with his story when Mom came bursting into the house. Her face was beat red and her red hair was in a rather messy bun that had curls spilling out. She wore a messy blue-pink shirt with a pair of black slacks. On the sides of her pants seemed to be blood mixed with white substance or powder.
Her walking seemed to be unbalanced and her breathing labored, her bloodshot eyes scanned the kitchen before it landed on us.

"You both need to hide, now!" She said quickly, stumbling forward to us. Her hands fumbled with the kitchen drawers, opening them up quickly until she found the one full of keys. She grabbed a rather rusty looking key and shoved it into my hands.

Over the past 2 years, Mom had changed. Once sweet and caring, now rude and belligerent. Jack had shown his true colors once his Dad had killed himself and his Mom. He couldn't deal with the stress of reality to that situation, so he took on a new career. A drug habit. Mostly it was Marijuana or Heroin. But lately he has been getting onto the more heavier drugs such as: LSD, Cocaine and MDMA or more commonly known as Ecstasy. (Sorry if I got any of those wrong on how heavy the drugs were, I just listed down some of the drugs I had heard about.) The reason why I am sharing that is because it rubbed off on Mom as well, even if she wasn't mourning. He had pressured her into taking the drugs with him, claiming that if she didn't then he would leave her. Mom, being the kind woman she was and loving him so much, had agreed and took the drugs with him. She eventually got hooked to the drugs and was hardly ever seen at home anymore. I had to get a job, which wasn't easy I tell you. People don't exactly hire 10 year olds now and days, so I had to suck up to get a job at the local diner to provide food. It was a blessing that Mom at least remembered us as much to pay the rent.

I was usually the one who helped Garrett get to school and back, and cook dinner for him. In the 3 years, I had to grow up a lot to make sure my brother was okay. And while it was stressful, I didn't regret anything. Rather it made me and him more closer than any other sibling is.

"Mom, what's going on?" I demanded, standing up and pushing my glasses up with my index finger. "Tell me now."

"...It's too complicated for you to understand." Mom said quietly, grabbing both of our arms and hauling us roughly to the food pantry. She moved one of the shelves and I came to notice that the wallpaper was off, like it was coming off or something. She peeled the wallpaper back and a door was seen. She unlocked the door and opened it, "Now get in here and don't come out, okay?"

I frowned at her, my heart clenching in fear and fright. But, I couldn't show Garrett that I was worried. I looked at Mom, millions of questions buzzing in my head but all I could as was, "What did you do?"

"Something you should never do.. There is something you don't know about me- about you and Garrett. I can't explain fully with such little time so I want you to take this- " She handed me a medium sized golden box that I had never seen in all my life. "In it is heirlooms of our family, I hope when you are able to open it you will understand.. " Mom said shakily, her eyes filled with tears.

"Why don't you hide with us? I will protect you." I frowned, hugging the box tightly, Garrett had already climbed into the little room. My head hurt, I knew that was probably the most dumb question I could ask. But I couldn't help it. My heart was cracking as I watched Mom withdraw herself from us to protect us from something that she fucked up on.

"You are always so brave…. Always stay that way, please? For me?" She pleaded softly, holding my hands into hers in a tight grasp. I stared into her golden eyes that were filled with so much love that it made my resolve break slightly. I felt the need to protect her until my dying breath, to shield her body from bullet's. But I knew this time was entirely different, and that I couldn't do a thing, I could only hide and protect Garrett. At least I would be protecting one person..

"I promise.." I said, my voice wavering and shaking. Teardrops spilled down my face as I held her hands for the very last time. "I love you Mom…"

Mom smiled warmly, kissing my forehead softly. She did the same to Garrett, who was peeking his head out slightly. I knew he didn't understand what we were saying but he knew something bad was happening. Little tears filled his eyes and his face slightly red, "I love you both so much.."

She pushed me into the little room roughly as crashing echoed in the backyard. She slammed the door close saying a word I didn't really understand, it sounded like Colloportus. Whatever it meant, the door had locked up pretty tightly. I pushed against it but to no use, it wouldn't open. I could hear Mom place the wallpaper back onto the wall and move the shelf back. Then her footsteps hurrying out of the pantry and the door slamming to a close.

