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Undead Boyfriend of the dark


(idk this is my first book;w;)

Romance / Thriller
SirenMZ Breach
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Chapter 1: why are you so cute...?

In the daylight me and my kind would always hide and stay inside and do what we normally do.Take care of our young,eat,sleep,eat,guard duty,ect ect, my father,Slade,is the leader of all of them, i’m just next in line.But i don’t want to be next in line! i want to get out there and swing through the air and look down at the zombie infested city! but they always say “its for our kind to survive!” or ” if we don’t have someone to take on the throne then we’ll perish!” but just because it’s daylight doesn’t mean that we’ll burn to death! well.... i guess their right ike that’s where A LOT of humans come out and get materials to survive... like they killed mum.....leopold! leopold! "LEOPOLD!!" yield my annoying little sister,i woke up seeing that its night, the shining light of the moon coming down from on of our cave’s holes doesn’t really make it hard to tell,” come on big brother! it’s night! time for your training!” she said with an teeth bared smile, i noticed that she grew teeth but i didn’t really mentioned it, i walked up to outside seeing my father,” hey dad...” i greeted kinda annoyed by the fact that we do this every night,” greetings son” father answered in reply,” you ready for your scouting?“,i nodded,i’m expecting that nothing interesting gonna happen,soon i start my scouting, i webbed myself onto a roof and look around, i turned to my back to make sure i’m far enough where my father doesn’t see me anymore,sometimes i like to venture out explore things, do things like. Pranking the zombies with sounds,tripping them over,ect ect, and i even bowl them,soon i looked for the highest building to get a good view of the city, once i founded it i climbed to the roof and looked down to the city.i saw other scouts looking for food and i saw zombies tripping a lot,but then i saw lights down below,there were zombies all around that house though it was guarded by fences around,there’s a person in there!,i thought i webbed myself down there over the fence, for some reason i’m able to be immune against light so the lights in there wont be a problem, i’m just hoping i won’t get murdered by this human,i decided to surprise attack them, i lunged myself through the window ignoring the pain it caused me, and wrapped the person with my web thingys (i do not know what they are),and pulled myself towards them,“Please dont hurt me!” they cried,i frozed,they had an nice soft warm tone,i focused a little bit more and realized...it was a girl! she had beautiful medium blackish brown hair and sparkling brown eyes... she had tears running down her eyes, she seemed to be around or is my age! she was scared and shivering, she was sobbing as well! i loosened my grip on her, she then became confused,i can tell why my kind was supposed to be the ones that kill her kind,i let go of her, she was wearing an long-sleeved dress making her look like a princess,it was in a color that is my favorite:Blue. i couldn’t see very well due to the light, so i scooted a little closer and reached out my right hand touching her cheek her hair was soft so soft,her...eyes...their like the stars.....i put my other hand on the other cheek,...i believe i would get lost in them.....i felt my lips touched hers, i realized i was kissing her! feeling embarrassed,i backed away and webbed to outside,” wait!” she said, but i didn’t really turned to go back, but i looks behind me, she was standing there at the window as if she wanted too follow me but there was no way due to the amount of zombies there were outside of the gate.i’ll.....come back...,i thought to myself,it’s just.....why.....why are you so cute...?. TO BE CONTINUED.

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