A gunshot echoed through the house, making me cringe and hold onto Garrett tightly, I covered his ears with my small hands. My eyes trained on a small crack in the wall going into the living room, I could make out men with large shotguns and pistols standing in the livingroom. Mom was laying on the shattered coffee table, her leg bleeding profusely and twisted in an odd direction.

"Where is the dough?" One man said gruffly, pointing a pistol at Mom in a business like fashion. "Derek doesn't like to be kept waiting, missy."

"I told you! Jack took it! I didn't do a thing, I swear by it." She said honestly through a pained face.

"..." There was silence in the living room before one of the men's phone rang, he stood the closest to the archway that led into the kitchen. "Yeah, we got her… No, she doesn't have it…. But sir… No, I am not disobeying. It will be done." The phone snapped shut. "Kill her and burn the place down."

The man near Mom raised his pistol, aiming it straight at her forehead. My golden eyes watered and a taste of metallic copper filled my mouth as I bit my tongue roughly when the bullet was fired. Burying deep into Mom's skull and ceasing her life all together.

My head swam and I sat frozen, like time had completely stopped. My heart completely shattered and scattered across the world.

I hadn't noticed when Garrett shook my shoulders because fire was in the kitchen.

I hadn't noticed Garrett screaming.

I hadn't noticed when the front door bursted open and the sound of cans crashing down onto the floor.

I hadn't noticed when the door clicked open.

I hadn't noticed when a man pulled me and Garrett out of the small room and outside.

I hadn't noticed when the fire department put out the fire.

I hadn't noticed when people crowded around me and Garrett, who was hugging my arm tightly. Even when they took us away from the burning house that used to be ours.

All that I could see was Mom's body jolting as the bullet hit her forehead. Her golden eyes turning glassy and going limp.

It had taken at least 2 months for me to be able to even knowledge people again, or even talk. When I did talk, it wasn't much. My voice always sounded so scratchy and unfamiliar. As if someone broke my voice box inside my body.

My weight was rather light then what it used to be. I could see the bones on my body, my red curly hair that I got from my mom stuck to me like a second skin. My golden eyes that used to shine like the sun was now a dull gold, my heart shaped face that used to be full now had cheekbones practically poking out.

I always stayed in a small hospital, not an insane one mind you! I was there for actual medical attention. When I saw Mom's death, my whole body had gone into shock. I wouldn't say it was a seizure, but it was something close to it. My body had shook violently for a few seconds before I passed out. I was out for a matter of 3 days. The doctors said it was because of what I saw, so he gave me medicine to help with the Panic Attacks and Nightmares.

My hospital room was very white. I never thought I could hate a color so much until now. I had two windows on the left and right side of my room, the door lay in front of my bed along with the bathroom that was literally next to the door. I was thankful that at least the one thing that wasn't white was the dark blue blanket Garrett had given me.

Garrett always visited me regularly. He always told me what he did in school and how the foster home was fun. The person running the place was a kind young woman named Sophia, who was expecting. She loved Garrett, treating him fairly and feeding him just as much as she did to the other kids. Which was a fairly hearty meal.

Talking about meals makes me feel nauseous, the smell makes me throw up but the doctor, his name was Daniel, was giving me Therapy lessons with a woman named Felicia. She was very nice, not very pretty, but she made up for it. She was always soft when it came to the subject concerning Mom and the men who shot her. Even the nightmares. She was helping me stomach the stress and actually eat again, slowly though. What sucked the most was that I had to take my medication RIGHT when I eat. Not before or after. It certainly rose an eyebrow from Garrett, but he said nothing.

The nurses were nice in the hospital and the old people that inhabited the floor above me were very kind. A old man named Leon always came into my room to see if I was alright or to tell me stories of the Vietnam war.

I was fairly interested about it, normally I wouldn't be interested in the tales of death and people fighting each other, but after seeing my own Mom die made me able to look at it without screaming in terror or fright. It even gave me the courage to take up the career. I wanted to do it so that I could protect my own and other people around me, I knew I couldn't save everyone but that didn't mean I couldn't try. So, a few weeks after I was able to walk around and go outside, Leon helped me train. Well, all he did was sit on a bench and laugh when I slipped on nothing but he did help me gather my endurance and strength. He even called over his son, who works for the military himself but is stationed home at the moment. His name was Rick.

He was a rather tall 21 year old with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes, he was very kind and had a great sense of humor. God be damned when he made puns, I always tried walking out of the room when he made them. They were honestly that bad, but somehow I could stand it. It made me smile even when I didn't want to.

He helped me more, making sure that I did well in school and having top grades, he even taking me to one of the bases. (It wasn't an actual base, it was a small training ground that they used for soldiers who were home and didn't get any enjoyment in going to the gym.) Within a matter of 4 months, I was already completing half of the course with ease. Which only was jumping over tires and crawling under nets. If I was lucky, I wouldn't miss a footstep when climbing the walls. The training really helped with my depression and nightmares. Daniel full-heartedly agreed with it, saying that it would help me greatly to get my mind somewhere else and help me regain my health.

While I was at the training base, I also made more friends. There were two people who always came over, mostly to help me train or to train themselves. The first person was named Sarah, she was at an average height for a 23 year old woman. She was fairly skinny as well, but that was because of her high metabolism. She was the only female besides Grace, who is an old woman back at the hospital, that I have really bonded with since Mom's death.

The other person is a older man named Sam, he was very tall and buff. He could hardly have a t-shirt on without ripping it somehow. Instead of him being strict and cruel, he was sweet and playful. When I took Garrett over to see them and let him see what I do, they bonded instantly. Sam was like a big brother to us, he even offered for us to stay with him. Which, when I was discharged from the hospital, we did. He did have to fight for custody, but our Dad didn't fight it. So, it was easy for Sam to win us from the Foster home.

Which I ACTUALLY got to meet Sophia before we moved in with Sam. She was just as kind as Garrett had mentioned, and boy was she beautiful. I think Sam agreed when his jaw dropped to the ground the first time he saw her when picking us up for my daily training. I honestly think that they should get together, since Sophia's ex-boyfriend had dumped her and left for Australia 1 year back. He made her smile and that made both me and Garrett happier than we had been in a long time.

So, going to the present before being on an airplane; here me and Garrett were. Sitting in the livingroom while the newest Hockey game played. Garrett loved Hockey, Sam had gotten him a spot in practicing in the ice rink a town over from us when he had taken us to just have some good old fun. Let's just say, Garrett instantly fell in love with the sport. For an 8 year old, he was very talented in ice skating. I, on the other hand, sucked at it. I eventually got the hang of it with the help of Sam, Sophia and Garrett. I could even do a couple of tricks.

The house we were currently living in was about 2 stories high. It had about 4-5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, the first bedroom that you saw when going up the stairs was mine. Sam had let us decorate our rooms the way we liked it so for me, I painted my walls purple and had the floor carpeted with a dark purple carpet. My favorite color is purple if you haven't noticed.

My bed was queen sized since I was rather tall for a 1o year old. It had dark cherry wooden posts with a large headboard that contained two little shelves. In those shelves were picture frames, large green notebooks, two black plastic cups full of pens and the golden box that Mom had gifted me. The dark purple covered pillows covered the box up when my bed was made, the quilt was not purple unfortunately. Instead it was midnight black.
Next to my closet was a dark black wooden desk with a large nailed in shelf with books lining in alphabetic order above it. The desk below held two empty notebooks that I had gotten on my birthday that I had yet to write in. It also had a very large computer right smack in the middle of the desk. The pull-out slab held my keyboard and mouse. All I used the computer for was writing or playing Solitaire. Now, the closet. It was small with two white wood doors, inside was numerous of clothes and shoes. I wasn't big on the shoes, but I did love boots, sneakers and flats a lot more than high heels. Which I can run in thank my luck. There was also many small notebooks in the corner of my closet that I had managed to salvage from the fire at our old house. Even with all that happened in my life, I never gave up writing. Some of the books were my thoughts, but mostly it was grand stories of Vampires, Werewolfs and the Medieval times.

Now Garrett's room we had fun decorating. I helped paint the room as well since he wanted two different colors. He wanted the ceiling to be a pale plywood color and the walls to be a dark shade of blue. He didn't want the floors to be carpeted like mine, so we got him a large carpet. There was robot's scattered in the corner of the room along with toy cars and other assorted toys he liked. He also had a cinder colored desk that had most of his homework piled on it, I usually came into his room before he went to bed to help him or correct his homework. He wanted a computer like mine but Sam told him no because he would never use it to begin with, which Garrett agreed and put his disappointment aside.

Now, Sam's room was quite plain. I would guess because he has other things to worry about more than fancying up his room. He had a beige desk with medals of honor on it. His closet was like mine but a bit bigger and cleaner. And his bed was like mine but with brown blankets and white pillows. The headboard wasn't a shelf, rather it was just an normal headboard.

The room next to the bathroom was used as a small home library, large shelves were on all sides of the walls except for the entrance, a desk and couch sat in the middle of the room so that you could write or read in the room. There was also a computer in here, Sam usually liked to call this his office. The other room was just used for boxes of stuff we needed to have packed away since we didn't have an attic.

Now for the downstairs. The living room was quite large, it was a warm brown color with black carpeting. Two long dark red couches lay in the middle of a room, sort of forming a broken sideways L. The TV we were using was a new RCA. It was fairly large and had pretty good image quality. The last thing was the brown leather arm chair that sat sort of in between the space of the couches, Sam always sat in it after working.

The dining room was the largest room in the house. Beautiful glass cabinets filled with china dishes sat on the left side of the room while the large cherry wood dining table stood in the middle, six chairs lining all around it. A large white table cloth went all the way down the table, on the table cloth and in the middle of the table was a vase filled with pretty flowers.

And last but not least, the kitchen. The first countertop was exactly like the one back at my old home, it was in the shape of an L and it was connected together. The wooden cupboards below the white slabs of marble countertop were dark aspen. The L shaped connecting counters held a medium sized beautiful sink. On the upper part of the counter (The sink is on the lower part of the L counter and the Stove is on the upper part of the Counter) was the black and white stove. In the other corner of the kitchen was a large white refrigerator filled with children's drawings and pictures. Most of the drawings were Garrett's, only two of them were mine. I wasn't very fond of drawing, so I never really drew much. Next to the fridge was another white marble topped counter with the black microwave, a cutting board lay on top.

Sophia was in the kitchen preparing dinner for the night, after at least a few dates that hit off quite well, Sam and Sophia got a bit more serious. Sophia moved in shortly after her job was taken over by another tenant, not that she minded. So instead of working at the Foster Home, she worked at a small bookstore near a large steak house. Sam always loved to ask her to take us there, steak to him was his best friend. The bad part about Sophia is that she also had nightmares like me. Recently, she baby that she was pregnant with died by strangulation from the umbilical cord. We were all there for her, which at first she didn't take well but after a lot of help she was able to go back to being herself.

The front door opened and Sam came in, holding a rather large box. "Hey kiddos, Sophia I'm home!" He called to them over the booming TV. Grabbing the TV remote, I turned it down a bit, (Much to Garrett's dismay.) and turned, looking at Sam with a smile. "I got something for you both."

He sat down on the leather arm chair, the box now laying on his lap. I frowned, poking the box with my index finger. Garrett was doing the same, discarding the paused Hockey game for the moment. Sophia walked in, a small smile playing on her lips as she dried off her hands with a small green dish rag. "Hey sweetie, what's that in the box?" She asked as she gave him a kiss. Garrett ew'ed in the background and I only rolled my eyes.

Sam grinned, opening the box. A very fluffy black head popped out and looked at the two stunned siblings with large green eyes. "Her mother couldn't feed her anymore so a buddy of mine let me take her. I thought you both would love to have a new addition to the family." Garrett stared blankly at the new puppy that sat in the cardboard box. I knew he wasn't very fond of animals, so for him to not be as excited wasn't exactly surprising for the whole family. "Her breed is german shepherd." He added.

I, on the other hand, smiled widely. Picking up the small puppy, I hugged her. She yipped happily and licked my nose. "What should we call her?"

"Well, I don't know. Mutty?" Garrett suggested but was greeted with a pillow slamming into his face. Courtesy of his sister.

"Joking! I was only joking!"

"I don't know, Winter. Why don't you name her?" Sophia said as she took a seat on the arm of the chair Sam was currently occupying.

"Hmm….." I said, thinking out loud. "How about Luna? Yeah, that's a good name isn't it girl?" The puppy now known as Luna, licked my nose once again.

"Then it's settled, her name is Luna."

After that day, I had dedicated not only to my training but to Luna's as well. If I was to go into the army, then maybe they would let me go into combat with a canine. I mean, Sam could pull a few strings so that Luna could get accepted in. But even if it didn't happen and I never got into the army, I would still be prepared to defend myself. Likewise with Luna.

I had been running late from coming back from training so I took a shortcut across the small bridge that normally cars drove on. It was empty so I could cut across it quick enough without getting hit. As my feet pounded against the bridge below, so did a pair of wheels. A loud honk was heard and I swiftly turned around, closing my eyes, I wasn't prepared for what happened next. Or so I thought.

I felt like my insides were being twisted and I distinctly heard a loud popping sound. I cracked my eyes open and found myself at the front door of my house. I blinked, confused. Maybe it was an illusion? Maybe… But at the moment, my ears were ringing slightly. I rubbed them until it stopped, sighing in relief.

Whatever it was, I could deal with it later.

As I opened the door, I was greeted by Sam and Sophia sitting in the living room with an old man on the other couch. He had a long white beard and twinkling blue eyes, he wore long silver blue robes that dragged onto the ground shortly. He had that kind of wise air about him, I knew immediately that I had to be civil and polite with him. He seemed like a man of high power, and the rules Sam had taught me was to always treat people who are clearly in power with respect and utmost kindness.

"What's going on here?" I asked as politely as I could, Luna zipped downstairs from my room and greeted me with licking my hand and yipping.

"Winter, this man is a friend of your mothers." My heart clenched tightly at the mention of her but I chose not to share my discomfort with bringing up the situation. "His name is Albus Dumbledore."

The old man now known as Albus Dumbledore, stood up. Walking over to me while I had a rather perplexed expression apparent on my face. "Hello, Mrs. Jackson. As your guardian said, I am Albus Dumbledore. I am headmaster to a rather beautiful school that helps very special people."

I frowned, "I'm not insane nor am I special." I objected, making Albus chuckle in amusement.

"No, my dear. You are not insane but you are special. I am sure your Mother told you that." He said calmly after regaining his composure. "I was told to give you this from her." He digged a small envelope out of his robe and handed it to me. It felt sort of heavy in one place, as if it was something metal.

"I think my visit is done, I will come tomorrow to receive your answer. Mr. Stone and Ms. Parks, I hope you will keep our conversation a secret until it is necessary to tell." Albus said, bowing his head slightly to me and looking at Sam and Sophia with a serious glint in his eyes. They nodded.

"I bid you goodnight then." He said and I moved out of the way for him to go through the door, he smiled and softly pet Luna. "What a beautiful puppy you have."

And with that, he left. I closed the door and stared at the small envelope in my hands.

"Where is Garrett?" Was the first thing I asked, not looking up from the envelope as if it would disappear from my fingers.

Sam cleared his throat and stood up, "He is having a sleepover at Adam's tonight," He answered, walking over to me. "Winter, I want you to know that no matter what you find out, we will always love and support you."

My head snapped up and I looked into his eyes in a search, to see if there was any emotions that I could read or distrust. But there was none, instead it was love and sincerity. "Okay?" I said, hugging him tightly. My answer came out like a question more than an answer. He nodded and Sophia butted in, giving me a hug as well. That made a smile crack onto my lips. "I'm going to head to my room now.."

"Alright, but come down for dinner in one hour." Sam decided, moving over to the armchair and sitting down. When he wasn't training, he was extremely lazy. Although he had every reason to be after all.


I made my way up the stairs, the envelope felt strange in my hands. As if it was the answer to all of my problems but yet it wasn't. I shook my head at the confusing thought and when I entered my room, I took the box my Mom had given me so long ago.

Sitting on my bed, I put the box in the middle of my lap. Luna jumped onto the bed, laying behind me and watching my fingers as I tore open the envelope. A small golden key fell out, a J was imprinted on the top part of the key surrounded by tiny little green jewels. Just like the box that was in the middle of my lap. It was a medium box with golden all over it, small green gems were implanted on each of the sides of the box. On the front was a large keyhole. I remember trying to pick lock it, but each time I tried, the pick lock would always break.

I held up the box and with shaky hands, I inserted the key. It fit exactly into the box. I set it straight onto the bed so that what was ever in the box wouldn't dump out. Twisting the key, it kicked open. In the box was a small dragon on a spring spinning slowly, a sweet melody filled the room. I smiled softly as I realized it was a lullaby that Mom had always hummed whenever me or Garrett had a nightmare. (The Lullaby will be in a link on my profile if you would like to hear it.)

In the box however made me gasp. Small golden coins lay under a heap of real golden necklaces with red rubies or diamonds sculptured into them. But the one that struck my eye was a golden locket that had a Lion, Snake, Badger and Eagle on the frontal piece. I held it into the air and noticed that there was a small button on the side. I pressed it and it opened, a piece of folded up paper fell out. I took it in between my fingers, gently placing down the locket and unfolding the paper.

On the paper it said:

My Dear Winter,
If you are reading this, then I must be dead. I am sorry I had to leave you so. I must have had a reason.
In this letter, I will tell you what you are. Or more importantly, from what Albus said, why you are so special.
This may come to hardly any belief, but you are a Witch. You are the heiress to a long forgotten family full of Witches and Wizards passed down in time. We had to hide our name because of your aunt, Julia. She was a very awful woman who took advantage of our family's riches and used them for dark magic. My father, your grandfather, had to sacrifice his own life to take down Julia and end the long years of torture once and for all. But by now, it would probably be forgotten. In your time now, the Dark Lord might be in large once again with his Death Eaters.
The Dark Lord is an awful man who uses his magic to kill others and for control over the whole Wizarding world. His cult that follows him are a dangerous folk. They will kill you without hesitation, my dear. So be wise and careful.
In this box is another key, it's the key to the Jackson vault. When the time comes, I wish for you to give your brother an emerald colored box within the vault, in it explains what he is and what is happening in the world. The key to his box is also in this one, it has a large emerald stuck to the tip.
Albus Dumbledore is a very kind friend of mine that I want you to treat as if he was your best friend. He will help you in the hardest of times, all you need to do is ask. Once you have given him you're answer, he will take you to get your things in order to go to school.
Yes, that school full of special people like you he talked about is probably the most wonderful school you will ever have the experience to go to. It's full of history and fun, something I know you love to poke at.
Now, maybe you are wondering why you aren't going to the Magical schools in the USA. Well, since you are apart of the Jackson family, that means you must go to Hogwarts. It's in the family tradition to do so. We don't have many traditions so this one is a simple must follow. I hope you understand.
I want you to know that I love you and I wish none of this had to happen, but I know that with your determination and love, you can get through the hardest of times.
Never forget, do not fear The Dark Lord. For you are only giving into your own weaknesses if you do so.
Lucia Lynn Elizabeth Jackson
P.S. That locket is made for you, if it wasn't then you wouldn't be able to touch it.

I looked through the box and dug out the keys she was talking about. Fingering the small gems on the keys in thought, I took a moment of silence. Rather, a good half an hour. By the time it was ready to eat, I had pulled on the locket that was now mine and pocketed the keys. The box already setting on my vanity.

"I will do it, I will go to the Wizarding world."

I hope you liked it so far, if I have any mistakes please go ahead and PM me about it. And remember, the reason why I am using USA terms at the moment is because right now she's in the USA.
If you liked it, then go ahead and leave me a review and tell me what you liked about it exactly. And if you want me to update it since it might interest you, then also leave a review.
Thanks and I hope you all have a lovely day.
~ Blueberry Bluetooth

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